11:11, fast and furious lovers Astrology


APRIL 12 as the Moon enters Cancer its’ home sign, it’s time for comfort food, family, cuddling and emotional safety. 

Mercury at 11 Taurus sextile Neptune at 11 Pisces, Note that Master Number Synchronicity.


11:11:11 remember who we really are

This is a very earthy, practical, sensual, resourceful mental energy which easily combines with creative spiritual and imaginative energies. A great day for a long yoga class, a swim in the ocean, a long walk in the woods.

Wherever you are do stop to smell the roses, be totally into the mystical body today. Be especially away of every detail like a Marcel Proust story, Savor every crumb of your gluten-free muffin, the subtle tastes of your coffee, be here now in the Garden of EDEN.  This is Heaven on Earth, in fact we have never left the Garden, we have been lost in an illusion and must dream our collective selves back to wholeness through owning our divinity and being in a state of Love. 

A wonderful day to meditate, imagine, daydream- these are valuable dreams too. It’s all a dream. So dream yourself awake. Open your mind and soul to receive with compassion what is going on all around you. We are all ONE.

Mercury rules the mighty sword so write down or dictate your impressions. pay attention to your night dreams. LUCID DREAMING HI ALERT! 

Romantic encounters of the soul mates kind are also highly probable.  You will be seeing stars in their eyes.


Venus and Mars art Tara Greene lovers

VENUS AND MARS by Jacques Louis David 

This is a red-hot passionate or a trio, off to globe trek or to fall in love with some exotic tango teacher, guru, philosopher, soldier, lawyer or entrepreneur.  

This is spontaneous love combustion. So just go for it. Especially good for ARIES LEO And SAGITTARIUS peeps. 

You will be burning down the house.  Women are very aggressive under this aspect, so don’t be surprised if She initiates. 

People with VENUS or MARS in FIRE SIGNS generally get the most kick out of this transit. 

Donald Trump has his MARS in LEO right on his Ascendant and the trine affects his Natal Pluto in LEO directly. 

Hillary Clinton has her Mars conjunct PLuto and SATURN in LEO 

Bernie Sanders has his MArs in ARIES  conjunct his Natal Moon ruling his Scorprio Ascendant and his 6th house of work. Venus Mars trines his Natal PLUTO/ CHIRON  conjunction in LEO.

The Cancer Moon inconjuncts Mars squares Venus and generally interrupts the passions of the movement for more pressing practical needs like making sure there is food on the table. Make sure someone remembers to wear a condom because this is unconsciously very fertile. 

Moon then trines NEPTUNE late late and makes everything back to its dreamy other worldly fantasy escapism mood. An excellent DREAM INCUBATION MOON TIME. 

Moon sextiles Mercury at the end of the day and all the planets have come round and they’ve all touched each other and now you can go to sleep happy satisfied and have amazing dreams.

Heads up = 

MERCURY TRINES JUPITER in an earthy good opportunity aspect April 14 in the morning. 

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Direct soul line, Mercury Trine Neptune

Is it Friday already? I don’t know where this week went. I am feeling a bit under the weather. A cold which has been hanging around my household has turned into stomach flu for me. 

Virgo Moon Trines Pluto today 

a nice earthy power trine to your deepest desires. Practical Luck. Be very careful what you wish for.

Moon sextiles Sun in Scorpio and opposes Chiron in Pisces


Mercury Trine Neptune Tara greene

This aspect is exact early in the morning. So make sure you pay attention to your dreams. 

If you are a Cancer or have planets at 7 degrees, you score the Water Trine. 

Mercury is the Messenger and Pisces is the Source, God/Goddess. You have a direct line to “that Man upstairs” like some refer to it. Call it the Great Mystery, YHVH. Krishna, Buddha, or Mohammed, direct dial your Higher Self today. Ask for what you want and listen. 

This is Ascension energy. You dont need no drugs or alcohol to get yourself connected.

This wets our brains and imaginations. Like a thunderstorm after a drought.

An apropos  poem called Letter written in Black Water and Pearl by Jake Adam York 

To Yusef Komunyakaa 

this is the 4th verse.

“Birds the color of history
talk in our sleep. Our salts
can’t forget what water
told them, what stars
once telegraphed to the river
the trees have written
in themselves, what they say
to the wind, to the sawmill’s
blades, to flame,
to bromine and mercury,
what they burn in the air.
Dreams walk us back
to the shore, pull the shirttail
from the milkweed, the cattail
from the reed, fold
the kerchiefs into herons,
questions for the shoals.

Night slips again
into its last, locked groove.
Mockingbirds stutter
the rasp of broken reeds.
I lean from the eaves
of moss and cypress,
the vestibules of the tung.
Cormorant, coelacanth, snake,
the world below is molten.
Dark iridescence,
the muscle gives back the bone.
The spine’s fleer, the orbits’
gape, the ghost of a face
waking beneath my own.
Here, I bent so close
breath didn’t know
which mouth to fill.”

I’ve always loved poetry.

Mercury in Scorpio takes our minds and our erotic imaginations down into the depths of the uNconscious effortlessly. Dreams are our unconscious self mirroring back to us in images.

This is a very creative energy, let yourself go down the rabbit hole. It is triangular. 

Get out some creative stuff, paints paper, ink and pen, watercolors would be perfect. 

let your self draw with your non-dominant  hand. 

This can produce very erotic imagery as well. Glimpses into Pisces past lives and unconscious hang-ups may bubble up to the surface. don’t censor yourself, allowing unconscious contents to surface liberates them. That is healthy.

A great day to get to a tranquility tank if you can. 

at least have a good soak and meditate. 

the Virgo moon awkwardly inconjuncts Uranus who seems to be the butt of these energies these days. Where goeth the Revolution? 

Virgo Moon conjuncts Jupiter in the evening.

A Virgin good time would involve eating a very healthy, root vegetable, non-gluten grazing kind of dinner. Perhaps a good intellectual movie? Curling up and reading to your favourite someone? 

Organizing the closets? Having a bit of something slightly inebriating and going to bed early?

Your choice. 

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Jesus on the Mainline- Ry Cooder 

Waterfall- Jimi Hendrix