Holy Trinity of your Astrology, Sun, Moon and Rising Sign

To begin to really Know yourself, “Know thyself” The Great Work, is to work with the Essential BIG 3, The Holy Trinity of Astrology “planets”

You are not just your Sun sign!

You are also your Ascendant or Rising sign and for this you need to have your exact birth time and location and most definitely you are also your Moon sign, which I consider to be equally as important if not more so than your Sun sign, which is Ego, and will to live.

The sign that the Moon was in when you were born shows your most important emotional needs, and the core of your feelings. The Moon symbolizes your intuition, your womb experience, what you need to feel emotionally safe and secure, how you emotionally bond and the Moon always symbolizes your mother.

As the Moon travels 1 degree every 2 hours you need to know your birth time to be exact ideally and definitely within that 2-hour window.  The Moon’s placement will be in different astrological angles with the other planets and rising sign in any 24 hour period and may move through different houses. This is why it is so important to know your exact time of birth. 

Find your Sun Moon and rising sign on www.astro.com the most accurate astrology site on the world- It’s Swiss.

I am glad that Astrologers are helping to bring more serious astrology to the public so that everyone can benefit from more self-knowledge.

Read this article in the Huff Post from three different astrologers about why reading the Sun and Rising is so important. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/youre-reading-your-horoscope-all-wrong-if-youre-not-reading-your-rising-sign_us_5bdb1b82e4b019a7ab5b0775 

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2/20 Getting dirty feels good

Tuesday, Feb 20  it’s a 2/ 20 TWO’S DAY


We need more grounding. Its good to be feeling our bodies. Get dirty. The energy is solid stubborn sensuous artistic romantic until the 22nd.

It’s my beautiful daughter’s 20th birthday today. Happy birthday Leah. She was born with SUN MERCURY and JUPITER conjunct + MARS in PISCES.

Under the current 5 planets in PISCES Here’s what’s not to do.

Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO which makes me wince just thinking about it. Be careful of being burned turned on or scorned. Big fights may be in the picture as ARIES Moons will fight back. Moon conjuncts URANUS too. Expect the unexpected.


TAURUS MOON Sextiles the SUN and Mercury in PISCES

We can feel our feelings and trust our gut instincts clearly.


This is a get serious or hit the road aspect in relationships.  It’s good for getting solid goals accomplished. Listen to your body. Your gut instincts are very strong. 

Get ready for tomorrow’s BIG BIG ASPECT 

This only happens once a year! VENUS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in PISCES

This is a very special super romantic soul mate stars in your eyes day. It’s lovely to also have the MOON in TAURUS which is VENUS’s other sign rulership. Venus newly rises as the evening star and is 10 degrees away from the SUN today.

Will write more about VENUS NEPTUNE SOON.

Gotta go. Something weird just happened. 

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Come to a WOMEN’S SPIRITUALITY weekend for


this is the theme of 2018 in NUMEROLOGY

A women’s only workshop facilitated by myself and muralist and Moon Lodge keeper Maureen Walton

April 27-29 in MARYSVILLE Ontario. 

An intimate gathering for 13 women in total. Based on remembering our sacred womb/void powers. This workshop is for you if you need cleansing and releasing renewal and conceiving a new you life dream or project.

There will be a full eclectic weekend of Guided meditations; ceremony in the moon lodge; rituals; storytelling; forest bathing; art; chanting singing and drumming; sacred fire and star gazing; Tarot; astrology; dreamwork; singing and dancing under the transformational SCORPIO FULL MOON.  New sistarhoods to meet and form lasting circles of support with.

Catered organic meals and communal sleeping in Maureen’s country home decorated with her beautiful murals or in the large yurt situated on a rare 2-acre old forest site about 2 hours drive East of Toronto. There is bus access to Bellville nearby. 

See FACEBOOK page event invite and more info.









Erotic Yods, astrology sex toys, Lilith

There is a wild erotic lightning energy created by the friction of a close conjunction between the Aquarian Moon to Asteroid Pallas Athena Retrograde and EROS known in Greek as Cupid, the little angel who shoots arrows of love today.

What do you call an erotic menage a trois between these three?

Just imagine it, Aqua Luna, Athena the warrior Goddess with her arrows and her owl on her bare shoulder and EROS/ Cupid battling out who gets the first shot at love?

Athena Eros Luna Astrology Tara Greene

These three are at the point of a Yod, or finger of God,- what you haven’t tried one yet? – from Vesta, the Money/focus/Virgin/ Goddess, in emotionally powerful Cancer and Mercury Retrograde in VIRGO conjoined to the Sun, all around 19-24 degrees.

The MOON, ATHENA and EROS are sextile to MARS in SAGITTARIUS which is  creating another YOD pointing to VESTA in Cancer. It’s all about investing in the heart, in the feelings, the womb, the chalice, the Holy Grail, the home within.

This is a double YOD, a YOd YOD, a very special symbol. Two Fingers of God. It’s a new cocktail. 

There is also a GRAND WATER TRINE of Goddesses

LILITH, the Dark, sexual Goddess and JUNO, the Feminine form of genius, are both conjunct at 13-14 degrees of Scorching soulful SCORPIO, a super powerful combo of brains, sex beauty and power. They are in trine to dreamy spiritual compassionate Neptune in PISCES and the SOUTH Node and trine to VESTA in Cancer, a great mother form.

Grand trine, astrology Tara gReene

Grand Trine from John Dee, Queen Elizabeth I Court Astrologer

This is a very powerful aspect to do water ceremonies with and under to protect and purify the waters of the earth. The indigenous peoples who are protesting the DAP  consider themselves to be the water protectors.  

Do call upon LILITH and JUNO, Neptune, planet of dreams, and VESTA, what you choose to invest in and the SOUTH Node, KETU, what we are leaving behind.

What do you want to leave behind? The Pisces Lunar Eclipse is all about leaving everything behind, letting go, completion, endings, endings, endings.

MOON enters PISCES at 7:23 pm PDT/10:23 pm EDT/ sept 15 @ 2:23 am GMT

Moon inconjunct JUPITER in LIBRA at night in PDT to put a damper in your celebrations.

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Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran  




In the well of the Mother

The Cancer Moon sets the mood which is sentimental, motherly, nurturing, we remember in our bellies the sweet breast milk that river of nourishment and nurturing which sent us sleeping and back to the dream of unending bliss. If you weren’t breast fed in this lifetime, don’t worry the cellular memory of being breast fed lives in your body simply be being a mammal. We are heading for home and emotional safety. Mother, the great container, Binah, the womb, the physical waters of Our Mother which we knew as our cosmos holding  us as we transitioned from spirit into the material plane.
Cardinal Cross energy today helps us to push that edge. The cross is always the cross of matter.
The Cancer Moon sets the mood which is motherly nurturing,heading for home and emotional safety. Mother, the great container, Binah, the womb, the physical waters of Our MOther which we are transformed from spirit into the material plane.
There is nice earthy support from planets Mercury in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo.
Seek safety and security within one’s own self.
Inspirational card of the day 
3 of wands Tarot Cards Tara Greene
 3 of Wands by G. A. Rosenberg
The Three of Wands is a card of inspiration and birth. The 3’s are always related to birth, to Venus, to the Holy Trinity, the Maiden, Mother and Crone, form which the Christian Holy Trinity is based on. The Card shows the Sun in Aries where it is now.
A hooded sage, which could be either male or female gazes at the Merkabah;
MER means LIGHT  KA means Spirit Ba means Body this is derived from Ancient Egyptian teachings and heiroglyphs.  The Merkabah is considered to be a Vehicle for the Soul to travel into and through any dimensionality with. Drunvalo Melchizedek brought these teaching  as well as the Famous Flower of Life which he rediscovered. 
The Card of 3 goes perfect with the Moon in Cancer as three is VENUS the Great Mother, the Empress in the Tarot.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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