October overview. Deja Voodoo Astrology by Tara Greene


Those pesky CARDINAL squares between URANUS in ARIES and PLUTO in CAPRICORN are giving  us some DEJA Voodoo action again. 

Witch Voodoo Halloween

Yes, URANUS, the planet of chaos, radical reform, weirdness, innovation, freedom and a whole new ballgame is Retrograde and aligning with PLUTO, Lord of Death, Rebirth Sex, Money and Power, Recycling and control again in a wide, 8-degree applying angle square.

The Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes that were ushered in for better and worse since 2012 are back for an encore, or to underscore the fact that we need to be pushed to the limit, one more time.

Racial tensions have exploded  lately as cops keep killing unarmed blacks all over the U.S. #Blacklivesmatter. The URANUS PLUTO conjunctions in mid-Virgo in the late 60’s opposite SATURN in PISCES were synchronous with the race riots in Detroit back then. I had thought that progress had been made, that especially with the first black President that racial equality had been reached. Instead, it appears that having a black president has brought out the worst racial shadows about blacks, or whoever one fears; Muslims, refugees, gays, pro-choice women, etc. 

October 12 JUPITER in LIBRA begins to square PLUTO this tension will lead up to NOV, 12 when Jupiter also begins to oppose URANUS. The Jupiter-Pluto square is exact, in November 24 and the Jupiter-Uranus opposition is December 26. 


Psychic for corporate event psychic party Tara greene

Financial Crystal Ball

in 1987 it is the SATURN RETURN for that 500 point drop on the Stock Exchange.  Saturn was then at 17 degrees SAGITTARIUS,  I will write a separate article about this.

FULL MOON 15/16 in ARIES conjunct URANUS and ERIS @ 23 degrees

SATURN squares the NODES- fated time

NEPTUNE conjunct SOUTH NODE and square SATURN

MARS-PLUTO CONJUNCTION – exact – OCT 19 @ 15 CAPRICORN  this is the 5th of 8 conjunctions of Mars and PLUTO from 2008-2022

Mercury squares PLUTO in LIBRA at 15 degrees

CHIRON trines VENUS and JUNO  and widely trines VESTA at 29 degrees CANCER


MERURY conjuncts moon and sun in Scorpio


Venus  and Saturn square Neptune  + NODES


MERCURY enters LIBRA  Oct 7

Mercury enters SCORPIO Oct 24

Venus in SCORPIO- enters SAGITTARIUS on Oct 18



October 1 Venus trines NEPTUNE

ROMANCE and soul mate love is in the air

Oct 5 MARS in Capricorn squares JUPITER 

The Military aspect of this can provoke a serious coup or attack anywhere in the world with dire diplomacy needed. This  can put a lot of strain onto all relationships. 


This is a day of negotiations, tensions, and power struggles.

Oct 11 MERCURY conjuncts JUPITER, Mars sextiles NEPTUNE.VENUS  inconjunct URANUS

A wild and crazy day. 

Oct 13 Mercury in LIBRA squares MARS

peacekeeping missions. 

Oct 15/16 Full Moon sun opposite URANUS

OCT 19 MARS CONJUNCTS PLUTO at 15 capricorn

THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS and dangeorus day.  Can be powerful for those with planets at mid degrees Capricorn. Career peaks. Majr transformations and destruction. 

OCT 22 Sun enters SCORPIO The season of death is upon us. 


Good aspect to provoke visions, wax poetic, love travelling, education, inspiration.

Oct 26 Venus sextiles JUPITER

Oct 27 Sun conjuncts MERCURY in Scorpio

Think like a Scorpion, embody scorpionic mind. 

Oct 28/29 Mars squares URANUS

A day of topsy-turvy rebellion, break out of the old routine. 

OCT 29 VENUS conjuncts SATURN 

A day of serious love, Animal rights activism, standing up for truth and justice. A good day to sign a contract, get married, take a vow. Release a publishing project. 


Intense. MERCURY TRINES NEPTUNE a great visioning night. Make lots of potions and cast positive spells. 


WITCHES NEW YEAR, HALLOWEEN  under a perfect Scorpio during the dark of the MOON 

please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Mars in Gemini. Red Alert May 14/15

The two most evil of ancient planets Mars and Saturn are moving into an exact opposition May 14 @ 11:02 pm PDT/May 15 @ 2:03 am EDT/May 15 @ 6:03 am GMT. at 2 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini. 

RED ALERT!!! This is very destructive, negative energy.

The markets may crash. Airline Explosions, attacks, violence, volcanic explosions, crazy weather, anger.  This will cause everyone to be angry,irritable, vindictive, defensive, on edge and easily provoked. 

Mars in Gemini is associated with the card of the 9 of swords in the Thoth Tarot  


The 9 of swords from the Ghetto Tarot a modern photography deck from Haiti

BE VERY CAREFUL on this day.  Especially if you have planets, cusps etc on these degrees or square to them at 0-4 degrees Mutable PISCES/VIRGO. 

0-4 degrees Taurus is an inconjunct point to Saturn. this is a very irritable point.

0-4 degrees Scorpio is the inconjunct point from Mars. same for this one. 

NOTE a CARDINAL CROSS from VENUS in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn T-square to Uranus conjunct the Moon and the South Node opposed to the North Node n Libra. 

This in itself means, shakedowns in the money markets, road rage, violence against women, unexpected chaos, explosions, terrorism, volcanoes, tsunamis, assassinations and accidents. 

Mercury Jupiter and Vesta are in a Yod to Pluto as well. The Finger of God points to PLUTO. The two are pressuring Pluto and irritating the Lord of the Underworld even more.

Both MERCURY And VENUS are now Out of Bounds and are acting like mavericks. Bank robberies anyone?

The Sabian Symbol for Mars at 3 degrees of Gemini is related to ego-centralized Formalism. The sabian symbol of Saturn at 2 degrees of Sagittarius {because Saturn is  Retrograde}  is “White capped waves displaying the power of the wind over the sea. ” This speaks of the mobilization of unconscious energies under the pressure of spirit-pneuma the wind. 

mars/Saturn astrology Tara Greene


There is a Fixed Star at 2+ degrees of Sagittarius Tropical Zodiac where Saturn Retrograde is. Its named Isidis which is most likely connected to the Egyptian Goddess Isis. This star was called Jia Jan Ju Sur which means the forbidden Tree of Life in Eden in ancient Mesopotamian. The Star is the forehead of the constellation Scorpio, where the 3rd eye would be. This speaks to me of  a very powerful animal brain, a primeval 6th sense that could be tapped into and awoken.  The nature of this star is of Mars-Saturn which is exactly the planets involved. This implies super critical focus, laser like vision, like surgeons have. If you use this red laser like vision correctly you may cut through many obstacles.  


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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I want to be evil- Eartha Kitt 

World,Celebrity predictions,psychic channeler tara Greene

2014 will be way more intense than 2013.  2+ 0+ 1 + 4 = 7.

A lucky #7 year. Maybe for some.

Tarot Trump #7 Chariot Tara GreeneThe 7th Trump in the tarot is called the CHARIOT

Swing low, sweet chariot.

The 7th Chakra- The CROWN CHAKRA. The thousand petalled lotus.

the 7th seal in Revelations, 7th heaven, 7 Hells, 7 days of the week, 7 seas,

You will need to meditate this year to stay centered, as the image shows.

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Some of my predictions below

#7 is a very esoteric number. All about the law of cycles. The seven year itch?

MArilyn Monroe Tara Greene psychic

The Occupy movement becomes the “WE1” we, one, movement. 

Mass protests worldwide will inevitably have to be televised. Huge civil blockades, strikes, on major highways, in every major city will be synchronized.

Escalating Economic woes world –wide. More BANKING  scandals lead to major changes in banking systems after July. There could be closures of banks in the World as happened in Cyprus. There could be phony bank hacking warnings from the government in the U.S.
Some topics-
Turning their backs on TECH
FINANCIAL- a downer, but Gold and precious metals go up after July.
PLACES- SYRIA, Israel, China, EU,
The Olympics-
The Sun’s pole shift,
Gaga, Bieber, Kimye, ROB FORD, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Prince Harry, Jennifer Larence etc.
Jennifer Lawrence, Tara Greene Astrology
All writing copyright TARA GREENE

2014-2022 predictions on world economy-


I was interviewed for my views  about the future of the US and the world economies as part of an online article. 

Many astrologers and psychic mediums are quoted in this article along with the late Stuart Wilde, who had hundreds of visions of a world economic collapse before his death last May 2012.

Stuart Wilde Kris Krepcik Tara GREENE ASTROLOGY



Other psychics and astrologers quoted are Stuart Wilde’s disciple Kris Krepcik. Psychic medium Kerrie O’Conner and author Paulette Cooper Noble among many others. Here is part of my contribution.

“I do believe that we are in for an economic global money collapse but that is a great thing and is an evolutionary necessity to bring in the Light and a new higher consciousness frequency. Out with the old in with the new. The ongoing squares from URANUS which rules the Internet, revolution, freedom and PLUTO- which rules the collective Unconscious,the Plutocracy, banking, recycling, psychology and the Soul are in the midst of creating this. We’re almost at the 4th out of seven of their squares which started in 2012 and continue to tighten the screws until 2015. Although 2022 is when Pluto will cross the United States natal Pluto for the first time since the nation was born. That doesn’t mean that the whole world will go down in flames.” more 

Read it here http://dont-tread-on.me/?p=31336

Let em know what you think.