Ceres, Great Attractor Venus experience

Ceres, the mother, now dwarf planet, she is Demeter in Greek mythology is at 14 Sagittarius conjunct The Great Attractor.

The Great Mother is the main attraction always. It is She, the Great Goddess who birthed everything that exists. She is all matter, visible, invisible, dark and light.

This position brings extra magnetic attraction power in optimistic Sagittarius for healing and to authentically be a more spiritually beautiful you.

If you have planets at 12-16 degrees Sagittarius this is a powerful energy to connect with right now.

Venus at 14 Pisces is exactly square to the Great Attractor and Ceres. Venus is exalted in Pisces. She is shining at her most beautifully and compassionately. Love, beauty, harmony, compassion, creativity, and connecting directly with the Great Mother right now is super strong. Squares create dynamicenergy.

If you feel lost, downhearted, self-pitying, victimized, or if you are dealing with your demons and addictions then just call on the Great Mother, Ceres to hold you, to love you unconditionally, to rock you against her thousand breasts, so that you hear her heartbeat and feel her strength and love holding you and banishing all demons,fears, disappointments, feelings of depression and hopelessness.

She is powerful, Ask her what your heart and soul needs to attract right now. This is Pisces Sagittarius energy it isn’t egotistical, it’s an outer, world server energy. Pisces serves spiritually and Sagittarius teaches and uplifts with spiritual truth and Laws, not man made ones.

If you have planets at mid degrees of all mutable signs- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces it is most beneficial to meditate with the Great Mother and Venus now.

Just call Her I’m in whatever form works for you. She is also Mother Mary, the Chinese Kwan Yin, or the Hindu/ Tibetan Green Tara, she is Isis ancient Egyptian Goddess, or Mary Magdalene. You can call on all her aspects.

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Grand Fire Trine of Goddesses

Grand fire trine of the Goddess, Juno and Eris in Aries trine Ceres in Leo and trine to Vesta in Sagittarius. This affects 22-29 degree Fire Signs.

June. Marriage Goddess,Tara Greene astrology


Juno whose name the month of June honors is the asteroid goddess which represents Feminine Genius and wisdom. Eris is the Goddess of disruption-a shit disturbing troublemaker. They are fired up and plotting a spontaneous furious attack.

Ceres is the Great Mother, Mother Nature, Demeter. It is She who commands all life and chooses to allow anything to grow or not. Ceres is sitting on Donald Trump’s Mars and his Leo Ascendant. In Greek mythology Demeter/Ceres had her daughter Persephone stolen/raped from her. She refused to let anything grow on earth until her daughter was returned to her from Pluto’s realm, the Underworld.

Vesta is the goddess of investments and investiture if power. Vesta is the eternal flame of the soul which burns brightly Infinitely but which must be cared for and stoked.call upon these Goddesses, invoke their power.

The Moon is in Leo  June 16 and 17th on Father’s Day

Jupiter semi-squares Vesta in the 16th 

Semi-squares are 45-degree angles are somewhat irritating. 45 may feel quite irritating today to many. 

Vesta is Retrograde 

Sun opposes Vesta June 19 @ 28 degrees Gemini conjunct the North Star Polaris.

We all salute the investment flag pole. Many people born in 1982-1983 have Neptune near this degree natally. They may be feeling debt issues weigh in heavily. 

June 22 Vesta trines Ceres at 27 Sagittarius Galactic Center to 27 Leo where the August 21 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse happened 

This may impact Mr. Donald strongly as a hella blowback because of financial issues. Backlash for his treatment of mothers and children will also be raised. 

June 24 Vesta trines JUNO @ 27 degrees Sagittarius/ Aries 

Feminine Genius weighs in strongly with new ideas and directives. New collective legal actions against those who have broken the law judicial case and educators International Trade is a big issue requiring new think tanks and new directions. Many feel Trump’s hardcore financial policies break old treaties and trade war escalates.

I am feeling Demeter’s energies very strongly. A mass group intentional prayer could make a huge difference.

The Moon is in Leo June 16 and makes many aspects

Conjunctions squares oppositions and inconjuncts. This is a passionate day energy is high a big party night.  

Mercury in Cancer inconjuncts Mars in Aquarius at night

Some want to stay home and cuddle others want to be free spirits and try new open relationships and VR fantasies. And the twain shall not meet easily. 

Moon squares Jupiter at days end in PDT/June 17  in EDT and GMT

this is sexy and fun. So enjoy.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Retrograde Gemini Super Moonwalk

Retrograde FULL SUPER COLD MOON DEC 3rd @ 11+ degrees GEMINI

Gemini Full Moon Astrology Tara Greene

MERCURY is Gemini’s ruling planet and the trickster has just turned RETROGRADE at the 29th most critical degree of Sagittarius where Mercury is already decimated. The traditional term is debilitated.

I know that many of you have already been feeling the pre-show of Mercury Actual retro moonwalk. I sure have.

Gemini is a light wordy heady curious sign. Mercury governs all types of communications the items we communicate through as well as merchants and thieves. GEMINI is known for being the Peur Eternus or Peter Pan of the Zodiac. 

This Super Gemini Full Moon- the last one of 2017 is in effect the swan song of this year is a reflection back at WTF has gone on in 2017!

VIRGO you will also feel Mercury’s retro very strong as it is your ruling planet as well.

SERIOUS HEAVEY SATURN is conjoined with MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS known for having “hoof in mouth” disease. Saturn makes every word; every e-mail- text- snap chat– Instagram- tweet super heavy and ponderous. Your every word will be weighted in SATURN’s  Karmic scales of JUSTICE.

BE SUPER CAREFUL of anything you say it will be held against you until proven innocent. Think of Mercury Retrograde as Recycling words. 

SATURN and MERCURY are conjunct at the Galactic Center until December 9th. Reviewing some karmic lessons, are we?  The Mars in LIBRA- Uranus up your anus in ARIES opposition is still in effect. Notice that REPUB TAX BILL rammed through on December 1st at 2:00 am? 

This may be a GEMINI SUPER MOON unlike any other. Hasn’t this year been off the wall enough? 

THAT WALKING on the clouds JUPITER in SCORPIO NEPTUNE TRINE is giving this moon a dreamy heavenly glow. But be careful of being roofied as Jupiter in Scorpio is unscrupulous sex cunning underworld stuff and Neptune in PISCES is being drugged. Too much of a good thing as well.

NEPTUNE exactly squares the SUN and MOON

This will be a very dreamy spaced out Gemini Super Moon. A good time to see our shadows and begin to talk about the split within ourselves and in the world.

Neptune in PISCES on its highest spiritual side helps us to see that we are all one and whole. The illusion is the split. This can be very psychic and creative. Many people will feel the strong pull of the moon and be extremely psychic sensitive and overloaded. Many people may feel split. Don’t self-medicate or run to your addictions. Reach out for help at this time. A great time for meditation yoga dreaming and learning more spirituality.

MARS in LIBRA sextiles SATURN + MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS inconjunct ALGOL at 26 degrees TAURUS

The medical term Algology means the study of pain. “You will not be able to ignore suffering and horror or brush it aside.” – Diana Rosenberg.  ALGOL is the ARABIC name for ALCOHOL which is forbidden for Muslims.  Alcohol is an addiction a demonic urge to escape truth pain your God self and creativity. One of the most powerful aspects of this Full Moon is this sense of with Neptune squaring the SUN and MOON and this “Finger of God.”

MARS is male sexual energy which is imbalanced. SATURN and MERCURY are truth karma and communicating a higher message of freedom to the world. Sexual and power abuses and addictions have been very newsworthy, and they will continue to flow like a dam bursting with feelings so long held in check they seem to be flooding the world with their pain.

This is a very potent aspect to bring to LIGHT now. MEDUSA was considered the great demon star and the patriarchal telling of her story is that she is MEDUSA a monster who turns men into stone. Perseus the hero of the story cuts off her head. The original story was that MEDUSA was a beautiful Goddess from real AMAZON tribes from Libya which the patriarchs were killing to destroy the Goddess worshippers. You know that look? Medusa can now be honored again, and her AMAZONIAN powers returned. The Wonder Woman film 2 is being made right now.

NEPTUNE and PLUTO are moving into a sextile {60 degrees apart} with each other which is close now but which officially begins from May to late October 2018. 

THE NORTH NODE our highest spiritual evolutionary GPS and CERES the Great Mother are exactly conjunct at 17 degrees LEO.  Love the earth Gaia, we need to protect and stand up for her. The two are also inconjunct to PLUTO in CAPRICORN at 17 degrees. 

This can spell environmental rape and disaster. Keystone Pipeline is being built; the DAPL has already spilled oil. The Middle East will be heating up with new wars supposedly because of oil. 

The news about sexual predators Toxic PATRIARCHY is in the news as a real thing and also as a metaphor for the Rape of the earth. 

” What have they done to the earth?

What have they done to our fair sister?

Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her

Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn

And tied her with fences and dragged her down. “

– Jim Morrison The Doors 1967

Venus is at 2 degrees Sagittarius squaring TRANSPLUTO {aka Goddess ISIS} at 2 degrees VIRGO. Transpluto is PERSEPHONE is CERES/Demeter in GREEK- daughter. She is the Feminine Form of PLUTO.  Women sex power the earth it all symbolizes the same thing. 

LILITH is also at 2 degrees Capricorn trining Transpluto. TP is PERSEPHONE- Raped. LILITH and TRANSPLUTO will come out raging shortly from the Underworld underground. This will be felt as earthquakes volcanic eruptions and other terrestrial events. 

Reflect rewind and recollect rekindle some old conversation on this Gemini Full Moon. 

Wishing you all the best. SOLSTICE is up next.

please share widely all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE.

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Today’s healing tsunami for the soul

Nov 16 There’s a SCORPIO HEALING tsunami like we’ve rarely seen washing our souls deep karmic wounds clean. 

Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces @ 11 degrees of deep waters.

It’s a beautiful romantic spiritual magical idealistic La La Land come true energy. You will be in love with Love. 

The SUN trines Chiron in Pisces to provide world Soul healing.

An intense soulfully rich Scorpio Moon conjuncts expansive Jupiter and trines Neptune!

Make big wishes for the oceans for all the hearts and all the souls. Send blessings and compassion from your heart chakra out to the universe and breathe it back in. A truly awesome day. Do meditate, be creative, sing, chant, Dance. Make love. It’s very high tantric energy for transmuting old karmic wounds.

More details here:

The Scorpio Sun moves into a deep trine with Chiron the shaman healer in Pisces @ 24 degrees on the 16th @ 7:48 am PST/ 10:48 am EST/ 3:48 pm GMT.

“Instead of asking ourselves, “How can I find security and happiness?”
We could ask ourselves, “Can I touch the center of my pain?
Can I sit with suffering, both yours and mine, without trying to make it go away?
Can I stay present to the ache of loss or disgrace…disappointment in all its many forms…and let it open me?” This is the trick.
~ Pema Chödrön~Excerpted from: Practicing Peace in Times of War, pages 68–69

Scorpio Sun is the great router the great detective of Soul. The fearless one who bravely goes to Hades in search of the mysteries; the treasures of embracing death, rebirth and transformation.

Use the deathless place to view ones karmic wounds from a transpersonal dimension. A higher octave of compassion is available now. A soothing balm for ancient wounds crying out to be healed so that the soul can re-merge with source, with the ocean of bliss.

Sun trine Chiron In PIsces astrology Tara Greene

Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau 1991

If you are feeling vulnerable overly sensitive wounded and weary now. Please understand that the ego defences needs to get ground down in order for those deep wounds to open more fully to receive the unconditional love from years wept in rage, in anger, in defending the truth of your soul.

Be brave, be strong, you were made for these times. We are all in this together. This is A rebirthing of the divine feminine. We are midwifing ourselves and each other. Rising from the tsunami cleansed pure whole and looking forward to stepping into a new life.

We are being healed by our emotional bodies now. Renewed by source. Drink deep. Drink well.

As Chiron finish its sojourn in Pisces a 50 year cycle is being completed. Chiron enters Aries in 2018 and a new fire is sparked. A spontaneous form of healing. Healed by fire.

One of my predictions for 2018. Fire-walking makes a comeback.

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Venus Trine Saturn. Real love royal inspiration

This is a major aspect @ 21 degrees LEO/SAGITTARIUS tonight and it lasts until the 15th when Venus makes her next aspect – a sextile to Jupiter in LIBRA which further adds to the Sagittarius optimism expansion and balancing energies over the next few days.

Her Queenly trine is auspicious and brings elove beauty money strength and courage easily. As with all blessings from VENUS as the QUEEN of Hearts in LEO you want to use this one for big benefits.

VENUS in LEO is very high spirited. Are you feeling more open energized ready to be in the spotlight; showing off your leadership talents and strengths?

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS is the Cosmic Cop of truth justice and optimism. SATURN is the real deal the bottom line. No fairy tale romances here this aspect brings long term commitment such as a marriage proposal. Saturn is a tester he throws obstacles up at you and makes you work really hard. Venus softens the hard edges on all financial romantic and foreign dealings- business relationships long distance once especially. 

If you are an ARIES you also benefit from this energy. 

Trines gotta be worked. They can be too easily taken for granted and then you may be disappointed as to why the magic didn’t happen.

Plan your dream adventure travel tour teachings publishing prince of your dreams now. 

Venus’s metal is copper. Leo’s is gold. Sagittarius is tin and Saturn is Lead.

You don’t want to handle much lead so a lead pencil will do. use copper pennies a golden piece of jewelry. There’s a lot of tin items that come from Mexico. They don’t make tin cans out of tin anymore. 

Create a ritual to honor VENUS. She loves fresh flowers beautiful jewelry and glam. Get yourself all decked out and Be VENUS in LEO. Aim those arrows of love towards a higher calling. Get happy be optimistic. Crack a few jokes. Act out your big performance.

“I’m ready for my close up now.”- Famous words. What does your close- up starring role in the world look like? You need to define it.

The energy will be optimistic over the next few days. Then love department gets chaotic as Venus trines URANUS on the 17/18th. 

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Horoscope Sept 11-17. Venus kinky sex and more

Highlights of this week:

The MOON is Void of Course Sept 11 until 12:29 pm PDT/3:29 pm EDT/8:29 pm GMT

Don’t initiate anything until the Moon enters the next sign. A void of course Moon is good for routine tasks.

The Moon enters GEMINI on the 11th @ 12:29 pm PDT/ 3:29 pm EDT/8:29 pm GMT

MOON is VOID the 13th from 11:35 am PDT/2:35 pm EDT/ 7:35 pm GMT

Cancer Moon in her home sign Sept 13 @ 3:12 pm PDT/ 6:12 pm EDT/ 11:12 pm GMT 

Sept 15 Moon is VOID from 2:23 pm PDT/ 5:23 pm EDT/ 9:23 pm GMT

Moon enters LEO on the15th @ 6:09 pm PDT/9:09 pm EDT/16th @ 2:09 am GMT

Moon is Void of course on the 17th @ 5:55 pm PDT/ 8:55 pm EDT/Sept 18 @ 1:55 am GMT

Moon enters VIRGO on the 17th @ 9:52 pm PDT/ 18th @ 12:52 am EDT/5:52 am GMT.


Sex Love adventure freedom and optimism abounds.


tara Greene as the Queen of Wands from an unpublished Tarot deck 1979.

 This is a positive aspect for all Fire signs in the 20-degree  range. VENUS in LEO is Red hot and sexy. Make long term  educational and travel plans now. It will be a fun dramatic   higher spirited day.Gotta love those SAGGITARIUS peeps  unfailingly honest easy going gypsy mystics teachers  philosophers and always asking bigger questions. Gotta love those animals too. It would be good to visit a zoo go horseback riding or advocate for animal rights. Adopt a cat or dog. 




Sept 13. VIRGO Sun squares SATURN in SAGITTARIUS

  Get down to work and put some meat on those ephemeral ideals of yours. Virgo Sun is practical and gets budgets spread sheets and deadlines done. Writing editing analyzing the big picture is a great use for this energy.  All squares create pressure. You may get some criticism or simply hit a wall which slows you down. Watch your diet. Be careful flying on this day. 

Sept 15 VENUS in LEO sextiles JUPITER in LIBRA

A very romantic day. Great date night. Good for socializing partying big time and feeling the love. Venus in Leo’s tendency to over dramatize is toned done by Jupiter in Libra’s finesse in social situations.

Sept 16 MERCURY conjuncts MARS at 7 degrees VIRGO

The things that you were all emotional about when Mercury and Mars conjunct on Sept. 3rd at the Total Eclipse degree 28 Leo with Mercury Retrograde can now be re-examined taken apart organized and sorted through. This is a great decluttering energy. Your mind may be very busy working overtime as well. Be aware of negative self-talk and criticism. It’s good energy for job hunting organizing and doing budgets.  I’ll write more in-depth as we get closer. 

Sept 17 VENUS in LEO inconjuncts CHIRON in PISCES @ 27 degrees LEO

You know what they say about pride coming before a fall? This is a heart-broken wounded painful energy yet it is also where the greatest healing is.  “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? is playing in my head right now. Those at the top or those who operate by selfish ego will be drowned by their own unconscious self-sabotage. This may be painful but also has great spiritual and healing potential. Sexual healing with water would be very helpful. Women’s spiritual strength is in their womb chakras in their yonis. There are teachings i have about healing from sexual abuse and past relationships. 

VENUS in LEO trines URANUS in ARIES @ 27 degrees

Again this is very close to the Total solar eclipse degree. LOVE is CHAOTIC Wild crazy unexpected electric. Freedom liberation revolution abounds. Women especially will be feeling in their lioness power independent refusing to be ordered around. Say it I am the Queen I am sovereign in my own life. You don’t own me. I  have the courage to follow my own heart into the unknown. ” 

Especially for all Fire signs, this energy will make you restless. For everyone else as well be aware of  brilliant insights radical heart opening events and new inventions. Love affairs may fall apart very quickly. 

This is passionate electric sex. Yes outside the norm. Do something dramatically different.

Gotta go. The article i had written yesterday about Mercury re-entering Virgo never got uploaded from my I-phone. We’re still in the Retrograde shadow. 

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Venus star point, Love forecast, Mercury Direct

Oct 25 

SUN CONJUNCTS VENUS  {3:31 am} at 1+ degrees SCORPIO it’s the rebirth of LIGHT and LOVE. A new VENUS/ love cycle in your life.

InspiratIonal card of the Day

Picasso astrology Venus Tara Greene

Picasso Venus by the sea

Venus and the SUN conjunct once every 19 months. When this happens when Venus is RETROGRADE it is called the interior or inferior conjunction, it’s like a new moon phase, a new cycle. Venus will then rise as the beautiful Morning star called VENUS LUCIFER. In this aspect she is a warrior Goddess.

Lucifer means LIGHT BRINGER not the DEVIL in Latin. This stage or point ocurred January 11 2014 at 21 + degrees Capricorn and marked this past 9+ month phase. Check out where that degree was in your natal chart for planets conjunct or aspecting that degree.

Venus can never be more than 47.5 degrees ahead of or behind the sun. When the Sun and Venus conjunct when Venus is DIRECT – as now-  this is called the exterior or SUPERIOR conjunction, as Venus passes on the other side from the side from the earth.  It is like a FULL MOON phase, this past love cycle is being completed. Venus is invisible now and in the Underworld.

Venus will rise again in the evening SKY starting December 3, 36 days after this date as  VENUS HERSPERUS the Love Goddess aspect. yay. OBSESSIONAL LOVE TIME>

Venus will make her next INTERIOR Retrograde conjunction with the Sun August  15 2015 at 22 degrees LEO sign of the HEART. Find out where your love life is headed by checking out your natal chart and any planetary aspects to it. see below

We are moving from an earthy, pragmatic, hard-edged, Retrograde Capricorn all business, warrior Love goddess aspect into a very emotional sensitive, deeper more passionate SOULFUL, SCORPIO intensely sexual  loving time.

It is also important to find out what stage Venus was in when you were born, as they represent two different types of LOVE styles and temperaments. Two different  values, love natures, creativity, how you want to be appreciated.

Find out how you shine your LOVE LIGHT in your natal chart. 

If Venus is clockwise from the SUN, ahead of it in sign, you are a VENUS LUCIFER Morning Star type.  You are more emotionally direct and forthright. You like public displays of affection. People know how you feel ,you express love out in the open. 

If Venus is positioned counterclockwise from the Sun or behind the sun in signs  you are a VENUS HESPERUS type, an EVENING STAR. You are emotionally reflective and internalize your feelings. You feel things after they happen and appear more mature.  You make love in the dark.

If you were born with Venus Retrograde it will be indicated on your birth chart.

LOVE LIFE PREDICTIONS  Venus at 1+  degrees SCORPIO with Mercury about to turn DIRECT as well.

The conjunction occurs about 12 hours before Mercury turns direct and planets are at their most powerful then. This aspect influences this Venus point.

SCORPIO is concerned with SEX, Sex and more sex. It is also about the Psyche, the SOUL, the Unconscious drives. Secrets, power struggles,obsession,  using sex as a weapon to control and to get revenge is unconscious and will come back to haunt you

Are you caught in a bad romance? Face it and leave. Do your inner work now. The true nature of all of your unconscious emotions  need to be delved into and dealt with.  This is raw, basic, primal energy. The life force of the Universe. Scorpio unconscious is fixed, manipulating,  selfish ,using others.

Scorpio love energy on higher levels is detached, feels the intensity of the emotions but channels that energy, does not react from it. Like a Chi Kung master, use the full natural sexual urge for higher purposes. Tantric sexuality, where no orgasm is allowed but the tension of the energy is ridden would be an appropriate expression of this energy. Take the high road do not submit to base desire.

VENUS rules LIBRA;  the North Node and Mercury are both under her rule, 3 degrees apart.

Choose your HIGHEST direction now, carefully, be fair, balanced, objective.  See through your lovers eyes.  It needs to be artful.

BE VERY very careful with what you say and how you communicate . MERCURY RETROGRADE stationing Direct indicated the need to change your hearts gears very carefully for the entire next cycle. In a sense our love lives thoughts and values are still in retrograde motion.

The recent SOLAR ECLIPSE though is making us barrel forward, in a NEW MOON phase although we are still Retrogradeish. It feels confusing. 

We will all be obsessing we will be relentlessly asking our hearts WTF our hearts true desires are. 

Love energy in general is shifting into a more reflective post full moon stage towards a new moon stage next August.

We may be feeling lost and without a compass as VENUS is invisible in the underworld until she emerges on December the 3rd 2014 to LIGHT OUR WAY.

Check this out for yourself, Venus must go invisible and release her attachments to her ego and her lover at this time. 

This is the ancient myth of INANNA. 

Venus as our love nature is preparing to dissolve old attachments, she is in an entirely new incarnation. Such is the cyclical nature of life. Embrace it.


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Happy birthday to Picasso 

LIGHT MY WAY by U2 Achtung Baby 

BAD ROMANCE by Lady Gaga