Passover,Libra Full Moon,Solar Power, from psychic Tara Greene

This LIBRA FULL MOON is heavily weighted down by Solar Powered Aries energies.

With 5 planets in ARIES-the Sun at 27 degrees+, Jupiter at 19+, Mercury RETROGRADE at 14, and Mars, Aries’ Ruling planet fiery hot and happy in his spontaneous combustible home punching it out in an EXACT OPPOSITION to Saturn also Retrograde at 12 degrees 48 mins of Libra.
Oh yeah and REvolutionary Uranus is at 2 degrees of Aries.

It is also Full Moon which marks the beginning of Passover this year. The Jewish festival celebrates liberation,marking the road of freedom from slavery when Moses freed his people from the Egyptian Pharaoh’s tyrannical rule.
We can see this same theme being echoed in the world right now by Muslim Nations fighting back with and crying out for their dictators to “Let my people go.”
Coincidentally the Jewish people are identified with the Age of the Ram, when the Sign of Aries was actually aligned with the Spring Equinox and coincided with Abraham’s vision  some 4000 years ago.

This is also a SUPER MOON the 3rd of three in a row when the Moon appears very big as it is closest to the Earth and affects the tides and our emotions more so.

All that Aries planetary emphasis makes us feel all fired up, Totally spontaneous, a volcano ready to explode, ever-ready battery energy,ready to fight,independent, full of new life, vim and vigour. 5 Planets in Aries is a Penta-ram! I copyright that name right here right now. Fools rush in….you know that saying.

Venus at 26 degrees of Pisces, is in square aspect  to the North Node at 25 degrees of Sagittarius which has recently passed the GALACTIC CENTER. Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty Harmony, the Arts, Relationships, is very emotional, sensitive, tender,psychic,dreamy, and compassionate in Pisces. Venus in Pisces is SOULMATE territory.  The downside of Venus in Pisces is addicting relationships, martyrdom, illusions,delusions, fantasy,escapism, sex addicts. These degrees and aspects signify our call to a Higher Truth in relationships, a divine ordering of love, freedom, honesty, humour, excitement, philosophy, a more cosmic understanding of love.


of Course all the Royal Wedding attention is center of attention these days. This is the last Full Moon of Prince William and Kate Middleton as single people.  I’ll be writing my relationship charts about the Royal Couple, the Royal Wedding of the Century, love relationships shortly.

The Libra Full Moon highlites relationship balance, balancing the budget, legal matter which bring peace, ambassadors,rebalancing structure, actions.

Mars opposite Saturn is a classic should I go {Mars in Aries} or should I stay {Saturn n Libra} ? issue.  Saturn in Libra is eternally faithful and will not leave. So the Aries lets head out for fresh territory energy is overwhelming that Retrograde Saturn, who is holding on and digging in for dear life to plead his case for the sake of peace and to keep a relationship together.

Neptune at Zero degrees of Pisces, have you been feeling the telepathy growing? Your dreams becoming more vivid? Your psychic energy expanding since Neptune entered Pisces its ruling sign on April 4? Neptune is in close conjunctions still with Chiron the Wounded Healer at 4 degrees 13 mins. of Pisces.

Chiron recently crossed FIXED STAR Fomalhaut  also on April 4, at 3 degrees 30 mins approx.  of Pisces its nearest star-aka ARCHANGEL GABRIEL who blows his trumpet on JUDGEMENT DAY. Has Chiron sounded a soulful trumpet blast that only the highly psychically sensitive and tuned in have heard as it is at an audio frequency many decibel finer and  higher than most can hear?

Chiron will pass over ARCHANGEL GABRIEL AGAIN when Retrograde on August 17th the 24th Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence and again in direct motion in early 2012! Is this the famous JUDGEMENT DAy being actually sounded? a Wake up call?  Remember that certain Mayan Scholars, Calleman for example are calling for October 28, 2011 as being  TIME WAVE ZERO, the end of the Mayan Calendar as forecasted by visionary Terrence McKenna.

There is also a very lovely Grand Trine formed at the Full Moon by the Moon at 27 degrees of Libra Trine and out of element Neptune trine to the South Node at 25 degrees of Gemini. 25 degrees of Gemini is conjunct the NORTH STAR, POLARIS. The SOuth NOde of the Moons position indicates where our spiritual past sensings need to be connected with. What was out highest goal? What did we come here to do? How can we think and communicate from that place of clarity that Polaris represents?

People born in 1982-1983-1984  are experiencing their Nodal oppositions and their first Saturn returns soon.  They are under immense pressure to manifest their highest goals.

Are Archangel Gabriel and Chiron’s Wounded healer desperately blasting into our sacred eardrums the wake up call to collectively remember our forgotten HIGHER TUNED IN  VISION that we need to fire up tout suite? Especially with Japans’ Nuclear Meltdown Fukushima disaster- remember dis-aster means without a star,we have no time left, remember it is 5 planets in Aries here-this is a 5 alarm fire to put it mildly!!!!


Saturn and Pluto, the planets which when facing off in August 2001 triggered the astrological energies of 911, are now nearing a big square, on June 13 Saturn stops and moves direct at 10 degrees and change of Libra, Pluto will be at 6 degrees+ moving Retro in Capricorn then. In effect we have a T-Square of all the big heavies at this Full Moon,Mars Saturn and Pluto. Very intense. Saturn is exalted in Libra, Mars rules Aries. Pluto rules the Soul and the collective unconscious. The exact opposition point of Mars and Saturn face off  release point is 12 degrees of Cancer which is where the U.S. Sun is and also conjunct the Fixed Star SIRIUS. So the U.S. is really into very heavy karma here, remember Saturn is the Cosmic cop, Lord of Time and Karma. In Libra the fate of the U.S. is in the Karmic Balance. Sirius at 13 degrees of Cancer is the constellation Canis Major the Great Dog, also known as OSIRIS the great Egyptian God, lover of ISIS, who she brought back from the dead after he was dismembered, literally.  THE DOG is mans best friends and i think we are judged by our friendships and our loyalty as a dog is to his owner.

The recent Libyan debacle is pressuring the U.S. to do something but Saturn is keeping the U.S. position diplomatic and or operating behind the scenes of course because besides oil, Libya has lithium and huge reservoirs of underground water, necessary commodities.

The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon are highly significant. The Sun at 28 degrees Aries- A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations. I woke up this morning thinking about arrogance, and how it is an ego defense shield for insecurity and it must now go by the wayside. The Moons’ symbol at 28 degrees of Libra is  “A man becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting  him; the realization, at any level of existence, that one is never alone, and that the ‘community”- visible or invisible is sustaining one’s efforts.”

The pressure to act spontaneously and recklessly is intense, Saturnian restraint is in order. When the Sun enters Taurus on April 20th the energy will slow down and ground us a bit more. But things will be firey hot for awhile still. Like learning to fire walk,walking on hot coals, we need to focus our minds’ eye on intensely seeing our higher truth and soul whisperings clearly, inspite of whatever super heated situation we may find ourselves in.Yes the energies are intense. This is the further breaking down of the old world order, and new world being born. Keep balanced, focus on peace in your heart your internal heart flame.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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