Believe in the power of faith

Yes, we are in a serious world crisis but today March 14th there is a very positive aspect as MARS in Capricorn sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES.

This is a very grounding dreamy aspect, Literally, build it in your imagination and they will come. Like in Field of Dreams.

painting by Aurora of Sedona

The heavy Scorpio Moon energy gives way to Upbeat SAGITTARIUS in the early morning at 7:09 am EDT.

SUN Sextiles PLUTO this is a double positive whammy energy

amplifying the Mars in Capricorn to Neptune in PISCES even bigger,

PLUTO is wealth and this is visionary, spiritual compassionate wealth.

I know people have been hoarding food and toilet paper- a Pluto ruled thing, Pluto rules waste matter. 

DO believe and have faith today. Your desires {Mars} and wishes hopes and dreams Pisces make it happen.

Sagittarius Sun makes 2 inconjuncts to  Uranus and Venus in Taurus 

the practical romance and the urge for adventure dont blend well right now

Sage Moon trines Chiron in Aries 

Sage rules International travel and of course, the World is shut down right now as it never has been before, Frustration may arrive.  Chiron in Aries is the wounded warrior, it’s our armouring and defences. What has most of North America run around and hoarded? That is the public defending themselves against a new {Aries} perceived threat and enemy,

Stay focused on positive outcomes from the CORONAVIRUS and all the International breakdown financially, economically, spiritually, philosophically. This doesn’t mean take things for granted that things will go back to “normal” after this higher consciousness intervention,

Remember Saturn is at the last most critical degree of Capricorn at its most intense and heaviest. We are only 7 days away from Saturn entering Aquarius. This is a glimmer of hi-tech hope.

March 20 MARS exalted in Capricorn and JUPITER in fall in Capricorn are conjunct. This can amp up war measures because of foreign Jupiter business. The government may institute martial law because of the Covid19 virus. The WHO may also initiate an emergency measures act which may not be a good thing at all.

Saturn will only be in Aquarius until July 1st which is Canada’s Birthday indicating Canada will be more affected.

Let’s stay with the positive stuff for now.

Mars conjunct Neptune also exacerbates addictions, illusions, delusions, projections, paranoia on some level and of course it’s about being shut-in as Neptune in Pisces in the 12th Sign/House. Be careful taking medications and mixing too many different types of even natural remedies. Do your diligence.

Do pay attention to your dreams tonight too.

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May 14 Virgo dreams weekend update

How did that Venus Pluto trine feel to you folks? 

It was very powerful #13 Venus’s day and all. 

The MOON is now back down to earth element and in Virgo all weekend, W can expect to be feeling humble, ready to put in some elbow grease, worried, fidgety, doing the math, needing to get out into nature, workaholics, hypochondriac, disciplined, organized and needing to serve others.

VIRGO is the Virgin Goddess of the Harvest and Health

so really do think about your diet, your intestines and what you want to produce at the end of the fruits of your labours. 

Moon squares Retro Mars- 

Has someone made a cocktail with this name yet I wonder? 

Cocktail Recipe, Tara Greene

Actually Here it IS: A special for you. I will deconstruct it and make it the world’s first RETROGRADE MARS COCKTAIL 

From a website called  they call it a Meister on Mars 

a Retro Mars concktail would be named an anti-Meister of Mars

If done correctly there will be four individual layers of red, orange, blue, and black that should mimic Mars and it phasing into space.

INGREDIENTS in Ounces – you can do the order backwards as a Retro cocktail

2oz. Blue Curacao

3 oz. of Jagermeister

2 oz. orange juice 

1 oz. of Grenadine 

a Cocktail Glass 


  1. In a chilled martini glass pour the grenadine
  2. Then gently pour the orange juice onto the concave side of a spoon and into the glass
  3. Repeat the pouring process for the blue curacao and then the jagermeister

Volume: 8.0 oz
Alcohol units: 4.5 standard drinks
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 19%

and there you have it! A special Mars Retrograde cocktail to help chase the “Tsuris” a Yiddish word for aggravation  away. 

This is a good aspect to do physical stuff, hit the gym, sign up for yoga training, help out at the ASPCA, donate to a food bank, do some community work.


It’s easy to use your strengths to help others, there are millions of ways to help, 

This aspect also brings out our bodies intuition and where we hurt and ache is also where there is buried pain. 

Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in PISCES 

create a Garden of Dreams 

Garden of Dreams Tara Greene

The Garden of Dreams Kathmandu Nepal 

ok this aspect happens once a month its true.

Virgo’s as this is YOUR year with Jupiter in your sign, what are your bug dreams and what are you doing to manifest them, make them real bring ’em down to earth?

The Moon will continue to  conjunct Jupiter in VIRGO and square Saturn in Sagittarius on SUNDAY

highlighting a MAJOR Aspect of 2016. The gap between the real and the illusory.

Who the hell is Donald Trump anyway?  And this is what you pretend but really you are addicted and in denial. I know that is why I put in the cocktail recipe.

Saturn, the cosmic Taxman,  will  be blowing the whistle very soon. 

MORE PERSONALLY , what are your dreams and how far is the gap between imagining dreaming yearning imagining and holding that book in your hands or getting that promotion or whatever that is for you.

Build it now, like in Field of Dreams- a perfect metaphor by a Virgo Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces and squared by Saturn in Sagittarius?

Did you see that movie or read the book by W.P. Kinsella?  It’s very spiritual and very American and a great magic realism movie.I always loved those Spanish magic realism writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Borges and Italo Calvino and Kurt Vonnegut,Thomas Pynchon etc. It’s been many years since I’ve read those books. 

Magical Realism that is where we are at now in the world. It is very much like the prophecy I heard years ago that the world would split into two, some people believing that we are living in a magical world of love, ideals, spirituality and self-created magic and others are stuck in the drudgery and powerlessness, 

The energies are good on Sunday so enjoy this weekend. 

Blessings, TARA 

is there anything you’d like me to write about? Questions? 

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FIELD OF DREAMS 1989 Burt Lancaster and Kevin Costner