Sexual transformative love

George Henry Boughton, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Venus_and_Neptune_sit_on_the_scallop_shell_chariot_amidst_th_Wellcome Venus and Neptune sit on the scallop shell chariot amidst the waves, surrounded by nymphs and mermen: symbolising the element water. Engraving by L. Desplaces, 1718, after Louis de Boullongne.George Henry Boughton, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

December 5 The Moon is in LEO and making fiery dramatic passionate Grand Fire trine today too. What are you going to do with all that energy?

VENUS Goddess of Love, beauty, luxury and WOMEN in Sizzling sexy Scorpio, ruler of LIBRA, in a beautiful trine to NEPTUNE in PISCES December 5 a very uplifting beautiful intense sexually transformative energy at 18+ Scorpio/Pisces.Under a wonderful sexual, transformative, kundalini, love energy “as above, so below” today. VENUS Goddess of Love, beauty, luxury and WOMEN in Sizzling sexy Scorpio, ruler of LIBRA, in a beautiful trine to NEPTUNE in PISCES December 5 a very uplifting beautiful intense sexually transformative energy at 18+ Scorpio/Pisces.

Look at where those degrees + or minus 3 degrees in your own chart. 18 Scorpio is on my Ascendant.

This aspect is especially easy to access for all water and earth signs. Scorpio squares and opposes Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo these are harder pressured aspects. And Pisces squares and opposes Gemini Virgo and Sagittarius.

This is a beautiful aspect for deepwater, oceanic, orgasmic, soul sex. A combination of Scorpio’s intense sexual passion with PISCES sublime dreamy, melting into one another energy. This aspect enhances all intuitive, psychic, telepathic, dreaming, 6th sense, oracular energies. A great time for divination and lucid dream work. 

If you are in a relationship use this energy to prepare a special romantic evening. Luscious foods, mutual massages, and plenty of time for tantric sexuality. Plan this carefully, it is a ritual of honoring each other, with men especially intent on pleasure the Goddess. Have lots of sensual beautiful rich delicious delights, aromatherapy, raw organic chocolate, fine wines, and natural aphrodisiacs. You may want special consciousness-expanding enhancements but really you shouldn’t need them. There are natural marijuana vaginal sexual enhancements available in states that legally allow medical marijuana.

You want to merge not just on the physical but on all levels, spiritually, emotionally, mentally merge into one empty orgasmic energy, and melt into the source.  It is sex as prayer, sexuality as meeting God in each other. Seeing your beloved for their true essence. 

This is communing with the natural love force of the Universe. The continuous love making of the Masculine and Feminine together. That is how universes, planets, stars are created.

If you are alone you can also use this energy for self-pleasuring. It’s the latest trend. 

Tap into this highly creative energy to dance, art-making, singing, toning, improv, any creative pursuits as Neptune will enhance the creative vibes.  

Excellent used for visualization and meditation.

 Create a dream or vision board under this energy too.

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Sober Virgo New Moon of Galactic Healing

The Virgo New Moon marks one month since the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo. It’s been quite a tumultuous month, hasn’t it? I’m sending prayers to Mexico with another major earthquake.

This Virgo New Moon serves the collective with Galactic Healing.

Virgo Magician Hermes Healing Astrology Tara Greene

Bartholomeus Spranger [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Goddess Athena and Mercury/ Hermes












VIRGO DARK MOON.  SUN and MOON are at 27+ degrees VIRGO the 6th sign of health focus dedication service work and harvesting. Sept. 19 @ 10:29 pm PDT/ Sept. 20  @ 1:29 am EDT/ @ 5:29 am GMT.

Sept. 19 @ 10:29 pm PDT/ Sept. 20  @ 1:29 am EDT/ @ 5:29 am GMT.

CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER is opposite the New Moon bringing in great spiritual compassionate healing energies. The SUN MOON and CHIRON square SATURN and the GALACTIC CENTER @ 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS. This Mutable T-square brings in great galactic healing potential.

The Galactic Center is the Black Hole at the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy considered to be the Source for all Souls to enter and exit our Galaxy according to the Mayans. It’s the VOID the Cosmic Yoni. This point is a great source of cosmic wisdom. It is so vast when you tune into it each individual will download a piece of the big picture. Rebirth is at hand.

Rebirthing The Divine Feminine or Cosmic Consciousness is at hand.

SATURN is squaring the New MOON

This can be a serious time for re-evaluating our new earth mission. Cleanse purify and release the old karmic scripts and bonds at the New Moon. Cleanse your body and get your witch broom out and cleanse the corners of your mind and home. The turning of the seasons is on the 22nd with Autumn beginning in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern. We are close to the time for balancing things out.

VIRGO is the Grain Goddess she winnows out the chaff from the grain. What isn’t absolutely necessary at this time needs to be winnowed out. Virgo is a sign of frugality and necessity. Throw out all old clothes and decide how much you really need to survive on. 

This is a time for compassion says CHIRON in PISCES. 

Chiron makes us feel vulnerable. Chiron makes us ultra-sensitive to everyone’s wounds on this planet.  The need for strong psychic boundaries is very necessary. Be compassionate with yourself and others. Notice and heal the Virgo shadow of incessant self-criticism.

The earth is always opposite to where the SUN is in Astrology. The earth is conjunct to CHIRON. We are wounded Mother Earth is wounded. This VIRGO NEW MOON is a call to CLEAN UP the planet. 

SATURN symbolizes history the patriarchy and worldly power. The patriarchy is what has caused all the wounding to Mother Earth and all her creatures to Pachamama and to all women in the world. This VIRGO NEW MOON is a call to CLEAN UP the planet Clean up old outworn Patriarchal religions culture and corporate ways of working. 

This is a DARK MOON of sobriety.  

The collective unconscious is addicted to these Patriarchal split from nature domineering cultural values which are inhuman imbalanced and impoverished. We are currently addicted to our cell phones trivial glamour worshipping of “star” like Kim Kardashian and to drugs. Opiate addictions are over the moon in America and BIG PHARMA is to blame. That is a Virgo ruled issue. We are addicted to running away from reality ourselves from a deep intelligence and to avoid our loved ones our children our babies natural birthing and nursing and our souls. This is a serious spiritual crisis. 

VIRGO is the sign of nature and natural medicine.I would recommend using homeopathy a harmless and inexpensive form of natural medicine which is very powerful. De-toxing A.A. and in-depth transpersonal psychotherapy would be beneficial. I urge everyone to look at their own pain which they are avoiding through drugs medication or alcohol sex or consumerism or whatever lifestyles. This pain even on the physical appeared because of an inherent spiritual mental emotional wound. We all have them. Go into the pain feel it fully and ask it what its positive intention is. Your body knows.  Good therapeutic bodywork would be advisable.


I urge all pregnant mothers to educate themselves about the dangers of being exposed to cell phone towers cell phones and computers before during and after pregnancy. 

MERCURY is in Virgo and just finished his retrograde shadow.

The Mercury-Neptune opposition can bring fake news illusions delusions debt and avoidance. In the Tarot VIRGO is the MAGICIAN. The planet Mercury itself. Hermes/ Thoth the wisdom giver. He is also the TRICKSTER and symbolizes how our minds can play tricks on us. Use this energy with Saturn-Chiron’s square to helps us to see soberly where we are feeding into the illusions the programming and false beliefs which are rife in the New Age community. 

Virgo is the sign associated with poverty and servants. Mercury is the mind our consciousness and thought. Are we servants of information of brainwashing or are we commanders of our minds thoughts and words?

THAT red hot GRAND FIRE TRINE between SATURN in SAGITTARIUS ERIS the shit-disturbing Goddess and URANUS in ARIES and the NORTH NODE in LEO is still burning brightly. 

There is A GRAND EARTH TRINE with PLUTO in CAPRICORN trining MERCURY and MARS in VIRGO and Asteroid ATHENA the warrior Godddess shown above with the painting of Mercury. 

The earth trine brings in a beautiful practical physical embodiment for divine healing and wisdom with great compassionate spiritual healing.The perfect balance.

Connect with and VISUALIZE the world being healed from her iron-ore molten core Heartflame. Allow your own ancient wounds karmic contracts and buried unconscious stories to be burned up in Great Mother’s core. But you must vow to change your life in order to have release. You need to live in a more humble way you must stop eating harmful chemical treated food you must stop and reaccess your work; the environment your community and most especially yourself. You must live according to natural law spiritual law and not man-made law. 

Take 3 days at this Dark Moon to write meditate cleanse and re-birth yourself. Pray for healing. I feel a great cleansing energy arriving. The hurricanes and earthquakes although which are injurious to humans and I am sorry that they are are Mother Earth’s way of cleansing herself to. This can be continued until the next Full Moon in ARIES OCT. 5

The Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah begins at this New Moon. Happy New Year 5778.

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Grand Fire Trine big hair. The C word

August 30 that SAGITTARIUS Moon keepings our mane’s flying.

Big Hair Sagittarius Moon trine mars in Leo Tara Greene

Are you hot to trot?

Be careful of shooting your mouth off today in typical Hoof in Mouth Moon time.

SAGE moon conjuncts SATURN in the morning. Grumpy old equine stuff. An optimistic Sagittarius can get grumpy and down. They have very high expectations. Sagittarius Moon is a high energy optimistic thang. They always bounce back Sagittarius as they are the red rubber balls of the zodiac.

SAGE MOON sextiles its planetary ruler JUPITER in LIBRA 

Ah, a lovely sweet balanced energy to get Sagittarius social life together.

Sagittarius MOON trines MARS in LEO @ 27 DEGREES

yES PARTY down set your course for adventure and being center stage and wild and free and shout out your truth from the rooftops and kick and snort and buck and whinny and toss you mane around. It’s a big hair day. 

Sage MOON squares CHIRON in PISCES

oops shot your mouth off and hurt some sensitive water signs feelings did you? Tsk Tsk. Go back to the stable and put on your feed bag and figure out if you can laugh your way out of this one. 

MOON conjuncts Galactic Center trine URANUS RETROGRADE @ 28 Aries 

This is a super heated Galactic download opportunity. Break free of whatever demons gremlins entities energies excuses issues past history is holding you back under this kind of volcanic explosion of position KUNDALINI energy.

I have just sent in a resume to get on some national media TV/net so send me your loving intentions and visualize me out there in the world enlightening people. PLease root for me I have been putting out the call to be asked to go big on media which I love. Send your prayers that I get this. It’s my dream to be on a show with other astrologers oracles witches tarot readers. The Total Eclipse is smack on my M.C. yes i am going for it.

A great night for tantric sex. You don’t have to have a partner to do this. It can be done with simple breathing techniques which I learned from my teacher 25 years ago. Kundalini energy is the sacred snake energy coiled at the base of your spine. Sexual energy used properly with open hearted consciousness raises your consciousness and clears the chakras. But it must be done with the correct intent purity humility honor and respect.


The word KUNDALINI is the Sanskrit root word for Kunt translated and popularized these days as the C word. I hate to see men put down women using this word and women saying it to other women as a put-down. I had heard the C word was originally from an Indian Goddess KUNTI. I didn’t realize kundalini was the same root until the other day someone pointed it out on FB. Unbelievable that i didn’t see this connection till now! I love etymology. That C word is a sacred word. Women need to take it back as a word which honors their sexual powers as women generate the kundalini energy from their sacred wombs. The Men can get a small intellectual imitation of it on their own. But the real thing comes from women. 

That’s all for now folks.

If you are feeling tired remember there are CME’s incoming today and tomorrow. 

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Capricorn Full Moon, power versus love

A powerful Full Moon in Capricorn July 8 @ 9:06 pm PDT, July 9th @ 12:06 am EDT/ July 9 @ 4:06 am GMT conjuncts PLUTO and opposes the SUN and MARS in Cancer. The MOON-PLUTO-SUN MARS opposition creates a GRAND CARDINAL square with ERIS, She Goddess of shit disturbers who starts wars and Jupiter in LIBRA frantically trying to maintain some balance between warring factions. Like House of Cards. 

This makes this a very SCORPIONIC transformative Full Moon, a completion of all the emotional depths we’ve been feeling. The SUN and MARS are comrades in arms in opposition to MOON-PLUTO and there is a highly complex Scorpio type of energy with an entangled mass of aspects also at work. 

Capricorn is symbolized as THE DEVIL in the TAROT #15 Ruled by Planet SATURN who governs all of the material worlds, The DEVIL’s temptation is to choose POWER versus LOVE. Famed Psychologist Carl Jung said “There are only two emotions, power or fear. ” This is exactly the dichotomy that we are being shown here. Power or love? 

MOON conjunct MARS is an angry woman. Yes, PUSSY POWER, The Goddess as a Fierce warrior, WONDER WOMAN was just the big hit movie. Our depths of feelings with Mars and SUN in Cancer is to protect our home, which is our Mother Earth, the environment, and the waters. Anger over the lack of good and safe housing, triggered by those horrific fires in London ignites more anger worldwide about unsafe housing, hospitals, schools, and care facilities. Outrage over the lack of good health care in the U.S. as Trump and Republicans cut off many millions of citizens from any health care. Lack of doctors and nurses, as well as poor treatment of babies and children by the system, could really ignite now. Anti-vaxxers, etc. 

Moon is conjunct PLUTO and the MOON is always the moods of the people and the collective unconscious. This aspect always is intensely sexual, manipulative, power hungry and secretive. Watch out for your shadows appearing as adversarial people.

The SUN is will power, identity, life force energy and the opposition against the PLUTOCRACY means that the people are angry, very angry at the core of their beings and will rise up against the Government and Corporate structures trying to suppress and keep then down. 

On a personal level, expect big power struggles at home. Men are feeling frustrated by a lack of jobs, or frustration on the job and at home; and their own masculinity, and may take it out on their families. Women usually bear the brunt of the abuse. 

The SCORPIO overtone to this very practical earthy Capricorn Moon is transmutation and transformation of sexual predators. Mars in Cancer at its darkest is pedophilia. The Vatican just had to shut down a gay orgy. More and more of these secret Scorpio sex money and power over abuses will be coming to light, especially when Jupiter enters SCORPIO in OCTOBER for a whole year. Sex is not about power but about love. Children need to be protected, cherished and nurtured and allowed to remain innocent from sexual matters until they are old enough. The overly sexualized culture needs to change too.


Saturn Retrograde in SAGITTARIUS trines ERIS and URANUS in ARIES and the NORTH NODE in LEO plus VESTA in LEO.

Vesta/Hestia, Goddesses, tara Greene

VESTA Goddess of the Hearth and sacred sex

Saturn Retrograde in SAGITTARIUS trines ERIS and URANUS in ARIES and NORTH NODE and VESTA in LEO.
Capricorn Full Moon JUly 2017 Tara Greene,
VESTA or Hestia is the Goddess of the hearth and home. She is the primal focus, keeping the home fires burning. She is not a virgin as in sexually chaste, but the archetype of a Tantric Priestess who uses kundalini energy to open her chakras and her womb to heal, to understand and know on a spiritual level.
Vesta is the root word of INVESTMENTS.
This could blaze a new sexual revolution as women value their bodies, time and creativity more. Their role as biological birth givers is in their DNA and the higher purpose of sexuality is being rediscovered by women as they heal their wombs and their self-worth and values themselves as vessels of the divine as individual Goddesses by virtue of being woman born.

Ask yourself what are you invested in? Fire is spirit, Uranus is radical change and freedom, Saturn in Sagittarius is all about higher laws, philosophy, inspiration, optimism, traveling, honesty and freedom, North Node in LEO is about courage, daring, passion, creative self-expression. What does your spirit yearn to do to inspire yourself and others? 

SATURN and AQUARIUS SOUTH NODE form a Finger of God to SUN and MARS

The Famed “Finger of God” or YOD aspect brings two planets or objects in a sextile, 60 degrees away- Saturn in Sagittarius and South Node, into an awkward inconjunct a 150-degree angle to the SUN and MARS.  This reframes the anger against the system as the disparate signs and elements can’t talk to each other. 

Venus in GEMINI is sextile to Mercury in Leo both quincunx JUNO in CAPRICORN

A nice affair of the heart and the mind, tete a tete. Very sympatico. But the YOD another Finger of GOD/Dess makes things difficult.

This is a tense aspect that provokes change. Lilith is the archetype of the Goddess, the Primal Divine Feminine in her dark aspect. She is the necessary balance to the nurturing life-giving Mother archetype.
The myth of man-made religions put down of the Goddess, of women’s spirituality and sexuality the addition to a projection of the Perfect Mother, and delusion of what Goddess spirituality is and what and who women are is in the process of being rewritten now by women like me and many hundreds of others. 
LILITH refused to bow down to any male expectations, even their man mad God which millions of people revere as real. Screw that illusion, a 5,000 year old propaganda brainwashing campaign.
And last but not least..
CHIRON IN PISCES Squares CERES in GEMINI at critical degrees
Chiron Retrograde is helping us to sift through the spiritual silt of our deepest emotions and unconscious shadows. Ceres in GEMINI also has to do with the split in our minds. CERES is the archetype of the Unconditional Loving Mother, the opposite of LILITH.
Think about what our words can say. They can harm or they can heal. Think about your own self-denial and culpability. Take account of words you may have said that caused self- harm, or harm to others. Forgive yourself now by allowing the Great mother to whisper a lullaby in your head. 
Use this powerful Full Moon to complete goals and set new boundaries and standards.
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Summer of Love 2017, Summer Solstice

Summer of Love, 1967-2017, astrology, tara Greene

Yes, it is the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, Scott Mackenzie “be sure to wear some flowers in your hair” San Francisco Haight-Ashbury Pied Piper song. The Summer of Love also begins again, June 20th 9:24 pm PDT / June 21 @ 12:24 am EDT/ 4:24 am GMT on Solstice. We sure could use it. “gentle people with flowers in their hair.” “There’s a whole generation with a new explanation. Summertime will be a Love In there.” 

SOLSTICE is one of the 4 major turning points in the Year. Yes, it’s Winter Solstice down under, so you Ozzies down there are having the Winter of Love. 

As the SUN hits the Tropic of Cancer at 23+ degrees North we are initiated into a new cycle. Do set aside time to sit in ritual and ceremony. Meditate and stop and think about what the first half of 2017 brought you. Put out your intentions for the rest of 2017 at this time.

Why is it the Summer of LOVE 2017?

VENUS in TAURUS sextiles {60 degree aspect} NEPTUNE Retro. and creates a FINGER OF GOD to JUPITER in LIBRA; exact June 20 @ 14+ degrees this affects the Soulstice.

NEPTUNE turns Retrograde June 16 @ 14 degrees 16 minutes of PISCES.

Neptune rules PISCES so its’ Station RETROGRADE here is very powerful. PISCES energy is guiding us to be our essential spiritual, compassionate, creative natural selves. We are expanding into the oceans of unboundedness and into the dream world. Neptune in Pisces seeks the soul mate, the Beloved, peace, compassion, and Oneness. 

Pay attention to your dreams around the station. Neptune Retro will take us all back into dejavueing our dreams. LSD Flashbacks may reoccur. 

Neptune is the “higher octave” of earthly lover Venus. Venus at the 15th and most powerful degree of the sign of its rulership is also extremely strong now. Venus in Taurus loves the earth plane and feels it is the Garden of Eden to be thoroughly and sensuously enjoyed. The sextile of Venus with NEPTUNE brings out our desire for erotic soul connection and earthly desire fusing into one powerful urge to merge into the All. 

VENUS rules LIBRA, where Jupiter is, so it is the final dispositer of this aspect. This means that Venus has the final say, and in Taurus you betcha as she is very stubborn and unbudgeable. 

 ” And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.” Yes Joni Mitchell wrote that song for Woodstock and she was a genius artist, and all geniuses tap into the future. 

Garden of Eden, Bosch, Summer of Love, Tara Greene, astrology

We need to be in nature. We need to indulge our 5 senses. By smelling, feeling, touching and tasting every ounce of earthly desire and pleasure we awaken our 6th sense too.  By touching tasting and feeling the earth plane in lovemaking and in our daily lives we realize that there is no separation between soul, spirit and the physical plane. 

The inconjunct, or quincunx aspect of Venus and Neptune to Jupiter in LIBRA which forms the Finger of God or YOD aspect further expands this desire. We want more soul mate love, more beauty, harmony, creativity, relationships, peace, and balance. 

But the inconjunct is a difficult aspect, as Jupiter over expands and can be too superficial in Libra focussed on the bling and social status which means nothing on the spiritual plane. Jupiter is notorious for being all talk as well.  Simply let VENUS in TAURUS lead your spirit and soul.

Venus is conjunct the Moon in Taurus at 18 degrees at Solstice and is also involved in the Yod aspect.  The MOON governs Cancer. Just fully feel your feelings and follow them. The need to nest, to nurture self and others is very strong. Find solace in your physical and emotional body.  

Saturn is opposed to Mercury at the 29th degree of GEMINI.

They had their exact opposition on Father’s day June 18th. Mercury enters CANCER five hours after the Solstice. It is easier to be serious, grounded and set your goals higher. 

Mars at 10 degrees CANCER squares JUPITER in LIBRA and NEPTUNE in PISCES

Angry suppressed feelings are simmering below the surface. Mars is OUT OF BOUNDS until June 30th and there is a renegade aspect to Mars now. Mars governs rage, war, killing, fires, danger, and defenses. Notice the London fire and Republican shootings over the last couple of days. Mars in Cancer is really submerged in the feminine in the womb and not strong. Mars in Cancer would be happy to be in a fallout shelter waiting out the nuclear war with 20 years of provisions. Mars in Cancer also makes us defend our families, our home turf, our homeland. The need to nurture others is also strong. Your tummy may be especially sensitive while Mars is in Cancer and O.O.B. The pressure is to stay balanced and see tings from an unconditionally loving perspective.


This positive fire trine empowers us to play the game of existence as a role, as a fun game. It’s time to be upbeat, optimistic and march to your own drummer and no one else’s. Invest your soul and spirit into doing what you love. Dance, sing, make art, make love, Life is a party. Be the leader you are, it’s easier to be courageous. ROAR. Follow our passion and your bliss. So what makes you feel happy is the bottom line. Use it to seek higher education, travel, study, teach and build bridges.

This is a rare GRAND FIRE TRINE, use it well. It’s officially in effect until the first week of July.  Trines have a 5-degree orb. The Grand Trine begins again September 27 until the end of October. 

There is a FINGER OF GOD which I’ll talk about separately.

JUNO conjunct PLUTO in CAPRICORN trines VENUS and the MOON in TAURUS

This is a lovely powerful combination bringing down the Divine Feminine energies. Juno’s symbol is the peacock. Like the Hindu Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of the Arts, she is like Venus too. I believe that JUNO, whose symbol is an 8-armed “magic wand” is the Feminine form of Genius. This aspect brings on strong feminine worldly power, wealth and environmental consciousness. Women must step forwards as corporate and world leaders to protect the arts, to protect the children, the earth, her mineral rights and Nature’s sovereignty. 

Chiron, the wounded healer is Squaring Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in GEMINI

We must still be very responsible, sensible and mindful in our communications. Speak your truth if you have been a victim of spiritual, emotional, sexual or physical abuse. The Bill Cosby rape accusation trial is taking longer with Mercury in Gemini to come to one final conclusive decision. Expect to hear more about pizzagate, world wide sex trafficking, pedophile priests and abuses of children at al levels. This is a huge issue and won’t go away. This is a time of great healing as all the shadows of corruption, past karma, addictions, delusions, illusions, and false teachings are being exposed. 

Please do share this article I send out with love. 

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Gemini Super New Moon, a double shot of healing

GEMINI SUPER New Moon May 25 @ 4+ degrees @12:44 pm PDT/ 3:44 pm EDT/ 7:44 GMT

There is an intense double dose of healing our duality at this Gemini New Moon. With Venus and Pluto in a tense square, and Mars, Saturn and Chiron in a T-square, there is much wounding and equal healing potential available. 

GEMINI is the first human Constellation and features twins. Star myths about twins exists in the myths of all cultures.  Gemini is always about duality. To do or not to do?  To choose or not? Is it me or you? Is the Gemini Hamlet version of the great question. Thats what we need to see mirrored back to us in the world right now. 

GEMINI is the Sign of The LOVERS in the TAROT  # 6  indicating that duality,and uniting the opposited into one is what love is. 

The LOVERS Tarot Tara Greene

Johfra Bosschart The Lovers

Usually this is a light breezy New Moon. This one features some very heavy aspects.  Our values, the economy, the arts, women’s rights, new weapons sales, relationships, new ventures, and bold creativity, is being forced and challenged by the corporate hierarchy. PLUTO can bring the PLUTOCRATIC 1% values into the world, but Pluto is meant to bring death, destruction and rebirth to the old order.

This is literally also sex scandals bringing down those in power. Watch for this in the headlines.  

VENUS is Sextile to MARS which is as sexy as it sounds. She is in a wide trine to SATURN. If you want to take the next step in relationships and commit this is the right time. 

There are 4 planets in GEMINI- The Sun, Moon close to CERES dwarf planet of mothering and Mars at 23 degrees GEMINI.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, now in TAURUS, where he is in unfamiliar earthy territory. Indnulge your senses and stay very grounded during this New Moon. Being in nature would be good. He is also known as HERMES in Greek and is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, merchants and mercenaries.  He rules eloquent speech communication, including divination, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves.  He is a Psychopomp, a  guide for souls into the Underworld. 

 Mercury God Astrology Tara Greene

Mercury/HERMES wears lovely winged shoes and a winged  hat, and carries a caduseus, a staff with two entwined snakes that the Sun God Apollo gifted him. This is the same symbol modern Doctor’s use, it is a symbol of Kundalini-snake energy, and the major chakra’s – which have 3 channels. Mercury is also a healer. He was often accompanied by a rooster, this is the CHINESE YEAR OF THE ROOSTER.  All of MERCURY’S aspects and talents would be involved in any GEMINI {or VIRGO} lunar influence.


JUPITER Rx in partnership oriented LIBRA @ 13 degrees is in a FINGER OF GOD with LILITH @ 11 degrees SAGITTARIUS {near the Great Attractor} and pointing to MERCURY @ 10 degees TAURUS.

Bring out your inner LILITH and let her take over your sensuous nature and your mind. “She touched your perfect body with her mind” wrote Leonard Cohen in Suzanne.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and PISCES so the Big Guy’s influence affects how this healing goes on many levels


This NEW MOON carries a heavy spiritual and psychic undertow

 MERCURY in Gemini opposes SATURN RETROGRADE in SAGITTARIUS @ 25 degrees square to CHIRON the Wounded Shamanic healer @ 28 degrees PISCES, almost at that critical last degree of the Zodiac. Thats coming soon. 

Mars is opposite Saturn EXACT on the 28 PDT @ 11:59 pm on the 29th @ 2:55 am EDT/ 6:55 am GMT.

This is a painfull, difficult, hard aspect for us to wrap our heads around. We can’t analyze it or talk about it because eveything is so polarized. The dual nature of Mercury as a Healer, Psychopomp, shamanic guide, and commuicator with CHIRON the Wounded healer gives us a double dose of wounding and great karmic healing opportunities.


Grand Fire Trine Tara Greene astrology

The North Node in LEO @ 28 degrees is trine URANUS in ARIES @ 26+ degrees and SATURN in SAGITTARIUS. 

This is like a huge firebird of PHOENIX crashing and burning and rising from its own flames. The Chinese year also is called the PHOENIX FIREBIRD YEAR this year. This is a very positive aspect but all trines need to be worked. Fly high but be careful not to burn yourself out. This is inspiring, revolutionary, open-hearted, strengthens our wills, and is really about protecting the children. With that terrible suicide bombing in Manchester which killed so many young teens, protecting the children is on our minds. But this is also your innner child which is totally GEMINI’s image, who needs to play and express themselves.  Have fun, dance. light a fire, open your heart and dare to wear your heart on your sleeve. Set new intentions to play, heal,and express your heart and creativity at this New Super Moon. 

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World Tarot Day May 25, 2017 Tara Greene


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I have suddenly come down with a very bad cold which has gone right into my lungs which is my weak spot. My daughter got sick on Sunday. I do stay up way too late writing on this blog every night and this has really weakened my health. Please send me good vibes for quick healing. I got a big scare in January when I was sick then. I have been diagnosed with COPD and i really do need to be very careful as to not damage my lungs further. I do get sick very often these days. I have to totally change my priorities. I know also that I am specifically under the Saturn Chiron square plus Neptune on my Moon so my immune system is quite weak right now. Things have been very stressful the past 6 weeks with a family legal matter which has cost us many, many thousands of dollars unexpectedly. So i do need support. If you enjoy this blog please donate on my webpage.  There’s a donate button here.

I hope my voice is working tomorrow for world Tarot Day 

blessings  Tara




Scorpio Full Flower Moon, sex bomb astrology

Scorpio Full Flower Moon of the 10th/11th blooms with soulful power and intensity. Like the lotus which roots in the depths of the mud, we have the ability to open ourselves to fully flower under an intense grand Fire Trine and a new consciousness energy. The Full SCORPIO Moon @ 20+ degrees of the 8th sign brings to high tides our deepest feelings about sex, death, power, control, secrets, psychology, money, taxes, rebirth and transformation the revelation of your shadows.

Flower Moon, Scorpio Astrology Tara Greene

Maria Louise Kirk, from The story of Hiawatha

SCORPIO Mon’s are never  LITE. This is the full Flowering.


“Downward through the evening twilight,
In the days that are forgotten,
In the unremembered ages,
From the full moon fell Nokomis,
Fell the beautiful Nokomis,
She a wife, but not a mother.
She was sporting with her women,
Swinging in a swing of grape-vines,
When her rival, the rejected,
Full of jealousy and hatred,
Cut the leafy swing asunder,
Cut in twain the twisted grape-vines,
And Nokomis fell affrighted
Downward through the evening twilight.”

– see link to poem below

Scorpio has three levels of consciousness. The lowest Scorpion level, on the ground, defensive, sting and get away, ruthless.

Medium level, the EAGLE-more fully conscious, rising above the depths of bare survival.

The highest level, the Phoenix, transformed into higher emotional levels, rising from the ashes, evolution. 

The emotional intensity is highest under a SCORPIO FULL MOON Supercharged.

The MERCURY URANUS exact conjunction occurs in the morning on the day of the Full Flower Moon @ 25 degrees ARIES conjunct ERIS. This is a total mind blowing energy. Its extremely volatile, and can bring on intense lightning storms, explosions, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, nuclear spills or attacks. It is chaotic, unexpected shock.  Naomi Klein wrote about the Shock Doctrine. It’s like that.

MARS, the ruler of SCORPIO is in dualistic air sign GEMINI trining Jupiter Retrograde in LIBRA. There is a lot of airy elements to this depth. Things will feel oppositional, with lots of arguing and debating about current changes in policy, government, sexual roles, gender, relationships and money. 

NEPTUNE in PISCES is square to MARS, creating a confused, foggy, projecting, dreamy, fuzzy, obfuscating, martyrdom, denial and addictions energy into the mix. If you are in a dysfunctional relationship of any type or an addictive relationship or realize your own addictions, then this powerful Scorpio Full Moon can help you to see that clearly and have the strength to let the co-dependency umbilical cord die so you can walk away and seek help and healing. 


Kundalini rising chakras on fire

Kundalini rising/Galactic Center

This Full Moon may be one where many can connect with the spiritual nature of sexuality as healing tantric energy. The sex bomb is kundalini energy. The coiled snake at the base of the spine. Be very respectful of this natural atomic bomb, its very uranian and Plutonic.

The mood may bring out the darkest shadow qualities. People may be nasty and ruthless. Expect others to fight dirty. Watch your back and don’t take anything for granted. The 8th house Scorpio energy is karmic, many old chapters need to be closed and ended now. 

SCORPIO in the Tarot is the Death card #13

Death, Tarot card reading Tara Greene

PLUTO, co-ruler of SCORPIO, Retrograde in Capricorn is squaring that Mercury-Uranus-Eris ARIES conjunction and JUPITER in LIBRA. We are still in another HIGHER round of Cardinal CROSSES.  PLUTO is sextile the Moon lending it, even more, power to turn the tides. 


Grand Fire Trine Tara Greene astrology

Between URANUS ERIS MERCURY in ARIES to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS and LEO NORTH NODE at the 29th degree. The North Node has just crossed the heart of the lion star, REGULUS now in VIRGO to retrace its old position in LEO.  Fire trines are fast, energizing passionate, impulsive, too honest, angry, and spiritual. 

Let’s see what the Chandra Symbols by John Sandbach say

 “Global Transformation (Ayin Shin Lamed)

Angel: ASALIAH (a-SA-lee-YAH) Contemplation

Scorpio 21: The wind whirling thousands of loose manuscript pages. 

Chaos can rewrite reality, and sometimes that is a good thing. NOTE THIS>

This degree knows when to let chaos have its due. We think that things need to be prioritized in a certain way – that’s our story. But when the plot of our story get ripped apart and re-ordered, a new story can emerge, which reveals new and unsuspected aspects of the self. This degree is about being aware of how we limit what we see, and through a renewal of our looking finding new ways of seeing and thereby learning more about what we’re looking at than we ever thought we could.

Chandra Symbol  “A pair of glasses with no lenses in them.” This degree is about seeing directly, although, it’s not that simple. Because the lenses are missing the focus here is on the frames,and the fact of the matter is that it is how we frame things that determines what we see. The more we look beyond the transparent lenses which are distorting what we’re seeing the closer we will come to seeing the truth.

Seed degree: Sagittarius 8. Experts arguing over the authenticity of a painting.  Debating over the nature of reality leads eventually to the realization of alternate possibilities and the potentially freeing nature of chaos. “

CHIRON in PISCES is trining the SCORPIO MOON  and square Saturn on the Galactic Center

This is a time of intense upheaval, shocking changes and revelations, power struggles, tyranny, secrets, manipulations, anger, revenge, repression, control, and deep ruthless darkness of the soul coming into the light to be healed. For many it may feel like the “dark night of the soul.”

The GALACTIC Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius is the great COSMIC VAGINA, where all souls are born from and return to the source. Saturn on the G.C. now and throughout 2017 is grounding us to the truth, SAGITTARIUS tells the truth, the higher truth. Saturn is re-bonding us to HER vibration to the great Galactic Mother’s womb/source. This is to anchor us in reality so that we all know where we really come from. Remember this only happens once every 28-29 years.

Saturn rules reality, the bones, the earth plane, time, 3D, maturity, matter=Mater- mother. Saturn was traditionally the mother obviously, not the father.

Ride the depths of the SCORPIO FULL FLOWER MOON.

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Daily Horoscope, Grand Fire Trine

MAY 3 LEO MOON all day May 3.
Grand Fire Trine Tara Greene astrology
That’s pretty hot, wild, chaotic, creative, disturbing, out of the box, uncontainable, a wildfire, burning down the house, too hot to handle, hotwired brain, terrorist bombing, the bombshell of the truth, revolutionary spirit, chaos reigning, pride comes before the fall. 
Venus Neptune square Tara Greene astrology
Pisces and TAURUS peeps gonna shine today.  Romance is in the air. Soul mates and falling in love with real love. This is very creative, earthy, sensuous, artistic, romantic, foggy, dewy, glittery energy. The Bull falls in love with 2 fishes. 
Focus that strong determined Taurus will power on creating a big dream. Make it so.
There’s also a sexy sextiles from LEO MOON to JUPITER in LIBRA
It will be dramatic, proud get balanced with grace. 
All in all a very passionate, dramatic, heart opening, great socializing day. 
I mentioned Mercury is going DIRECT too. 
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Saturn, moon trine Uranus,Sun,Eris

  • It’s a complex day. A big out of sign grand trine appears, made of fire and earth.

The astrology pie is complex today. 

Sage moon conjunct Saturn Rx  on the Galactic center black hole,  a place that annihilates all light and matter. This may feel weighty to say the least. In  spite of Sagittarius usually upbeat optimism.        Perhaps black humour would be appropriate.

The fiery  Moon Saturn like molten lead trines the Sun Uranus And Eris in Aries super charged chaos energy. This puts more fuel on the flames, people are talking about nuclear war with North Korea. The generals have taken over the country. trump did not command that MOAB strike in Afghanistan. It’s a huge macho penis destruction competition show.

Trump is just a ludicrous front man for the army. I fear you’ve been had America and a military coup is taking place which had nothing to do with Russia. 

The fiery unexpected chaotic nature of this trine is a bit too hot to handle. It trines the North Node in Virgo now at one degree, soon to shape shift put compass point next month when the North Node enters The sign of royalty vanity courage heart and huge egos, LEO for the next 18 months.

We are leaving Virgo territory behind. Things have been relatively stable under this earthy practical 99% consciousness directive  for the last 17 months,  believe it or not.

We are shifting into leading from the heart center, the will, the inner child, the 3rd chakra, into role playing, big drama, charisma, courage, pride, vanity, and wealth. 

“All the worlds a stage” said Shakespeare. We will be learning through these teachings. The works is my pie. You make up your own slogan. 

Venus and Chiron also square Sag.  moon and Saturn today. There are many relationship endings and a lot of wounded people floating around in the debris right now. If you are feeling vulnerable that’s to be expected.                                               by going through the vulnerability and the old pain you  come out the other side. It’s definitely a synchronicity with Easter resurrection day. 

Allow yourself and the world to be reborn. We’re all in this together.

The pain you hide also hides your truth. My quote and channelled message.

Happy Easter 

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Fire Trines and inconjuncts

Dec 17 I hope that you haven’t drunk too much or gotten too high under a party heart Leo Moon as it inconjuncts Neptune in PISCES

That could lead to nasty results. Be careful of your ego getting in the way of listening to your intuition. 

Leo Moon opposes Venus in AQUARIUS

This aspect brings out the space sluts, don’t you love them? 

space sluts Venus in Aquarius Tara Greene


I like people with Venus in Aquarius, yes they have strange tastes its true.

LEO MOON inconjuncts Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn

power trips, egos colliding. Don’t try to change a narcissist.Some hearts may open as they see the power grabbing going on everywhere. 

Moon sextiles JUPITER in LIBRA

this is nice for fun get together with friends, a great party energy, good for shopping for women, children and buying dramatically beautiful art and other lovely things. The Mood is show-offy but NICE. 


Grand Fire Trine, astrology, Tara Greene

We don’t seem to have too many of these GFT’s. 


This aspect is tickling my Sagittarius love of humor. The laughs can be off beat, and kinda weird but let’s have fun, shall we?

this is excellent upbeat positive prideful energy. A great celebratory time. We are 4 days from YULE December 21 SOLSTICE.  ENJOY the darkest days in the Northern Hemisphere.

and last but not least Moon inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES

Do be careful of drinking too much and getting too soppy, sappy and crying about some old issues which would be better discussed with your therapist.

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