Phenomenal New Moon in Aquarius omens

The 1st New Moon of 2017 shows us that the Higher consciousness of Aquarius is the energy to work with to help us get through these challenging times. This is quite a phenomenal New Moon @ 8+ degrees AQUARIUS filled with wondrous omens at 4:06 pm PST/ 7:06 pm EST/Jan 28 @ 12:06 am GMT/8:06 am Beijing

Exact at 4:06 pm PST/ 7:06 pm EST/Jan 28 @ 12:06 am GMT/

Jan 28 @ 12:06 am GMT/8:06 am Beijing The Year of the fire Cock or Rooster begins.

Gung Hai Fat Choi!

Aquarius, the 11th Zodiac sign is an air sign and one that governs Astrology itself. It is a cool, detached energy to help us see beyond our present situation from a higher perspective. Use that detachment to help you go beyond, gate, gate as the Buddhists call it. Beyond what appears to be real. 

AQUARIUS is the Symbol of THE STAR in the TAROT a symbol of DIVINE HOPE

URANUS, the ruler of Aquarius @ 20+ degrees Aries is conjunct the Dwarf Planet ERIS, the Goddess of DISCORD whose energy we can fully see unleashed into the world. These two plus CERES, the earth mother nearby, are being trined by Saturn in Sagittarius at 24+ degrees which is very close to the cosmic void intelligence at the Galactic Center. These planets aid us to break down and through the old orders, but not without our rights, and the earth’s environmental rights being threatened with karmic obstacles right now.

Uranus, Eris, and CERES are squaring PLUTO in CAPRICORN, which is conjunct MERCURY at 15 degrees, opposing JUPITER in LIBRA and squaring VESTA in CANCER. We are still in the CARDINAL CROSS energy you know.This is a strange, chaotic, revolutionary time we are in and we are hanging in the balance.

This is a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS! We are like butterflies pinned to the wall.

There are a number of potent significators during this DARK MOON phase.

The twin 🔥 🔥 flames, Asteroids Isis and Osiris are in conjunction today in Aquarius conjunct to the New Moon. This is a very suspicious sign. A symbol of DIVINE UNION and balance. Keep the faith, the planets keep informing us that sacred balance and union are happening on the archetypal levels. As above so below. Feel the Aquarians higher consciousness message that we are all one. It will trickle down into your heart and your mind. 

Egyptian Goddess Isis and Osiris astrology TARA GREENE


This is a wonderful sign that the wounded masculine which I have been referencing and tuning into lately will be rescued and resuscitated by Goddess ISIS’s love so that the split in the DIVINE Masculine and the Feminine, of the sacred marriage basket, will be healed and UNITY will be restored. Hurrah.


JUNO, the Feminine Form of GENIUS is on the GALACTIC CENTER enabling us to tap into that very special feminine form of genius. It is a multi-tasking genius based on the feminine values of relationships, compassion, love and kindness. Her symbol, the 8 pointed magic wand is to be used in Meditation during the Dark Moon 3 day phase beginning tonight. Call upon the peacock, visualize peacock feathers and that gorgeous color blue. 

June named for Juno Tara Greene

CHIRON the wounded healer is conjunct VENUS and MARS in PISCES

This is a time of feeling terribly vulnerable and wounded, we know what is wrong, we know where we have victimized ourselves, we know where it hurts. We are overwhelmed with karmic residue, we feel lost, in denial, blaming others, wanting to hide, like martyrs. It’s like we are in a karmic cyclone, this is a major tipping point in our species evolution. It may not seem like we are evolving but devolving. 

The Key is to tune into spirit directly, to the PISCES Source.

Hold space to do rituals and meditate for the 3 nights of the Dark Moon. Call on all the planets, the gods and goddesses to be present. The energy will shift BIG TIME later tonight/ tomorrow.

Mars will enter ARIES on Jan 27 @ 9:38 pm PST/ Jan 28 @ 12:38 am EST/ 5:38 am GMT.

MARS, at the very last critical degree of the Zodiac holds the hope of redemption at the Enlightenment point. Trust in this process no matter how confusing it seems. 

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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