FKA Twigs and Shia LaBeouf astrology

FKA TWIGS Sues Ex Shia LaBeouf for ‘Relentless’ Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse. Here’s the astrology synastry charts to tell the awful truth.

His angry Mars on her Capricorn Sun opposite her sensitive Cancer Venus and her proud Leo Moon.

His karmic Saturn Juno in Sagittarius to her Mar very heavy connection and very dangerous.

His Gemini Chiron Sun Lilith to her wounded healer Chiron in Gemini opposite her Sagittarius Moon his unpredictable Uranus. That is a lot of wounded fear of strong women and attempting to squash them.

Twigs North Node and Goddess of Genius and marriage Juno conjuncts his addictive Jupiter in Pisces a T-square to both of their Chiron’s opposite her Moon and his Uranus. This is a very explosive relationship.

Twigs went from being in a really great relationship it seemed with Robert Pattinson they were engaged for a long time to this horrendously abusive relationship with Shia.

See my previous articles about the synastry of FKA with Robert Pattinson.

I am so sorry she suffered through this. Venus in Pisces people tend to do this. I hope she gets some kind of compensation. Shia admitted how f%d up he was right away. Her point was to help other women to speak up and to act when they ve been abused. but its best to do your inner work and shadow work first and learn to love yourself unconditionally and hopefully not have to experience this difficult hard and dangerous lesson.

Synastry charts show all the interconnections between two parties.

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Robert Pattinson, FKA and orbs everywhere

Robert Pattinson and his new love FKA Twigs were photographed coming out of the Brit Awards Feb 26 2015. I’ve been thinking about them and how I need to catch up and write about their astrology chart connections.

What I found interesting were the multitude of orbs around Robert in all the photos and FKA.

You know about orbs?

 Many people believe that they are a new paranormal phenomena. Some say that Orbs are highly evolved spiritual energies and entities which are attracted to higher consciousness and vibrations. Many people have shown me really mind-blowing orbs and auras in photographs which are impressive.Some people dismiss them as just optical illusions from digital cameras.

Orbs are called “paraeidola” or ghost like images, usually round. They have been interpreted as a highly variable range of supernatural paranormal phenomena which cannot be verified. Orbs include invisible spirits, unusual lights, auras, angels, ghosts, energy fields, psycho-energetic artifacts, and energy balls. They can be different colors, and some seem to have ectoplasmic beings or images inside of them when examined close up. 

I have seen them in my photographs. Have they appeared in yours?

Here’s one photo but there are many more. Is he really an angel and not a vampire in disguise? 

What do you think? what’s your experience with orbs?

I do have a totally mind-blowing photo of someone morphing into an animal but I have been waiting for the right moment to publish it. 

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All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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