Aries New Moon Warriors

The April 11 NEW MOON is nothing but incendiary. WATCH ON YOUTUBE

I will write more. I am prepping for the Aries New Moon astrology workshop April 11 at 7:30 pm EDT . Join me for a magical transformational circle.

Mercury conjunct Uranus. Mercury in Taurus

MERCURY conjunct URANUS- Higher mind download

Mercury leaves Aries with a bang conjunct Uranus on Mother’s Day at 29 52 minutes. You can download an entirely new program from a very high consciousness place. Note that Uranus will retrograde back into ARIES on November 6th and stays at 29 degrees 52 minutes until March 6/7 2019. Reactivating these newly downloaded consciousness programs and getting more integrated and begin to implement them.


Wherever sign MERCURY is in, that’s where our communications emanate from. Taurus rules the throat chakra. That is our power center. Focus on your throat chakra, called the VISHUDDHA chakra. It’s color is lapiz Lazuli blue. Mercury is related to the 5th Chakra. 

Mercury in Taurus allows us to really resonate with and embody our voices. The 5th chakra is connected to the Root chakra- our survival center. 

Sounding toning chanting singing are all recommended to open your throat chakra to allow your voice to become stronger more integrated and for you to resonate with your own vibration. Everything is vibration. Chanting OHM the Sanskrit sound of the universe really aligns you with that actual resonance. 

Sound healing which is becoming increasingly popular and will become mainstream while Uranus is in Taurus is an excellent way to release stuck energies and to return one’s body with the harmony of the cosmos.

TAURUS is the symbol of The POPE or HEIROPHANT or High Priest in the Tarot #5

Yoga of 5th chakra,Vishuddha is associated with the sign of Taurus 

This is the power of the word to manifest. Meditate on your throat chakra, You can put your hands  on your throat to naturally Reiki it. Symptoms of an out of balance Throat chakra are having trouble speaking, getting frequent colds,  difficulty expressing yourself or being too critical. Thyroid problems are connected to this chakra. Meditating on and incorporate the color blue, into your life can also calm any out of balance emotions. This chakra is also connected otthe Root or power chakra and survival issues.emotional upheaval. For instance, introduce blue-colored flowers or decor to your home environment.It is good to sound, tone or have sound baths for healing. Chanting or singing uplifting love songs or spiritual mantras is recommended with Mercury in TAURUS. 

This is also related to 5th Tarot card of the POPE or Hierophant who speaks with the authority and power of the Higher Self. 

Mercury while in Taurus slows our minds down to a sweet molasses rate. This is a good thing. Taurus Mercury is focused on practical, tactile, sensuous mind-body integration. No one will talk until they’ve thoroughly looked at all aspects as to how necessary the words are and how they support your overall physical needs first. Body-Mind consciousness is the way to go. Give yourself time to slow down and smell the roses now. 

Mercury in Taurus is very stubborn. It will be harder to convince someone to change their minds now. Mercury in Taurus craves solid blue-chip things, beautiful art, jewelry, money, real estate, flowers, and nature.

Mercury in Taurus communicates through gut instincts.  Get or give massages.  Get into your gardening, slather on the cream, give and receive messages. This is hands on DIY time, make stuff, buy handmade quality things on ETSY. Taurus is ruled by Venus, now in Aries, until June 6th.

Born with Mercury in TAURUS?

People born with Mercury in Taurus are charming, have good speaking voices, are very attractive. Their words have weight and power. They are sensuous seductive persuasive speakers. You know some peeps with this?


Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Russel Crowe, Jack Nicholson, Kanye West, Clint Eastwood, Bono, David Beckham, Collin Farrell, Salvador Dali, Pierce Brosnan, Trent Reznor, Sigmund Freud, Krishnamurti, 

LADIES:  Uma Thurman, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Renee Zellweger, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Clarkson,  Cher, Sarah Michelle Geller. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Big shifts April 17 horoscopes

The ARIES chaotic Uranian New Moon on April 15/16 officially starts the New Year in a natural cycle.

Mercury turned DIRECT but will take until May 3rd till its officially past its Retrograde point.

This are huge changeups this week- are you ready?


This is a sensuous calorie rich beautiful deep dive into intense sexual desire soul connections money luxury sensuality and all the earthly delights. The downside is ruthless power struggles stubborn refusals to back down going head to head in a life and death gamble. Also secrets manipulations money laundering drugs obsession and all kinds of dark shadows. 

Can be truly hot if you are a TAURUS or SCORPIO at 20+ degrees as this is soul mates redux with Jupiter retrograde. 

CHIRON the shamanic healer enters fiery initiatory ARIES for the first time in 50 years starting a new healing cycle for the individual and the Patriarchy.

ARIES is the very beginning of the ZODIAC and this is a very powerful new cycle. 

According to the Chandra and Omega symbols of John Sandbach 

 “Phase 1. Time Travel (Vav-Hey-Vav)

Angel: VEHUIAH (vay-HOO-ee-YAH) Will and New Beginnings
Aries 1. A treasure map tattooed on someone’s back. (Omega Symbol) Manifesting/Experimental

Strong instincts -{fire} guide this degree to wherever it needs to go. It’s at its best when it follows its impulses and doesn’t try to figure anything out or justify itself. It needs to keep disengaging from involvements that slow it down so that it may be free to follow its own unique path.

Chandra Symbol  “A man repairing and extending a stone wall in the spring.” 

This degree is about seeking and defining the self by determining, expanding and repairing its boundaries. Such a heavy, ponderous image as a man building a wall may seem strange as the very beginning of Aries, but it is just this CONFRONTATION WITH THE MATERIAL WORLD as symbolized by the stones used to build the wall, that is needed for the newborn self to affirm a place in which to be and to grow and to discover the inner treasure. 

Pleiadian Symbol: A mermaid and an octopus lovingly embracing.

Azoth Symbol: Colored sheet lightning flickering in the depths of an opal.

The seed degree and fulfillment degree of 1 Aries is 1 Aries- itself. 


At night he sleeps in moonlight, and laying on his stomach dreams he journeys across the vastness of his own back, exploring the map tattooed there. But where is the X that marks the spot? Where is the treasure hidden? Closing his eyes, he listens. In moonlight, he hears the treasure, steadily beating.”

ARIES is the sign of the Jewish people.They blow the Ram’s horn on the holiest day of their Calendar year. Around 5000 years ago Abraham made the covenant with God and so began the Jewish monotheistic religion. The patriarchs vowed to vanquish pagan heathen “idol worshippers” or anyone who did not workshop the God that spoke to Abraham and who gave Moses and the Jewish people The 10 Commandments. Judaism is the basis of all three of the major World Religions- Christianity and Islam. 

Aries keyword is “I AM” 

The ‘I Am” is part of the Ascended Masters teachings in Theosophy. The Individualized “I AM”Presence believes that each person is an incarnation of an “Individualized Presence” of the “Most High Living God” – the “Mighty I AM Presence” – as part of our very Nature and Being. The Theosophical Society beginning in 1875, by C.W. Leadbeater and Alice A. Bailey. The term Ascended Master was first introduced in 1934 by Guy Ballard in his book Unveiled Mysteries, which he said was dictated to him by the Ascended Master: St. Germain.

Healing will be with the ASCENDED MASTERS. That’s good and it can happen instantly. We must be in the now. 

Check out that WORLD POINT -ZERO ARIES falls in your natal chart by house and in aspect to which planets. 

SATURN turns RETROGRADE in CAPRICORN-April 17/18 – September 6, 2018

this begins the annual almost 5 months long Karmic review. Think of it as a before death -Life review. All of the things that you have created karma with over the last 7 months needs to be turned into dharma. Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde affects governments corporations business and all their leaders. Yes, Trump will revisit NAFTA the TPT and many other issues. Business slows down. Facebook is not finished being investigates. Starbucks join the melee..

Saturn is your personal Karma especially with your father all father figures and the Patriarchy in general. Saturn in Capricorn is your career and your worldly position. Review where you are in your job and are you at the top of the mountain? Saturn is slow and steady and tests everyone to be mature and responsible for their shit. Saturn will bring big rewards for very hard work.

Saturn is the DEVIL #15 in the TAROT which is greed temptation ego and the wholesale buying into the material world.

Look at how overly invested in consuming you are. Review how much you really need. Its way less than you have been programmed to buy. Living with less gives you freedom. Then you can laugh at your boss the devil and those who foolishly believe that they are their status or their stuff. LOL.

Look at where 9+ – 2+ CAPRICORN is- that’s the span SATURN retrogrades through in your natal chart.


APRIL 17 VENUS in TAURUS TRINE PLUTO beautiful earthy sexy -22 degrees

Goddess of beauty love romance luxury has a big deep powerful soul. This is soul wealth and physical beauty combined. What woman embodied these two factors in the world? What man has his inner feminine in total harmony with his masculine worldly power? Enjoy your body and the wealth that the soul feels to be expressing through that temple. If you are a VIRGO a 20-25 degrees you get a GRAND EARTH TRINE


This can produce Shocking unexpected events in the world. URANUS is the planet which rules AQUARIUS and is known as the STAR #17 in the TAROT.

Download the highest consciousness.


and we get sensuous grounded stubborn turfy. romantic slow to speak. artistic lazy self-indulgent lovers of beauty. flowers chocolate romance music crafts gardening being in nature earthing forest bathing.

least PLUTO turns RETROGRADE IN CAPRICORN until September30/October 1

Two have two major league planets going to the Bullpen as it were in a week is pretty intense. All Retrograde planetary periods are timeouts for the affairs ruled by that planet. Pluto rules the PLUTOCRACY- bankers CEO’S heads of every country-and organization being reframed reviewed rebuffed revisited and released. 

PLUTO is the great destroyer of wealth power sex money secrets and control. Pluto is the SOUL and psyche collectively. The actors go backstage to rehearse their lines. 

Again check out where Pluto will be Retrograde from 21+ to 18+ degrees in your natal chart. Old issues of money lovers and shadows will come up to be revisited and released. This is always a great time for deep inner psychological work. 

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Mental burnout. Sun Mercury conjunction

MERCURY the planet of thinking and communications is now being burned out or “combusted” by the SUN which is the ancient astrology term for this phenomena. We’ve been feeling the effects all week as the sun burns out the mind. It’s exact on Oct 8. 

PLUTO in CAPRICORN is also squaring SOL MERCURY @ 16+ degrees CAPRICORN. the TRIPLE WHAMMY of  SUN/ MERCURY squared by PLUTO is exact OCT. 9th @ 5:12 pm PDT/ 8:12 pm PDT/ Oct 10 @ 1:12 am GMT.
Oct 10 @ 1:12 am GMT.
The TRIPLE WHAMMY of  SUN/ MERCURY squared by PLUTO will be exact OCTOBER 9th @ 5:12 pm PDT/ 8:12 pm PDT/ Oct 10 @ 1:12 am GMT.
Pluto squaring the Sun/Mercury combo dredges up deep secret shadows into the light. That is a good thing. Sex scandals and hidden agendas are in the news. Remember that JUPITER enters SCORPIO OCt 10th for 13 months of very sexy underworld obsessions secrets power struggles and hidden agendas.
Remember that JUPITER enters SCORPIO OCt 10th for 13 months of very sexy underworld obsessions secrets power struggles and hidden agendas. Did you read the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations article from New York Times?
astrology sun conjunct Mercury Tara Greene
“Patriarchy” or Mussolini’s Brain by Napoleon Brousseau 
at Ontario Gallery of Art 1988
Our minds are getting fried. At 15 Libra If you have planets from 10-20 degrees LIBRA CAPRICORN CANCER or ARIES you will feel this mind fry more than others. Of course, the Full Moon in ARIES was involved in this as well.
I was feeling it as my schedule was all mixed up all week from this aspect. Yes, it feels very much like a MERCURY RETROGRADE.
PLUTO in CAPRICORN isquaring SOL at 16+ degrees CAPRICORN OCTOBER 9th on Indigenous People’s Day or Columbus Day which is also Canadian Thanksgiving.  Those bad memories will be strong. 
 It’s good that this occurs on National Holidays but do be careful when traveling by any means.
Scrambled brains unconscious shadows coming up and fritzed out conversations will be the norm. 
It’s also the anniversary of John Lennon’s birth.
Mind Games anyone?
Oct 7
the TAURUS moon keeps us grounded but makes mainly inharmonious aspects to Mercury and the SUN in LIBRA.
A GRAND EARTH TRINE forms Sunday, Oct 8th in PDT EDT and GMT
Between TAURUS MOON PLUTO in CAPRICORN and MARS and VENUs in VIRGO in the early morning. 
This is a lovely earthy sensuous loving energy with depth and soul.
Enjoy the holiday weekend. Be safe
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Sex,money, power is the message

“The medium is the message.”Marshall McLuhan Toronto’s famous communications professor in the 60’s and 70’s. 

With Mars opposite Pluto, exact on July 2 Obsessions with sex, money, power and control issues and struggles will rise like a flood this weekend as Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

Your Scorpionic NO BULLSHIT detector is set to high under this MARS-PLUTO opposition.



Grand Earth Trine, astrology, Tara Greene MOON on Thursday trines PLUTO for an upside to this energy.
Virgo Moon trines VENUS too, a lovely aspect. This keeps us grounded and able to enjoy earthly pleasures. 

I can feel the pressure of the building up the mars-pluto opposition and it is giving me a headache and making me grit my teeth. 

MERCURY opposes PLUTO tonight

Tune into the Great Power board meeting of the masterminds of the planets and beyond tonight. Be the fly on the wall. 

Virgo Moon opposes CHIRON in PISCES tonight PDT/ next day EDT and GMT 

pay attention to the details, in your meditations dreams and insights. Write them down, or keep track of them.

Moon enters LIBRA June 30 in the wee hours.

Moon squares SUN at night tomorrow. 

we are half way to the next lunation on a FULL MOON of JULY 9th in CAPRICORN with SUN conjunct PLUTO 

this brings all those secrets of sex, child trafficking, money laundering, etc. to be out in the daylight.

Breathe through it all.

blessings, TARA

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Why Oscar’s chaos? Eclipse Astrology and more

If you were watching the Oscar’s live last night you saw the Pisces eclipse energy mix up where the expected winner La La Land, with a record 14 nominations was announced by Faye Dunaway. The directors, actors, and producers all went up on stage. Then the producer of La Land and then Warren Beatty announced that a mistake had been made and that Moonlight a $1.5 million dollar Indie film about a gay black man had actually won Best Picture. Oscar's Moonlight, La La Land 2017

The shock on the faces of the director, producers, writers and actors of this little film was amazing. Everyone did a double-take. Warren Beatty explained that there were two pieces of paper in the envelope. It was a classic Steve Harvey Miss America all over again.

But actually it was a perfect Pisces Eclipse tsunami. An eclipse is when one body eclipses or overshadows another. That’s exactly what happened with the two films. 

I had to check the Astrology of that moment. The real winning film MOONLIGHT was announced at 9:12 pm PST on Sunday Feb 26 EST.

oscar Moonlight. Astrology La La Land

Oscar Mix Ups, La La Land, no Moonlight.

I haven’t seen either of these movies. I did predict that under these astrology influences to expect the underdog to win. I read the synopsis of Moonlight and the main character is called CHIRON, The Wounded Healer. The story is about a poor black gay man reminiscing about his life. La La Land, a modern romantic musical won many awards already. It’s title and message about never letting go of your dream, is very Neptune in Chiron. Hollywood itself is La La Land. 

I read the synopsis of Moonlight and the main character is called CHIRON, The Wounded Healer. The story is about a poor black gay man reminiscing about his life. La La Land, a modern romantic musical won many awards already. It’s title and message about never letting go of your dream, is very Neptune in Chiron. Hollywood itself is La La Land.  

Chiron, the astrology body, is at 23 degrees PISCES inconjunct to JUPITER in LIBRA, also Retrograde on the Ascendant. Retrograde Jupiter in LIBRA indicates a big mix-up or back step at the forefront of a big social event. Jupiter in LIBRA symbolizes karmic Justice and having an all black cast of a small indie film about a minority of a minority win is a very political issue. Remember last year’s ballyhoo about ” Oscars so white?”  Retribution is in place now. 

The eclipse was at 8+ degrees PISCES, with Neptune the ruler of Pisces conjunct to it. Pisces is the sign of illusion, delusion, fantasy, projections, actors, and artists it rules Hollywood. Note a film called Manchester by the Sea won with Casey Affleck, Ben’s brother, as best actor. A very Neptunian sounding film.

At the exact moment of the correction. JUPITER is RETROGRADE on the ASCENDANT at 22+ degrees LIBRA. A classic do-over, we want to be fair energy. ERIS the planet of disruption is exactly opposite to JUPITER conjunct to MARS and URANUS in ARIES on the Descendant. This is a high-octane energy of chaos, revolution and being spontaneous= GRAND FAUX PAS.

Furthermore, VENUS is in her shadow Retrograde period, moving very slowly as she turns Retrograde March 4th at 13+ degrees ARIES then direct on April 15 @ 26 + degrees of PISCES. Venus entered her shadow Retrograde field at the end of January. The Academy Members voted under this Venus shadow. As Venus rules values, money, the arts,. Winning an Academy Award guarantees increased exposure and earnings for any film.  This Pre-Retro period is in effect indicating a turnaround.

Certainly a very eclipsing awards show.

What do you think?

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Mercury conjunct Pluto, power is the message.

MERCURY and PLUTO join today @ 17+ degrees CAPRICORN sign of worldly power. 






The message is power. The Message is the PLUTOCRACY. The message is that sinister forces are at work on the world’s stage. 

The deep dark SHADOWS of the unconscious are speaking out. It is important to remember that what has been repressed and hidden is coming out in the light of day so we can see it name it and transform it. In that sense Trump is working to clarify our “hearts of darkness.”

The archetypes of Trump Cards  #1 The Magician and #13 DEATH unite today through the planets, Mercury and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, The DEVIL.  We can clearly see these archetypes playing out.

The Magician Tarot Astrology Tara GreeneDeath, Tarot card reading Tara Greene   the Devil Tarot Tara Greene




In this 2017= The Magician year, your thoughts and what you say carry greater power. Pluto rules secrets, invisibility, control, money, repression, garbage. Be very conscious of every thought you think. This is beyond the Law of Attraction. Your words have tremendous power. Your power is also in how you to choose to respond.

This is yet another aspect of the Cardinal Crosses from 2012-2015. You thought it was over, right? Mercury is “THE WORD,” what is being communicated. He is traditionally a trickster God. Pluto is the Lord of Death and Rebirth, power, control, secrets, money, ruthlessness, garbage and recycling. 

Mercury is “THE WORD.”  He is traditionally a trickster God. Pluto is the Lord of Death and Rebirth, power, control, secrets, money, ruthlessness, garbage and recycling. 

Fake News, real news. Presidential edits, Federal judges blocking them. This is a communications breakdown battle. Who has control?  With that alt-right Neo-Nazi Steve Bannon to the council in a reorganization of the NSC. He also said his chief-of-staff Reince Priebus would have a seat in the meetings. Trump had fired CIA officials. Dangerous.

Trump has banned Muslims from 7 countries entering the U.S. for 90 days which immediately resulted in thousands protesting at airports across the U.S. and Twitter lit up with #NoMuslimBan.

US District Judge Ann Donnelly’s ruling late on Saturday concerns dozens of people who were detained at US airports following Trump’s actions. People with green cards were detained, their cell phones removed and they were asked how they felt about Trump. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), had filed a class action lawsuit against the ban, hailed the temporary stay of execution as a victory.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau elegantly Tweeted:

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength .”

Many other countries are speaking out against this insanity. Trump has not banned the biggest offending Muslim country which is SAUDI ARABIA which is responsible for being involved in 9/11. The Saudi’s have the most repressive of all Muslim countries, for women.

You have an 11,000+ % chance of being shot by some American with a gun than by a Muslim Terrorist

Mars in ARIES will see conflicts and tempers rising daily. The Revolution has begun. Trump is a renegade anti-NWO person which is the only good thing i can see. I feel he is being used by higher powers to instigate what could become martial law in the U.S. A Civil War is in the offing. 

Impeach Trump movements are being launched after only 1 week. 

Jan 29

Aquarius Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius, JUSTICE and freedom triumph for now

JUSTICE and freedom triumph for now

Moon enters PISCES @ 8:10 pm PST/ 11:10 am EST/4:10 pm GMT

It’s a good time to be compassionate, to feel the connection we all have with one another beyond the man-made religions that we have created from a misguided illusion to separate ourselves from what is truly “God.” and each other. The only thing that is real is LOVE and compassion. Jesus preached that, and Buddha preached Loving kindness. Anything else but that is not a real spiritual religious anything but all ego and totally false. I wish there was a spiritual lie detector machine that you could put the words of any Bible, Koran, Torah, or book under and it would spiritually state if it were true or not.  That’s a Saturn in Sagittarius wish for you.

MERCURY is that silvery, very toxic metal which cannot be contained but slithers into little balls and replicates. It is one of the main ingredients used in Alchemy, turning lead into Gold. Mercury was known as the God of thieves, shopkeepers and merchants, travelers and transporters of goods,  and tricksters. He is commonly identified with the Greek HERMES, the fleet-footed messenger of the Gods. The words for Mercantile and merchant stem from Mercury’s name. 

As Hermes in the Greek Tradition, his father was ZEUS the king of the Gods and his mother a PLEIADIAN  Maia. That is very interesting as the Pleiades are considered to be the Star seeders of most indigenous people’s. The earliest center of his cult was probably Arcadia, where he was reputed to be born at Mt. Cyllene  He was especially worshiped there as the god of fertility, and his images were of erect penises. 

Hermes wears a broad-rimmed traveler’s hat, and winged sandals made “of imperishable gold which bore him swift as a breath of air over sea and earth.  He carries a caduceus on which snakes and ribbons are entwined. This caduceus is mixed up with Asclepius’s which has double snakes and which signifies healing and is the same one modern Doctor’s use to signify their craft. He carries a money bag as he signifies good luck and riches. 

Hermes’ holy-bird was the cock or rooster,  a messenger bird, and we have just entered the year of the FIRE ROOSTER in Chinese tradition.  The ram, Aries symbol is also considered one of Hermes’ favored pets. Wow this is totally synchronous as Mars has just entered Aries yesterday along with the crowing Fire Cock year.

To the Germans, he was called Woden. To the Egyptians, he was known as Thoth. The origin of the deity Hermes Trismegistus, or “Thrice-great Hermes.”  The three-part title comes from this version of Hermes being the Greek writer of astrological texts, responsible for occult arts including alchemy, the Egyptian god who invented hieroglyphics and calendar-keeping, and also a judge of the souls of the deceased.

Hermes taught the Thriae, who were winged female spirits who live on Mount Parnassus, the art of prophesy. He was very helpful to a number of Gods and Goddesses in many different situations.

Mercury will square URANUS on the 31 and JUPITER on the 2nd. 

Mercury and PLUTO are sextiled by CHIRON in PISCES

Stay clear minded. The planets are shaking us up really hard now. Chiron in Pisces is bringing compassion to the fore.

We need to keep examining our own unconscious feelings and drives. If we each understand that a separating aspect in our own unconscious is what is driving this we can help heal this split. It is the original split of matter and the Holy. It is all still an illusion but is also real. We will find our way to Oneness or destroy each other in this process. 

This is all a big drama. Divide and conquer has always been the way. The drama will intensify as the North Node enters LEO on May 9th this year. The next 2.5 years will be filled with power plays and drama every day. Leo North Node helps us to speak from our hearts, to be loyal, and to protect the children and those we love. It is the sign of Kings and Queens, actors and roles and lion-hearted courage and pride. We will be drawing on strong leadership and creative self-expression. It is the flaming passion of the Love and the HEART chakra which is our highest goal to live from.

Stay centered my friends. I am sending you Blessings

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Communications Breakdown, Led Zeppelin




Aquarius time, Trump inauguration

The Mars in Pisces square to Saturn in Sagittarius is today Jan 19 and you can cut the tension with a knife. Exact at 1:15 am PST/4:15 am EDT/ 9:15 am GMT with the planets at 23+ degrees. This aspect can be referenced against the beginning of this cycle when the two malefics were in conjunction on Agust 24 2016. This is the time to tweak what you began then.

The MARS SATURN square bleeds its tense energy onto Trump’s inauguration too of course. There will be tension, lies, deceptions, obstructions to justice and freedom of speech, limitation of foreigners, traveling and a general pull back into addictive behaviors, and a false sense of security. Pisces is the sign of idealism, delusions dreams, false prophets and avoidance, Saturn is the planet of maturity and reality. This feels like a huge miltaristic build up and stand off. 

THE SUN enters AQUARIUS the sign of revolutionary change, freedom, higher consciousness, new technologies, and chaos on the 19th @ 1:23 pm PST/4:23 pm EST/ 9:23 pm GMT.

Aquarius, astrology Tara Greene

AQUARIUS, sign of the Stars and universal consciousness

URANUS rules the 11th sign and house of wishes, hopes and dreams of shared higher consciousness and power.  Anything radically new or different, which breaks down the old systems is Aquarius. Protests against which oppressive order you think is wrong will be a constant. 

Aquarius is an AIR SIGN, NOT A WATER SIGN as many people think because of its symbol in the constellations. The Astrology glyph is two parallel wavy lines representing electric currents moving through the AIR. The symbol of the God or Goddess pouring water- is a symbol of consciousness or Divine love.

Aquarius times are ELECTRIC! Think laundry static, hair standing straight up. Liberation time, detachment from all the heavy emotions, freedom, whatever your personal and collective break-out may be. Be your own individual, be weird and proud and different plike the planet Uranus, the planetary ruler of Aquarius, rotates at a 90 degrees axis. That is weird. All gay and LGBT groups will be loudly protesting.

LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY  while the sun is in AQUARIUS, yes you can hear the song from the musical Hair. No one knows when the famed Age of Aquarius begins. But I am beginning to feel it is when Saturn and Jupiter conjoin at zero degrees Aquarius at Winter Solstice December 21, 2020, then Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023. 

The MOON enters intense obsessive SCORPIO @ 2:09 pm PST/ 5:09 pm EST/ 9:09 pm GMT to cast a mood which is tense, dark, fearful, broody, black. It’s all about power control and secrets and paranoia. This MOON rules the inauguration and is squaring the SUN quite widely.  There is so much controversy surrounding Trumps presidency and the Inauguration day chart mirrors that.

Saturn and Chiron square each other too. Many are feeling wounded, scared and vulnerable.

VENUS in Pisces is squaring Saturn in Sagittarius 

The women will be marching on Jan 21 against Trump in Washington and around the world against men trying to control women’s bodies and against Trump’s sexism.  There was a NASTY WOMEN art show organized in New York and other places which was a very successful sale raising $35 K for planned parenthood in one night. This is the new radical grassroots politics. Created by individuals, crowdfunded, we are our own authorities and screw the system. 

Stay optimistic and detached. Trump as much of a conservative as he is is also anti-establishment. It will be a relief to have the inauguration done as the tension has been pretty awful. I am having clients call me asking for help and they are frantic. 

Everything is in motion. Have faith, view the circus from the higher planes of cosmic consciousness. The planets are intense and we are headed up for eclipse season in February.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Taurus Super Moon, Lilith empowerment

It’ll be the biggest, closest Super Moon since 1948. We won’t see another like it until November 2034! The Moon will be 30 times brighter and 15% larger and because of its stronger gravitational pull it will cause higher tides in the oceans and swell our emotional bodies too. Intend to have clear skies to witness this amazing event especially as the Moon rises when it appears largest in the East.

The TAURUS FULL Moon @ 22+ degrees occurs @ 5:52 am PST/ 8:52 am EST/ 1:52 pm GMT therefore it won’t be visible at its exactness in the daylight but you will feel it.  A Full Moon’s energies also last three days. You will feel it the day before and two days afterward.

Taurus Super Moon, Tara Greene astrology

Full Moon in earthy TAURUS is exalted, in its glory and exactly  what we need right now to ground us in our bodies here in this Garden of Eden,  no matter what it appears to be. Taurus is the first earth sign, stubborn and Fixed in nature. Taurus is sensuous, practical and relates to  our self- esteem and our resources of all kinds. Ruled by the Goddess of  Love Venus, Taurus loves beauty, luxury, sex, real estate, art and gold, things that have lasting value and beauty.

Look for where 22+ degrees Taurus is in your Natal Chart to find what new ground you need to stand firm on and where the super emotional fulfillment degree is. Taurus can be a couch potato but in these turbulent times, there is no time to waste. 

The SCORPIO SUN brings up passion, desire, anger, resentment, deep-seated soulful shadows. Scorpio brings up themes of power, control, jealousy, revenge, sex, ruthlessness, secrets, and obsessions.  Millions are feeling much anger in the U.S. and are reeling from the Trump presidential win. Many who voted for Trump are also having a field day taking out their own shadows on Muslims, Immigrants, Mexicans, gays, blacks, people of color and women or anyone who doesn’t agree with their bible thumping holier than thou, white supremacy. 

This anger is Scorpio at its lowest level of consciousness. Scorpio is the sign of death, decay, garbage, recycling, renewal and new life. To add injury to insult, word that  great poet-songwriter Leonard Cohen passed away this week. We must open to death and grieve through and accept the process while moving back into life with renewed strength.

Ultimately we can’t take any material things with us when we die. The really important things that matter are the love and beauty we make and this beautiful earth whose resources we must protect.

There are a number of powerful factors at this Full Moon.

 The Sun is very close to the Pleiades, the fabled 7 weeping sisters, which many cultures believe is the originator of human life on earth. Tune into the Pleiadians who many channelers believe are available to help and guide us. 

BLACK MOON LILITH is conjunct the SUN. Lilith is part of the original GREAT GODDESS, creatress of all. She is the original great mother who in the original Story of Genesis was created equally to Adam from the red earth. You will not find that in your King James or other rewritten not original versions of the Bible.  Lilith refused to be subordinate sexually to ADAM and left PARADISE to live by the Red Sea. Lilith is a free autonomous, sexual, Goddess. She symbolizes the death bringing aspect of the Goddess, a necessary part of life. Her conjunction with the SUN, the masculine light source, brings LILITH/KALI in the HINDU pantheon to power and into the Light. Also brings up the fear of women’s autonomy, sexuality and power as evidenced by Mike Pence’s threat to destroy women’s free choice by reversing Roe versus Wade. 

These issues will come to a head in the next few months and more. I urge all women and men who believe that women are autonomous free beings to  stand up to this backward, dark ages attempt to control women’s bodies. No government law, bible or any man has any right to tell a woman what to do. 

Invoke LILITH on this SUPER MOON

Creator, Lilith by Christina Ridgeway

“The Creator” by Christina Ridgeway  2015

to embolden all women to march as one Goddess against the patriarchal religious fallacies once and for all and to see them as pure brainwashing to control women. That is what they were designed for specifically. Think of the Bible as equal to Mein Kampf, Hitlers plan to destroy Jews. I’m gonna get some flack for that I know. I mean it is the same type of sinister plan. Get it? Once you see it you won’t be able to unsee it. The rewritten St. James and other popular Bibles are totally all about enslaving women.  Do as the Ancient Greek story of  Lysistrata ladies and refuse to have sex with your husbands and lovers until they back up your freedom. Spike Lee recently released a modern telling of this tale called Chi-Raq the first film released on Amazon films in 2015.

Venus is in Capricorn where she further harnesses the earthy, practical long-term mature approach. Venus in Capricorn is all business. Make plans for what you want in your career on this full Moon. It is also the most potent time to get your crystals out in that Super Moonlight. 

It is also the most potent time to get your crystals out in that Super Moonlight. 

All full moons are times of completion. Give thanks for Material resources and pleasures. 

We want to look back at what happened in 1948 at the last Super Moon this close. Gandhi was assassinated. Israel was born. Indonesia was established. The Republic of Korea is created. President Truman ends racial segregation.  Margaret Sanger founds Planned Parenthood.

The Cardinal T- square of Jupiter in Libra Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries with ERIS and CERES conjunct is very powerful. We are feeling and seeing the effects of all that tension. PLUTO is in its final opposition to the U.S. Sun with Jupiter exactly square to it. This is one of the major reasons behind Trump’s surprise win.  Saturn rules Capricorn, the Patriarchal, traditional control and conservative sign. Pluto is fascism, in its darkest. This is Pluto’s need for power and revenge, rape and secrecy, money and resources. This is the shadow of what we hoped would not rear its ugly head during this time period. But it’s better out in the open than hidden. 

Mercury and JUNO are conjunct in early Sagittarius squaring NEPTUNE and the SOUTH NODE,exact Nov. 17th. JUNO, the Feminine form of Genius will be raising her torch for all women to seek truth, justice, higher law, education and freedom. This is not a dream or delusion, action swift and fierce of truth will be shouted out by all who believe in it. 

Saturn at 15 degrees SAGITTARIUS, the most powerful degree, is square to CHIRON in PISCES and Neptune South Node. Saturn is also Trining Uranus, Eris, and Ceres in ARIES. There is revolutionary energy in the air. There will be much debating and political lobbying towards an egalitarian and regressive ends. 

Mars in revolutionary AQUARIUS is quincunx to the North Node in Virgo. This is where we need to evolve towards. Yes, start the revolution. It may start a civil war in the states over this next year. We will need to wait at least 6 months until we can see the effects of this seeding. 

There will be another Super Moon on November 29th in Sagittarius- {my birthday} next month which will continue to evolve this super magnetic energy.

Call upon LILITH to help you manifest your power, control over your own life, your resources and bring your love and beauty into the light.

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Leonard Cohen Astrology, ring the bells

I am so sad to hear of Canadian singer and poet Leonard Cohen’s passing Nov. 10th at 82 years old.  I’ve been crying already since the election announcement just like millions of others and now this. Leonard has always been one of my favorite singers and songwriters. Beloved by millions for his ruthless, honest, exploration of the heart and soul and our common human condition, Cohen’s deep baritone soulful voice made him an unlikely pop star. His career spans 50 years as a musician and many of his songs, which were never charted hits, including Hallelujah, have been covered hundreds of times.  

Leonard Cohen, astrology Tara Greene

Leonard Cohen in London in 2009

Cohen was born in Westmount Montreal to a well-off middle-class Jewish family. His name Cohen means that he is a High Priest, the most holy in the Jewish tradition. Much has been written about his life. You can Wikipedia that.  He just released his last album October 13th “You Want It Darker” which is totally prophetic, as he always was, what with Trump’s election. 

I have been a fan of Cohen since I first saw him singing at a Love-In at Queen’s Park Toronto in the summer of 1967 his first album Songs of Leonard Cohen was just being completed. 

I swear I wrote about Leonard’s chart years ago but it seems to have disappeared.  So let’s look at the modern bard’s life and death.

Leonard Cohen astrology Tara Greene

Leonard Cohen  born September 21, 1934

Leonard was an earthy, humble, perfectionist VIRGO with his SUN rising right on the Ascendant. This is a powerful symbol as his identity is about the dawn. The Sun is conjunct the asteroid EROS, and he was known for his erotic poetry and music. Virgo is also an austere sign and he was known for living in Zen-like sparsness. He was never a materialistic person. He has a beautiful, spiritual, creative, romantic, idealistic VENUS NEPTUNE conjunction in VIRGO in his 12th house opposite his poetic spiritual PISCES MOON. He is the ultimate poet and artist of spirit.

I have put in two special asteroids. Cohen was a big fan of the Spanish poet Garcia Lorca. The asteroid Lorcia sits right on his M.C. his career inspiration at 27 Gemini, the Pole star. Cohen’s career was to be the pivotal guiding star using his words to help others navigate their lives by.

The Virgo SUN Ascendant and his Venus-Neptune conjunction display the very meticulous, self-deprecating, hard-working tenacity, and songwriter that Cohen was, sometimes taking years to complete a song. Venus-Neptune in the 12th, by its placement is the most spiritual, solitary- he lived in a Monastery for 5 years, hermitlike, dreamy, a weaver of inspirational and psalms through music.

One of my favorite Cohen’s songs is DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE

A Venus/Neptune conjunction in the 12th house is literally the end of love.

“Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin -{Venus}
Dance me through the panic ’til I’m gathered safely in -{12th house}
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove -{symbol of Heaven}
Dance me to the end of love ” 

The PISCES Moon is conjunct to the Fixed Star Fomalhaut which marks the Archangel Gabriel the trumpet blower on Judgement Day. Pisces, ruled by Neptune and Jupiter in ancient rulership, is placed in his 6th house, which is naturally Virgo, gives a sympathetic exchange between the planets of emotions,compassionate and poetic dreams.  The Pisces Moon governs the collective psyche the deep emotional yearning to return to source. Leonard channeled the angels messages through his music. Hallelujah. 

Leonard’s PISCES MOON opposes his VENUS/NEPTUNE, squares CHIRON in GEMINI @ 9 degrees. One of the main T- squares in his natal chart. Chiron is conjunct to the Fixed STAR ALDEBARAN which is the marker of Archangel MICHAEL, the fiery protecting angel in the East. How literal is that? Leonard’s primal wound Chiron, and his vulnerability is his poetic message, which is also where the greatest healing is. He communicated as  a wounded healer, directly from the Angels. 

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. “

Mercury the ruler of Cohen’s Ascendant, all of his Virgo and Gemini planets is in his first house at 17 LIBRA which is the position of two Fixed Stars, 1. Kraz, which means the claws of the Crow star and the word Tomorrow. The word procrastinate originated with this star.  Did Cohen put things off, or take a long time to communicate? yes. 2. Seginus in Constellation Bootes which means a reaper or harvester a guard or protector. The Libran influence also shows the dapper dresser and dashing figure that Cohen made. Libra rules relationships, justice, the arts, the peacemaker, go-between, seeing both sides of all issues, the light and the dark, the holy and the profane are very much Cohen themes.

Cohen was known as a Ladies Man and he had MARS in LEO, conjunct the SOUTH NODE conjunct to LILITH the Goddess of sexuality and independence in his 11th house of detachment.  South Node in Leo conjunct Mars indicates a past life as a great King, {Solomon?} a  natural leader, a warrior, a very powerful, fiery passionate man, heart felt, self-referential man. Mars in Leo is very sexual. Leonard was a proud but humble Lion, who worshiped women, who were strong, independent Lilith types. His women were unique, beautiful sexual free spirits, uncompromising and passionate. Mars conjunct Lilith is fatally drawn to these types and he may have had difficulty with intimacy. Leonard never married but had two children, son Adam and daughter Lorca who he named after his favorite poet, Spaniard, Frederico Garcia Lorca.  His was a courageous warrior of the heart.

SATURN opposite MARS in LEO

Leonard’s songs have always been heavy, and melancholy, doom and gloom realistic. He claimed he had depression for most of his life.  Cohen also lost his father when he was only nine years old.  These two planets Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Leo symbolize the alchemy of turning Lead into gold. The “great work.” This was Cohen’s work, he did this personally and  in his art. 

These two planets also exemplify his quote. “I have always been attracted to the voluptuousness- Mars in LEO- of austerity- SATURN.

The 2nd T-square in Leonard’s chart is JUPITER in LIBRA in his 2nd house or resources and money in square to PLUTO in CANCER in his 10th house of worldly fame and notoriety in square to URANUS @ ZERO degrees TAURUS.

JUPITER Square PLUTO in his career house indicates Cohen’s drive and desire for success and brings luck and wealth. The square involving Uranus in Taurus Retrograde is very interesting revealing Cohen’s original style of singing, the gravelly, nasal,monotone, baritone. URANUS in TAURUS is a nontraditional sensualist, a way-shower, and radical freedom lover who is grounded in the world. Uranus in Taurus Retrograde in this T-square also indicated his financial ups and downs and losses late in his career forcing him to go on word tours in his 70’s to make money.

Note the asteroid Mariana conjunct to Cohen’s JUPITER in LIBRA. Oneof his most famous songs was “So long Marianne.”

PLUTO in CANCER is very sentimental and close to his childhood. Cohen had two children and althoug he said he didnt want them originally. He said he was very glad to have them as they were his closest companions now. Cohen always kept his apartment in Montreal even though he lived in the U.S. for many years. He also loved being near water and in the 60’s he lived on the Greek Island of Hydra. 

SATURN Retrograde in AQUARIUS in his 5th house of creativity, love affairs and the arts. Cohen is a total revolutionary, non-conformist in the bone. He was born that way. Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius in traditional Astrology. He honored tradition, his Jewish past, the bible, Jesus, but is not bound to the tradition. Saturn, the father, his karma, limitations, obstacles, maturity and legacy is in TRINE to Jupiter in Libra. These two planets balance each other out very well.


These two form a YOD or finger of GOD to PLUTO in CANCER in his 10th house. JUNO is the feminine form of Genius, and all good poets have a MUSE. In a mans’ chart Juno would be one indicator of his MUSE. The GALACTIC CENTER is a vast black hole at the center of our Galaxy. It is mysterious and dark and to those who are tuned into it receive mystical insights into the nature of our souls and ou life’s missions. Cohen channeled his art in a unique yet traditional way, through Saturn structure, folk music and traditional Greek instruments, poetry, and as a modern bard. This was his soul’Pluto’s mission. 


Cohen died November 7th in Los Angeles with his children there. No cause of death has been given yet, The news wasn’t reported until the 10th. I find his exiting the planet pre-Trump election to be very significant. 

SATURN Lord of death @ 15th degrees Sagittarius is conjunct to the GREAT ATTRACTOR calling him home. Saturn is squaring Cohen’s Neptune Venus in Virgo. Saturn is also opposed to Cohen’s Chiron in Gemini, he had been ailing for the last while. He knew he was going to die soon.

VENUS at 23 Sagittarius is squaring Cohen’s Sun. A message of love from the Galactic Center.

Transiting Mars in Capricorn was opposite his PLUTO in Cancer which signifies death. Heart failure is a likely cause.

Transiting Pluto in square to his natal JUPITER in LIBRA with transiting URANUS opposite to JUPITER. Death may have come very swiftly which is a blessing.

Cohen was having his 7th JUPITER return now. This is a peaceful death. Cohen had lived a very full, very creative life. Jupiter is the King, symbolizing God, he was ready to go home.

 Leonard Cohen left the world with NEPTUNE  and the South Node on his Natal PISCES Moon. Neptune is opposite to his Natal Neptune. The North Node in Virgo conjunct to his natal Neptune/Venus. That’s one amazingly beautiful spiritual escort back to source for sure. In his last album just released in October Cohen sang ” I am ready my Lord. “

We will all surely miss the great poet. I know he is finding out if that Chord pleases the Lord. His music will always inspire us and help us to express what we can’t put into words. The music for many generations already and many yet to come. Thank you Leonard. As a Canadian we have lost a legend. I send blessings to his family, son and daugher. I will say kiddish prayers for him for the required 7 days as is Jewish custom. The flag in Montreal will fly at half- mast today in Quebec on the 11th on Remembrance day to honour its departed son. RIP Leonard. I know you have been danced to the end of love.

What are your favorite Leonard Cohen songs?

Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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