Upsurge in Covid-19 Astrology

The first Jupiter/Pluto conjunction was April 4th when Covid-19 was surging globally. June 29th as the Scorpio Moon squares Saturn Retrograde at 0 Aquarius and hits up Jupiter and Pluto, as the two power planets make the second of their three atomic bomb conjunctions, {Pluto rules Radioactivity} at 24°Capricorn squaring Queen of Disturbia/ disruption Eris in Aries. Eris is warrior god Ares’s sister we will see an upsurge in COVID-19

The Jupiter/Pluto Retrograde conjunction will escalate viral, of the wrong kind, surges of Covid-19 cases again as well as the fallout from them; major corporate failures, bankruptcies, massive unemployment and insolvency. The Quebec based International {Jupiter} Global Circus giant Cirque du Soleil filed for Bankruptcy today. That made me sad. 

Mars, Scorpio Moon’s ruler at 1 degree Aries in its home sign is super-powered. Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler in Capricorn amped up by Jupiter. Capricorn’s ruler Saturn at 0° Aquarius in its home rule moving back to its other home sign of Capricorn July 1. These are power placement.

Mars and Saturn’s sextile, a positive aspect at 0 degrees Aries/Aquarius form a YOD or Finger of God to Fixed Star REGULUS at 0 VIRGO, Tropical Astrology and continues until July 7. The Royal Star points us to harvesting food, ecology and health.

NOTE that the quincunx will be in effect on December 21, 2020, at the Jupiter Saturn Great Conjunction at 0 Aquarius to Regulus. If the Fixed Star SHEAT, the last major Star in the Zodiac, is included at 29 PISCES 22 minutes it also forms a  YOD/ FINGER OF GOD. Sheat can be very destructive because it is of the nature of Mars and Mercury. 

The Scorpionic planets and Eris bring great turmoil but also great opportunities for deep psychological regeneration, recycling what no longer serves the soul/psyche’s growth.

If you have planets at 20-28 CAPRCIRN Aries Cancer and LIBRA you get the full benefits, please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Rare Jupiter Pluto, Super Soul transit, 4/4/4

Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction  on 4/4/4 MASTER NUMBERS

Caravaggio / Public domain

Caravaggio_Jupiter_Neptune_Pluto Caravaggio Public domain

Everything has meaning and is synchronous.

The Numerology of April 4 is 444 because 2020 adds up to 4. This Master Number signifies the four elements, which we are made of.

Fire is spirit, inspiration, action.

Water is emotions, internal, our hearts.

Air is ideas, communications, breathing.

Earth is our bodies, reality, yin or receptive. 

4 is the number for building a new foundation and assuming active Sovereignty. In the Tarot, 4 is the King or Emperor and Sign of Aries, the beginning of the Zodiac.

This day is synchronous with “As above, so below.” It’s a

 “Billionaire’s transit” of JUPITER and PLUTO April 4/5 at 24 degrees CAPRICORN.

“Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do.” famous J. P. Morgan quote.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction Astrology Tara Greene

Jupiter Pluto conjunction AStrology 444 Global Peace Meditation Astrology Tara Greene

Jupiter, the Happy go lucky lightning bolt throwing KING OF THE GODS also known as Zeus who resides on Mount Olympus brings expansion, optimism, opportunity, good humour and Justice and PLUTO his brother the Lord of the Underworld brings Death, rebirth, transformation, demolition. power, wealth, the soul. 

JUPITER is the sign of HIGHER LAW on a spiritual level. The Planet that rules Sagittarius is on a quest for truth and justice. Pluto and Jupiter together is SUPER SOUL WEALTH but in solid Capricorn, this is a manifestation of the Higher Law’s Soul wealth.

 Jupiter/Zeus is the largest planet and “Great Benefic” ruler of Heaven, bringing optimism, expansion, hope and good humour. Pluto, rules Death, the Underworld, dreams, the Soul, psyche, the Collective Unconscious, Rebirth, sex, money, power, secrets, control and recycling.

 Asteroid Athena, the Amazon warrior Goddess and strategist is also in this mix.

 Capricorn is the sign of Corporate business, the Patriarchy, seniors and worldly power. Jupiter is a teacher and expands whatever it touches. Pluto is our Soul Wealth. This combo helps us to let go of anything which is not truly on our soul’s path. Jupiter and Pluto meet up 3 times in 2020, and every 12-13 years. Jupiter and Pluto haven’t been together in Capricorn since 1771. That 249 years.

This stellar event is being heralded with a Global Meditation at the exact conjunction. April 4th at 7:45 pm in LA, 10:45 pm in Washington DC, April 5 at 3:45 am BST Greenwich England.

Jupiter want to know what is the truth as ruler of Sagittarius. Pluto is the underworld the world of secrets, power, wealth, corruption, death, rebirth, sex, money power. 

Is 5G behind the Covid-19? Is the Deep State’s child trafficking, money laundering, hideous corruption being routed out behind the scenes? 

Yes deep corruption can be uncovered now. Pluto can be the darkest blackest shadow energy. Jupiter will expand it and Pluto slays power that is not aligned with soul truth.


Jupiter and Pluto form a FINGER OF GOD aspect. Both are inconjunct to the NORTH STAR at 27 Gemini the Pole Star, our collective “True North” and also inconjunct to REGULUS the Star of RAPHAEL now at 0 Virgo, where royalty steps down off its throne to serve the people. We have seen this happen in real life with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan exiting as working royals. North Star and Regulus sextile each other is a supportive easy aspect. The focus is on JUPITER and PLUTO to do the God thing

The whole configuration is called a YOD or FINGER OF GOD pointing to JUPITER and PLUTO. They are acting as the focal point for Angelic healing BIG TIME> 

Jupiter Pluto conjunction is exact three times in 2020
April 4th at 24+ degrees Capricorn if we dont “get it right ” now we have a 2nd and 3rd chance. 
June 30th at 24 degrees Capricorn
November 12th at 22+ degrees Capricorn.
If you are a Capricorn with any planets, sun, moon, rising, nodes, asteroids etc between19-29 degrees  Capricorn you will feel the conjunction impact the strongest.
Cardinal signs of Aries and Libra will be feeling the hard push square which is tense and challenging but will make something happen. 

You get the opposition from Jupiter Pluto it is tense and it points to balance out your work and family.
Earth elements Virgo and Taurus get the beneficial trine but you gotta work it.
Scorpio and Pisces get the nice sextile from Jupiter and Pluto

MARS and SATURN at 0 degrees AQUARIUS are nearby. Aquarius is the sign of the Internet and inventions. We are dependent on it to communicate. This is an auspicious beginning of a New Age, in the sign of radical Higher consciousness. The four planets in a group are called a Stellium. Mars, the action planet and Saturn planet of reality adds energy and depth to the importance of this transit.

Anyway you look at it a very powerful aspect. 

If you came looking for the ZOOM recording for the Grail Springs ZOOM had technical difficulties but the entire talk was recorded and I will put it up shortly. 

please share widely all info is copyright of Tara Greene 

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The God prod, Cone of Power Astrology

The #Godprod / FINGER of GOD / YOD or Finger of FATE  aspect is upon us from June 11-16th occurring between 21-26 degrees of all signs. It is like a pyramid or cone of power .Let me explain.
WTF is a YOD?
Created by any two or more planets in a 60 degree SEXTILE aspect to each other, both in a 150 degree aspect called a QUINCUNX or INCONJUNCT to one {or more} other planets.   It is an important karmic aspect.  In the Jewish mystical tradition the Yod is the 10th and smallest letter. It represents the beginning of everything and is a dot or Divine point of energy. It is used to create all other letters in the Aleph-Bet, and since every letter in Hebrew is considered Holy, the Yod indicates God’s omnipresence.
Yod, Finger of God, Astrology tara Greene
This particular GOD PROD as I like to call it, contains the planet of chaos, revolution, higher consciousness and change, Uranus in Aries connected to the Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini at the base of this pyramid shaped cone of power. Witches traditionally raise cones of power through their intentions or will to create Magic.
witches, pagans, Tara Greene
 GEMINI, where the Sun and Venus is, represents the sign of the Magician in the Tarot #1 TRUMP and  the Magic of the mind.
Magician Tarot Tara greene
It’s  a powderkeg, packed with Yahweh/ Thor like Lightning bolts but also with the light of clarity of The SUN and love, VENUS. Ironically Venus is behind the Sun and invisible to us, but she is in the heart of the Sun and the challenge is to find love and light in the darkest of times. 
Mars Retrograde in Scorpio is the trigger finger or focus at the the apex of the God prod a cosmic kick in the ass. Mars Retrograde is repressed male energy,and deep seated anger, it’s a too hot to handle trigger finger, and unfortunately we saw the down side of this energy working literally through an unconscious Omar Mateen who killed 49 people in Florida. It’s like a volcano eruption waiting to happen and it may be literal.
Yod’s have tight 5 degree maximum orbs. The hot button degrees to look for in your natal chart are 19 -24-29 degrees of Cardinal, ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN Mutable signs 19-24-29 degrees of GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS and PISCES and Fixed signs= 19-24-29 degrees of TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO and AQUARIUS. That covers a whole lot of degrees in the Zodiac.
Yod’s are like karmic missions from Command Central. We need to get that AHA! bolt of lightning from Uranus symbolized by The Tower #16 in the Tarot. 
The Tower 9/11 tarot tara greene
Venus conjunct the Sun is playful, the LOVERS #6 Arcana in the TAROT and learn to bring to light Love and creativity to unite the polarities within us and in the world. 
The Lovers GEMINI astrology Tara Greene
Mars governs Scorpio  & ARIES,the card of the TOWER and The EMPEROR #4 Trump. 
Visconti sforza Tarot Tara Greene
While MARS is Retrograde we need to delve deeply into the hidden recesses of our own psyches and shadows. We need to use Mars’ bravery and courage to boldly go into the darkness within to bring those rejected, neglected and ravaged parts of our souls out into the Light and to passionately love each one of them to transform the darkness and therein find our soul’s true desires.
This would be the highest use of raising a Cone of POWER in the Yod to transmute and transform your own individual shadows and the Collective endarkened Masculine energies within each of us.  Call upon the powers of Mars, the Warrior, Uranus the Awakener, the Sun of Light, warmth, Will Power and the Heart and Venus, the Goddess of Love and beauty to be with you.  Call their powers down into you. Use your intention to go within and reveal your shadows which is the most important work to do.
If we all did this work individually the collective unconscious would be transformed. The Darkness feeds on the absence of Light and warmth. If we bring love to the darkness of ignorance, fear, and mistrust  there would be no more mass murders, Terrorists, hatred, segregation, caste system or fear in the world. 
We would live in a transformed world of peace and unity.
These are tremendously powerful times. Use this YOD wisely.
Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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