Happy Birthday, Prince Harry Horoscope by Tara Greene

Prince Harry the charming, often alarming ginger Prince, now 4th in line to the throne turns 29 years old September 15.



Lets look at his chart and whatz up for the Prince.

Prince Harry horoscope Tara Greene

Prince Harry Natal chart and transits Sept. 15 2013

Prince Harry will be official grown up at his 1st Saturn Return which occurs October 26 2013. 

Harry’s Solar Return was actually yesterday September 14.

Prince Harry is a Virgo. Virgo’s are usually humble, hard-working, meticulous, intellectuals, dependable, perfectionists. 

Harry has his Royal Virgo Sun in the 8th house with Mercury and his Part of Fortune- the circle with a square in it, does  just what it sounds like. The 8th house is, of course, the house of money, power, control, sex, death, rebirth, transformation. The house of Soul, emotional rebirth and transformation. 

Harry’s instincts and feelings, his Moon is  earthy  and sensual, located at the very  bottom of his chart on the I.C. at 21 degrees of Taurus. The I.C. begins the 4th house  which symbolizes, MOM, roots, home, family, childhood, the unconscious,privacy, need for emotional security. He is one super SENSUOUS, very earthy and stubborn dude. He lives by the dictates of his body.

His Royal Moon practically glued to the IC means he is totally unconsciously tied to his Mother, Princess Diana who was actually a moon Goddess in Mythology. She protects children. I imagine she is protecting both her sons. Harry also has the Asteroid Ceres- now a minor planet, right next to his Moon. He will have an emotional connection to ecology, women and children.

Harry has his North Node -his highest spiritual goal at the last degree of Taurus, a critical degree close to the Pleiades, aka the 7 weeping sisters. This degree was activated on the May 20, 2012, Solar Eclipse at zero degrees Gemini. Harry could make the Royals weep indeed and that could be his karma.

 Chiron, the wounded healer is close by his North Node. Through being wounded he learns to heal others. Chiron is in the 5th house of  LOVE AFFAIRS, children, creative self-expression, the heart. It may not be easy, it will be painful for him to express love.

Chiron is opposite his Uranus at 9 degrees Sagittarius- which means- EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED  from dear Harry. 

ROYAL STARS- URANUS at 9 degrees Sagittarius, is on ANTARES- one of the 4 Royal Stars. Very masculine, he’s a warrior, aka Archangel Uriel.

MARS and Uranus are cheek to cheek. Mars at 16 degrees of Sagittarius -both in the 11th house of wishes hopes and dreams. Harry’s all about freedom, revolution, individualism, the collective.  Harry is seeking freedom and liberation and may be way more radical than he appears. 

HIs VENUS in LIBRA s sextile his MARS/URANUS and they form a YOD or Finger of God to his Natal Moon indicating he is seeking a beautiful woman to help him be liberated and revolutionary and think and love outside of the Royal box. 

He does have a very serious 11 degrees of Capricorn Ascendant. Not too emotional. His traditional demeanor is ruled by Saturn, his father, the Royal line for sure and it is astonishingly placed in his chart.

Saturn at 12 degrees of SCORPIO- he is one seriously sexy guy, also symbolizes his dad Prince Charles. Saturn is the highest elevated planet in the chart on the MC which is the world stage. He has a huge karmic responsibility to be famous. Saturn is opposite his Moon. This absolutely symbolizes the death of his mother in childhood and a lot of grief.

Harry’s past party antics come from Venus at 17 degrees of Libra in the 8th house.  

Harry also optimistic expansive planet JUPITER, King of the gods in Capricorn in the 12th house of unconsciousness. Harry is playing a huge roll in payback time for the Collective. The 12th house is the house of prisoners. mental illness, addictions, incarceration, imagination, creativity, prisoners, hidden enemies, like underground mines one of the Charities that his beloved Mother Diana set up which Harry continues.

Harry does have some serious demons in his psyche, from the death of his mom who I believe was murdered.

Harry is a real person, caught in a Royal-Jupiter in the 12th trap. A luxury trap, but still. He will never be on the throne so he is off the hook. But that Capricorn Ascendant will ensure that he must bridle his passions and be more discreet.

Neptune at 28 degrees of Sagittarius is on the Galactic Center, he is a metaphysical dreamy, super romantic guy searching for an out of this world soul mate. Luckily he found her, a very different exotic foreigner, of different background and race and a woman with the same ideals and justice, spreading truth and optimism. 

JUPITER in Capricorn conjunct Neptune

Jupiter is in earthy Capricorn making Harry strong, serious, responsible and grounded. Conjunct Neptune, this magnifies Harry’s charm and sensitivity. He used to party, and was a heavy drinker. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the 12th house indicates someone who wishes to be a mover behind the scenes. Jupiter Neptune in the 12th indicates an advanced spiritual past life, he was a monk, cloistered. or a prisoner. He could be very psychic. He projects his optimism and idealism out into the world. 

Harry’s South Node, his past life at 29 degrees of  Scorpio in the 10th house, of fame. He already was someone of power and influence in the past. Someone who was familiar with passion, obsession, secrets, sex, death.

Harry has no Retrograde planets except for Chiron, there is a freedom in that.

Harry’s Pluto at Zero degrees Scorpio in the 9th house of philosophy, travel, foreigners, higher learning. His Soul is on a new learning cycle. He is passionately intense and lives life at 200%. Harry has all the power anyone could have in the world. 


PLUTO LORD of Soul change is crossed  HARRY’S ASCENDANT MARCH 13 2013, RETROGRADE OVER IT MAY 14 then again on  Jan 3 2014, Retrograde again  AUG 15 2014, Oct 30, 2014, for the last time. That’s 5 hits! Plus he is being beset by the Cardinal T- square with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer too. A new woman may sweep into his life.

Prince Harry will be official grown up at his 1st Saturn Return which occurs October 26 2013.  Saturn does go back and forth so it will extend into 2014. There is always testing and limitations.

Saturn crosses his MID-HEAVEN M.C. on  November 30, 2013, and  June 28, 2014, AUGUST 12 2014.  On that same date PLUTO CONJUNCTS HIS ASCENDANT/Descendant. There will be Huge major changes in his role in the world and also his persona/committed relationships.

MID-AUGUST 2014 is a very powerful time in his life. These are once in a lifetime transits.

Jupiter in the 7th house of marriage he may meet his soul mate or wake up to who she is and commit. Jupiter is also squaring his Natal Venus at 17 degrees LIBRA in his 8th house. He is definitely headed for a committed relationship under these transits. 

Neptune in Pisces planet of spirituality, addictions  is hovering around opposite his Natal MERCURY. Neptune in Pisces is “in love with love,” seeing stars in someone else’s eyes,projection. He may fall for the wrong person. He must be very careful with alcohol . He must also be careful about his Communications which could easily be misinterpreted . see video below

Chiron in Pisces is squaring his Mars in Sagittarius, he may be feeling very vulnerable about himself.

Big changes for Harry and everyone in his generation who will also be experiencing the same powerful outer planetary transits.

I wish him and all of you a Happy Saturn return.

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