Never tickle a sleeping dragon,spontaneous combustion

Wow the energy is fierce out there. How are you coping with the INTENSITY?

Mars will conjunct Saturn in SCORPIO on the New Moon Aug 25

It’s like spontaneous combustion in all its manifestations.

Literally forests going up in flame, people, situations, dragon’s breath.

You wont need to rub two sticks together.

fire tara greene

Mars rules Scorpio and Saturn rules Capricornand Scorpio is the sign of death, fear, old age, rebirth, secrets,control, powers struggles.

Violence, aggression, accidents, fights, sabotage, wars, bombs,subterfuge, tempers exploding, road rage, Volcanoes exploding!


I predicted more volcanic explosion in my 2014 predictions maybe more no fly alerts.

MARS is #16 Trump in the Tarot THE TOWER. Saturn is THE DEVIL #15 { Capricorn} Scorpio is DEATH #13 

Nice triple symbolism there.  three heavies.

Venus in LEO also squares Saturn on Aug 26.

Lots of violent love struggles, rapes, its not pretty. Could be very kinky. I personally find this 50 shades of,  women being brainwashed to love being humiliated and tortured particularly disgusting,

love and pride comes before the fall. Saturn in Scorpio is always the winner.

These are serious PAY BACK timez folks. WE ARE ALL BEING TESTED! SCORPIO the KARMIC TAX MAN. 

Saturn aka Satan will leave Scorpio on Christmas Eve 2014 but not for long. The last traipse of Saturn through Scorpio in 2015 is in mid June 2015-till days before the Autumn equinox. Those times will be super tough.

Iraq, Syria, Iran- the political power shuffle continues. Isreal, Gaza, egypt, Turkey, Tripoli – who is holding whose deck?

Look at the violence happening in the U.S. In Missouri although there were peaceful protests in Staten Island recently for the man who was murdered by the police in a strangle hold. 

Astro cartography map for Aug 25 2014 New Moon 

Astro map Virgo New Moon tarot reader tara greene

The planetary lines on the world astro map show MARS and SATURN conjunction passing right through Moscow and the Ukraine with Pluto also crossing their paths! Mars Saturn energies go south  right through Aleppo, Damascus Syria, continuing south through Khartoum down to Mozambique. Mars and Saturn also meet West of White Horse in the Yukon.

Mars cuts a swathe right through Paraguay and Bolivia and Brazil in South America.

Pluto cuts right through the U.S. West of Detroit straight South and through Costa Rica and Panama. Pluto also cuts through Lagos, Nigeria and Libya in Africa continues EAst  directly through Moscow!!!

Lots of action up in the ALASKA. Around Vegas, Phoenix Arizona and in the Indian Ocean.

Saturn Mercury and Chiron cross in Iceland no wonder volcanoes are exploding.

Never tickle a sleeping dragon. 


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Fire By Arthur Brown 1968  


VENUS TRINE PLUTO and more plus trouble up ahead

YES VENUS in VIRGO TRine Pluto in Capricorn today July 30

VENUS Is love, luxury, values, beauty, relationships 

Pluto is sex and power, lust, S & M, rape, control, manipulation, that 50 shades stuff,all the shadows, obsession.

To have those 2 working well in trine aspect  means be careful of being seduced by an ideal of wealth and ease.

Gotta love those shadows, then pick them apart and analyze them.

Venus in Virgo is loving hard work, budgets, discipline,order, the PERFECTIONIST.  It would be like the HERMIT LOVER. ????

mystic tarot hermit Tara Greene

Secret biology, weirdness. Clean freaks and control freaks get together. Fetishes of French maids and sex with cleaning products.

Pluto in Capricorn’s dark side is “the man who sold the world.” like David Bowie’s song – see below

Pluto in Capricorn is like THE DEVIL in the TAROT. Double the devil, what’s real what’s an illusion, worldly power. The devil laughs at you.


Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in PISCES around dinner time PDT

Gemini’s may be absentmindedly walking the plank. Mental fog, you won’t feel grounded. You may spend it trying to make up your mind about which dream avenue/what shoes to wear. Hearing two voice in your head… Twins with foot fetishes.


That’s the 3rd leg of the MArs Pluto opposition falling into place.

that’s a terrorist attack symbol, tsunammi warning, earthquake, solar flare,  rape, women and power, heighten revolutions.

and the squares continue. 

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