Inspirational card of the Day,Prince of Cups

June 14  Inspirational Card of the Day


Prince of Cups Tara Greene Tarot

The Prince of CUPS/Page of Cups

This is the THOTH Tarot Prince of cups

There is a huge variety of interpretations of this card. The COURT or personality cards are the most complex. They invite the greatest canvas for each artists’ individual projection and interpretation. This cards’ symbol runs the gamut from being Sir Galahad, and the Holy Grail, to being interpreted as Narcissus and the Frog Prince.

I mainly use the THOTH Tarot it is attributed to Oct 13 – Nov 12. 

That’s 22 degrees of LIBRA -22 degrees SCORPIO

If you are born with the SUN Moon or other planets, angles within those degrees, this card symbolizes your energies there.

romance novel tara Greene

Romance novel-

The PRINCE is a younger Masculine energy. He symbolizes the AIR of WATER.  The Card shows a man astride a vehicle or chariot, with a great bird, an eagle pulling it, skimming over the waters of the Unconscious. In his right hand he holds a water lotus, symbol of the depth of soul, the mud is the mucky, dirty, shadow, underside of life. In his left hand he holds a cup or grail with a serpent coming out of it. Which he is intently focussing his gaze on, this is his goal. He wears an eagle crowned helmet. He is protected by spirit and has attained power and abilities. He is not armoured, he is vulnerable. We cannot see directly into the depths of the water but we can certainly sense what lurks in the depths. 


The ability to detach- as Libra in an air sign from the heavy, intense, obsessive, controlling emotions of SCORPIO.The card shows control and poise of the mind and of the emotions.  Vigilance is necessary. The downside is going to much in the other direction and being afraid to really feel and open up and love. Many people do this  acting cool and detached and untouchable but it’s all a false front for fear and insecurity. Usually the Feminine asks the Masculine to go deeper in his feelings to join her in the crucible, the Grail, where the 2 meet as one in relationship.


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