Reclaiming Friday the 13th Solar eclipse

Friday the 13th and a Solar Eclipse in GMT and parts East of North America

The very powerful Cancer North Node Solar eclipse also falls on Friday the 13th is many areas of the world. Take it as another sign of The Divine Feminine reclaiming the #13 as a sacred Number- the number of lunar cycles in a Year.

Most people are very superstitious

Are you superstitious? Were you born under a bad sign?  The scientific name for fear of #13 is called triskadekaphobia and the fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia. Why is the #13 feared and supposed to be bad? The origin of the number 13 needs to be understood and shifted from fear and superstition.

The fear of #13 is really a misogynist brainwash which originated with the Catholic church.

 I love #13. The truth will set you free. Pet a black cat today and break a few mirrors. Breaking mirrors is a psychological metaphor for breaking free of your unconscious projections.

In the Tarot the #13 is DEATH and as the Western culture fears death and its own immortality it screwed all of this up and mad death bad and to be feared. 

Death was always presided over by The GODDESS. She who gives birth also gives Death. Again the Church’s fears of the Divine Feminine had to make everything associated with HER the Great Goddess- bad, negative, fearful, tainted. 

This year the energy is very lovely spilling over from April 12ths  beautiful energy. PISCES moon helps us tune into the psychic energy available so easily.

Moon sextiles Pluto In Capricorn trines Jupiter in SCORPIO

This is a power energy. It’s grounded and capable of transforming the most difficult obstacles.

Moon conjuncts Chiron in PISCES in the evening where we feel vulnerable but can open to our own and others woundings pain suffering and embrace them.

Moon enters ARIES half hour before the witching hour in EDT and a new cycle begins.

 Thirteen is the sacred number of the Goddess, the DIVINE FEMININE because it is the number of annual LUNAR cycles. Friday is named in honor of the Nordic Goddess Freya who is also the planet/ Goddess Venus. The Moon is one of the main embodiments of the Goddess. Women’s menstrual cycles are synchronized to the moon and women were seen to be earthly representatives of the Goddess, Her mysteries and immortality. Pagans worshipped the Goddess, the moon and Her natural cycles of death and rebirth which women partook of every month. Woman’s periods are equated with the number 13. 

To further suppress Goddess worship, the church made the number 13 into something evil, feared and superstitious as they feared women’s powers as creatresses as magical.

Friday the 13th is really an anti-pagan Goddess day and I don’t like it continuing to be portrayed that way in error. This keeps unconsciously programming fear of the feminine, intuition, magic, nature, menstrual blood, and women’s power.

Black cats are “familiars” of witches. All cats absorb negative energies and are highly sensitive to spirits and other energies which we normally can’t sense. If you’ve ever had a cat of any color you know this.

On this day, Friday the 13th I honor the Goddess, the Divine Feminine and the lunar cycles. I remember and honor myself and all women as holders of the mysteries within our bodies.

Here are 13 important facts superstitious people need to know about

Always choose LOVE over Fear.
I choose to love and honor the real positive magic of being alive; naturally intuitive and connected imminently with nature.

I do not believe in superstitious curses and their removal. Yes there are negative energies and entities. I do not ascribe to the belief in curses or blaming your life situation on that. All negative intention is black magic.  It is all about energy. Thousands of unscrupulous lying phony psychics like “Tara-Medium” who has scammed by content on YouTube and stolen my image to use associated with this fake computer programme claim to remove curses etc. but they are only manipulating naive unsuspecting powerless desperate people. I am totally against this position. Do not project your own powerlessness onto someone else as having some amazing power who claims that they can remove your troubles or provide an instant fix for thousands of dollars.  Please don’t pay phony psychics to perform rituals, light candles or pray for you for exorbitant prices. That’s all a hoax.  Yes, positive intentions work, only you can change your own life, no one can do that for you. It’s a matter of perspective and psychological shamanic awareness.  I help my clients to get empowered. Stop believing the popular myths which religions creates just to control you. That’s black magic too. They always blame their own sins onto others. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Here are 13 important facts superstitious people need to know about


Athena, Juno, Lilith, Venus, Vesta Sacred Astrology

Grand Trine Goddess Astrology

A rare six-pointed sacred geometry star forms in the heavens

There is very definitely a Grand WATER TRINE formed by; Goddess ATHENA the warrior Goddess and strategist, originally she was an AMAZON. She is at Zero degrees PISCES.

Goddess ATHENA the warrior Goddess and strategist, originally she was an AMAZON. She is at Zero degrees PISCES.

                       ATHENA in PISCES                      

symbolizes many things. She is mobilizing our psychic, intuitive and unconscious realms; stirring up our dreams and past life memories while she in PISCES. Pay attention to your dreams.She can also indicate our need to go to war about WATER rights, protect the oceans, whales, fish and coral reefs. As a Warrior Goddess, she says “You need strong boundaries.”  Pallas Athena is NEVER a martyr.

        VESTA in CANCER         

VESTA is what we invest ourselves in. Traditionally she focuses on keeping the hearth flame or heart-flame alive. She symbolizes passion, dedication, and intelligence. VESTA in CANCER asks us to focus on our feelings, and our emotional bodies; our needs for emotional security. We need to focus on our homes, literally. We need to dedicate ourselves to nurturing ourselves before we nurture others as a balance. We need to invest in the quality of what we eat. Investing in organic foods, good quality supplements and eating right is very important. 


JUNO the 8 armed Goddess,  who was known as HERA,in the Roman/ Patriarchal  version of her myth, Zeus’s long-suffering wife. Her symbol would be imagined as a toilet brush. I believe that JUNO is the FEMININE FORM of genius, whose symbol looks like a magic wand to me. In SCORPIO uses her emotional intelligence in all directions at once. In SCORPIO she can outmaneuver anyone emotionally. JUNO and LILITH make a very, very formidable duo. No one could get past these two. 


LILITH is so SCORPIONIC to begin with, she is the Death Goddess, associated with Menstruation, the Dark Moon. I realize now that her mythology is so very literal.  Lilith in Scorpio is extremely sexual, uncompromising, demanding, stubborn, refusing to cater to any man’s needs. She brings strength, and will power. Lilith in SCORPIO infuses our sexuality with wildness, abandon, and freedom. She is the QUEEN OF TANTRIC SEXUALITY. Make love when you are menstruating with someone who loves and adores you. Revel in the power of a menstruating, fully embracing her moon time and her highest psychic energy phase. She is indeed a taboo, originally tabu, meaning sacred woman. 



The Great Mother, call her GAIA or Pachamama is absolutely in her element in earthy Taurus. Bulls and cows were always her scared animals. Ceres in TAURUS is so sensuous, she loves everything that is naturally beautiful. She revels in the bounty that she provides everywhere-the flowers, the fruits, the trees. Ceres in Taurus helps us listen to our gut instincts. To enjoy this Heavenly Paradise as a place of beauty. Ceres in Taurus is the power of fertility, creativity, crafting, art, money, abundance, resources, and self-worth. Ceres will help you to birth all of these qualities and to nurture you to make them part of yourself . 


VENUS in VIRGO is very earthy, the Virgin Goddess, whole unto herself. She is the sex and love Goddess who is extremely hygienic, smart, organized, well read. She  knows how to order everything effortlessly. She loves to serve others, and she is dedicated to getting results. She loves to be walking the earth, tending her garden. She is one with nature, and her needs are simply met. She asks us to tune into our earthy instincts, to walk the sacred ground barefoot, to clean up the earth and the environment. She teaches us to love our bodies as sacred Temples, doing this through listening to our guts. She teaches us to live as simply, authentically and organically.


There is a missing point in this 6 pointed star. At zero- 5 degrees of CAPRICORN we need to wait for the MOON to fill in this empty point to create the six pointed star and that happens AUGUST 13 @ 9:12 pm PDT/ Aug. 14 @ 12:12 AM EDT and AUG 14 @ 4:12 am GMT.


The Capricorn Moon is grounded, hard-working, sure-footed and focussed on her long term goals. Capricorn was in ancient times the symbol of the GREAT MOTHER HERSELF, Capricorn is a Feminine earth sign. The time of the WINTER SOLSTICE signifies the darkest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the most feminine time. Capricorn moon is receptive, cool, unemotional and practical. Her energy is stable, mature, and responsible. Capricorn moon is always focussed on results. She will reach the peak of her goals. 

I would prepare now for Sat. AUG 13th to create a 6 pointed star ceremony and an altar for all of the Goddesses. You can use 6 different candles. little pots of earth and cups of water for each Goddess. Use crystals, votive candles, symbols, attributes, for each Goddess. Use your imagination. Ask the 6 goddesses to work with you. Vow to embody each one of their strengths and powers. I will be doing this ceremony too. 

The Grand Sextile lasts until August 14.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Venus Trine Uranus ,Wild women Run Free

August 1st   Venus Trines Uranus  EDT/GMT


Ok You already got this in PDT.  Women run wild.  Be free, get yourself out of whatever box you are in now. Break the rules, break the laws, get yourself out of the trap, the prison.  You are a whole sovereign unto yourself soul woman. The Divine Goddess needs each and every one of her daughter’s to remember who you really are. 

This is a wake-up call, the bolt of lightning! See the big picture. Raise your consciousness. This is a FEMINIST REVOLUTION. Not just Hillary Clinton breaking the glass ceiling.

There is a huge movement of women’s spirituality reawakening in the Western World now especially with a younger generation of women in their 20’s. This movement began to be more widespread since Bette Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique in 1963 and Germaine Greer wrote The Female Eunuch in 1970. Merlin Stone wrote When God was A Woman, in 1976- free download link below. Starhawk, an American Feminist leader published the first modern popular book on real WITCHCRAFT, The Spiral Dance in 1979, it became one of the main inspirations behind the Goddess Movement. I have been part of this movement since 1971 when I attended my first Feminist Art Class at OCAD in Toronto. 

This aspect definitely frees up your view on women, what they are made of, capable of. This is a feminist revolution.

Love  is CHAOS This is a feminist revolution.

Expect women to be non-compliant and make up their own rules.

This is the power and the energy that we need right now. 

Venus Inconjuncts Chiron in Pisces

and FORGET that old tyme religion. ALL a MAN MADE FANTASY. 

The old Bullshit man made Bible, or Islamic or whatever cultural stories about EVE/woman being blamed for original sin and suffering “pain in childbirth” and all that other claptrap. That woman have no souls. They are their husband’s/father’s/ brother’s/uncle’s/ any man’s property. It’s all lies, a gigantic propaganda story created 5,000 years ago ONLY to control women. Very little of it has to do with real spirituality. You don’t’ need outside organized religion. 

WOMAN Do DEFY the PATRIARCHAL martyrdom LAWS. You are FREE, Thou art the creatress, the Goddess, it is so obvious so common sense to figure out that the concept of Divinity is WOMAN. Do something to say goodbye to being controlled by any outside force. 

CANCER MOON is in the SIGN of the MOTHER

Moon sextiles Jupiter in Virgo, squares URANUS in ARIES trines CHIRON in PISCESs.

A little Cardinal action, a little nice earthy grounding, a little nice healing energy.


This puts some fire in the pursuit of truth justice and optimism. New Laws ensuring women’s rights should be begun now.

Moon trines MARS in Scorpio

A last kiss from the moon to MARS as he leaves SCORPIO on AUGUST 2nd @ 10:49 am PDT/ 1:49 pm EDT. 5:49 pm GMT.  HOORAY!

Moon enters LEO to fire things up even more in the evening. 

Things will feel more passionate with SUN, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn in Leo.

Enjoy the heat while it lasts.  Venus enters Virgo on August 5.

AUGUST 2nd NEW MOON circle time. I will be conducting a ceremony in a small private gathering and I’ll be sending the energies out to you. Please email me if you have a request.

Please share widely 

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

Happy Holiday In Canada. 

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When God Was A  Woman by Merlin Stone

 Warrior Goddess by Lisa Thiel 1988 

Leo New Moon,may the force…Astrology

New Moon’s are always times of new beginnings in the monthly cycle. La Luna, call her Goddess Diana or Selene, has withdrawn into her own cosmic womb space for three days to rest and renew Herself. We are in the Dark or Black Moon times; very intuitive, magical, especially feminine and receptive. These three days are the most mystery filled time of the month. We are in the void, safe in the dark, receptive non-knowing space.

black panther astrology tara greene

This Leo New Moon carries the energies of a witch’s familiar, a black cat’s energy which deflects negative energy.  The New Moon is at 10+ degrees LEO involves our hearts and our wills. This is a very erotic dramatic joyful playful black panther energy. Call on the power of the panther into your life, a super powerful shamanic animal.

 The New Moon day begins with a very fiery positive BANG as MARS re-enters Sagittarius for the first time since May 27.  

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you survived Mars Retrograde in Scorpio.

 The energies stirred up by Mars in Scorpio have been very angry, deeply soul-stirring. Mars in one of his home signs has been a time of deeply intense, obsessive and often painful shadow work, whether we entered that realm by choice or not. Many relationships broke up during this period.  Secrets have come out into the light, hacking, deception, manipulation, power and control issues are plain to see. The obsessive, darkly sexual qualities will definitely lift with the warrior in Sagittarius again.  Wherever Mars is, is where the action is. Mars is  pure energy, fire, passion, sexuality, testosterone, drive, initiating, defensiveness. Women have their own inner Masculine side too. 

Mars first entered SAGITTARIUS on March 5th. Think back; what was happening almost 5 months ago? What types of emotional changes have you gone through? MARS in Sagittarius brings back our sense of humor, our optimism, justice, inspiration, adventurous thrill seeking, yearning to travel and explore. Sagittarius energy seeks wide open spaces, mystical metaphysical  information and connects us with spiritual faith. We want to learn, to teach and share philosophical beliefs.  Mars in Sagittarius makes everyone feel much at ease, open and accepting. We are out of the boiling cauldron and into the positive fire.  There a lot of  positive energy at this New Moon.

Mars in SAGITTARIUS lights the fires of truth-telling in politics. Many people will be digging up the dirt on both leaders. Especially angry as hell at the DNC are Bernie followers who justifiably won’t quit or back HILLARY. His young followers are still passionate idealists and he has started a revolutionary fervor which won’t die out. Don’t expect politics to settle down in the U.S. or in the rest of the World either as Turkey is now a very worrisome place as is Russia. Mars in Sagittarius is literally foreign religious warriors. Daesh is a religious based Terrorist organization and we will continue, unfortunately, to hear more in France, Germany and other places.  

MARS at zero degrees Sagittarius squares REGULUS the Star which marks “Heart of the Lion” now at zero degrees VIRGO. This helps us to activate our solar, higher heart chakras connecting us with the ArchAngel Raphael who symbolizes this degree.  Raphael’s energy is a beautiful emerald green ray of light. Meditate on this energy and send it out to the world with the courage and strength of the Force to help heal the earth. 

MARS is sexual energy and its being squared by the Asteroid EROS in Pisces @ 6 degrees and opposing Mercury in VIRGO at 4 degrees. This creates a new spark and awareness of the body as the nexus of spiritual and sexual erotic energy. Do what you love to do. Is it painting, yoga, photography, dancing, singing, helping others, ? 

 There a lot of UP positive energy at this New Moon. 

The Moon in Leo is STRENGTH, in French La Force, literally The Force, as in “May the force be with you.” in Star Wars.  Usually symbolized by card #8 or #11

Strength Tarot Card, Tara Greene

The Marseilles Pattern Tarot 18th C. 

Moon Trines SATURN in SAGITTARIUS  which creates a positive sense of purpose and maturity especially in the political ring. 

Venus is also in LEO the sign of love affairs, creativity, children and will power.  It is women’s time to be in the starring role right now. The Symbol of STRENGTH is very much Venus in LEO. LEO is ruled by the SUN. Shine like gold.

Venus is Trine to the Galactic Center at 27 degrees SAGITTARIUS, indicating a great time to tap into the highest consciousness available from that black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  

CHIRON at 24+ PISCES opposes JUPITER in VIRGO and they both square the Galactic Center. A great time to meditate on the miracle of being conscious in a human body and ask to receive Divine connection and healing. 

NEPTUNE and SATURN Retrograde are squaring off.

 Saturn stations DIRECT August 13th @ 10 degrees SAGE after being Retro since March 25 @ 16 degrees SAGE.   Neptune is also conjunct the SOUTH NODE of the Moon at 12 degrees PISCES. Indicating that old karmic connections are being washed away. Old belief systems illusions and projections is being dissolved. Old friends, ways of being and martyrdom is passing away. Let it go and Bless it. 

Saturn stations DIRECT August 13 at 10 degrees after being Retro since March 25 at 16 degrees SAGE.  These two planets are creating that fierce huge polarization we see in the world these days. Projections are being met with cold hard Saturn boundaries of reality, limits and karmic testing. Will you go all Neptunian playing Pokemon Go or will you stop and face the music?  Neptune is the place of no differentiation, non-duality, only compassionate love, “no religion too”as John Lennon wrote in the Most Neptunian, idealistic songs “Imagine. ” Saturn is in another Beatles song ‘Taxman.” I’ve gone all sentimental and find comfort listening to my teenage heroes the Beatles again as my form of a Neptunian coping mechanism. 

NOTE: Saturn and Neptune will be powerfully involved in September 1st New Moon Solar Eclipse and will have their final square on September 10th @ 10+ degrees 

NEPTUNE and PLUTO create a Finger of  GOD to the New Moon at 10+ degrees LEO 

Neptune in PISCES and PLUTO are in a Sextile aspect and they both form a 150-degree quincunx or inconjunct to the New Moon. This is the famous Yod aspect. We need to focus our hearts and wills through spiritual eyes and incorporate our soul’s physicality in Capricorn. Corporate simply means corporeal, the body, manifestation, 3 D. Ruled by Saturn.

Our dreams and our willpower are out of kilter. Neptune rules oil, the image that popped into my mind is that perhaps we have to oil up the “tin man” our defenses. In the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man desperately wants a heart as he symbolizes the cold, mechanical human as a machine or cog in the wheel. Tin is Jupiter’s metal, ruler of Sagittarius BTW. 

Use this New Moon to set powerful new intentions. We are coming up to Septembers very busy Eclipse season. This is the time to shine your light, roar with courage, let passion guide you and be the Light. 

I will have part 2 with John Sandbach’s symbols to follow.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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5 things you must do on a Void of course Moon

It’s a short week this week. The Moon is taking a big break and is Void of Course from Oct 12 @ 5:06 pm PDT/ 8:06 pm EDT at the Libra New Moon and will remain Void of Course until Tuesday October 13 until 2:39pm PDT/ 5:39 pm EDT when the Moon enters SCORPIO.  This extends these New Moon energies. A Void of Course Moon can last only minutes, or hours, rarely this long.  It is a time when you can meet the Moon nakedly on Her own terms. So take time to re-contemplate your New Moon intentions.

Selene Machard Astrology horoscope Tara Greene

It’s a time in which the moon is changing signs and is makes no aspects or contacts to any planets. La Luna is totally solo, Virgin, meaning at one with herself, and not in a relationship, which for the moon is very unusual. The Moon is all about connectivity, nurturing, feeding, mothering, protecting. She is the unconscious.

This is one of the best times for women and men to come into contact with La Luna’s intuitive Light energy directly.

  1. Taking a Time Out. In our ever busy world void-of-course time outs are the best medicine. It is sacred space.

    2. Meditate,  because the Void Moon heightens your intuition. Best to be very inner plane focused and receptive.
        All creative intuitive endeavours are favored.

    3. Discover and meet the HIGH PRIESTESS Archetype within you, She is your intuitive psychic powers which          everyone has. Void of course Moon times strengthens the connection to your own intuition.

Thoth Tarot High Preistess


4. Emotional cleansing. As the Moon rules water, the oceans and our emotions it is a good time to take inventory of any emotional blocks and release them.  You can simply lean over a bowl of water or a sink and feel, imagine and experience a letting go of any stuck emotions with running water or into the bowl. 

5. It is the  perfect time for ceremony and  ritual, and especially for Healing womb energy.  Simply close your eyes and imagine that you enter a black-hole, tunnel or womb space. You are safe and protected in the Void/womb.  Feel the presence of the Moon Mother’s love in the darkness, she is omnipresent, Listen to Her heartbeat and your own. Let yourself go back to experience your own mother’s womb.  Discover a gift there. Go into your own womb, and feel your womb being healed by the Moon directly. This is a very spiritual sacred energy.  This is good for  women to do regularly and is especially good for women wanting to get pregnant. 

There are tables for when the Void of course Moon times are for each week. 

Wed. Oct. 14 @ 5:58 pm PDT/ 8:58 pm EDT. Moon is Void until Friday Oct. 16th @ 2:18 am PDT/ 5:18 am EDT when Moon enters SAGITTARIUS.

Oct 18 @ 1:49 am PDT/ 4:49 am EDT  Moon is Void of course until  later this day at 11:52 am PDT/ 2:52 pm EDT when Moon enters Capricorn.


“I am the star that rises from the sea, the twilight sea.
I bring men dreams that rule their destiny.
I bring the moon-tides to the souls of men,
The tides that flow and ebb and flow again;
That flow and ebb and flow alternately;
These are my secret, these belong to me.

I am the Eternal Woman, I am She –
The tides of all men’s souls belong to me.
The tides that flow and ebb and flow again;
The secret, silent tides that govern men;
These are my secret, these belong to me.”
Dion Fortune, from Moon Magic 

Read, I am a Sacred Priestess on my website


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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-N. B. September 2014

Thank you for such a lovely conversation. . It was nice to have affirmation to see how you understand where I am at and who i am. Thank you for your gift! after speaking with you my heart felt happier I will carry on to be the best that I can be .When I open you will get a personal invite with love and I really hope you will swing by to say hi. I have this feeling in my heart that we will stay connected.”

Have a great week
Jenn October 2014

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Christmas Songs 2014 MIchael Buble, Justin Bieber, etc 

Healing the sex /love war, Astrology, Mothers day, Tara Greene


Introduced by a Serious SUN SATURN opposition- a once a year event on May 10. Saturn is RETROGRADE 20 degrees Taurus/Scorpio.

If your birthday is today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONO of U2, my friend Sissel in Norway another friend Steve in Toronto etc. or NOVEMBER 13 SCORPIO’s

You will have on helluva serious karmic turning point this year. Whatever you started 7, 14, 21, 28 years ago has run its course.


LIBRA mOOn trines Mercury in GEMINI in the wee hours EDT for some nice info filled dreams.

Weird dreams, you know those naked dreams where you are embarrassed literally, bare assed- as Moon quincunx’s Neptune in PISCES also middle of the night.

VENUS opposes MARS at 5:27  am at 9 degrees+ ARIES/ LIBRA

card of the day



VENUS is in MARS bunker and MARS is in VENUS beautiful luxury digs, they are house swapping in mutual reception.

This is great- wearing each other’s shoes= stiletto’s vs combat boots.

If I were a boy- you know that BEYONCE song? Men in high heels.

What with the outrage of the BOKO HARUM stealing young girls and threatening to sell them as sex slaves,

we can clearly see how broken and out of balance the masculine/feminine relationship, the SACRED MARRIAGE BASKET really is.

this is a NATIVE American concept- symbolizing the wholeness of a sacred relationship between woman and man.

VENUS is CANOODLING with/conjunct the FIXED STAR ALGENIB at 9 degrees ARIES in the constellation of PEGASUS. 

Indicates a generous, proud, quick tempered, bad morals, evil habit woman an AMAZON WARRIORESS.

WOMEN must put on their warrioress armour and fight for their rights, to defend the MOTHER our earth and their children and all the mainly lost feminine values NOW..IT IS TIME. THE GODDESS IS ALIVE, the women remember.

MARS is conjunct the very INfamous STAR VINDEMIATRX- “she of the grape harvest” in the Sidereal constellation of VIRGO. 9 degrees LIBRA tropical. KNOWN AS THE WIDOW MAKER-

it is considered one of the darkest most evil stars. But it also has a more positive nature known as “THE ONE SENT FORTH” as in a apostle. The star in a natal chart frequently marks the death of one’s partner.

It figures strongly and regularly in deaths which are in some way dramatic, newsworthy or are resented in much more than the usual degree by those left behind (assassinations, common criminal murders, executions, airline disasters etc.).

It is very literal. Women are not afraid of being widows anymore. Each woman must be her own Champion.

With VENUS MARS poised in the KARMIC balance we must truly be able to recognize that we must have equality between the sexes to survive. In the old days from the beginning of time, up until only 5,000 years ago, the GODDESS was considered the basis of everything that existed. PAGAN’s still value the Goddess’s energy of love, nurturing, compassion, creation as central. She has a consort who devotes himself to protecting her and her values. He is her lover and is temporary. That is his place, he relates from his heart and reveres nature. He has his own strengths sexual, power, building, protecting which is honoured as well. They mutually respect each others roles.  We need to bring back this natural balance. MOTHER MARY is the Christian version of the Goddess, Kwan Yin in China, Durga, Shakti, or Tara, the goddess has thousands of names. EARTHING, natural birthing, women’s rights we need to embrace the Goddess within every one.

MOON conjuncts MARS and kicks off the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS on MOTHER’S DAY

 further energizing the karma for the MALE MISTREATMENT of women, the earth and Moon opposes VENUS in ARIES.

KARMIC JUSTICE is at hand.

Time to bow down and ask for forgiveness from the Great GODDESS MAAT who weights the hearts of the deceased against her white feather. Many modern men are getting it. Canadian former lawyer, and writer Jeff Brown has written an apology to the DIVINE feminine which garnered him instant fame. I have clients who want to give their wives freedom in their relationships to be who they are and who do not see their wives as their property, chattel or own them. This is good. Some might think this is Crazy but the natural ways are only crazy from our totally insane modern societies of destruction, corruption, consumption, lies, ignorance,death and greed worship.


Farley Mowat just passed away. The Candian naturalist, had always written about respecting the wild. MOTHER NATURE is more powerful than any man made machine HAARP, chemtrails etc. WOE to those men who indulge in soul gutting pornography, denigrate women, sexually, emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually and those who rape and pillage mother earth’s resoures for oil, gas, gold, etc. without respect for her or for her creatures, the whales, wolves, bees and the sacred earth like Monsanto, BIG PHARMA etc. and all those men and women who support those causes, finance them in the stock markets etc.

It is already happening. Call it global warming, mother earth is a living spirit and she is mad as hell, as the Goddess mother has a right to be at her recalcitrant children. It’s tough  love time kiddoes. We will be shaken and stirred like a martini.


Trying to decide where to go with MOM? Things may be confusing, with much arguing back and forth. Write Mom a beautiful spiritual poem from your heart. She’ll love it. Get outa your head and into your heart and soul and worship the ground your mother walks on.


Moon squares PLUTO, opposes URANUS squares JUPITER – you know this dance routine already don’t you?


Who has the power? the old order is being overturned, justice must prevail, truth and balance for all.


and for some people this will be entirely over their heads. MOON in Libra keeps everything diplomatic and  appearing NICE. What will the neighbours think? Relies on appearances with no weight. All fluff, style and insecurity. Many moms, relationships, will be hurt by not being heard, felt, held at the deepest core of their souls.

REALLY folks – the messages I am getting loud and clear is there is no more time left.

if you can be in the moment fully then forget it. Be, live from you soul’s truth, from your depths, be real, honest. There is nothing to fear, honor the feminine, within yourself, your deepest feelings. Yes there is much hurt and wounding. see  past it.

VENUS/MARS opposition is getting to our ONENESS.

LIBRA energy is about lauding beauty and LOVE as the greatest causes.

What do you think?


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE





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