Shedding the old, Saturn in Scorpio global renewal

The time to transform your life is NOW.

art shedding Tara Greene

Painting by Martina Hoffman

As Saturn moves back into Scorpio from June 14 until September 17 we are all Scorpionic snakes working on shedding our old skins, clearing our old energy fields and chakras.

Do you feel stuck and in pain? Are you wrestling with your angels/daemons? You do know deep down that you cannot continue to struggle with holding up the false images anymore.

If that is our relationships, our work, our self-image, our finances, our pain, our ego’s, everything that we have outgrown must be shed during this time. It may not be easy to let go from the ego’s perspective but the soul is wiser, infinite and knows better. We must learn to trust our souls’ guidance.

Shedding the old skin is a necessary part of the process of soul growth. Come join me and the rest of the world as we collectively go down into the darkness of Hades’ realm, into a perfect void, womb space to let go of our old identities and to rebirth ourselves and humanity for the greater good of all.

I will be launching a weekly group which meets through tele-conferencing so that we can share and support each other on our journey using the tarot, astrology, and dream work to facilitate our collective evolution.

The time is now.  Saturn will only be at these final two degrees for the three months of the sign of Rebirth Scorpio and then not again for another 29 years.  There will be tears, that is part of the process.

I consulted the Sabian symbols using bibliomancy for words to further describe what you will learn.

#337  Seven degrees Pisces  7 + 3 + 3 = 13 the symbol of death/rebirth Scorpio in the Tarot 

DEATH Tarot Trump #13

DEATH Tarot Trump #13

“The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth.” 

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I shall be released- The Band The Last Waltz 

Gem of the day, FIRE Earth TRINE Wealth

Got an inspiration to offer a gem a day, literally. A crystal or stone for that I intuit would be best for your for the day. 

May 6 2015      Is a BIG DAY


This aspect can only happen three times in a year.  Bring Light to your hidden wealth. Let all of you shine. There is a new day dawning, new goals, new wealth. The old shadows are gone. 

With a Sagittarius fire Moon Trining JUPITER AND URANUS – 13+ degrees

This is another very optimistic positive travel education and expansion fertile plan and step outside of your comfort zone day. 

Moon does inconjunct the SUN between Jupiter and Uranus trine

so it can feel like a really up then uh oh it may all not work out then an unexpected crazy luck turn. 

imbibe the energy from the photo. 

crystal healing Tara Greene

Rhodochrosite from Colorado-mine

This beautiful red or pink stone boosts self-confidence. It brings a sense of realism and balance to life and helps to cope with problems in a graceful balanced manner without avoidance or denial.{PISCES}. 

Spiritual and Psychic usage

The stone helps to elevate the mind to a higher plane in meditation and energy work. It balances out past life issues allowing them to come to resolution. It relieves stress. It balances mental and emotional processes

Rhodochrosite balances and enhances love on all levels as it expands one’s heart by calming excessive passions. 

It is good for digestion, the heart,kidneys, spleen, pancreas and thyroid. 

It energizes and cleanses the base, root,  sacral 2nd and heart chakras. 


Drawing love to the wearer,it helps release past psychological issues ad improves eyesight. 

Called the Inca Rose:The Inca’s  believed the stone is the blood of former kings and queens which was crystalized. 

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HIGHER AND HIGHER by Jackie Wilson