Jupiter Venus, angel heart healing

Jupiter and Venus are within 4 degrees of each other,with Jupiter and Venus set to hook up August 4th at 28 + degrees Leo. They are both being squared by Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio.

Jupiter/Venus are 2 degree away from the Fixed star Regulus or Archangel Raphael whose intense emerald-green ray of Love is extremely healing and right from an angel’s heart.  We can tap into the hearts of Archangels now and right through until the third week in August this is extremely POSITIVE!!!! Please spread the word.

VENUS and JUPITER in LEO are the best you can get. So they are mitigating Saturn’s harsher energies. THIS IS VERY GOOD.

Saturn will turn Direct August 2nd which will begin the practical manifestation work of releasing what has been pent up. It Seems fast this Saturn Retrograde to me. We will be back into upbeat fiery good humored Sagittarius September 17th.

I have seen this emerald-green color in my meditations now for the past few weeks have you? This is very high level heart healing energy being manifested amidst much tough love from Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn squaring Jupiter and Venus in LEO

this is THE challenge and I can feel it and I am sure many of you are feelin’ it too. Saturn is leaden, dense, hard knock reality. The need is to  stay UP, positive, trusting, having FAITH. Saturn in Scorpio is testing and challenging us and is bringing up everyone’s shadows, their dark sides. We can see it coming out from Trump running for president, to black people being killed in America, to ISIL fighters, to undercover power cabals exerting more force and Big Pharma making mandatory vaccines in California a law. You know. 

It is like the TRUMP card of the MOON #18 in the Tarot

Inspirational Daily Card

Moon, Astrology tarot tara Greene 

Personally Saturn is exactly squaring my Mid-Heaven, the cusp of the 10th house, my career High Noon point and my I.C. my root chakra or 4th house cusp symbolizing my childhood, my home. Those cusps represent the same things for everyone. And I am feeling it. Saturn makes one feel tired, sets up obstacles, limits, and yes I can see and feel it all. I don’t like it but I know what it is. I honor and respect Saturn. 


I am still going to get this support group going. I am sorry that I  haven’t followed through going through challenges myself. I want it to be video conference.

stay tuned,
QUESTIONS to Ask yourself in meditation

Are you doing work that you love?

Are you expressing your heart fully and completely?

Do call upon the Archangel Raphael for healing. Meditate on the emerald-green ray of the heart. Send that healing out to the world.Do this daily. You will feel rejuvenated which is a word connected to Jupiter who was known as Jove. Jove is jovial, juv, jive.Let me know what happens. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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11/22 New GYPSY Moon, Sagittarius inspiration

Sun enters Sagittarius on Nov 22  or 11/22 -the auspicious date of  two master numbers,@1:38  a.m. PST/ 4;38 am EST 

also the Anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, 51 years ago.

We will be inspired optimistic and footloose in 9th sign of the GYPSY  for the next month



SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON at zero degrees follows hours later  @ 4:32 am PST/ 7:32 am EST.

A DOUBLY SAGITTARIUS EVENT.  Sagittarius is MYSTICAL, philosophical, adaptable , and wants FREEDOM. 


As a Sagittarius myself, who was also born on a New Moon and whose ancestry through my fathers’s side is Romanian, this energy flows through my veins and I know in my very atoms. 

SAGITTARIUS is the last of the fire signs. A masculine sign of truth, justice, optimism, good humor, questing and questioning. Sagittarius is half  human, half horse, the Centaur. Sagittarius is about conquering the animal instincts and aiming the mind higher towards the Galactic Center of Sagittarius. Sagittarius expands our spiritual natures, our inquisitiveness, to travel, to know, to discover, for adventure.  Sagittarius is a sign of ascension. Sagittarius rules the liver, the largest organ in the body. The hips and thighs.

Jupiter the planetary ruler of Sagittarius and of PISCES traditionally is now in LEO where he is the KING, regal, dramatic, self -centered. Optimistic, childlike, big-hearted, and joyful,  Jupiter’s strong affinity in Leo Trines the sign of Sagitttarius bringing us more good cheer and optimism. The down side of this aspect is being too arrogant, wasteful, egotistic, childish, greedy. 

CHIRON, the wounded healer is also a Centaur, not the constellation of Sagittarius but Centaurus, where the ancient one  was immortalized. Chiron in Greek Mythology was a civilized centaur, the son of Chronos or Saturn, he was immortal, a Titan. Chiron was  much respected and loved, a learned astrologer, healer, teacher of the lyre, an ancient instrument used in sound healing,who served many great Greek heroes.  

Chiron in the astrology chart represents a comet with a 50 year orbit discovered on November  1, 1977 and named for the Greek mythic hero. Chiron will turn direct Nov 23  at 13+ degrees Pisces after travelling Retrograde since June 20 at 17+ degrees of Pisces.  

Chiron’s approximately  7 year  passage through Pisces is teaching humanity about the gifts of healing with spirit. With gentleness, about water, connecting to the Universal womb. It’s an  ending phase of faith in spirit, in the non-physical realms. It is about healing through death, detachment, letting go, compassion, yoga, dreams, being open telepathically. It’s like an all-inclusive Oneness world spa.

We are amping up for the Sun squaring Chiron on December 5. And the 6th of the 7 EXACT URANUS PLUTO SQUARES on December 15  @ 12+ degrees of ARIEs and Capricorn. I am finishing of my detailed article about that.

Venus is also in Sagittarius. so you gotta love those sassy Sagittarians and their hoof in mouth klutzy easy goingness.

The NEW MOON SAGITTARIUS initiation will bring us adaptability, JOY, LIGHTNESS of being, a sense of adventure, freedom and confidence.  And we need that now.  Let your weary soul, travel, trust, and have faith.

The energies have been very stressful.  Saturn is moving through the last most INTENSE degrees of Scorpio for the next month and it will be gruesome. We need to mine every last dreg from our own unconsiouses now. or forever hold your peace.

Saturn, the planet of the earthly physical TESTS realm will enter Sagittarius on December 23 until June 16 2015. The first half of 21015 will definitely have a more upbeat flavor. From June 16- September 17 those three months can prove to be extremely hard as we will be going through the very last CRITICAL TESTS from Saturn . Although there will be further tests as Saturn squares NEPTUNE in PISCES at the beginning of 2015.

From September 17, 2015  Saturn then stays in Sagittarius from September 17, 2015 until 2017. Saturn in Sagittarius will limit, test and build new pathways in education, laws, travel, immigration, animal rights, philosophy, truth, honesty, justice, aviation, space travel and more.

MEDITATION for NEW MOON GYPSY PARTY -some Gypsy music below

This is a fun, happy dancing meditation for inspiration.  Sagitarius ruler is Jupiter and his metal is TIN.

You will need 4 red candles- one for each direction.

Incense – sage,

Sagittarius gems- wear turquoise, smoky topaz. Wear purple or red.

Gypsies love to sing and dance and so GYPSY music is required. Wear cowboy boots or any ethnic clothes. This will be a celebration. Red wine,  tambourines, cigars. Invite all your friends, Sagittarians are easy.  The focus is on celebrating LIGHT, TRUST, FAITH.

Bring the animals.  Also a telescope for doing some star gazing would also be great.  Laugh, tell inspiring adventure stories, have a guided group meditation and travel in your imagination to the Galactic Center. 

PLEASE SHARE VERY WIDELY-tell your friends

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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INTO THE MYSTIC – Van Morrison 



Bye Bye Neptune in Aquarius, “Honey I’m Home” – planet Neptune in Pisces Feb 3 whatz up wit dat? Tara Greene

BYE BYE to all that fog, dreaminess, stars in your eyes, Time to take off those rose-colored glasses Aquarians. Since 1998 …

rose colored glasses

all Aquarians have had the profound pleasure, delusional dunking in, initiation into Neptoonian la la fantasy and escapism, drugs, addictions, soul mates, stuck in quicksand, extra creative for Tech whizzes, spiritual mating and connecting a la internet romances. Neptune planet of spirituality, gurus, ashrams, charity, creativity, bliss, oneness, dropping out, tuning in, turning on, unrealistic credit card usage.

 As Neptune rules the ephemeral the dreams, as Higher octave of Venus who rules money, copper, love, luxury Neptune is the hIgher Octave of Venus,so higher dreams, more lofty dreams, Camelot, dream houses, vacations,mortgages, all fantasy, all the time! Did we mention drug culture? aren’t all kids labelled ADD ADHD etc. these days? and supplied with Ritalin,etc. Neptune rules the pharmaceutical industry. Neptune also rules glamour, Hollywood, so we see 3D movies now, and soon Holographic ones.

LEO’S have had Neptune opposite their glorious golden Sunny selves as well for the last 14 years. So they will start to lead us out of the fog as they get clear. Clear isn’t exactly true but it’s not exactly right in the fog either.He who controls the communications industry wins. Big takeovers, mega takeovers.

OK and TAurus‘s have been in an earthy sort of Neptunian fog these last 14 years. Taurus rules real estate,concrete tools,things that you own, creature comforts  so there you go Neptune squared this sign for the last 14 years and dream home I can’t afford but who cares here I come. As Taurus is also the Bull, the illusion of get rich quick in the market lured a lot of little players into internet stock bidding.

And lets not forget SCORPIO’s who also have had the Neptune square as well for the last 14, but of course they’ve tried to keep their secret love affairs, and kinky internet porn out of sight. Neptune in Aquarius square Scorpio is Internet porn. It’s also the lascivious love of I pods, I phones, gotta have that tech stuff or I’ll die. The popularity of S & M being introduced into mainstream culture. anything that was underground is now above ground.

But we are saying goodbye and thanks for the memories, dear Neptune. Lets think back to Jan 29 1998 when Neptune entered Aquarius.

Clinton was President. The first Euro coins were minted, got messed up and had to be reminted and weren’t out till 1999. Not to go over it all you can look it up yourself on WIKIPEDIA something that didn’t exist in 1998. JAn 15,2001 is when it started courtesy of Neptune which unites, in Aquarius individuals, revolutionizes,technology.

So lets say good bye and thank you for all the goodies you brought us. And now get ready to enter the new world of  Neptune in its home sign of Pisces till 2026. When a planet comes home to its own sign it’s like you, happy and most comfortable at home. Neptune gets a chance to let down his hair.

Ruler of the Oceans in Greek myths. The ocean is the primal symbol from whence all life emerged from on the planet. We are mainly water. We emerge from the salty womb of our mothers. From spirit  into  material plane.

Neptune in Pisces is about communing with God directly. Neptune rules ashrams, vision quests, spiritual retreats. Spas, detoxing, communes, socialism. Neptune rules oil, our addiction to it. Neptune rules fantasy, illusion, delusion. Art, music,theatre, acting, all alternative healing methodologies. Sound healings, energy healing. Neptune rules escapism, avoidance. Neptune in Pisces are the meek, also the martyrs, the oh woe is me’s, the scapegoats, the sacrificial lambs. Christ and Christianity are Pisces’s realms. In a sense the Age of Pisces is over and it is just beginning.


Only each individual is can potentially holding the Christ consciousness. Christianity may renew itself.

As it is the famed 2012, it is most definitely the age of spiritual connections, higher consciousness, Ascension, mind over matter, chillin’ with your tribe, gatherings of higher consciousness, spiritual minded people, wishing, hoping dreaming, escaping with exotic ayahuasca journeys to rediscover true spirituality.

Listen to me being interviewed about 2012 on the xzone radio network on Jan 30 2012.



I always said the Internet which is Aquarius was invented because people had to have a real concrete machine in order to become connected and telepathic and this was a preview of not needing the tech. when Neptune enters Pisces. As the apparent boundaries and divisions between each other, material reality,us and them,  the brain itself is dissolving,melding into one. Bliss out.

CAll me on the TELEPAPHONE copyright Tara Greene. “Thinking makes it happen”- a Joe Jackson song. Was that the actual lyrics or did I just imagine that?


Neptune is projection. This is all a movie, a projection of ourselves. We cannot even “actually” perceive the “real world.” We see our own belief systems projected out and onto the world. We will learn how to use our minds to really understand that we are the directors, the actors, and the protectionist all at the same time. Time itself is an illusion. We will enter each others dreams as in INCEPTION. This will be normal.

The nature of reality, of our minds our dreams and consciousness will be understood in new ways. There’s been a lot of popular quantum physics, string theory, etc. popularized on the net  in What the Bleep, over the last 14 years. Now it will come from our own intuition.

We will see ourselves as One people. Needing to help each other to survive as a species with no divisions or separations. We will be compelled to live from our hearts.

SOULMATES- that’s what Neptune in Pisces is all about.

Soulmates are being conscious of who the other is, what your karmic connection is, what isthe work or dues you have to pay to the other, finshing up and moving on.Its not just the total merge into the other, although if two people are vibrating at the highest levels and are really conscious, yes that is what they will get.


The rise of the Feminine will predominate. The Goddess, Mary Magdalane, visons of the Goddess,like at Lourdes, will be commonplace.People will flock to shrines.

We could be totally drugged up, delusional, searchng for soul mates, dealing with all our past life karma, finishing up a lot of old business. Very New Agey dominated. Green tea commonplace, meditating commonplace, yoga, past lives, beliefs in life after death, mediums, psychics, all that has proliferated with Neptune in Aquarius. Now it becomes more universal.


You will not be able to drink that Starbuck’s coffee without feeling the pain and sweat of the poor Guatemalan, or whatever poor person slaved for a few dollars a day, or that poor Chinese village girl who exhausted herself and got sick to make your $100 pair of fancy jeans who received $2 herself as a slave in a Chinese garment factory. You will not be able to tolerate the pain inflicted on animals in the big meat-packing industries,there will be a massive move to veganism. Less cheap crap produced in China which undermines the U.S. and other economies of the world.

Music will be more spiritual and uplifting. Meditating will be taught everywhere. Spiritual universal laws will come into practice. All religious differences should break down over the next 13 years.


Much religious fanaticism, zealots, Christ like saviours, end of the world scenarios as Pisces is the last sign. You aint heard nothin’ yet, as Dec 21 2012 draws nearer the frenetic level of panick will loom large. Much illusions and beliefs in a saviour in politics, This is dangerous as it leads to fascism.

Neptune in Pisces also indicates viruses in water, weird hard to discover ailments. Possibility of terrorist attacks through water, or air.


Emotions, feminine, intuitive,psychic energy will be dominate. We are moving out of a masculine air sign era. Faith healers,like John of God in Brazil will be more and more commonplace.


The old healing temples of Ancient Greece the Asclepius, where the sick came and were given natural hallucinogens, and medicial cures and stayed inside the dream temple till they received the healing instructions in the dream will be quite common.

Neptune in Pisces is coming home to our true spiritual selves. Never feeling alone anymore, never abandoning the inner God/spirit/soul.


The Ancient rituals of death rebirth resurrection as a shared communnal  participation mystique will also return. We need the ancient rituals and archetypal stories to feed our souls which are thirsting for the real, stories to instruct and guide us, Archetypal stories of infinite life. These will replace the pop pablum of reality series. Pisces is not about reality at all. It is all about the ephemeral, the viels, faith.

Connecting with mythological fantasy creatures, unicorns, fairies, dragons, everyday witches and wizards, magic.Living in a magical worldview over a technological world. A lot of people will drop out of the fast paced tech age. A bigger return to the old simple connective religion and groups. An all encompassing viewpoint. Individuality disappears.

Pisces rules the feet. Magic is afoot indeed.