Chelsea Manning,not all Saturn return’s are all bad

I was happy to see that President Obama had commuted Chelsea, born Bradley Manning’s prisons sentence yesterday. I was curious to look at his chart and to find out WHY NOW? What do the planets have to inform us about the timing of this event?Chelsea identifies as transgender but hasn’t officially changed their sexual definition.

Chelsea Manning astrology Tara Greene


Chelsea Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden are in my books very brave, honest, true patriots who bucked the system of lies to listen to their own consciousness.  They are heroes, truly rare, ethical people and should be applauded as great examples of those who serve truth and higher justice and not the big corporate cabal or “fake news” which is what Donald Trump calls it too.  Would you listen to your conscience? Would you risk your life to back up your ethics and say no, the buck stops here?  Or do you just tow the line?

Manning is of course, a very serious SAGITTARIUS, whose Sun is on the Galactic Center conjunct to karmic SATURN. Manning’s karmic destiny is to serve truth, justice, ethics, history, International affairs,  higher purpose, and who is a teacher who serves “sacred law.” Saturn is conjunct to an OUT OF BOUNDS MERCURY, and the SUN, he communicates as a law unto himself,  to serve the truth. Chelsea’s father has a huge influence on how his life turned out. Saturn in Sagittarius is also related to the military.

URANUS is also conjunct SUN SATURN MERCURY and Chelsea is a natural born rule breaker,  whistle-blowing, revolutionary, freedom fighter who uses communications as a weapon. The whole generation born in late 1980’s has this SATURN URANUS CONJUNCTION on the GALACTIC Center.

A very powerful MARS-PLUTO- MOON Conjunction in SCORPIO!!!

Manning is one hell of a Scorpionic person, a real stinger. A sting is a clandestine operation.  Mars and PLUTO are the rulers of SCORPIO and they fall in the natural 8th house which is Scorpio’s natural placement. This is super scorpionic. This person is all about espionage, spying, secrets, power, control issues, money, obsession, detective work, research. This person came into this life as a fly on the wall. This is a very heavy combination. I wonder what their birth was like. This denotes someone who almost died at birth or there was a death around the time of their birth. Bradley is always a very intense emotional person. Probably a very secretive introverted loner and difficult to get close to. This person will suffer extremes of highs and lows in their life, many deaths and rebirths. Sex is also a major issue, as is a fascination with death and the dark side, the underworld, jails, and psychology.

Manning has his Ascendant and NORTH NODE, the highest spiritual goal, squaring SUN SATURN URANUS in PISCES and in a MUTABLE GRAND CROSS with CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER conjunct to the NORTH POLE STAR in GEMINI. This speaks volumes about Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s karma.

The North Node at the 29th and most critical degree of PISCES is merely one degree away from completion of lifetimes of karma. I was taught that esoterically we most rotate through all of our planets until they reach the last degree the 29th/30th degree of PISCES. Bradley is almost finished incarnating throughout many lifetimes. He had to do the right thing to earn the right to go beyond the meat wheel of Karma.

People who have planets conjunct to the North STAR are natural leaders. For Manning his great wound and vulnerability is to communicate this sense of higher purpose. The North Star is always a pivotal guiding point.

Chiron in Gemini also shows someone who has a dualistic, split, transgender, mutable, changeable personality.It’s another way of saying what they would call bi-polar these days. There is an inner wound and confusion about identity.

JUPITER in ARIES in the 1st house trine the SUN and MERCURY

Bradley is an independent energetic firebrand. A self-starter, passionate, angry impulsive, hot-headed renegade who likes to live dangerously. Bradley spoke first and lived to regret his words or actions later as his Scorpio MOON is inconjunct to JUPITER.

VENUS is conjunct to CERES in CAPRICORN squaring JUPITER

Bradley is a conservative practical, all business like person who loves doing their duty. A hard worker who likes corporate structure. Venus conjunct Ceres is a very close bond to his mother and women in general, a strong feminine side. Bradley seeks career as a means of obtaining love. He is a nurturing person. He can be too forthright in declaring his affections.

NEPTUNE in CAPRICORN in his 10th house

there is a great deal of idealism about his career and role in the world.


Not all SATURN Returns are all bad.

Yes Chelsea’s 1st SATURN RETURN is happening now as President Obama is releasing her early. Saturn is usually associated with confinement but for Chelsea, Saturn is also conjunct the Sun and URANUS planet of Freedom, so this is a karmic release. Saturn in Sagittarius is associated with publishing and I am sure there is a book deal in the works.

Saturn will square her NORTH Node in PISCES by the end of 2017.

Pisces rules films so I am sure there will also be a film about Bradley’s life or a Netflix’s bio-pic series or something of that nature.

URANUS is conjunct JUPITER and square Manning’s VENUS and CERES

Uranus the planet of freedom has been sitting on Manning’s Jupiter for the last six months or so. Liberation is here.  As Uranus moves further into Aries it will square his Venus and Ceres and this will bring a complete sex-change into his life later this year. Probably crowdfunding will raise the money for him.


Idealism, spirituality, and compassion. President Obama is acting as Neptune for Manning granting clemency and showing compassion. Bradley will be seen as a hero.

PLUTO will conjunct Manning’s Venus in 2018-2019

There should be a lot of money and fame coming Manning’s way in the next few years.

I find it so fascinating to look at people’s charts and then to see the precise signatures as to what their soul is designed to do. It’s just like James Hillman wrote in his New York Times bestseller The Soul’s Code. He believed that each person has an inborn destiny. James Hillman, the eminent radical Jungian psychologist was also heavily interested in Astrology too.


Manning’s NUMEROLOGY also has a lot to say about Why now? Mannings birthday adds up to 2016. Because he was born in December this means that his DESTINY YEAR is from Dec 17, 2016- Dec 17 2017. So this is it!

Manning is a #9 a HERMIT, a Virgo like humble, hard working, desiring to serve, communicator who listens to his own inner light. That makes sense too.

I am a feminist and non-politically correct believer that your  DNA determines your sexuality. All the rest is icing on the real cake. I refer to Manning as a male.

What do you think of Bradley Chelsea Manning?

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Edward Snowden, traitor or hero? Astrology analysis

I was interviewed by The Voice of Russia’s online paper recently and they askedme about what I see as Edward Snowden’s future.

Right after we started speaking on Skype, our connection cacked out and we were unable to reconnect.

Hmm, I wonder why.. 

Edward Snowden, the 30 year old former National Security Agency and CIA contractor is now a fugitive in Russia for revealing the truth to the world about how the U.S. secretly carries on covert  surveillance of its own people and governments around the world.

Edward Snowden Astrology chart Tara Greene

Snowden quoted the 4th and 5th amendments of the Constitution of the U.S. Article 12  and stated “I believe in the principle declared at Nuremburg in 1945; “Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occuring.”

People either Love, applaud and laud Edward for his bravery and patriotism or hate him and see him as a traitor and a spy. I wanted to check out his Astrology chart.

Edward Snowden’s chart and the chart of the United States are inextricably linked to each other.

Edward Snowden astrology Tara Greene

The inside chart is Edward Snowden’s Natal Chart  

born June 21 1983 at 4:42 am from his birth certificate in Elizabeth City North Carolina.

Edward is a Mercurial GEMINI SUN born at the very last “critical” degree of Gemini, sign of the fleet-footed Messenger, making him the ULTIMATE messenger of the God’s.

Edward’s Ascendant is at 12 degrees GEMINI-exactly the degree opposite the U.S. “Sibley” Natal chart’s Ascendant, so the U.S. and Edward’s direction is interfaced. Edward’s Mercury is also at 10 Gemini in the 12th house of the unconscious but conjunct the Ascendant. Edward has his Sun in the 1st house so he IS the Archetypal Mercurial Messenger. He identifies in that role. He has Mars, his direction, Mars is the Military, what he defends, at 24 degrees Gemini conjunct the Sun and the North Node which represents his Highest Spiritual Goal at 25 degrees GEMINI. 

The Ascendant, Mercury, the Sun, Mars, North Node conjunction makes him a quintuple communicator. The North Node is conjunct the POLE star, the star that all sailors navigate around. This is a very powerful symbol.

Edward’s highest evolutionary goal is to be a Light bearer, a way-shower for the rest of the world, through communicating a message that will have world-wide impact, in a direct, aggressive, defensive, Martial way.  This fits his situation perfectly.

The MOON is at 13 degrees SCORPIO in the 6th house.

The Moon is instincts, unconscious motivations, feelings. In Scorpio this speaks of power, secrecy, manipulation, control, espionage, surveillance, the shadow, danger, the thief, vendetta, death, change, transformation, through his work.  Also fits the situation to a T.

His Mercury and Ascendant is quincunx to his Moon indicating that he is at odds with his work, and being of service.

Edward’s Venus, his values, what he loves, how he loves, is in LEO at 14+ degrees which is actually the 15th and most powerful degree of Leo in the 3rd house. Venus in Leo is courage, daring, protecting what he loves, dramatic. He is proud, fearless, a leader, self- expressive, creative, very heart-felt, like a child playing a role. In the 3rd house, this is the natural house of communications.

Jupiter is at 3 degrees Sagittarius Retrograde, the Sign that it rules, so it is very strong, but held back or repeating a Karmic lesson in the 6th house.  Jupiter is BIG,truth, vision, the Higher Law, foreigners, teachers, philosophers, the military regalia. 

Uranus is conjunct Jupiter at 6 degrees also Retrograde. Both of them oppose Mercury so they are interconnected. Uranus is also conjunct the Descendent, the 7th house cusp, meaning Edward is always a cutting edge, revolutionary, freedom loving person.

The Jupiter/Uranus combo binds their energies so they amplify each other. This is a Super expansive, International, Hi Tech, innovator, rebel-Uranian, who MUST TELL THE TRUTH in Sagittarius.  Interesting the double Retrograde indicates that karmically Edward may have done something similar before or that he came back to wage a vendetta on those in power-Judges, or former Overlords who oppressed him in the past.

 CHIRON at 29 degrees Taurus, is conjunct to the famous Pleiades. Chiron the wounded healer, in the 12th house of the unconscious is opposite Jupiter indicating there is an Unconscious wound, a palpable, bodily sense for Edward, of what is right and wrong, what is truth. HE has a felt sense of being wounded unconsciously which triggers him to act in service, the 6th house to a greater Higher good.

Saturn at 27 degrees of Libra Retrograde in the 5th house of creativity, is conjunct Pluto at 26 degrees also Retrograde. Pluto conjunct Saturn is the hallmark of Edward’s generation who have all chosen to be born with this difficult, heavy, karmic soulful sense of JUSTICE- the sign of Libra.

Saturn is tradition, the Patriarchy and Pluto is the Lord of Death, change, transformation. The 5th house is the natural house of LEO, the Sun, the source, self- expression, drama, creativity, COURAGE. These 2 heavies Trine Mars, North Node and the Sun.  So this is an easy aspect and imbues Edward’s entire personality with this sense of heaviness, and deep soulful transformation as part of where he would express his innate love of freedom,truth and being courageous enough to risk his life for his beliefs- Mercury. 

NEPTUNE, in Edward’s 7th house of relationships, the higher octave of VENUS is at 27 degrees Sagittarius – exactly on the Galactic Center. Again this is a generational hallmark of all people born in the year before and after 1983. Neptune is where one is intuitive, one’s dreams, psychic energy, visionaries, faith, illusions, delusions, addictions,idealism, unbounded, glamour. Neptune as ruler of Pisces, energy is chameleon like, super sensitive, has no boundaries, is Christ’s symbol.

I personally believe that people with planets conjunct the Galactic Center are directly tuned into its’ vast multi-dimensional Black Hole energy. 

Neptune is of course opposed to Edward’s Mars, North Node and Sun in the 1st house. This makes Edward a virtual sponge, absorbing everyone’s energy around him, he can be a total chameleon blending in invisibly. He is a total  idealist.  Neptune’s energy at its highest expression is selflessness or martyrdom. He is an atheist but I feel he has great faith in a Higher Good, or at least in the power of telling the truth, ever the Sagittarius philosopher, and that is what motivates him. 

Edward’s MC or high Noon position is at 20 degrees Aquarius, the sign of technology, revolutionaries, freedom fighters, strong individuals who resonate with being part of the collective. They are unegotistical leaders. Planet Uranus rules his MC and it is placed in the 6th house of service conjunct Jupiter sign of truth telling.

I could belabor the point in his chart but it is so obvious to me, that Edward’s highest spiritual, karmic, goal was to do exactly  what he did. Expose the hi tech surveillance of the government to help the people. It’s all over his Natal chart, the fact of his being courageous, daring, secretive, being accepted by foreign countries-Jupiter for asylum. I think he is used to being alone with his Scorpio moon. He has always felt like an outsider.

I see that Edward Snowden is a very brave young man. Yes his life is on the line now and will be so for a very long time although I do believe that he will receive great honors down the road. Even a Nobel Peace prize.

Americans, Canadians and most of the people in the world are so naive. I really don’t know where this idea that the government is a benevolent agency that most people naively ascribe to, came from. Not many governments really ever really act on behalf of its citizens. That’s why the myth of King Arthur and the Court of Camelot is such a powerful ideal.

The ongoing squares of evolutionary energy at play now through the planets Uranus and Pluto, are dismantling the world’s governments and economies. The old PLUTOCRAT’S are bound to fall during these next few years. The Plutocracy in their covert surveillance is fighting to control every individual’s freedom and to grab everything on earth they can now, water, food, gold, oil that they can. This includes Muslim fundamentalists, that entire type of power control,that Fascist way of thinking, Big Brother attitude of the .0000%, the Federal Reserve, the New World Order which controls all the wealth and power in the world.  Remember Uranus and Pluto created the 60’s and were the planets that were responsible for the Renaissance in the 1500’s. Edward Snowden is acting as a personal intensifier of those two planets’ energies to inspire others to do the same.

On June 10 2013 the date that Edward’s interview with The Guardian was released, transiting Jupiter was at 26 degrees Gemini,and had just crossed Edward’s North Node opposite his Natal Neptune, the Galactic Center.

Edward Snowden has been granted asylum for a year in Russia where he must stay invisible because his life is in danger at every moment from CIA and other secret organizations who wish to see him dead.  Thomas Friedman wrote in the New York Times recently that Snowden could come back to the U.S. and get a fair trial. President Obama stating something similar in a press conference but it is not true. Snowden will never be able to come home and testify that what he did was for the public’s benefit as his charges will always be espionage. So don’t believe what the mainstream media tells you overtly at all. You know the secret game they are playing. 

In light of Edward’s natal chart, I believe Edward’s statement that what motivated him was not being able to support the system he worked for and live with himself knowing that he could personally make a difference by telling the truth, he knew the consequences of what he was doing. 

It takes a very selfless person to do what  Snowden did, who is also brave enough to act on his principles. I totally thank Edward Snowden for being able to be an individual to be strong enough to say NO- the buck stops here.  To really lay his life on the line for real liberty, democracy, freedom of speech. Everything that America Canada and the rest of the “FREE WORLD”  supposedly holds so dear. WAKE UP people. We all need to follow Edward Snowden’s lead in whatever ways we can. He is a great  role model and many young people will emulate him. We all need to have a real sense of ethics, honor, bravery, will and be smart enough to figure out how to get away with it. To me Edward Snowden is a modern Knight in Shining Armour.

He will continue to leak information very selectively and carefully. He does have hackers and other individuals who are helping him.  

Transiting Chiron in his 10th house of reputation is squaring Edward’s Ascendant, I believe he is symbolizing the world’s wounds in Pisces. He is feeling vulnerable of course.  Transiting Neptune in his 10th house is also squaring his Natal Jupiter. Neptune is the illusions and  delusions surrounding the truth he has revealed. Neptune rules film and one is in the works about his life.

On April 15 2013 there will be  a Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra which falls right on his Natal Pluto Saturn.  As the Moon represents the moods of the people, this indicates a time of further revelations and emotional changes for Edward. 

I send Edward many blessings and protection from the Galactic Center the big wigs that govern the evolutionary flow of this Galaxy. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Edward Snowden? 


 All writing copyright Tara Greene 2013- infinity.

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