February, 50 shades of Astrology Updates

FEBRUARY overview from the 1st- Feb. 15

An overview of major planetary and lunar aspects.

Feb 1 Cancer Moon trines Chiron and Mars  Venus conjunct Neptune in PISCES. ST. Brigids’ Day/Imbolc sparks are being lit.

Feb 2  Candlemas/ Groundhog Day -Moon enters LEO to further stoke the fires

Feb 3  LEO Full Moon at powerful 15th degree – see article https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/radical-leo-full-moon-grand-fire-trine-roar/

Feb 4  Mars in Pisces quincunx Jupter in Leo @ 18 degrees 

Masculine surrender to  harness the ego is in the stars today. The Tendency to be a martyr, hide your head in the sand and stay in denial is strong. This feels irritating. 

Feb 4/5  Moon enters earthy practical VIRGO, focus discipline, 

MERCURY Retro in Aquarius sextiles SATURN in Sagittarius 

You can incubate some ideas which you will have to sit on until the time is right for them to hatch. Patience.

Moon opposite NEPTUNE and VENUS in PISCES -Ground those romantic idealistic dreams. 


This once a year transit offers opportunities to broaden our perspectives,  strengthen our hearts, wills and seek our tribe and supporters, organize new incentives.

Feb 7 Moon enters Libra for a very social weekend 

Moon trines MERCURY makes for quirky offbeat topics and conversations of radical freedoms. 

VENUS sextiles PLUTO in Capricorn on Feb 8 EST

The Planet of Love, values and relationship cozies up to THE POWER. Women need to set their sights on shape shifting the corporate structures. Feminine values flow into the workplace and world. 

Feb 8/9   Cardinal Cross energy fire drill. 

VENUS conjucts CHIRON in Pisces 

Weep and a wail, cry a river over the one you lost, sing the blues, get down. You gotta get down on your knees before you can get up and walk in the Light. Its an important part of the process. 

Feb 9/10 Moon enters SCORPIO -Mood is always very intense. 

VENUS in PISCES is inconjunct to JUPITER in Leo 

Don’t settle for less than your Higher Self knows you deserve.

Inspirational Card of the Month

don't settle Tara greene

 Take the high road and don’t throw your pearls before swine. 

Scorpio Moon Trines NEPTUNE in Pisces

dream of all the wonderful things you could do with all that power…

Feb 11 MERCURY TURNS DIRECT @  1 degeee+ Aquarius

It will still take until March 3/4 till Mercury surpasses its Retrograde point.

danger of flooding, Scorpio Moon Trines Chiron, Venus and Mars in Pisces 

 Some major transformative sexual healing is happening. This is like becoming transgendered.

Feb 12  Moon enters Sagittarius

Moon conjuncts Saturn squares Neptune – set your long term goals to teach, publish, travel, spiritual discipline. 

Friday the 13th Don’t break mirrors or walk under ladders. Moon Trine Uranus- unexpected quirks.

Inspiring  GRAND FIRE TRINES  Sagittarius Moon to Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in LEO 

speak your truth, take it to the streets, World wide protests against corporate takeovers, individual rights and the like. 


Valentine\s Day Astrology Tara Greene

Sagittarius Moon squares Venus in Pisces-Romantic casual and fun.

Keep things casual and fun. Shared interests in ideals, honesty, mystical soul mates is the hot topic. 

50 shades of Grey is released

Sagittarius Moon squares Mars in Pisces

Be carefull of not spilling all the beans to soon. Watch out for gushy admissions of past mistakes. 

Moon enters all business Capricorn at 5:24 pm. Love is practical, don’t overspend, be patient, time is on your side,

Feb 15 Nirvana Day  Cardinal Cross energy 

get ready for the SUPER BLACK NEW MOON Feb 18! and Chinese New Year Feb 19.

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BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE – The original from Neptune’s Daughter 

Card of the Day,Real dreams,No MO backstroke Astrology

JULY 19 

Wake up and smell the coffee- Saturn planet of REALITY in Scorpio= HELL, the 8th house, Trines Neptune ruler of Piscean DREAMS, the 12th house @ 6:20 am PDT. It’s day 3 and this Trine of the day is between two major players.

Is the cup half hellish or half heavenly? You decide.

REMEMBER to KEEP DOING your water ritual and make 3 WISHES every day

Sagittarius Moon brings humour, some fire to the water table. We need to burn off some steam here.

Moon Trines Uranus- that’s a kind of trident up the backside.

Moon squares Chiron too – it only hurts when I laugh

Moon quincunx to Mercury in Cancer- a little backlash to Mercury at the end of its Retrograde

It’s your Last day to enjoy MERCURY RETROGRADE in Cancer FOLKS

The fun’s over Sat. July 20 @ 11:22 am OK you can stop doing the backstroke now.

Why not do a card of the DAY?

I’ve sort  of fallen off the daily wagon here.

2 of CHALICES/ Cups/ Mermaids

mermaids 2 of cups Tara Greene

The Mermaid Tarot

The 2 of cups is usually a card with LOVE written all over it.

On this dreamy Saturn Neptune TRINE it is the perfect compliment.  Drink deep of each other’s lips.

Share your cups, receptivity, openness.

2’s are a balancing act, choices. Couples, self and other, mirrors.

Cups are Feminine Water, the womb, flow, emotions,


Maintain a balanced emotional stance, all self is always all other.

Love is all there is.


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2 Hearts beat as One- U2 1983


Grand Retro Trine # 2, Wet & Wild Astrology

VERY GRAND TRINE July 17  -wet and wild

WORK IT! # 2 in a series of  many till the end of July-

THE GRAND WATER TRINES of JUPITER in Cancer, NEPTUNE  in Pisces & SATURN in SCORPIO are EXACT all at 4 degrees of their respective signs on JULY 17  and there are more to follow.

Yes YOU CRABS, SCORPION  AND FISHES  you all get to swim in a   bouillabaisse of -Yummy Grand Trines.

First Scorpio Moon Trines Chiron in Pisces then Mercury in Cancer.

Jupiter trines Saturn and Neptune. This is the  more powerful aspect as we are dealing with 3 planets.

Trines fir for a Queen Tara Greene

GRAND TRINES fit for a Queen or a Princess or Prince?


Uranus the ULTRA TRICKSTER, God of CHAOS and REVOLUTIONS,  the Higher Octave of Mercury, also goes Retrograde TODAY during the whole shebang at  12 degrees 31 minutes of ARIES.  So expect the Unexpected, big time.

AQUARIUS peeps feel the pull the most as this is their modern riling planet. SATURN rules Aquarius traditionally so both ancient and modern rulerships pull Aquarians back into the fray to regroup and get ready for the next assault on the establishment. Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will also feel the pull backwards.

Mercury is still Retrograde till July 20 @ 11:22 am PDT. But will be in his shadow period retracing lost steps till August 20 when Mercury hits 23 degrees +  Cancer again.

RETRO Chaos and Grand Trines, 4 planets Retro in total.


this triggers more revolution, rebellions, going against the status quo, freedom for individuals, there will be Tsunamis, and record rain falls,  torrential downpours, flooding. this is Very Feminine energy and women will be fighting for their rights loudly, breaking through old barriers, overturning old laws.- Jupiter rules laws.


Whatever triggers your emotions during these times reflects deeply held, Saturn in Scorpio issues. I see this as a COSMIC COLONIC. Clean the shit out. But it will have unexpected and chaotic results.

URANUS RETROGRADE hers brings UNEXPECTED PREGNANCIES as Jupiter is very Fertile in Cancer and being supported by the planets. If you are trying to have a baby- it is the best time to get pregnant under for all signs.

Be careful what you wish/ think of, desire. Trines are easy aspects and especially with Jupiter, the “wind bag” of the Planets, often promises more than he can deliver, even though he is exalted in Cancer. Too much of a good thing can be not such a good thing.

Overindulgences of all kinds are easier because of these TRINES, especially addictions and accidental deaths -Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in SCORPIO- we’ve just seen the unexpected death of  Cory Monteith.

And overboard in the  WOO WOO department with Neptune in PISCES. Expect major UFO news, and religious fanaticism to peak of all types.

This aspect also heightens everyone’s telepathic and intuitive capabilities, so expect to dream in Lucid dreams, feel much more empathic, strengthening  your natural psychic abilities getting clearer and stronger. PSYCHIC BOUNDARIES will be necessary.

WATER is what we mainly are 70%. so feeling our emotional bodies is very valuable.

Very real danger of weight gain in general. Jupiter in Cancer loves to have a full satisfied tummy. Also stomach ailments can occur more prevalently.Travel by water is also good, cruises, being by the ocean. Doing a juice fast is also recommended.

MEDITATION for 4 days of Grand Trine Wishes

You will need 3 bowls of water.

On the 17, 18, 19 and 20 as the aspects unfold, 

You will need to do ceremony each day and write down three wishes.

Fill the three bowls with water, and sit and breathe slowly into a meditative state and reflect on the water.

on the 17th the major tone is expansion with JUPITER of learning, trusting, faith, optimism, Saturn with responsability, maturity, letting go of old unconscious desires and with Neptune of imagination, creativity, dreams, higher spiritual consciousness, forgiveness, charity.

Write down your  3 wishes after you sit in meditation. You should pour the water away after each day with gratitude and a prayer to cleanse the world’s waters.

JULY 18 DAy 2

SCORPIO MOON TRINES the SUN in Cancer @ 25 degrees @ 4:12 am PDT

Repeat the filling of the 3 bowls, sitting and meditating then write down your 3 wishes.

Focus on wishes dealing with balancing the Masculine Sun and Feminine Aspects

Moon enters Sagittarius @ 10:54 am 


Repeat the water pouring, meditation and ritual of writing 3 wishes again. they can change, they can be repeated.

JULY 20 YAY Fire SIGNS! some YANG energy is needed now.

Sagittarius Moon conjunct to the Galactic Center Trines Venus @ 26 degrees  of LEO

8:00 am PDT- this is a new fire element Trine being added.Fire ignites and sparks, it is spirit. 

This is very significant having the Moon conjunct the G.C. adding a very Higher ocnsciousness aspect. This is more 12, 21, 2012 energy coming in. Also great for late Aries energy. Air signs benefit from this aspect too

MERCURY goes DIRECT @ 11:22 am PDT

Moon enters earthy CApricorn @ 11:39 am

MARS in Cancer TRINES NEPTUNE @ 12:42 pm  + Mars Trines SATURN @ 2:34 pm  repeat the 3 water ritual again and write your final 3 wishes.

Repeat the 3 water steps meditation and three wishes.

Take all of your 12 wishes and place them in a very special envelope. You will read them over to yourself as affirmations before you go to sleep every night and every morning.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY so that more can benefit. Copyright Tara Greene 2013-infinity. 

You may share this article but must give full credit to Tara Greene.

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Read the water ritual for the last  New moon in Cancer July 8

WATERFALL – Jimi Hendricks 

IN BEAUTY MAY I WALK by KAren Drucker 

Grand Trines, reality check, shine bright Astrology

The VERY  Grand Trines are in effect now from the beginning of July
The first ones are in effect TODAY July 16 with a dash of hard reality thrown in
Scorpio Moon Trining MARS at 11:14 am PDT then Jupiter in Cancer @ 3:43 pm  PDT
GRAND TRINES are easy peasy gifts but you gotta open the present and you have to make the magic happen.
Trines are like pyramids, they focus energy 
pyramids Grand Trine Tara Greene
CANCER is all 4th house issues, your mom your unconscious, your roots, home, endings, birth.
As with all SCORPIO MOONs it’s still shadow work time
its not all a bed of roses, YET
The trines by the Scorpio Moon means that
the planets are handing us  easy shovels and pick axes to do the diamond mining.
To shine like a diamond
a piece of carbon must endure enormous pressure
which is the transformative process
and then you must be  polished.
The Seven dwarves in Snow White are the 7 deadly sins/chakras/planets in disguise.
They are miners for a heart of gold.
It’s all alchemy.
this is where you do ritual to ground the Grand Trine energy.
See my former article about water rituals.
will write about all the Grand Trines in another article
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Steps for new SOUL dreams and Astrology from Tara Greene

I know that you’ve  been having more vivid than usual dreams lately. Mine certainly have been.

DO YOU Keep track of your dreams? I’ve been keeping dream journals since I was a teenager. I have organized dream groups off and on for almost 20 years. I love and am fascinated by DREAMS.

These days you can use a voice activated recording device by your bed. You’d be amazed what jewels spill out of the mouths of sleeping dreamers. I want your feedback on your dreams.

PLEASE leave comments & questions about your dreams and what they mean.

DREAMS are the Royal Road of the SOUL according to Carl Jung and the basis for healing.  In Ancient  Greece if you were ill you would make your way to the Asclepius,where astrologers and diviner priests and priestesses would give patients herbs, and hallucinogens and one would stay in the Asclepion being treated and waiting every night for the HEALING DREAM to come, after which when the contents were integrated, one was healed.

My husband Napoleon Brousseau was near death from brain malaria in Indonesia years ago,this was before we were together. He had luckily had medicine to counteract it but he was in a very remote place and the doctor’s told him that there wasn’t anything more they could do for him, and they basically told his friend that he only had a few days to live they expected. He was hallucinating and he remembers that he had a LUCID dream that King Solomon came and healed him in the dream. after the dream his fever broke and he could get up. The doctor’s were amazed. He suffered no repercussions.

These days my dreams are mainly grand vivid LUCID dreams. You know when you have these because they are super VIVID in color and in tone. They are hyper real, SUPER HD, and often, super sensual. You may sense the feeling of cloth, feel very embodied,even smell and taste in your dreams which is a very rare factor.

The Grand Trines that are aligning now in the Heavens magnify the potency and power of everyone’s dreaming. Neptune the planet that rules Pisces which is itself the sign of dreams, spirituality, other worldly dimensions is in its home sign and will remain there till 2026. NEPTUNE in PISCES opens up everyone’s intuition. Everyone will be feeling more sensitive, telepathic, empathetic, but if you don’t know that that’s what’s going on, you may think you are going crazy. The combo of Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio sign of the Unconscious itself, are blending easily to produce great results.

Last night my dreams were so vivid. I could feel my Etheric Body, my soul body being weighty and inside of a physical body. I could feel my feet- PISCES Rules the Feet- hitting the ground. I could feel these very soft and comfy brown leather shoes I was wearing. I definitely remember feeling good, positive and affirming that in my dream. I awoke feeling great. Which has happened quite regularly these days.

In part of the dream I was cooking and tasting new recipes. The sense of taste and smell are extremely rare in dreams.

In another part of the dream I am with my daughter Leah and she is driving a white car, and I am sitting in the front seat beside her. She is presently only 15 and too young to drive, so this was some future scenario.

If you don’t remember your dreams. Don’t despair. Working with the Unconscious, the UNDERWORLD which is also Planet PLUTO’S Archetypal Territory along with Neptune takes practice. The TIBETAN Buddhists practice DREAM YOGA, a serious tradition. Much like shamans worldwide, and all “primitive” cultures do, dreaming is considered to be a very important part of daily life, something to be shared every morning. In Carlos Castenada’s books, his teaching from Don Juan a Yaqui Indian, whether it be fiction, still relates basic shamanic principles of the dreaming yourself awake, seeing the world as a dream. Zen Buddhist teachings also see the world the same way such as the classic Chinese Quote of ZUANGZHI.

” After waking up from a dream where I felt I was a fluttering butterfly I awoke but questioned. Am I a man dreaming I am a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming I am a man?”

butterfly tattoo Harry Styles

Butterfly Tattoo apparently on Harry Styles

JAMES HILLMAN modern post Jungian Depth Psychology scholar wrote much about the Dream world, going back to very ancient ways of working with the dream in as literal an Archetypal sense as possible and making analysands aware of avoiding the ego’s interpretation at all costs. The dream is dreaming you.

Steps for remembering your dreams.

1. don’t eat a heavy meal before you go to bed. Your stomach needs to be empty so that your body can focus on the non-physical side of sleeping more.

2. taking melatonin, available at any health food store, enables one to go into deeper relaxed and dream states. I usually take 3 mg. it is safe. Other herbals aid sleep, like hops, sleepy time teas etc.

3. state your intention in your mind as you lie in bed. “I will remember my dreams.” State as well, “I will be awake in my dreams.”

4. You can incubate a dream question. CAll in the HIGH PRIESTESS she is the Archetype of the Moon Goddess in the TAROT. Trump # 2. She is literally a guardian of the veil between the worlds. Phrase your question carefully. It should be  like what do I need to go further? keep it open but directed.

Tara Greene High Priestess

5. You will need to set your alarm a few minutes earlier than you normal. Let softer music awaken you. You want a soft landing and transition.

6. Don’t move a muscle when you wake up. Don’t open your eyes. It only takes 30 seconds to lose a dream, and moving and going into your head and starting to think lets the dream slip away from your  experience. Stay in your feeling body, the body does remember.

7. Ask yourself  “where was I just now?”  Keep your mind quiet. SImply allow whatever you can recall. Allow whisps or full-blown recollection to come through. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. It takes practice.

8. State your intentions of incorporating your dreaming into your daily life. So ask your unconscious to trigger your dream memories during the day.

9. Sleeping takes up 1/3 of your entire life and every night you do dream, So you are wasting almost 1 third of your entire lifetime by not tapping into and knowing Where YOU really are at night when asleep. Your soul is awake and unfettered by the physical body when dreaming. It is as close as you can come to your true spiritual reality while alive. Resolve to value your dream time every night.

10. Get a dream journal, intend to write down something even if at first no memories come through. You will get numbers, scenes, feelings. Some people’s’ dreams are like 3 hour movies in great detail every night. Every day they write pages of details. Your dreams are vast and work on different levels. You can tell when you are dreaming about something you just saw on TV, or had a conversation about the day or so before. The body also send health feedback in a dream but usually in a symbolic sense but often it is literal. Dream work in puns. You can dream into the future, In the dream state there is no time.

There is so much to know about dreams, they are a universal archetypal landscape. Don’t let anyone else interpret your dream for you. Tapping into your dreams gives you a clearer knowing of the SOUL’s intentions, of your true self. Basically treat every thing, object, action, person as a part of yourself seeking integration.

Send me your feedback.


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DREAM A LITTLE DREAM OF ME – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong 

T-squares,Grand Trines, 50 shades of Scorpio days Astrology outlook

Friday Jan 4- shortly before 10:00am EST

BUT- LIBRA Moon quickly opposes URANUS and Squares MERCURY in a T-square of unparalleled mind thrumming, brain blending, weird concepts and outta sight brilliant insights and peace talks trying to hold the forces of revolution and freedom

Next up is a HIGHLY PASSIONATE TRINE from energetic MARS in Aquarius to JUPITER Retro in Gemini at @ 7 degrees 4:45 am PST.

Whoa this is a VERY passionate sexy, to notch up the freedom, yakkety yak, break out of the old everything blessing,

At least throw out some stuff you haven’t used in awhile!

And there’s more! 

LIBRA MOON makes an AIRY GRAND TRINE to MARS  & JUPITER before 7:00 am PST/10:00 am EST

Romantic, beneficial, over the moon, ask for that raise, make a risky move,

Very fertile, rushing down the aisle to Vegas or City Hall to tie the knot,

Battling for your ideas in retrospect is one way to call this one

It’s PIE IN THE SKY and you don’t have to die!

Moon makes last quarter square to Capricorn Sun @ 10:49 pm EST. challenging us to recognize fairness.


The energy shifts completely. Mercury Jupiter quincunx 3:08 am –what’s the left hand/right hand saying? Can’t communicate too easily now.

Lovely Venus Moon sextile 6:14 pm is a lovely romantic  dinner out, pleasure may be a necessity at this point.

MOON enters SCORPIO 10:09 pm PST – Sunday Next day 1:09 am EST

Emotions get heavy as always on this moon

Sunday- 2 days of the heavy intense TRANSFORMATION,

colloquially speaking 50 shades of Grey intensity

scorpio transformtaion

Serious and heavy Mercury CONJUNCTS PLUTO –deep dark and delicious if that’s your taste.

Thinking, obsessive, passion, power struggles, manipulations, all secrets out  HIGH ALERT!

as this is a snake year, this would be seen as a beginning stage in the shedding. 

A Mercury textile Saturn-cools things out as rational thinking and avoidance of deep emotions is easier to access.

More stress  -Scorpio MOON SQUARES MARS 5:05 pm

Mars rules Scorpio so it’s red alert emotionally, quick to fight.

Scorpio moon conjuncts Saturn @ 6:11 pm EST. SOBERING!

This could be very depressing, avoid suicidal thoughts, downers, intense power struggles,

Stay on the Saturn sober side. Disagreements with authorities and father figures. Be the dispationate watcher.


MARS SATURN square from 10 Aquarius to Scorpio 11:32 a PST

Aquarius detached cool all inclusive mentality and Scorpio intense take ‘em by the balls need for power and control makes for a tense chess game. Independence and limits are what’s happening.

Scorpio Moon conjunct NORTH NODE @ 3:52 pm PST helps us to follow the high road.

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