July 2 Sun quincunx Saturn, karmic liberation

The Gemini Moon is active today opposing Saturn at night in EDT and GMT which could bring up travelling dreams or elder master dream teachers giving you instructions. 

Moon squares Neptune in Pisces

which could put the fog and romantic projections into a debate


MC Escher, Inconjunct astrology Tara Greene

Lizard/Fish/ bat #85 M. C. Escher 1952

This is a major aspect, a 150 degree, quincunx or inconjunct, a difficult aspect between the emotional Cancer Sun who is mother, family, roots, very loyal, protective, nurturing and private and Saturn, the planet of karma, the cosmic cop,  in Sagittarius which is the sign of firey truth,  getting space in relationships, and adventure. The conflict is about freedom from karma in past and present life. This aspects pits our sentimental, rooted to our ancestors, tribal ways and customs which keep us trapped in the past. Sagittarius is always seeking freedom, new space, and hates being obligated to the rules with Saturn demands. This is freedom versus emotional security in other words. Don’t fence me in or smother me says Saturn in Sagittarius. Relationships that are too clingy will fail. Give me Liberty or give me death. On the July 4th weekend and on the heels of Brexit, liberty and freedom are very strong urges.

That Gemini moon keep skipping along, squares Jupiter in Virgo 

It may be good to get out in nature, and watch your diet and digestion today,


Gemini MOON makes two more inconjuncts or quincunx’s the first to Pluto in Capricorn in the morning and later to Mars in Scorpio in the evening.  This creates a YOD pattern, from Mars and Pluto to the Gemini Moon, this occurs between 16 and 23 degrees of GEMINI. the 150 degree YOD aspect indicates 2 planets totally out of tune with each other, think of a piano out of tune. How do we make harmony when one planet in one element known nothing about the other element. They don’t speak the same language at all. They need an interpreter, a Rosetta stone to find a common denominator. Something’s gotta give.

If you have planets at these Mutable AIR degrees and I know someone who does. You may be feeling thwarted, frustrated and angry, confused about a career path or relationship choice  you have chosen.  You need to look at your unconscious motivations from both Mars and Pluto. There is a Scorpio hidden element of deception, secrecy, power, control that you haven’t bothered to examine which could undermine your conscious intent. 

That Gemini moon sextiles URANUS in ARIES

Bringing some lighter ideas and new insights into solving the conundrums.  Moon goes Void of Course at 8:34 pm PDT

Moon squares Chiron in Pisces late PDT/next day EDT/GMT 

this may be a tender revealing intimate time to tell a significant other what you most fear or simply open up in ways that you never dreamed possible before. 

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