Deep dark dreams and sexy sextiles

The SCORPIO Moon trines DREAMY Neptune in the wee hours in PDT & EDT

If you wake from intense sexual dreams or dreams of shadow Nazi’s chasing you be sure to write them down or record them for future reference.

Warrior Mars conjuncts the NORTH NODE in LEO @24 LEO 

Mars planetary ruler of SCORPIO and the Moon tonight may also appear in our dreamscapes in a sexual mode or when you are out partying late Saturday night. Do the right thing be a hero. We need to feel our desires and our will power guide us to be on our own hero/heroine’s journeys and not just role-playing.

JUPITER and SATURN join in a supportive sextile at 21+ degrees LIBRA/ SAGITTARIUS

The expansive planet and the restrictive one balance each other out nicely today. Play hard/ work hard. Also good for those with planets at 21 degrees ARIES and GEMINI.

Scorpio MOON sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN

Another very Scorpionic but nicer energy. Deep penetrating emotional and psychological insights are easily available. This aspect helps you to build plans for having dominion over your own self. Be careful how you use your power. 

Scorpio MOON trines CERES in CANCER @ 19+ degrees

This is a very fertile pregnant aspect. Literally good for becoming pregnant. Connecting with your mother or the mothering nurturing principle can come naturally and easily and brings  Soulful connections with those you love. Deeper intimacy is possible now.


JUNO with her animal familiar the peacock

Retrograde Mercury in his home sign with JUNO helps us to refocus on many threads and goals at once. The perfectionist self-critical aspect of Virgo may be re-examined in a totally different light. Go back to your goals and plans and pick up lost stitches. Review where communications break down occurred and where information got redirected.

JUNO in Capricorn is a feminine form of genius in the boardroom and in corporate structure. Juno in Capricorn is women who are all business and yet can easily multitask. This is about bringing practical feminine intuitive and relationship genius into your career goals.

PLease share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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