DNC chaos and revolt Astrology

OK so I am very happy that WIKILEAKS blew the whistle on the DNC fudging democracy blatantly by actively screwing up Bernie Sanders winning position. The Party clearly had him marked from the get go.  Yes Deborah Wasserman Schultz will resign as chairwoman at the end of the party’s convention! That is not enough. 

Hillary Clinton astrology Tara GreeneHillary Clinton has disputed birth times. 

A thousand Bernie Sanders supporters protested in Philadelphia sunday night before the DNC begins MOnday July 25.  The DNC obstructed democracy. They should be sued. This is a clear violation. While yes Hillary Clinton is technically the most qualified to be sitting in the oval office there is so much trickery as is clearly evident that I feel that overrules whatever competence she has. I hope that Hillary goes down and a miracle occurs and Bernie is somehow her replacement.   I hate to see him having to tow the party line because it is clear to me that he has a gun to his head. If real democracy exist in America then the revolution starts this week.

So what will the climate be like Monday?

ARIES MOON people will be angry and agitated reckless and fired up.

Moon trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS – the people want the truth and justice. 


those Cardinal Crosses in effect. Power and who has it is the name of the game. PLuto is secrets, control, conniving, power at any cost.

Moon Trines VENUS 

This is good for those that say you must vote with your vagina and support women. Many feminists say you must back Hillary no matter what she does and I think that is terrible.  A wolf in sheep’s clothing is a bad example 

MOON inconjuncts JUPITER in VIRGO in the evening

People will demand recounts, they want the actual facts and numbers. There will be chanting stomping crowds, demanding justice. JUPITER in VIRGO is the grassroots foundation.


HILLARY CLINTON was born with a MARS PLUTO SATURN CONJUNCTION in LEO depending on which birth time is used, these planets could be in different houses in her natal chart. This is an extremely heavy, manipulative karmic all about power and control person. Never mind the SUN VENUS MERCURY conjunction in SCORPIO In any house. That is all about being in charge, using whatever it takes to ruthlessly get to the top.  

Whatever birth time is used VENUS is still exactly on Hillary’s natal PLUTO at 14/15 degrees Leo  with Mercury at 20+ degrees LEO right on her Natal Saturn at21+ degrees.  This will give Hillary a very courageous roaring proud royal speech. The equivalent of the “Let them eat cake” speech of Marie Antoinette.  MARS in SCORPIO is exactly conjunct to Hillary’s NATAL JUPITER at Zero degrees SAGITTARIUS. This aspect indicates that Hillary has beginner’s colt legs about learning to tell the truth. This is good energy for Hillary but can also spell angry Mars mob mentality and demanding justice and honesty from her. They will want her blood. 

LAst BUT Certainly not least 

Aries Moon conjuncts URANUS in the late hours

This is How do you spell R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N? Yes there will be fights and battles into the night and the next day. The freedom fighters who want a fresh new young Democratic party may end up being arrested. 

URANUS turns RETROGRADE on JULY 29th so the planet of change, chaos, shock and awe is at its most powerful right now. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. EVERYTHING IS UP IN THE AIR. 

Someone may try to shoot Hillary. 

For the rest of us this will be a high-powered day. Avoid the caffeine. 

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11:22 MAster Numbers, Sagittarius, Horse whisperers,

Aries Moon warrior energy  is active until Monday morning.

WARRIOR Moon trined Mercury in Sagittarius to make us tell the truth, opposed Mars in Libra,there are many arguments. Did Donald Trump really say that about making Muslims wear ID’s or was that falsely planted?

Cardinal Crosses continue

Moon opposes VENUS in LIBRA in the a.m. 

This ignites the Cardinal Cross energies of most of 2015. Relationship problems?

Time to rebalance.  Moon conjuncts Uranus and is in Quincunx to JUPITER in the evening. 

It may be a challenge to get grounded. But I urge you to get past the discomfort zone. A good fast walk in nature will clear your head. 

Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius late last night, an inspiring open easy going night with jokes too?.


MASTER NUMBER the is the 52nd year since President Kennedy’s Assassination. 


Here’s to you wise Sage’s. Those who must use their horse-sense. 

Happy Birthday to my cousin Rochelle. 

Sagittarius loves philosophy metaphysics history mythology religion, politics , sports, teaching. travelling and jumping on their soap boxes.

Saturn is making all of those issues heavily laden. We are bearing an iron cross from Saturn which  is History and as I wrote about in the Crusades article, 920 years ago we were fighting Muslims to take back the Holy Lands. We are deja vuing the same territory again. 

One cannot negotiate with madmen or psychopaths. There is no reasoning. There is a huge underlying root problem. Tthousands of young men who are disenfranchised muslims are easily lured into Extremist heroics. Most youth is disenfranchised and fed violent video games, they are easily deluded. The group born with Pluto in Sagittarius, 1995-2008 are, at the eldest 20 years old now. This entire generation would be most likely to be fighting and dying over religious beliefs. 

Saturn square Neptune in Pisces

Is literally religious fantasies and delusions.  These two are clashing and its all coming to a head in a long term transit.  Right wing Republicans hold pretty much the same views as Islamic State folks. They aren’t shooting people yet but their values are mainly the same. 

SAGES its our turn to shine. I must say I am really hot to trot with teaching, inspiring, yakking away in my hoof in mouth fashion these days. All this Sagittarius energy is invigorating. I must be carefull to hold my tongue, as I know most people are not ready to really question themselves or their beliefs and according to Evolutionary astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green- no relation- he stated that 75% of the human race is in the herd state. That is they are not evolved enough consciously to be self-aware or to be able to break away from their given cultural and religious beliefs.

That is the first step to real spiritual autonomy and enlightenment. Your enlightenment is entirely within you. No outside authority can give you that experience. 

SAGITTARIUS SOAPBOX  and saturn square Neptune in Pisces 2015-2016

  Bill Maher pointed out on his show, that right-wing GOP’s should not oppose taking in refugees as everyone came to the U.S. escaping religious persecution and seeking freedom.Maybe it was Stephen Colbert who pointed out that the new americans then stole the land away and destroyed and conquered the Indigenous Peoples.  This is the plan so of course they are scared that someone else would do the same back.  

He then pointed out that Islam is the root cause of Islamic State Terrorists, we cannot forget that. ISIL wants to impose SHARIA law which originates from Islam, even if it does not represent the original view of Mohammed. Not all Muslims are terrorists of course. According to a poll 6 million Turkish would agree with Islamic state values. Their religion and culture is much more tribal and repressive than the wests, in nature anyways. They can’t step out very easily. They never had a reformation in Islam. They really need that now. They all worship the same belief of Allah as God.

A Muslim man on FB last night pointed out that ISIL is a Muslim problem and that Muslims should deal with it.  ISIL has killed more Muslims than any other source, and he cautioned the West to not be so liberal as to separate the two. I went to comment and then lost his comment. I wanted to thank him for being so rational and taking responsibility.  

ISIL extremists cannot be separated from Islam because it expresses Islamic values. These are not the values of any free democratic western country. Islam’s main tenet is total control and repression of women, they are chattel, cattle and have no rights or freedoms whatsoever. I find that the most threatening. Christians used to believe this doctrine to then they’ve grown beyond this Neanderthal thinking.

Why can’t intelligent people see this? Why don’t women see Islam as a threat to all women? And all orthdox or fundamentalist beliefs? 

Western culture is also decadent, so this is a very complex issue. Women in the west are still treated as inferior and used as sexual objects for men. Muslims also see women as sexual objects but cover up their women for the same reason orthodox Jews do. It all stems from men’s fear of women’s sexuality and power. Women are stronger and will always outperform a man sexually. That is a biological fact. Men always feel inadequate sexually from a dominator role model. If they worship the feminine there is no need to repress women. 

Be compassionate yes, but all things must be considered in this day and age. Bring in thousands of refugees yes there are many women and children and elders. They will think more highly of Westerners more likely if you treat them with kindness. But they do need to abide by the Western liberal laws established in Canada.. It is pretty logical. We will not bow down to their god or ways of doing things and they should not expect us to. We will tolerate others co-existing with us with secular religious beliefs in public. You can go to your mosques and keep your religious values in your own home and you must respect others religious beliefs.  Your beliefs do not reflect on public school sex education.  The Lord’s prayer was taken out of public schools many years ago. No one should be marked by their religion. That isn’t so hard to do is it?

If you are compassionate out of white guilt, then you many be guilty and acting out of “idiotic” compassion.”  At some point compassion, a Pisces ideal, is really self-destructive co-dependent martyrdom. It is an addiction and it has been the cultural role-model for 2,000 years in Christianity  and is promoted as a romantic ideal, and is rampant.


The current Saturn square to Neptune in Pisces is to teach us that


Canada is set to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees. Canada is a generally tolerant country who has always been open to many immigrants, they need them. We have hardly any people. But there are boundaries that must be upheld in order to honor the values of freedom that we have chosen. They will not be devalued by future generations. Canadians need to do what the Dutch did. You want to come to this country and benefit? Sure we will help you but there is a cost. Majority Muslim refugees  have not lived in cultures with different belief systems. It is foreign to them. 

All Abrahamic religions believe that they are TOP DOG. TOP GOD.

How can that belief system ever respect and tolerate others? It is the very essence and root of the problem of Zionism, the Catholic inquisition and now these Terrorists.

All Muslim refugees and any refugees must agree to abide by our liberal CANADIAN laws which we voted for.
1. Equal rights for women, if your religious laws state otherwise -you will have to stop doing that and receive a cultural re-education.
2. Equal rights for gays. I know your bible considers this a sin, as do some Christians, well then those belief systems must be left at immigration if you want to pass through the gates.

3. Legal abortions.  If your bible says this is immoral. You will have to change your belief systems to integrate. 
3. You must tolerate other peoples religious views. None is superior to another. This is a secular society you can practice your own religion in your home but not in public, no public displays of any religious affiliations should be allowed.
4. children are also not your property to abuse.
5. No female genital mutilation. – sorry that is torture and manipulating women to be docile. 

6. No macho-honour killings. That is murder. 

7. No indoctrinating your children to hate anyone who is not Muslim. 

8. No jihad allowed. That is murder. 

If the majority of the country wants these freedoms for women, gays and secularism . Then every one who comes to that country must agree to live by those rules. Very simple. I don’t know why people think this is racist it isn’t. It is the rites that is always growing and expanding. 

Mocking Jay is a big current hit. Hollywood is always leading us. The woman heroine fights for freedom against totalitarianism. We are in the same state. 

What do you think?

Please share widely 

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Super Tuesday,Venus/Saturn opposition,Venus in Taurus, GOP predictions from Tara Greene psychic

Wow a very big week ahead. The battle begins as the planets display the old and famously true maxim “as above so below” philosophy on Sunday March 4.  It’s a battle between Saturn, which is the Conservatives, the old guard, the religious right, Bible thumpers,Mr. Sanctity himself, {I believe Ron Paul is the only GOP who isn’t an arch misogynist}  correct me if I’m wrong}, {moving out of the last “critical” 29th degree of Libra, but still retrograde for many months}, vs VENUS, the women, in Aries,with Venus at the last ‘critical” degree of Aries as well. Venus in Aries is symbolized by the Amazon warrior-ess herself, so women’s liberation most definitely will come up in this election campaign.

I have to admit I am a long time Feminist, and am absolutely unconditionally a supporter of women’s rights, beyond and man-made law’s to have her intrinsic right as a human consciousness to do with her body mind spirit, sexuality exactly what she wants, when how where anytime, always.

The Saturn/Venus opposition here is very telling because it will be the kiss of death for any Republican running for Pres.later this year if too conservative Bible thumping anti-abortion etc.

Just to remind people of this documentary that was made many years ago about the lady Sherry who used to star in Romper Room who found out she’d taken thalidomide and wanted to have an abortion because she felt intuitively that her baby would be born severely damaged and went public in a heroic effort to make other women alert to the dangers and who could out of compassion for their family,for a deformed foetus, choose to abort a severely damaged foetus which was later proven correct. But she was put through hell. http://www.nytimes.com/1992/06/16/movies/romper-room-host-on-her-abortion-case.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm 

Remember that this voting occurs during a Mars, planet of Men, action, defenses, arguing, moving backwards which symbolizes against the grain, in nit picky perfectionistic earthy Virgo. Saturn the planet of karma, tradition, patriarchal values, limittions, obstavles, testing, seniority, is also moving backwards and is at very late degrees of Libra, sign of the blaance. Any ground gained previoulsy is needing to be re-run, gone over again. Favours seniority.
I usually post the astrology chart but it wouldnt upload for some reason…
     click on the chart to see it larger
I’m going to look at each candidate in the light of the planets on March 6
MITT ROMNEY Born March 12 1947 in Detroit Michigan
He’s a Pisces with Mercury {Retrograde} and Mars also in Pisces. Saturn { Retrograde} conjunct Pluto in Leo. Jupiter,planet of expansion will be exactly squaring his PART OF FORTUNE as well as his Venus at 8 degrees of Aquarius.
Then I realised that the Moon, representing the people will be at 29 degrees of Leo a fateful degree and will be squaring Mitt’s natal Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio. This is an excellent aspect. Jupiter expands whatever it touches. Romney has the right look, the power, he will be favoured by the people. IN spite of his somewhat insensitive remarks, and this is shown by his natal Mars in Pisces beins afflicted by Chiron the wounded healer { he is not feeling very strong} right now and square his north node in Gemini meaning he needs to be seen as less ambivalent.. He can be seen as arrogant rich and powerful. His language needs to be brought into alignment, he is seen to be flip-flopping.
RICK SANTORUM born MAy 10 1958 in Winchester Va.
As i have no birth time. A Taurus, { born exactly two years to the day before U2 Singer Bono} he is earthy stubborn,down to earth,sensuous. With Pluto {the shadow, the unconscious soul} at that last critical 29th degree of Leo,shows him as a total egotist. He is arrogant self-righteous. With Pluto, his shadow opposite the Moon in Aquarius in his birth chart and Chiron the wounded healer beside it,shows his character as being clearly terrified of women,and  women’s freedom or independence with the Moon in Aquarius,and this all stems from difficulties with his Mother in his natal chart.
His religious fanaticism is shown by Neptune, planet of spirituality, delusions, addictions, Retrograde at 2 degrees of Scorpio conjunct the North Node at 1 degree of Scorpio and Jupiter Retrograde in Libra. He uses religion for power and control in the guise of I’m helping you to balance.
The misogyny and hatred of women is also clearly shown as Venus in Aries, the Amazon warrior archetype conjunct Lillith, the most powerful feared, independent feminine archetype of all time!
In the original old testament, G*d created man and woman, Adam and Lillith from the red earth as equals. Adam tried to dominate Lillith sexually and She, embodying Nature herself, raw instinct, untamable, bowing to no man, told Adam to shove it, that he couldn’t treat her that way as they were created as equals. Adam was arrogant and drunk on his own intellectual power, so Lillith said screw this and left Paradise. Long and short, G*d sent 3 angels to beg Lillith to return. She insisted on hanging out at the Red Sea { a metaphor for her menstrual period} and was then “demonized” by the later Patriarchs who rewrote the script, incorporating a bit of actual history in the retelling of the once original worship of Nature, the goddess, Mother earth, Pachamama they call her to this day in Peru, Demeter. The patriarchs, teh story of Abraham etc. vent all their infantile impotent rage at Mom by making Lillith a child killer, harpy, succubus etc. she is also turned into the snake in the Garden of Eden. But she is also, in a very complicated story one of  G*d’s Feminine sides, his left hand side. The Shekinah, is the right hand side to my understanding.
Adam all alone on a Saturday night in Paradise…
So of course Adam is all alone on a Saturday night, and he says to G*d “hey I’m here all alone this ain’t right, you gotta get me a mate G*d.” Which explains how Eve was “created” from Adam’s rib, which means the men made up this part entirely and tacked it on. Now we all know how Eve is blamed, scape goaded, all her daughters are considered filthy vile, pain in childbirth, shame etc. and soulless by Mormons, etc. The patriarchs are being honest here, revealing their own fear of the Feminine as embodied by Lillith.
Because man’s greatest fear is that women don’t need them, that women have the power to refuse to relate to them, read have sex with them. Therefore they are actually little boys, who felt so insecure, they decided they needed to beat down Mommy in order to feel “powerful” which is exactly the opposite of the truth. The old testament is a man-made total mockery of what is self-evident a 2,000 year old brainwash campaign, with really nothing divine at all, a historical horror story of macho infantile,killing, jealousy, etc. To think that a G*d would have these petty tests, jealousies etc???? Told from a totally unconscious and juvenile point of view all of it. It’s all a projection of the people who wrote this story, their own stuff. Deluded {Neptune rules the delusionsand the true sprituality} into thinking it was divine. Divinity, only speaks of love, as in Jesus’s original sayings, or the Buddha.
Now how does Mr. Sanctimonious fare? The Moon is right on his Pluto opposite where he is weakest and most vulnerable. Uranus’s sudden unexpected actions is right on his Venus, his values.. The North Node in Sagittarius now is square to his Mars, meaning his religious direction is at odds with a higher more philosophical and inclusive spiritual direction right now.He has transiting Pluto exactly Square to his Lillith indicating that women will NOT back him. Hi old-time religion and conservative tactics will come right back at him in his face.
NEWT GINGRICH June 17 1943 Harrisburg PA. @ 12:00 am – 3:00 am
Newt has lots of Leo as well. 5 “planets” and 4 in Gemini. The moon at 11 degrees of Sagittarius is exactly conjunct the U.s. Ascendant in the “Sibley chart.”  But he hasn’t got a chance he’s been too much in the bad lights for past transgressions.
RON PAUL born Aug. 20 1935 no exact birth time  Pittsburgh Pa.
a LEo,with three planets in Virgo, he is by far the most intelligent of the lot. His mOon is in Taurus,he has a kind of ordinariness about him. He has a Jupiter Mars conjunction in Scorpio he has power and he is an amazing detective researcher, and goal oriented,he has a lot of Fixed energy, staying power.
I love Ron PAul he is an amazing guy. He actually has really incredible positive aspects on Tuesday.
I consult my Tarot cards
The Tower is the first card,indicating a total unexpected shocking upset. The ego is struck down. A wake up call like a lightning bolt of clear energy changes the scene. The next card is the 8 of swords beside the 7 of cups showing that this GOP race has gotten too confusing, gone on too long, is diluted,swampy. Nothing is clear, its’  full of stuck energy.  The over all mood is prudent. The sky card or conscious card is  the Victory card ,Jupiter in Leo, the one with the most chutzpah, money, power, glamour,drama confidence wins, its the 6 of Wands the popular favourite.
The 10 of wands opposite it in the Unconscious position, be carefull about abusing power, being too cocky. A sense of relief. Too much backlash doesn’t cut it .the race is almost over, The card of change appears. 
The outcome card is the 4 of swords.. Libra energy, balance focused on one single point. The more equaniminous person wins.
I predict it will be a rather messy Super Tuesday. Who will we say “Goodbe Ruby Tuesday” to? 
Newt, Rick, Ron.

Pandemonium,coping strategies,corndogging sage advice by Tara greene, spiritual intuitive consultant astrologer

Michele Bachmann eats a footlong corndog at Iowa State Fair.
GOP candidate eats corndog

Michele Bachmann Republican GOP candidate has NO gag reflex, running on the DEEP THROAT 2012  Platform. Will she swallow the deficit whole?

Stress is mounting as the planets align in a biitter Cardinal Grand Cross.  I’m unconsciously thinking in German mit de umlauts. No it’s not a war medal.

Mars the warrior angry God in early degrees of Cancer  opposes Pluto {never mind the downgrade by the astronomers} God of rebirth in Capricorn Retrograde

and they Both Square Uranus planet of revolutionary sudden changes {in fortune} in Aries { which Mars rules}

And Oppose stalwart Old boys patriarchy Cosmic Cop Saturn in trying to balance the budget Father Time in Libra.

My advice as the world economy woes come out of their denial with Neptune back in Aquarius.

Be the quiet at the center of the storm, the eye of the tornado is the quietest place,

be poised, or posied, peaceful,serene, blissful, centered, immovable, unruffled, placid,

pablum-ish, practice non-attachment, as your money will be worthless soon,

pablum bland

throw away all those gadgets 

people actually lived happily without ’em  for hundreds of years.

learn to listen to the quiet, I have nothing against music,dancing, conversing,

just a definite NEED for quiet,  no constant raving rap, hip hop, blaring devas, chatting incessantly must halt,

al that revved up patter is designed to make you unable to cool down, stop,reflect, make choices

 and be peaceful. they are selling you hell in a techie handset,  you must be able to put down the addictions to STUFF,

if you can’t resist, you will lose it, IT being your ability to listen, to hear, to hear your Self,

this is serious folks,

If you can’t hear your own true voice then what and who will you listen to and trust?

that lady deep throating a corn dog?

and forget 3D tV too

come to places like this http://www.jeffreyeisen.com/Travel/Grail-Springs-Bancroft-July/i-6rNz7hL/0/Th/DSC0393-Th.jpg

I will be leading workshops at this beautiful place Aug 15 16 17

whenever you can, as the consciousness level rises by the moment, be expansive,

go beyond former limitations, there is only two emotions LOve or Fear

we are all ONE organism,

ask what you can contribute to help others,

seek tranquility, give Peace a chance, Inner Peace first, then outer.

I am here to help assist you, midwife you, re-birth your true self, empower you,

bring you relief in the storm, guided meditations, spiritual, psychic, intuitive,astrological counsel, wisdom