Capricorn Moon serious weekend

Capricorn Full Moon Constellation Tara Greene
A sobering serious Reality checks emotionally. Depression is likely. But will pass.
Eat goat cheese to assuage the Moon. 
Capricorn MOON is like The Devil in the Tarot
MOON inconjunct Venus in Gemini
Talking about it just won’t work. People are of two minds two-faced and irresponsible. 
These are the only planetary aspects today- its light but heavy. 
SAT May 5 Cinco de Mayo
A good weekend to get serious business done as Moon conjuncts Pluto in the late afternoon and Conjuncts Mars late in PDT
always positive stay in the light.
MOON Sextiles NEPTUNE in the wee hours during Dreamtime in PDT and EDT 
Good for lucid dreaming. Be careful of overspending and falling for that too good to be true handsome or beautiful stranger. Pay attention to your dreams.
MERCURY in Aries inconjuncts JUPITER RETRO In SCORPIO on MAY 5
Digging for deeper secrets research investigations turn up new evidence. Be careful of what you say being spontaneous may get you into serious deep shit trouble. 
MOON sextiles JUPITER later in the day
expands deep feelings soulful insights. and sexual energy.
Moon squares MERCURY in ARIES
feelings can just bust out all over. 
May 5/6th MOON conjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn
Always intense but in CAPRICORN old father issues and authority issues arise. Capricorn is the immovable mountain. 
Complete any old karmic father related or authority figure anger issues.
This weekend could bring long-term emotional and career-related issues to a maturation point. 
People will act reserved conservative and standoffish. 
Use the energy to obsessively focus on achieving goals. 
Moon-Mars and Pluto conjunctions occur in EDT and GT on May 6 
gotta run…
Have a great safe weekend
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Astrology and Daily Tarot card

Oct 25 The Capricorn Moon is pretty light and easy all day.

Did you know that each astrology sign governs a body part or parts? The Moon governs the stomach. Every 2.5 days approximately as the moon travels through a sign. Our moods and our tummies are symbiotically within that sign. In homeopathy “like cures like.” In ancient traditions, you would ingest something similar to the qualities you want.

Moon in CAPRICORN. Moon Food. The moon is made of Goat cheese when it’s in the 10th Sign.

Eat Goat cheese. Some people like to eat goats. Be capricious. Anything that begins with the prefix cap will do. Capicollo capsicum- that’s cayenne pepper. Cappuccino’s. You catch my drift.

The Moon makes 4 sextiles today. That’s a lot in one day. Nice ‘n easy aspects to Sun Jupiter Neptune in Pisces and finally Mercury in Scorpio in PDT/ the Mercury aspect is Oct 26 in EDT and GMT.

Moon squares VENUS in LIBRA in the pm in PDT/ Oct 26 in the wee hours.

Daily Tarot

Strength #11 Tarot Universal Goddess Tarot by Maria Caratti

ISHTAR as STRENGTH in the Universal Goddess Tarot by

We surely need that Leonine strength now to carry on. Open your heart. Within it you have unlimited courage which comes from the source. It is Love. Listen to your heartbeat and know it pumps through you the gifts of the Archangel Raphael and the emerald green ray of lion-heartedness. Be the Lioness who fearlessly protects her cubs. Have the strength to uphold the truth in your heart.

This Tarot card of strength from the Universal Goddess Tarot shows ISHTAR who is another version of VENUS who rules the Heart. She is the Goddess of Love in many forms. Ishtar= Isis= Astarte. The Hebrew name Esther derives from Ishtar and the more ancient Sanskrit word Sitara  one of the great Original Goddesses or Tara.  Yes, Green Tara and all of her 21 manifestations. Note the word STAR is the root syllable. My given middle name was Esther which was my paternal Grandmother’s name. Tara is a translation of that.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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