Destiny is in your hands Astrology

Destiny is in your hands as the Sun conjuncts the North Node of Fate @ 12+ degrees VIRGO on September 4th.

The North Node of the Moon moves in cyclical paths, every 19 years. It is considered to be the sign of Fate, purpose, your soul’s path, mission, and higher purpose to follow. This is true in your birth chart as it is to the world.

Fate in your hands Astrology Tara Greene

The North Node and the SUN conjunct, empower and Light up True North as pointers guiding the collective and ourselves to our  highest spiritual goals. 

At 12+ degrees VIRGO the Sun is conjunct to the earthy, grounded, perfectionist hard working, accountable, humble, economical, healthy, purity, natural healing, and ecologically conscious sign. These are our goals and our future. Check out which house 12 degrees Virgo is in your natal chart to see how you can work with this energy personally.

The Sun is opposite Neptune and the South Node, which we can draw upon, and which is also our collective past. Neptune is faith, often blind faith, visions, the dreamworld, magic, shamanism, dreams and intuition and our connection to One source. Dependence on oil, debt to run our economy, drugs Big pharma and natural ones, illusions, glamour, false religions and gurus, projections, addictions of all kinds, water resources, the ocean.

12+ degrees VIRGO according to the CHANDRA symbols of John Sandbach, edited down.

Virgo 13. A meteorite with the edges worn smooth. (Omega Symbol) Transforming/Receptive

(Degree Angel: LEUVIAH (LOO-vee-YAH) Dialing God, Expansive Intelligence/Fruition

A cosmic perspective which can help others to lift up out of their little limiting nightmares and karmic loops. It combines a coolness and softness with great power and unwillingness to compromise when issue are important. It is only the limits of earthly personality that could ever get in the way of the power of this – so let those limits go.

The ability to express hard-to-accept truths in a way that softens them. You do not want to be contentious, or to fight. Intense adherence to your own ideas will draw to you tests through which you can learn what you need to change or modify.  If you give in to what these tests are trying to teach you by allowing the necessary inner transformations to occur, your connection to spirit will be strengthened.

Pleiadian Symbol: An angel of harmony comes to clear away confusion.

Seed degree: Leo 30. A poetess wearing rings with large gemstones in them. (Omega Symbol). Sensing our connection with the great beyond, we feed our own energy system with those uplifting energies which will serve to connect us with the universe at large.

A woman sprinkling rose water in the four corners of a room. (Chandra Symbol). When we create an atmosphere and environment of love, the masculine force is softened and balanced, and hence becomes more life-supporting. “The need for ritual and ceremony in every day acts. 

The Sun’s sign’s ruler Mercury is also conjunct to expansive, optimistic, Higher Truth preaching Jupiter, and Mercury opposite to Shamanic healer, Chiron in Pisces. These aspects give us access to higher wisdom and the libraries of knowledge through the Master teachers if we tune in. Mercury, Retrograde until September 22, helps us to recollect what we have learned from the past and to use that wisdom to guide our futures. Mercury in Virgo is deeply connected with grounded visions, practical wisdom, gut instincts and the ability to be in touch with the Nature devas and spiritus directly. The opposition to Chiron in Pisces promotes deep cleansing through our emotional bodies. 

Through the power of intention, and our emotions and thought we can use great faith to change and shape-shift the troubled waters of the world on all levels. Remember Dr. Emoto’s work with visualizing emotions through water which changed its’ structure. We are 70% water. Native Indigenous peoples are gathering now in the U.S. in the largest group in over 100 years to fight the building of oil pipelines in their sacred lands and to fight fracking which destroys the water table and habitat. Send your prayers to aid their cause as it is everyone’s cause. 

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” to do the work. 

The Sun is also Trine to powerful PLUTO in Capricorn, exact September 6th @ 15+ degrees.  This is a highly beneficial aspect empowering the people’s mission to prevent the Plutocracy from taking over resources that truly belong to no single human. They are really only in everyone’s stewardship. We cannot own the earth, we are mere visitors passing through.

Pluto is the SOUL and the collective unconscious. We need to listen to our soul’s mission. Bring it into the body, empower it, let it shine from within and be our beacon of light.  Pluto and the North Node will be within contact only until the end of November. The North Node and Pluto will not be in trine again until 2022.  There have been a lot of earth trines this year. This is a crowning culmination of whatever practical gains you may have made. Jupiter enters Libra, September 9, and the energy shifts into the AIR element until October 2017. 

Mars and Saturn, usually considered a heavy, malefic duo are in Sagittarius and are squaring the Sun, and both Nodes. Together they are bringing in a higher side to their energies, spurring us on through our desires for truth, education, and social justice, to shoulder our responsibility which can light our way. 

We are in between two powerful eclipses. These are the moments we have been waiting for. This is our now. Use your intuition to guide you to your higher truth, to your path with power, integrity and honesty. Confidence is high. Make the necessary changes to ground your visions solidly.

September 16th Pisces Lunar Eclipse brings a letting go of old cycles of abuses, illusions, and addictions. Conjunct Chiron it brings great vulnerability and great healing of the old masculine ways. More about that later. 

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AirAsia Flight QZ850, Astrology of Fate

I am sending prayers to all the passengers, crew and their families in the latest airplane disappearance this year.

My predictions for 2015 include this one. This was originally published  in September on my blog.


There will be many major plane crashes and explosions in mid- air in 2015 and another plane disappearing in the ocean similar to the one from MALAYSIA in 2014.

The Malaysian airbus took off Saturday December 27 with 162 passengers from Surabaya Indonesia flying to Singapore. The weather was stormy and the pilot requested a change in flight to a higher altitude to avoid the storm. A response from air traffic control was never given. There was no distress signal sent by the plane but contact was lost with the plane at 6:24 local at 23:24 GMT.The ill fated plane is now believed to be at the bottom of the Java Sea.  

Rescue crews, naval ships and helicopters are searching in the ocean Northeast of Indonesia’s Bangka island, roughly halfway between Surabaya and Singapore, in the Java Sea for debris or survivors which is, barring a miracle, highly unlikely.

Malaysian affiliated airlines have had a disastrous year.  Flight MH370 disappeared so far without a trace on March 8 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board. On July 17, Malaysian airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.

AirAsia was built up from a company of only two planes in 2001 to an airline industry that operates more than 180 jets, whose future is now very shaky. They have had a great track record up until now. Searches began immediately but rough weather hampered progress. 

I will look at the chart of the flight take off and the last known communication between the plane in the supposed disappearance area. 

Do you believe in FATE or destiny?

“Two families are thanking their lucky stars that they missed their bookings on doomed AirAsia flight QZ  8501 yesterday. A sick family member likely saved the lives. Another passenger with 9 people booked to travel missed seeing a flight take off change notification and missed the flight bu ten minutes.

I was thinking about this the other day, intending to write an article about the North and South Nodes of the Moon, which actually create eclipses. These two points have been considered fateful degrees in astrology. The North Node always symbolizing the future choices or intentions and the South Node symbolizing the past, unconscious motivations, genetic DNA, cellular memories and past life memories, in short karma.

As the North and South Nodes always move backwards through the signs, they come into aspects with the planets which then become the fated planets and significatory of events.

The Sign of Sagittarius rules airplanes, air traffic and pilots.

Saturn the planet of limitations, obstacles, testing, death and karma has just recently entered the 9th sign for the first time in about 29 years on December 23rd, only four days before.  I predicted that all air travel would be restricted or dangerous during 2015- 2017 because of Saturn’s presence in Sagittarius.

AIRFLIGHT QZ8501 takes off

Airasia QZ8501 astrology Tara Greene

I wouldn’t postpone flying this year. It may  be a record year for plane crashes unfortunately. 

You can see the intense squares in this chart. Of course every  plane that was flying at the time did not experience the same consequences. Is this fate?

The Sun, signifying the plane and its passengers is in Capricorn in the 12th house of endings, spiritual source and karma for the take off, indicating that this flight is its last one.

Pluto, the Lord of Death and resurrection is in the 1st house of identity at 12+ degrees in the Cardinal Square with Uranus in Aries sitting on the 4th house base line with the opposite midheaven which symbolizes chaos, shock,electrical energy, communications, homes, families, roots, being on the world’s stage.

Vesta, the Asteroid Goddess of wisdom and focus, is also at 12 degrees.  

Mercury, the planet of communications is conjunct to Pluto at 15 degrees in the cross. Uranus is the Higher Octave of Mercury, governing higher consciousness and communications from a higher plane. Sorry for that pun.

 The 15th degree of any sign is labeled a Fated powerful middle degree. The also fateful NORTH And SOUTH NODES of the Moon are also at 15 degrees of  Libra and Aries respectively in the cardinal cross to MERCURY almost exactly to the second of arc.

There was a failure in communications, the plane was not given the go ahead to move to a higher altitude.

Uranus is conjunct the South Node, symbolic of the past, the unconscious . The North Node is in the 10th house of worldly fame. This is not the kind of worldly fame one wishes for.

VENUS at 20 degrees Capricorn is also involved in the fateful Cardinal Cross. Much love and heartache will of course be felt world-wide over  this tragedy.

Mars, planet of action, is in Aquarius indicating a sudden unexpected fire, like lightning. Mars in the 2nd house of the body of the plane is opposed to Jupiter in Leo Retrograde in the 8th house of death, resurrection, insurance, and other people’s money indicates that lightning may have struck the plane before the pilot had a chance to alert the ground. 

Jupiter is the planet which rules the sign of Sagittarius is square to Saturn. This indicates difficulty. 

Saturn is squared by Neptune

planet of PISCES which is spirituality, prayers, faith, Bliss, oneness, the source, dreams, the ocean, oil, illusion, addictions. Saturn represent someone in authority, the pilot or the air traffic controller. Someone wasn’t paying attention, was maybe short on their coffee, or daydreaming about romance, is also a very simple explanation.

The MOON which symbolizes everyone’s emotions is in dreamy PISCES at 11 degrees, which is also conjunct to Chiron the wounded healer.  This is self- exlpanatory. Through mistakes, pain, loss we hopefully learn to make things better. This is a game called life, which seems very real but is actually only an illusion. Being enveloped by the ocean is like going Home, the great spiritual womb in Pisces.

When the plane was last heard from at 6:24 and some miles north is that the Ascendant moved from 9 to almost 14 degrees putting Pluto right on the Ascendant and the fated North Node is exactly on that mid-heaven axis at 15 degrees.

Uranus rules the Internet and of course we all know what goes on anywhere through the net these days right away. We are all very sad to see this plane disappear. Again my heartfelt condolences to all who have lost someone they love and cherished. As humans we all share the same feelings, in the Neptune in Pisces age, we become more empathic, we each feel everyone else’s pain. 

We cannot change what is. It is what it is. This is fate. Can anyone have predicted it?  Could it have been prevented? We need to accept what is no matter how much our hearts break and how a  loss can permanently change our lives. 

These are the lessons and the why we are in human form I believe. Saturn in Sagittarius is also very much about these philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual questions. Why are we here? What is the purpose of a life? 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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