Super Gemini New Moon + 8 stars

Gemini New Super Moon @ 22+ degrees is surrounded by a crown of 8 Fixed Stars. Wear that crown and set new intentions for releasing old mental paradigms of separation and detachment to integrate the mind and feelings. 

Gemini dualism art by Napoleon Brousseau

Gemini the mirror of the mind. Astrology by Tara Greene


is conjunct to Fixed star Capella. A very fortunate Star. According to Bernadette Brady, the brightest of the 8 stars is Capella a she-goat Amalthea. This star is connected with nurturing and a free-spirited energy associated with Artemis Goddess of the Moon and the hunt. Capella compels us to seek freedom independence and improving our quality of life.

Gemini New Super Moon with 8 fixed stars astrology tara Greene

The Super New Moon surrounds itself with 8 Fixed Stars also considered to be living angelic spiritual presences as this is one of the richest parts of the Heavens. The number 8 itself is auspicious as it anchors the 8 directional influences. Meditate with these 8 stars at the New Moon. Invite them in and open both sides of your mind the analytical and the intuitive to receive in the dark moon.

Bellatrix Phact Mintaka El Nath Ensis Alnilam and Al Hecka  are all conjunct within 2+/1 degrees to the Sun and Moon in four constellations Hunter Orion’s belt,  Auriga, Columba the Dove and Taurus. Mintaka is the 7th brightest star in the Constellation Orion famed as the STARGATE as it is aligned with the Great Pyramids. It is the westernmost star in Hunter’s belt with Alnilam and Alnitak. Mintaka is actually a double Star as befits its association with Gemini. Ancient astrologers considered this star portending good fortune and steadiness.

GEMINI is the Lovers in the Tarot #6 

MERCURY the planetary ruler of Gemini is newly in Cancer in the first decan. Our minds are connected with our feelings and nurturing through communications. This New Moon could bring breakthrough understandings and epiphanies with family and those close to us. 

The beautiful Highly emotional Grand Water Trine is still in effect. The Grand Water Trine of Jupiter Rx in Scorpio Neptune in Pisces and Athena in Cancer @ 13 degrees conjunct brightest star in sky Sirius which is conjunct to the U.S. Natal Sun is emotional and spiritual dreamy strategies. But are they real? 

Mercury is the Magician in the Tarot #1. 

Magic is a wave. The Grand water trine is in effect now. With Mercury in Cancer governing the Gemini New Mon expect to be tsunami’d by feelings.

Mercury the chart’s final dispositer is OUT OF BOUNDS from June 6- June 24th making this New moon a very freaking free unbounded leap into the unknown reaches of the imagination. Free your mind.  Mercury makes an electrifying sexy sextile with Uranus in TAURUS- A prod from the universe feels good. 

Mercury is square to Chiron in Aries and in T-square to Saturn in CAPRICORN

This is a painful and challenging mental and emotional process to grow up,  to become more mature,  stronger,  and more resilient. At the same time remaining empathic,  nurturing, and standing up for yourself and others as an individual against oppressive corporate structures and on the job too. 

VENUS is at the critical Anaretic degree  of 29 Cancer 

The final degree of any sign is considered to be critical technically it’s the 30th degree. We need to scooch up all the family empathetic,  nurturing, emotional, overabundance now.

Venus enters LEO later today in PDT EDT and GMT after New Moon.

Mars in Aquarius conjunct SOUTH NODEsquare Jupiter Retro in Scorpio

this deserves an entire article which I will write soon. This is an extremely rare conjunction and hasn’t happened since 1860 at this degree. Combined with Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio this is a clean sweep of old ideas of being detached and a cog in the Industrial Revolutionary wheel. Mars is opposite North Node in Leo. leading and defending the heart first.

PLUTO JUNO Eris and Uranus are in T-Square with Venus @ 29 Cancer

Juno @ 21 Aries conj. Eris @ 23 and Uranus @ 1 degree Taurus. 

This is tension between the Powerful Feminine Goddess archetypes of Female genius, shit disturbing, love,  feminine attraction, money, and the death and resurrection show of Pluto in Capricorn’s Corporate structure. 

There is a Finger of God Yod between the Sun and Moon in Gemini Ceres in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn 

The Yod points to Pluto. There is a lot of birth death and change going on in our hearts and in our minds. This New Moon is a Star Gate. 

Meditate with the stars and with the powers of Vesta and Venus at the critical degrees. Release the past defensive mental detachment. We are not machines. We are full-blooded human/Gods/goddesses co-creating the Universe.

The June 13 Supermoon is the first of three in a row. The next July 12th is a SOLAR ECLIPSE @ 20 degrees CANCER and the 3rd August 11th is a SOLAR ECLIPSE @ 18+ LEO.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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