2021 first weekend Grand trine blessings

The first weekend of 2021 has a GRAND FIRE TRINE and a GRAND EARTH TRINE blessings.

That’s a good start.

Watch the video. Muse Tarot card guidance. The 9 of Cups or Emotions is also called THE WISHING CARD! Get clear about what you really want and remember that this card is also associated with Gratitude. You must be grateful for 9 things in your life before you can crystalize what your really desire and there must be an attitude of doing for others as much or more than for yourself.

Remember also that the 9 of cups symbolizes JUPITER in PISCES and that is where Jupiter will be this year from May 13 to July 29 then Jupiter re-eters PIsces December 28 to stay for most of 2022 which will be an awesome year for psychic enhancement and dreamy everything.

Be prepared because next week things start to really rock hard.

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It’s complicated Good bad and eh

There are 7 major Lunar aspects today from the big Pussy Cat Moon in LEO

That’s a lot. The fire aspect helps us to burn off much of the emotional Pisces tsunami we’ve been feeling. The Leo fire seems to have boiled over into some rage and anger. The long and short of it is this. The Good the Bad and the Ugly

There’s a VERY GOOD  Grand Fire Trine from LEO MOON to MARS in SAGITTARIUS to URANUS in ARIES

Grand Fire Trine Tara Greene astrology


That uproariously crazy jingly jangly energy from those inconjuncts QUINCUNX’S continues today. As Moon does it to MERCURY in PISCES PLUTO in CAPRICORN and VENUS in PISCES later with CHIRON in PISCES to.

Moon squares JUPITER in SCORPIO -can be good or bad.

tensions and power trips. Good for insights into why and how confidence works. 

MERCURY squares MARS in SAGITTARIUS-can be good or bad

Let ‘er rip. Truthful stumbling over your own hoof in mouth disease. Be careful of someone spilling the beans in some delusional projections which may serve to clear the air.


That Mercurial trickster sucking up to all the big boys. PUT your winged baseball cap and sandals on and fly. Pray to your angels to inject some compassion into the big old boy’s patriarchal structure. 

We are one day before a VIRGO FULL MOON featuring Sextuple PISCES planets- Ok 4 planets -and 2 asteroids for the Virgo inclined.

Moon enters VIRGO in PST at night.

Prep for the FULL VIRGO MOON In advance of course.

FULL MOON is at 4:51 pm PST/ 7:51 pm EST/ March 2 @ 12:51 am GMT


early in the wee hours. celebrate that one. 

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Fire trines, Saturn Retrograde,the buck stops here.

Fire Trines Astrology Tara Greene

Moon is in FIERY self-expressive passionate Leo today and moves into VIRGO at 9:20 pm PDT/ April 7 @ 12:20 am EDT

We are under the earth trine of MARS to PLUTO at night in EDT and GMT and you may be feeling more embodied and grounded than usual.

SATURN turns RETROGRADE in SAGITTARIUS -August 25@ 1:06 am EDT/ 5:06 am GMT 

Planets, as they station retrograde or direct are at their strongest. Sagittarius rules religion, foreigners, airplanes, terrorists, courts, judges, higher education, laws, comedy, taxes, death, and seniors. We may feel this energy screeching to a halt also in our dreams. Airplane strikes or slowdowns and travel restrictions and airplane accidents may be higher with Saturn Retrograde. Saturn very literally rules the father, so any issues with your father’s well-being may come up strongly.  If you are a father, you may want to look at how your fathering style is. Are you unconsciously doing what your father did to you. This aspect can help you say “The buck stops here.” Heads are already rolling in governments everywhere. So expect more of the same. Saturn is like LEAD and we may be feeling tired, as responsibilities pile up. This energy is also repressed authority and can result in anger, rage, foreign terrorism, shootings at schools and universities. The courts are going through a lot of pull back of laws. The cosmic TAX man and ruler of the 3rd dimension may have some old lessons to teach all of us over the next few months. They are all GALACTIC ones.  You may feel Saturn’s regressive pull in your dreams, males or authority figures, or your dad or deceased people may appear in your dreams.  If you are born in the last week of Sagittarius this Saturn Retrograde will affect you the most, also late Gemini and latter degrees of Pisces and VIRGO. 

LEO Moon sextile Jupiter at night and inconjuncts PLUTO
The LUNAR Sextile is harmonious but the inconjunct to PLUTO, Lord of the underworld -the soul world where we dream at night is not. Your sleep may be disturbed by vandals, criminals, and other shadowy figures. 

LEO Moon square Mars in TAURUS also in the wee hours, early a.m. GMT
The mood is “All about me.” The EGO is king and wants to fight.   The mood is pushy, and when push comes to shove, Taurus energy just won’t budge, road rage may be one aspect. Don’t rile authorities, don’t tempt the LION. Holding clout over another becomes the temporary mood.

LEO Moon trine Uranus and ERIS in ARIES he A.M. and SATURN Rx. in the evening.

This is a GRAND FIRE TRINE developing all day.  This is a high energy aspect which can be unpredictable and chaotic. It’s a good brainstorming, “heart storming” energy. If you don’t expect any concrete outcomes then you will be fine. This is a very freedom oriented energy with people being idiosyncratic and rebellious. 

Very good positive energy for all fire signs and air signs. You can be over the top energetically so be careful to use the excess energy wisely. Working out is recommended or dancing.  A lot can be accomplished today.

Leo MOON inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES

Take those overwhelmed feelings where you are the big psychic sponge of the world’s woes and do something about it. Leo moon wants to act with passion. Start a movement, raise some money, be charitable. Remember that Leo’s have a soft tender side too. 


Trying to tango with a mermaid is the first image that pops into my mind. It is very much The Little Mermaid story who doesn’t accept herself and wishes to be with the Prince. Venus in Pisces can be too much the martyr and have no boundaries and low self esteem. The Challenge of an inconjunct is to try to bring two totally different energies together. Learn how to be proud, and strong, and have an ego, and be the Princess yourself. It’s all about role playing anyways that is something that Pisces likes to do. Act as if…. and see what happens. 

If you are born with this aspect then take that advise to heart. 

Moon enters VIRGO to turn the volume down for most of the weekend. 

Yes its intense. THE BIG CARDINAL CROSSESS of Sun opposed to JUPITER and square PLUTO are full tilt on! At 18+ 19+ degrees of ARIES-LIBRA and CAPRICORN these are the hot spots. It can be devastating for some and liberating for others. Change is the name of the game. 

and to add to the FUN, MERCURY turns RETROGRADE on the 9th/10th at 4+ degrees TAURUS and will remain RETROGRADE until May 3rd when it stations at 24 degrees ARIES conjunct URANUS and ERIS! 

EAT my words is MERCURY”S Motto. Doesn’t Trump say this a lot these days? We’ll see who eats whose words over this next month.  More on Merc Retro shortly.

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How to Rise like a Phoenix on a Grand Fire Trine plus

March 10

The Moon has alaready sextiled Jupiter in LLIBRA in EST and GMT EARLIER TODAY.

Leo MOON creates a GRAND FIRE TRINE with planets URANUS and SATURN today, before the Moon settles down into grounded VIRGO @ 2:07 pm PST/ 5:07 pm EST/9:07 pm GMT.

Grand Fire Trine Astrology Tara Greene

This combo of the two planets with fiery Leo Moon breaks down like this. Saturn rules hardcore reality, history, conservatism and the Revolutionary planet Uranus’s energy to blow up those old fashioned stale, resistant ways is high combustive.

The MOON goes VOID OF COURSE at 9:06 am PST/ 12:06 pm EST/ 5:06 pm GMT.

Enter the FIRE VOID 

Use this time well to burn off any stale, outworn, old habits.

The energies have been feeling very intense, I have been feeling it and people I know have been feeling it too.  We are approaching the VIRGO FULL MOON on the 12th.  A Leo Moon is heart filled and willful.

1.Do some energetic dancing. Anything that gets you hopping quickly and your heart beat up is good. Dancing simply loosens everything up and is fun.

2. After your heart rate is up sit down cross-legged if you can. This recreates the Trine energy in your body. Fell the energetics of the trine. the positive energy which this aspect is. 

3. Breathe into your root chakra. The base, or Muladhara chakra. This is red, like fire. It is the safety grounded chakra. Breathe into it and visualize a red fire blazing.  Feel the warmth spreading. Breathe naturally and deeply. pause between the inhale and exhale.

4. After you feel the root chakra has opened. Breathe this heat up into the 2nd chakra and feel it open it is orange in color it is the sexual chakra, where the womb is in women. Men have a spirit womb. And then breath up into the 3rd. The 3rd chakra is the one LEO governs. It is the will, also called the hara, it is at the navel or just below. Symbolized by the SUN which rules LEO. It is bright yellow, vital, light source itself. Visualize a golden lit up ball or stream of light. Shamans call this the umbilicus for the soul. This is where one sends one spiritual will out into the world. feel yourself filled with glowing light and radiance. 

5. Breathe up into your 4th chakra which is your heart. It is emerald green traditionally. Some people see it wit a bit of rose pink. Expand your heart chakra. Leo rules the heart. Breathe into your heart you can visualize your heart and its 4 chambers as well. Feel your heart take a deep sigh of relief. This is the LOVE center. The Tibetan Buddhists call it your brain. Shamans refer to the heart as the center of all functions. Leo governs the heart. 

6. With these three chakras open 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, send your intention to open all the chakras. The energy you have connected with and opened should ignite the others. Go back and open the 2nd then the 5th 6th and 7th crown chakras. Feel how good you feel. open, on fire. ALIVE. 

7. Send all the love and light you have ignited within out into the world. 

As the MOON enters VIRGO the fire will burn down into hot coals. charcoal. 

the MOON Then makes and EARTH trine with MARS in TAURUS 

ground the fire into yoru body. We are made up of all the elements. 

Lastly Mercury conjuncts Chiron in PISCES

this is a very good healing energy. Pay attention to your feet. Pisces govers the feet. I will write more about this for the Full Moon article later tonight.Mercury in PIsces allows us to communicate from the spiritual realms more easily. 

We have experience all the elementals today. The weekend is very VIRGO. A good time to take care of practical details, pay attention to your diet and get your taxes done. 

Let me know how this exercise feels to you.


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Aries Moon, It’s all about the…Inspirational Card

The Moon’s in Aries Jan 24- 26

We are full of fire, fuming, igniting, burning the house down and raring to go.

Patience? None. Especially under Hot, Hot, Hot, GRAND FIRE TRINES  

Aries Moon to Saturn in the early degrees 0-5 of Centaurific  Sagittarius Jan 24 has us hopping and wired.

Galloping off into the distance to command new unexplored territories.

Sunday Aries Moon trines Jupiter in Leo {Rx} at 1:52 pm PST/ 4:32 pm EST

Even a Retrograde Jupiter is still a good thing. Results may not occur until after Jupiter goes direct at that degree 

19 degrees + Leo in mid-June. So plan your spectacular new blast onto the Grand Stand show of life. 

or plan a trip, take a course, plan to publish- teach etc. 

Yes it;s also the Cardinal crosses to bear weekend with Aries moon conjunct Uranus on Sunday morning and Square Pluto in Capricorn also when the early bird is up.

Lets have a card to inspire:


Yemaya Santeria tara Greene

Tarot Lukumi, by Emanuele Noltro & Luigi Scapini


In this deck the Queen of cups is based on the Yoruba/Santeria spirituality originally from Nigeria and Benin of West African origin. Santeria is also widely practiced in Cuba, South American and the Caribbean.

Yemaya is the great mother who lives and rules over the seas.  She is also known as Stella Maris and as the Virgin Mary in Catholicism.  We are 70% water just like the earth, so life would not be possible without this Goddess’s waters of life. She is maternal and nurturing but also fierce. Her number is 7 and her day of the week is Saturday which is today. She loves to dance. 

To have such a watery, mermaid-like nurturing oceanic card today indicates the need to stay  in touch with the Feminine feelings and emotions especially when we are in a Masculine Fire moon energy. 

What do you feel today?

The Moon conjunct Uranus energy is very wired, electric, nervous and jumpy. 

Stay in your heart, stay in the flow, It’s all about the ebb and flow, not the bass. 

Please share widely 

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La Cantora Luisa Rosa- Yemanja Rainha do MAr

Divine balance, Autumn Equinox Astrology

The ingress of the Sun into Libra marks the end of summer and the Autumn Equinox on Sept 22 @ 7:29 pm PDT/ 10:29 pm EDT/ Sept 23 2:29 am GMT. Spring is beginning down under in the Southern part of the hemisphere. It is celebrated as MABON in Pagan spirituality. 

Sun in Libra brings our consciousness and the Light into focusing on being in balance, relationships, love, marriage, the fine arts, and choices.

Day and night are only equally twice a year. The SCALES of MAAT, is the symbol of the constellation LIBRA. The great Ancient Egyptian goddess weighs the hearts of the deceased to see if they are as light as her ostrich feather diadem or not. We are in the KARMIC balance and being judged.

PLUTO, Lord of Death and Rebirth turns DIRECT 2 hours before the Equinox at 11 degrees Capricorn. This is a very powerful SOUL station turnabout. Picture yourself swivelling on your souls’ toes. If you are born within 5 days of  Dec 31- Jan -7 you will feel the heaviness of this anchoring. Check out where the 11th degree of Capricorn falls in your natal chart. That is a soul “pull your socks up” to say the least. 

The equinox chart is a forecast of the next 3 months. It’s a karmicaly complex Equinox. 

autumn Equinox astrology Tara Greene

Lots of 6th house type of VIRGO action in this chart. The Moon and Venus are in Virgo. Sun, Mercury, the North Node plus Athena Goddess of Wisdom and the warrior Goddesses energy is in LIBRA. But here they are focused on Virgo/Hermit overview energies of hard work, service, health, discipline, organization, accountability, conservation, the harvest, the environment and worry.

Moon in Virgo means the people’s mood may be worried about scarcities, health and jobs.

MOON and VENUS are conjunct in VIRGO and VENUS rules the new-born Libra SUN.

This is an emotional time and points to being accountable in love, which also alludes to being fiscally responsible.

The Moon is the mood of the people and Venus is love. Together in Virgo they make for a romantic, earthy, money focused tightening of the belts. Women or anyone into weight loss will rejoice.  There will be Romance on the job. Do you love, love, love your work? How much in service are you?  This also indicates workaholics.

How much worrying do you do about

1. your health, 2 money 3. diet 4.finding love v.s. being a HERMIT?

Aren’t these the 4 main things that everyone worries about?

MOON VENUS is opposite CHIRON the wounded healer in PISCES which is square Mars at 6 degrees of Sagittarius.

Neptune in Pisces is  Square to Mars.

The feeling body, the mind/emotional connection which Venus and the Moon in Virgo represents may be feeling very vulnerable and wounded. Love hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? Bringing spiritual compassion and unconditional love into relationships with yourself and at work is important.  It may be hard to keep from flying off the handle and exiting for the road less travelled-square to Mars in Sagittarius.  Be careful not to be seduced by numbing out escapism to drugs, alcohol, workaholism, delusions, illusions and false prophets/False profits.

 There may be more sad news about mass shootings in the U.S.  because of antidepressants making people psychotic.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node in Libra, good for socializing, grace, balanced viewpoints, Fairness is important. 

JUPITER is at the 15th degree of Leo trine Uranus in Aries in a wide trine to Mars in Sagittarius.

It’s all about opening your heart to creative self-expression, childlike delight and passion which in itself sets the heart alight and revolutionizes actions to be free, to learn higher wisdom, knowledge and philosophy, in other words broadens ones perspective. Becoming a  Dharma Bum as Jack Kerouac would have put it.  Have you read that classic book?

Jupiter is quincunx to Chiron in Pisces, exact the next day.

Don’t try to hide the wounds behind braggadocio and partying too much.

Saturn is at 19 degrees Scorpio conjunct CERES the dwarf planet of the Earth, the Great Goddess called Demeter to the Greeks. Saturn is karma and our own survival is totally dependent on our right relationship with the earth Mother Herself. Vesta ancient goddess of sacred sexuality and focus is also conjunct Saturn. We must work on healing, integrating and Honoring the split between the Mother and the whore, in our culture, an ancient Patriarchal, SATURN, split. Sexuality is sacred. The treatment of women parallels the treatment of the earth herself and her children.  

Saturn is sextile to the Moon and Venus in Virgo and the three planets form a FINGER OF GOD or Yod aspect to Uranus conjunct the South Node in Aries. Quincunx’s are difficult aspects but ones which must be dealt with. Issues of accountability, renewal of resources, creating new technologies and freedoms for women {Moon and Venus} and children and agricultural resources is very important.The work force is going through huge upheavals, the use of high tech and who gets to use it and how we use it responsibly are crucial.  Uranus is the God of higher consciousness liberation and freedom. 

ASTRO CARTOGRAPHY of the Autumn Equinox

astro equinox Tara Greene

Pluto and the Sun cross in the middle of Australia.

Could be a nuclear waste dump or an  explosion.

Uranus and Pluto converge around Mexicali Mexico and in the ocean off of Baja.

This could signify a huge undersea earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. The big one.

Pluto and Uranus also cross each others paths off of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean 

Cool be HARP activity, another undersea earthquake and tsunami.

MARS and the Sun cross North of  Sapporo Japan.

Mars and Sun are a most difficult combo. Nuclear power issues. This is serious karmic testing in these areas to the degree to which cultural inheritance and unconscious urges have been suppressed. This could be another tsunami or undersea quake.

Saturn Neptune cross over Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

fighting over oil and resources and land rights. Religious opposition to China’s rule. This is ancient Buddhist country.

Mars Neptune cross in Southern Libya. and over northern waters of Malaysia. 

religious wars, Fighting over oil rights. Religious terrorists emerge about the downed Malaysian plane. 

Neptune Mars cross in Brasil in Central eastern areas.  Oil wars, 

Mars and PLuto cross in central ALASKA, 

Oil pipeline leaks or explosion. Native rights resistance and proclamations.

All the planets converge in the North West Territories in Canada indicating struggles with Indigenous Peoples over land rights, Keystone pipeline, etc. and who owns the polar waterways,

Neptune Mercury and Uranus overlap in Seattle and Boise Idaho down to Las Vegas.

This HOT SPOT indicates much chaos, addictions, delusions, crazy hostage taking, religious fanatics. Water rights issues.

The autumn Equinox is a time to harvest what you have sewn in the Spring of this year. Look back and see if you are satisfied with your growth. The energy is more fiery now for the last quarter of 2014 especially with Mars in Sagittarius.

There is a new moon Sept 23 at 1 degree Libra.

Jupiter Trines Uranus on Sept 25 during Rosh Hashanah 

Some unexpected freedoms granted for the imprisoned.

Mars Trines Uranus Oct 4/5 on Yom Kippur

This can re-ignite an already totally incendiary situation in the Middle east.


Mars Trines Jupiter in Leo and this eclipse hugely exposes hidden agendas and brings in the Grand Cardinal Cross energy. Venus in Libra also Squares Pluto- big money secret agendas will out.  More later.


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MABON by Lisa Thiel 

John Michel Jarre Equinox part 5 1978