Power Communications, Mercury conjunct Pluto

Mercury Pluto Conjunction

Are you already feeling the Mercury-Pluto conjunction on February 10 at 27° Capricorn? It brings up heavy unconscious shadow communications. Expect vitriolic arguments, backhanded texts and convos about power and control with family and friends and in the world as we can see. Knowing that what’s appearing is your own unconscious Untransformed shadow material enables us to see our own issues and what we still need to work on.

Saturn ruled Capricorn lessons are always hard.

Pluto’s presence in the sign of worldly reality brings up all toxic waste materials, nuclear energy, and bombs, metaphorically and actually into the world. Mercury conjunct Pluto, allows unresolved issues to be reasoned and talked out. It will still take until Mercury reaches 10+ ° Aquarius, on February 24/25 for new ideas, new analysis, and concrete practical resolve and new intentions to move forward.

MERCURY enters AQUARIUS on FEB 14 at 4:54 pm EST and this will take us back to where we were when Mercury entered Aquarius on January 2nd on a New Moon in Capricorn. The way we communicate will enable us to be more detached.

On FEB. 24 when Mercury reaches10+ degrees AQUARIUS again it squares URANUS in TAURUS. Expect some chaotic world news, and unexpected out of the box messages, texts, emails.

Mercury square URANUS

allows for brilliant solutions, the ability to negotiate and bargain for organization Also good for initiating a grassroots collaboration in the arts, with food, or workers rights. Uranus is the freedom fighter, the rebel, the one who thinks for themselves and does NOT DO Status quo. In Taurus, this is a stubborn stance which goes against what the body and our instincts know.

URANUS is also known as Prometheus to astrologer Richard Tarnas who states that the Mythos of URANUS embodies its true nature more. Uranus stole fire from the Gods to give it to humans.

This is the PLUTO RETURN degree for the US. so all world events are affected too, the looming UKRAINE RUSIAN invasion and perhaps another World War, if US intervenes, is another distraction and a very dangerous one. The ongoing people grassroots No Vax mandates in Canada has split the conversations and views. This is also part of the Pluto Return, control, secrets, ruthlessness, corruption, toxins, death and rebirth.

The Moon enters Cancer 2/11 at 3:27 pm PST/ 6:27 pm EST its home sign, all weekend. The Mood is very emotional, its comfort food, family gatherings, overly moody and sentimental, root for the home team, SuperBowl weekend. Cancer it’s your time of the month to nurture and be nurtured.

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Mars trine Uranus, You can go your own way

MARS in CAPRICORN Trine individualistic URANUS in TAURUS brings out the Street fighting man energy. Being strong and independent is numero uno. “You can go your own way” from the Fleetwood Mac exemplifies this energy.

Fight for what you believe in. Gather with Aquarian-type organizations and groups to innovate ways to free up old, set in their ways Patriarchal consciousness. Rebellion, resistance and freedom are foremost. In Canada, freedom from vax mandates is amping up as Trudeau cracks down to attempt to limit the groundswell of popularity. The Conservatives and a large majority of Canadians are fed up with their jobs being destroyed from covid, and children being emotionally and mentally hurt by lockdowns mask-wearing, learning online and isolation which will leave them with as yet, unknown PTSD traumas.

Mars trine Uranus is also good for

learning new web skills, investing in the Metaverse,

excitement on dating apps

getting a complete makeover.

Mars Trine Uranus can make you feel caffeinated and stubborn.

It’s good for innovative media and web design, inventing solutions for the environment, changing your diet, investing in crypto, a passion for unusual-everything, and outside the box projects. It’s time to try kinky or daring unusually sex toys.

Even though Mercury is moving Direct since February 3rd it’s still in its shadow phase won’t surpass its Retrograde degree of 10 degrees 19 minutes Aquarius until February 24.

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