A new cure for pain Chiron in Aries

April 23 Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries today

Love hurts, doesn’t it? The Wounded Healer in fire sign Aries symbolizes a new beginning in healing and love which most people under 50 years old have never experienced before.

Chiron and Venus in Aries may inadvertently blurt out how much their wounded hearts actually hurts and how much healing it needs. Venus wants connection and relationship.

VENUS the Goddess of Love and beauty @ 3 Aries is Quintile to Mars @ 15 degrees Gemini. 15th degree is most powerful 

A quintile is a geometrical aspect where the circle of 360 degrees is divided by 5 this is VENUS’s sign and symbol. The planets are 72 degrees apart. 72 is a sacred number and double it is the infamous 144. It’s a lesser used aspect is considered more “esoteric.”

The BIG Q of a quintile is very special. As the 5th harmonic it shows Talents,Gifts and Genius. For more on QUINTILES read excellent astrologer Donna Cunningham – link below. 

the Quintile brings an extra special aspect to both Venus and Chiron with Mars balancing out the polarity. The greatest strength is vulnerability, lay down your shields and your walls and your defenses. Open your heart to a new love and a new way of healing.

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February Tarot Reading Astrology Horoscopes

Venus Jupiter love magic rituals

A short video for you. I did a ritual invocation of Beautiful Venus and Bountiful Jupiter tonight at 3:15 am EST.  I called upon Venus and her pentagram her copper and emeralds her symbols of love and beauty. I called upon Jupiter as initiator benefactor higher master teacher lightning bolt thrower and expander.

This cosmic conjunction brings a balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. “As above so below” @ 3:15 am EST. Nov 13 at the conjunction of Goddess Venus and God Jupiter I called in the two planetary lovers to bless all of us and in all worlds with a new balance of divine cosmic blending of love beauty power and strength.

 A more potent auger of what we need right now in the sign of SCORPIO sign of sex death secrets power and rebirth. How amazing is this synchronicity!

In the Tarot, VENUS is #3 THE EMPRESS and JUPITER is #10 Wheel of Fortune

Venus and Jupiter Love Astrology Tara Greene

Venus and Anchises-Annibale Carracci 1597- Farnese Gallery, Rome copyright free image

I then picked a tarot card to help guide you. The Chariot Tarot Arcana #7. Cancer energy the womb birth nurturance nourishment sustenance safety. Home. The primal ocean of emotion and consciousness. The Great Mother. 7 is the laws of cycles the 7 Heavens. 

The Day is ruled by the Moon. The planetary hour was ruled by Mercury the messenger.

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Hurricane Harvey and the Total Solar Eclipse

Six days ago “The Great American Eclipse” crossed the U.S. in a totality that hadn’t been seen in 99 years. Eclipses are harbingers of great turnings of events on many levels. They re-occur at the same degree every 18 years.

Even though the Eclipse path did not cross near Houston devastated by Hurricane Harvey the astrology chart of the eclipse including Asteroid HARVEY #4278 and the Astro-cartography map shows just how much the Eclipse predicted this disaster.

Total Solar Eclipse Hurricane Harvey Astrology Tara Greene

The Solar Eclipse in LEO Aug 21 set for Houston Texas shows the Sun and Moon at totality right on the Mid Heaven- High Noon- the point of worldly fame at Zero degrees VIRGO the place where Fixed Star Regulus is now indicating some major notoriety in the world from this event. 

The ASCENDANT or rising sign in Houston is Scorpio an intense water sign known for bringing deep transformations death and rebirth. MARS is the ruling planet of Scorpio traditionally and is conjunct the North Node of FATE and the Eclipsed SUN. Mars rules the face or mask of Houston from the eclipse showing the changes made by this disaster. BTW disaster means without a star.  

PLUTO the modern ruler of SCORPIO is in CAPRICORN in the 2nd house or resources wealth and money and is in an exact opposition to Dwarf Planet CERES the EARTH mother at 17 degrees CANCER another water sign as well as opposed to VENUS another planetary ruler of money and resources in the 8th house which is traditionally SCORPIONIC- all about death change resurrection and money from others and water. They are all square to JUPITER the planet which expands whatever it touches in LIBRA in the 11th house of organizations shared power; joining together to give love and support. 


Sitting at the very last and most critical degree of water sign CANCER which rules homes emotional safety security and real estate conjunct to Venus is in a WATER TRINE with CHIRON the WOUNDED HEALER in PISCES in the chart’s 4th house naturally Cancerian further impacting the painful wounding inflicted by the floods to people’s roots and homes. These are in a GRAND Trine with the SCORPIO ASCENDANT. Even though the Eclipse was in Fire with a Grand Fire Trine the influence of flooding waters is seen very clearly here.

MERCURY is RETROGRADE in VIRGO in the 10th house of fame career notoriety and opposed to NEPTUNE ruler of water floods oil deception delusion and dreams. 

Astro-cartography map of the Sun/Moon lines at Eclipse are very close to Houston. 

Astro-cartography map Hurricane Harvey Tara Greene

The ASTRO-CARTOGRAPHY map at the eclipse Totality shows the SUN and MOON aligned running north/ south right through Winnipeg Manitoba Canada down through Minnesota; Omaha; Wichita; near Dallas Waco and about 80 miles West of Houston going south to Oaxaca Mexico.

The effects of all eclipses last up to nine months. I will post a post-eclipse management article. 

I am sending blessings and prayers to the people in Houston who have been hit with a devastating storm and flooding which will cause billions of dollars to fix and affects the Oil industry as well. 

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Inspirational Daily Card

I recently found my animal medicine cards which got lost in my house. I laid down to meditate on where they were and saw it in my mind’s eye. I had been looking for them for weeks. Always trust your intuition.

Let’s consult these cards for today to help advise you. The Term Medicine is used to mean healing in Indigenous cultures.

OTTER- Woman Medicine

Otter, animal totems, Tara Greene

The Animal Medicine Cards By Jamie Samms and David Carson

If you have seen otter’s in nature they are the most joyous playful animals there are. They symbolize Feminine energy. They live both on land and love the water so they represent both of these feminine elements.  

This card reminds you to remember the beauty of a balanced Feminine side, creats space for others to enter out lives without fear or suspicion. 

Otter teaches us that balanced Female energy is not catty or jealous, that sisterhood is all about sharing the energy and joy for and with others. 

Every man and woman has a feminine side. Men need to embrace their own inner Anima or soul, the feeling nurturing, empathic side of themselves in order to be whole and complete and to learn to respect love and honor women, sisters, daughters, and children. 

Otter card appearing indicates the need to lighten up and PLAY more, Let your Inner Child have fun. Art making dancing singing and music are all primal expressions of joy and feelings. 

Feminine energy is always about change. As women go through major deaths and rebirths every month. Let go of that which no longer serves your highest purpose. Don’t hang on to material things. 

Otters play like children in the river of life. Be more like the otter. 

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

Blessings to you this day, TARA

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