Sleepless Night Astrology Tara Greene, Your weekend report

 Been feeling wired sleepless restless irritable ?

go go boots astrology

Go Go

You don’t have to wake me up before you GO GO because I have hardly been sleeping

It’s defintiely been MARS TRINE URANUS  at 0-6 degrees Sagittarius TRINE to Uranus Retro the last week or so

It’s conjunct my Natal JUPITER in Aries which exacerbates the situation

ALL ARIES born March 21- 27 you are definitely wound so tight and so full of angst to burn the old house down!

SAGITTARIANS” born Nov 22-29  and that includes ME TOO! also have been revved up from MARS passing thru

How can you sleep at a time like this?  Jason Mraz just sang in my headphones?

PLUS the horsey Sagittarius MOON Oct 17-19


Sagittarius Centaur fools rush in! with a hah a hah ha and HI dee ho!

FEEl, outside the box!  This is an ALL new and SHINY experimental feeling state. It’s NOT KANSAS, TOTO!

Trine’s make it E-ZY to do. Remember the 60’s revolution in dress?

Yes get outta your old emotional habits and you will feel Xtra RESTLESS & spontaneous!

Look before you leap!

MOON conjuncts MARS  early a.m

dreams of travel foreigners, religious pulpit proselytizer’s,

the feeling tone will be flying out faster than FELIX BAUMGARTNER

who free falled from 18 miles high during the URANUS MARS TRINE! How appropriate!

What new records have you shattered for yourself these past few days?


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remember Mercury goes RETROGRADE on ELECTION DAY -till NOv. 26

so plenty of giddy up galloping into sunset rapping HI YO SILVER!

fire and air affair= the flames inch higher!

You talk too much, watch out for passionate political fights

and then Friday

Moon Squares VENUS in Virgo middle of the night

that’ll make you stop in your tracks as the pocketbook needs to be balanced.

Moon enters Down to earth serious Capricorn OCt 19 @ 6:41 pm PDT to lend serious and patience to the weekend

Moon will square Uranus @ 4:18 am Sat wile most are sleeping for wild and crazy free falling dreams

MOON conjunct PLUTO on Oct 20 @ 6:50 am PDT always a difficult power control choking down emotions

Moon Trine Venus on Sunday 7:29 am PDT  nice for cleaning your house, reviewing your long term plans

Moon enters Aquarius sunday at 10:02 pm PDt -Oct 22 1:22 am MONDAY morning

MONDAY SUN ENTERS SCORPIO  Oct 22 @ 5:14 pm PDT adding to the weighty intensity of

death father time old age plodding obsessing fear sex passion letting go grieving

Will write more about how WE’re ALL SCORPIO NOW! next

Need a reading to help integrate all this new energy?