Mars in Aquarius for 6 months

Mars-always where the action is-entered AQUARIUS the sign of revolutionary change, freedom, higher consciousness, new technologies, and chaos on the New Moon of Taurus on the 15th in PDT/ 16th @ 12:55 am EDT/ 4:55 pm GMT

NOTE MARS Goes RETROGRADE June 26 @ 9 degrees 13 minutes of AQUARIUS

MARS turns DIRECT Aug 27 @ 28+ Capricorn

It’ll take until OCTOBER 8/9 for MARS to pass June 26th Retro. Station degree

Mars stays in AQUARIUS until NOVEMBER 15th

That’s 6 months of MARS in AQUARIUS!

That’s a lot of time to feel the energy passion and active Aquarius energy especially with URANUS in TAURUS. I’ll write more about this in depth soon.


AQUARIUS is the sign of the Astrology the Stars and universal consciousness

URANUS rules the 11th sign and house of wishes, hopes and dreams of shared higher consciousness and power.  Anything radically new or different, which breaks down the old systems is Aquarius. Protests against which oppressive order you think is wrong will be a constant. 

Aquarius is an AIR SIGN, NOT A WATER SIGN as many people think because of its symbol in the constellations. The Astrology glyph is two parallel wavy lines representing electric currents moving through the AIR. The symbol of the God or Goddess pouring water- is a symbol of consciousness or Divine love.

MARS in Aquarius times are ELECTRIC! Think laundry static, hair standing straight up. Liberation time, detachment from all the heavy emotions, freedom, whatever your personal and collective break-out may be. Be your own individual, be weird and proud and different like the planet Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, rotates at a 90 degrees axis. That is weird. All gay and LGBT groups will be loudly protesting.

LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY  while MARS is in AQUARIUS, yes you can hear the song from the musical Hair. No one knows when the famed Age of Aquarius begins. But I am beginning to feel it is when Saturn and Jupiter conjoin at zero degrees Aquarius at Winter Solstice December 21, 2020, then Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023. 

MARS amps up the URANIAN energies so this Uranus in Taurus entrance starts with an additional bang. Explosions eruptions bombings terrorism protests and such are all in the news.

MARS squares URANUS on the 16th in the wee hours

You may be having a restless sleep. Tossing and turning all night. Uranus is like lightning bolts and electroshock therapy. Channel the martial energy with rigorous exercise working out and blowing off steam in a healthy way.  Fuel your release patterns this is about changing those patterns in your life. 

Moon in AIRY GEMINI and copacetic to AQUARIUS higher airy vibes. 

Have an intellectual debate. Plan your ideas with a group- network thinktank but do birth new plans.

GEM of a MOON inconjuncts Saturn in Capricorn

“There are no signs of emotion to speak of.”


The challenge is to dare to dream. You may be seeing two illusions at once. Which one will you choose?

Gemini Moon inconjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO

This is an in I will completely ignore the push from my unconscious to examine my own shadows. 


rebels strong individuals detached innovators originals 


Scarlett Johannson Emma Watson Kristen Stewart  Winona Ryder Eva Longoria Dakota Fanning Jane Fonda Farah Fawcett  Lauren Bacall Dorothy Dandridge

Politics  -Michelle Obama Jane Fonda 

THE QUEEN Elizabeth II

MUSICIANS Adele   Fergie Sheryl Crow

WRITERS -Maya Angelou



Justin Beiber Justin Timberlake Harry Styles Jay-Z Drake Snoop Dog Bob Dylan Jon Bon Jovi Chris Martin Richard Wagner  

Bob Dylan, 


Matthew McConaughey Hugh Hefner Tom Hanks Tony Robbins Lance Armstrong Mark Wahlberg Elijah Wood Adrien Brody Jamie Foxx Christopher Walken Cary Grant Gary Oldman Desi Arnaz


Elon Musk  Julian Assange Hugh Hefner Tony Robbins Lance Armstrong Nicholas Copernicus  Leonardo Da Vinci Victor Hugo Chris Angel 

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