September Astrology Tarot Guide

September Major Astrology aspects New and Full Moons and LIVE tarot readings

for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency from August 31

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Horoscopes August 31-September 6


You are being pushed by a loved one or by a woman in your family to show how you feel. Difficulty in communicating happens on the 4th. The Moon in Aries from the 4th to the 6th puts your feelings front and center. Get ready for Mars your ruling planets’ Retrograde now, it starts September 9th and will make you backtrack for the next 2 months. Prepare frustration strategies ahead of time to avoid imploding with anger.


Responsibilities, karmic issues, obstacles and your father, boss or significant man in your life may be pulling you in two directions at once on the 2nd. Things are dreamy and romantic on the 3rd. Relationships need to be smoothed out on the 4th, but a new spark may get lit. Venus your ruling planet enters LEO on the 6th, get ready to be bold, passionate and rock the world.


September 1st on a Full Moon your words can move mountains and influence those in power. You may have to fine-tune that message on the 3rd. Frustration that things are not moving fast enough becomes an issue on the 5th. Relationships and socializing become your major focus as Mercury your ruling planet enters LIBRA on the 5th. Be the host or hostess with the most grace now and mine those connections. 


The FULL MOON in PISCES draws out your moods and emotions September 1st/2nd in watery PISCES which will bring on all the feels. This is a Time to bring to completion issues from a year ago. Its also the Best time to do water rituals, sacred cleansing baths and to release guilt and other people’s energy and issues. Remember your need to receive for yourself too.


Monday may have you feeling battered by self-doubts from the Virgo Sun’s inconjunct to Chiron, the Wounded Healer in Aries. But you get to shine with your most unique taste on the 2nd as Sun trines Uranus in Taurus. Be true to your big heart and unique self. Feelings may get squelched by overly critical energy from the Virgo Sun. Positive self talk and acting the part “as if” wins the day.


You may wake up in a vulnerable state on Monday. But the power of powerful messages are all yours on the1st as Mercury Trines Pluto in Capricorn. On the 3rd you can impress the boss, and pass a test which you have been pursuing for awhile. There is frustration and impatience on the 4th. A flame is also kindled in a relationship on the same day. Mercury enters LIBRA on the 5th when relationships take center stage for you. Try to stay balanced.


The Full Moon on the 2nd brings serious commitments and communications as your ruling planet, Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn. You may be the go-between in a family struggle. The 4th sparks romance, love and communications are easier too. Mercury enters Your sign-on the 5th, enhancing social connections. Venus your planet enters Fiery passionate Leo on the 6th. Things are looking hot for you Libra. 


A new romance could be ignited as Venus squares Mars on the 4th. There is an urgency for getting your nest egg ready and some comfort food for Mars Retrograde next week September 9/10 for two months. There are conflicting messages on the 4th as Mercury inconjuncts your go to planet Mars. Venus in Leo brings love sparks to early-born Scorpio’s this week. 


The communications planet Mercury, plus Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all activated this week but not Jupiter. The Full Moon on the 1st/2nd is in your solar 4th house you will want to retreat to a long ritual bath. This is the ending of a year-long Full Moon cycle so bring all unfinished business up to date. Venus in Leo brings a heart-opening, some passion and fun on the 6th.


If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it sings the planet  Venus, in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn on the 2nd. The Pisces Full Moon in your solar 3rd house emphasizes using your intuition and your rational side. The Messenger in Virgo and Saturn have a great head to head conversation. Emotional issues may come to a head on the 5th which require a delicate balance. 


The Full Pisces Moon on the 1st/2nd brings VIRGO SUN trine Uranus, your modern ruling planet in Taurus into focus. Your mind will be on fire with new inventions, organizations and freedom. Money flow issues may need revamping and attention. Venus entering Leo on the 6th adds romance in your 7th house of significant others. 


The Full Moon on the 1st/2nd is a peak time and endings of what you started a year ago. There may be a surprise message or inspiration and new sources of income through the internet. Venus in Cancer square Mars on the 4th may bring new passions into your life. Venus enters LEO on the 6th in your 6th house of work, and health. A good time to start exercises and diet for heart health not to mention doing the work that you love to do. 

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Aquarius detachment prior Super Moon lunacy.

Moon is in Aquarius as of earlier today August 27.

The mood is definitely lighter and we have the ability to be detached, cool, and observe everything from a higher perspective. Aquarius is the sign of eccentricity, electrical energy, independence and revolution. You need to be with your tribe yang. 


Aquarius Tarot Tara Greene


KEYWORDS: New projects, fresh ideas, team work, intellectual expansion,

Two awkward inconjuncts from Moon to Jupiter and sun may have had us jitterbugging around.
Mercury enters Libra today and it’s all about social networking, talking about our relationships review with Venus in Leo and our need to have peace, balance, harmony and grace in our lives.
Moon opposes Mars in Leo tonight PDT so party on dudes and then opposes Venus, Retro dudettes, early a.m. EDT and PDT. A night of detached passions. Otherwise a rather light Friday is ahead.

Rest up for the very powerful PISCES Super Moon.

I am finishing my article for the COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY NOW> I have been sick with a head cold flu all week. and lost my nice Venus Mars article through a computer snafu.

Mars will inconjunct PLUTO early Saturday morning. A very difficult Scorpion like energy passions will be high, anger and deep resentments may surface. Stay aware and avoid difficult energetics and situations. Don’t try to save anyone. 

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All writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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