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June 22  MERCURY the messenger is active today making two {of course} major aspects. Mercury is a dual or hermaphroditic sign.

Jupiter Mercury Art Astrology Tara Greene

 JUPITER MERCURY and VIRTUE by Dosso Dossi  circa 1530’s 


As MERCURY rules both Gemini and Virgo it is an opportune time to think and converse about your highest goals, as symbolized by the North Node and expand and work out and on your ideas about your work, health, education, being of service and your daily routine.

At 15-16 degrees this aspect also squares Saturn in SAGITTARIUS and NEPTUNE in PISCES as well.

Are you truly following what you feel is your highest path of service in your work? Work is what we all do daily to earn our daily bread of which Virgo is very much a literally a part of, symbolizing the grains and the hard work to harvest it.

Are you working in an environment that feels right and healthy?

Listen to your body as well as your mind.The body never lies. Yuor work can be contributing to making you sick and Health is the most valueable thing you can have.

Are you working just for a paycheck or is your heart into it? The question is: If you weren’t getting paid to do your work would you still be doing it? 

Virgo is meticulous, practical, humble, hard working, the bodies wisdom, your literal gut instincts. Any ongoing indigestion, constipation and other such ailments can be caused by environmental, diet and stress related factors. Time to change your diet, you may need to eliminate and cleanse. Find out what works for you. Natural medicine is better for this. You can also get live blood cell testing for allergens but be forewarned you will likely be allergic to almost everything. 

Take a walk in nature and connect your breath with your body today. Meditate with a tree. Put your spine against the tree. In your mind ask the tree’s permission if it is willing to work with you. This is out of respect for the tree. Trees are highly conscious. Align your breathing by doing yogic slow natural inbreaths and breathing out through your nose. Lean into the tree and feel how it is so rooted and yet bends with the wind. Ask this question internally. “What is the highest way I can be of service in the world in my work?” Keep breathing, enjoy the connection with the tree and listen. You will find and answer, a vision or a feeling to guide you. 

VESTA is the Goddess of inVESTments. Invest in your self and your health. Virgo is the sign of all natural healing herbs, and naturopathy, ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, wise woman and indigenous herbal traditions.

Invest in eating right. We switched to organic chicken years ago. We rarely eat fish because of the high radiation and Mercury poisoning. Eat only Atlantic and Ecuadorian or Caribbean or English fish. We plant a small organic garden every year for the last 19 years and grow organic veggies.

I personally never follow the western heroic medicine model. I abandoned it over 40 years ago. My entire family and i virtually never take pharmaceutical meds, or antibiotics. I am a big advocate of natural medicine, vitamins and eating organic foods and birthing. We aren’t perfect but I try to be mindful. 
Pay attention to how green your work and home environments are and make any changes to improve these starting with throwing out all commercial cleansers, laundry detergents, toothpaste, hair products,etc. Also be aware of  harmful off gassing from synthetic carpeting, new furniture, MDF and new houses, etc. 

Gemini rules the lungs, they are many chemical pollutants that most people use daily without thinking which damage everyone’s health long term. Asthma is severly on the rise because of chemical in everything including your food. GMO’s are terribly hazardous and should be labelled and abolished.  Companies like Seventh Generation have been around for many years their products have integrity. 

You will have more discipline and it will be more fun and easier to accomplish these goals with Jupiter’s expansive help. Think about how to balance your work and your social needs.
This energy may also force you to look at the REALITY versus the multiple ideas that Mercury in Gemini brings. Stay very practical. It is what is real and you can hold in your hands that counts right now.


This inconjunct aspects always feel like nails on chalkboards, the squeaky wheels, the feuding families. Be careful of getting pulled into debates and arguments about politics and powers structures.
Use this aspect to watch how our minds and ego gets wrapped up in their specific viewpoints to justify it’s “superior” positions. This can be a big conscious breakthrough in your thinking. You are ready to learn on a higher level.
Some people speak of this as Ascension.
I would use this aspect positively by focusing on your dreams, As Pluto rules the Unconscious, and ask for your dreams to reveal your next step in consciously growing.  When you wake up record any dreams or sensations.

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Earth Warrior, Mars in Virgo

The action shifts and it’s a Big energy shift. The two planets that rule Scorpio, Mars and Pluto shift gears September 24th and 25th.

Mars leaves  Leo the “It’s all about me” fire sign and enters earthy, humble hard-working Virgo until November 12th. That’s 7 weeks of spontaneous fire powered testosterone energy being forced into an earthen box, kind of like being buried alive.

The POPE just delivered a Very MARS IN VIRGO speech about cleaning up the environment. The South American Pope took his name from Saint Francis of Assisi who protected animals and the environment. Yes Mars is needing to learn to ground itself, to be under the tutelage of  nit-picky, diligent, organized and accounting for everything VIRGO. As you can imagine, Mars the warrior God is not happy so about having to build a whole fort, stock it with supplies and have his battle plans ready when what he wants is to simply attack and win. Mars isn’t happy having to hold back. This of the next seven weeks as trying to break a wild stallion so you can ride him.


Mars in Virgo/Earth warrior is like the Knight of Disks in the tarot  

September 25 MARS exactly Squares SATURN both at Zero degrees of Mutable signs, Virgo and Sagittarius. 

This is a zero degree set point. Saturn hasn’t been at zero degrees Sagittarius since November 17 1985. That’s 30 years ago. 

The two malefics of the zodiac squaring off is a big roadblock. A Saturnine test of your strength, your patience {Mars has none} and will power.  Mars will be marching forwards and opposing Neptune in Pisces on October 7th in 12 days. Pisces spiritual energy needs to be made real, physical, and practical. The energy needs to be grounded, and very well-organized  if you are going to manifest your dreams. We are moving out of the dreamy airy fairyland ideals into walking your talk, into embodying and being the dream, living the dream daily in a very practical 3-D way.  I was just told this by a mentor today at lunch. In other words; Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment you still have to do the laundry and shit every day. We came as soul’s into this earth plane to experience the compact, limitations of the physical material universe.

Positive ways to use this energy are: start a new workout routine, and diet regiment and clean out your desk, office or  your home. Sign up to do martial arts such as Kung Fu, or kick boxing.  Vent the anger positively. Clean up trash in your environment or at work. Make your own homemade lunches reducing waste and eating healthier and saving money. Virgo loves to save. 

“There’s more to being a warrior than killing. A true warrior — the best warrior — isn’t cruel or mean. He doesn’t claw an enemy who can’t fight back. Where’s the honor in that?” ― Erin Hunter, Forest of Secrets

Mars conjuncts Jupiter on October 17 

This is a very positive optimistic ground-breaking time. The action and attention for saving the environment and going to war on those corporations that have harmed it will be unleashed. The Alberta Tar Sands in Canada is a huge environmental disaster. The lumber companies in New Guinea are decimating the forests there. Monsanto will be made to pay for its war on the people’s ability  to grow maintain and control their own food supplies as they have done since the beginning of Agriculture 10,000-8,000 years ago. That IS Virgo, the harvest.  Saturn in Sagittarius will also enter the ring late November and the courts will make these foul corporations pay. Saturn always wins. 

Mercury Retro squares Pluto on the 24th

A tough cookie but it’s good for going back and picking up the pieces of your soul and your power that you have left strewn all over the place. You know what I am talking about here. 
PLUTO turns direct Sept 24 PDT with the Moon in Aquarius/on Sept 25 EDT under a Void of course moon.

Pluto has been in his own domain the Underworld moving Retrograde since April 16. Now all his pent-up energies can be unleashed. Everything you’ve been sitting on and ruminating about in your unconscious for the last 5+ months is ready to be empowered ensouled in the world. That’s Pluto on its highest level. Empowered soul. 

Pluto went Rx at 15+ degrees  CAPRICORN still in the thick of the Cardinal Crosses and the April Blood Moon of 2015. Pluto turns direct at 12 degrees 58 minutes of Capricorn still involved in that Cardinal Square, betcha thought it was over didn’t you? and opposing the U.S. Natal Sun.  I feel this has something to do with the POPE-CARDINAL POWER, Catholic puns and all.

These are intense times. If you are a Virgo you will need to learn to defend yourself. Virgo’s shadow side is Pisces.  Scorpio energy is amped up and running again with Pluto going direct. Also Pluto and Saturn aren’t playing ball together since Saturn entered Sagittarius until December 2017. Pluto is not playing nice anymore. 

The Moon is still in Aquarius on the 24th so we can get some detachment from all this heavy energy. 

Moon enters PISCES on Sept 25 @ 12:43 pm PDT right after Pluto turns direct eastern Daily time. 

There’s a sense of a great divide between the east and the west, the left and the right, The forward thinkers and the backwards holders on. 

Rest up with the Moon in Pisces stay close to your spiritual side, your emotions and feelings. Pay close attention to your dreams. 


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