Release past tyranny, Capricorn Lunar Eclipse

Stephen Rahn from Macon, GA, USA [CC0]

Lunar eclipse in Capricorn Stephen Rahn from Macon, GA, USA [CC0]

The Capricorn partial Lunar Eclipse is like a super werewolf-like transmutating Full Moon energy. All Full Moons affect our emotional bodies the strongest.

Exact on July 16 @ 2:38 pm PDT/ 5:38 pm EDT/ 9:38 pm GMT at 24+ degrees Capricorn

All lunar eclipses are created as the Earth’s shadow, the material world’s dark side shifts the unconscious feelings, moods and energies of the Moon itself. During a lunar elcipse, the moon goes through all of its cycles in a short period of hours. Moving from Full to New and Back to full again. This speeding up motion registers deeply in our unconscious. 

The Moon always symbolized the collective’s moods. As the earth’s shadow blocks the reflective electromagnetic energies of the moon, we are plunged into a Dark Side of the moon,the hidden unknown recesses of the unconscious. This is like the tarot card of the Moon #18. By being touched by the shadow of the earth so subtly we can ground ourselves in a new feeling tone. 

A lunar eclipse occurs only on a Full Moon when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth and into its shadow when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are exactly or very closely aligned in syzygy.

The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse is a South Node Eclipse drawing our attention to the past, to history, the patriarchy, to hard labor and the hard knocks life of Saturn and the structure of life, growth, responsibility, aging, maturity and seniority.

We won’t see the eclipse in North American it’s only visible over South Africa and parts of the middle east and India. 

Lunar eclipse path

This eclipse is part of Saros cycle #139. The last eclipses in this cycle were on

July 5, 2001, June 25, 1983, June 14, 1965, June 3, 1947, and May 23, 1929. 

The 1929 date is interesting as it heralded the Great Depression 5 months later.

Where were you in 2001, who remembers 1983?, on June 14 1965 YESTERDAY was recorded for the first time. The first fax machine was used. It was the summer of The Beatles and the Liverpool invasion. 

PLUTO is also aligned closely to the Moon adding Plutonic, Plutocratic, power, control, obsession, wealth and secret structures. Pluto is the underworld, the realm of death, underlying the mysteries of sex, birth and rebirth to the heavy mix.

Saturn’s metal is lead and Pluto’s is Plutonium. Lead is considered to be the only thing that can encase radioactive materials. This eclipse is like an atom bomb in a casing waiting to explode. When these two meet exactly at 22 degrees Capricorn, will see the results on Jan 12, 2020.

This is about taking a good hard, cold, realistic look at the chains that bind us. What restricts us? What are the real limitations we face? What is the structure of matter and reality itself? in the Tarot, Capricorn is the Card #15 The Devil.

If we examine the card of the Devil we see the Lovers in card #6 appear to be chained but they aren’t. The Plutocracy and the Patriarchy and any hierarchy enslaves us only as long as we give our power away to it. 

Saturns realm is time and the material world. Matter is mother and mother is matter. We must be mature now and see the entire picture and release ourselves from the tyranny of the collective’s past now that which is no longer serving humanity’s highest spiritual growth.

These are intense times.  The effects of an eclipse last 6 months. 

We are needing to go forwards to evolve into the North Node in Cancer which is notably supported by VENUS. 

Venus is exactly opposite Saturn at 16 degrees at the eclipse. The famous psychologist Dr. Carl Jung said there are really only two emotions. Love or Fear. That is exactly what this eclipse is showing us in the As above so below show. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius Rx is squaring Retro Neptune

We must have faith in our dreams. We need to find truth justice and inspiration and inspiration as our guides not deception, lies, glamour, false prophets, denial, projection, religion, delusion and illusions of Pisces. 

Mercury is Retrograde in LEO the sign of the heart. We need to reflect on what the heart wants. Mars is conjunct Juno the feminine form of Genius. Go after the multiplicities. There are more ways to act, to fight, to bring our will of the heart to bare on the world.

Chiron in Aries also Retrograde, trines Mars and Mercury in Leo. We need to remember the past wars, hurts, wounds and dramas to learn from them.


Saturn is not all bad though. Saturn teaches boundaries, and discipline, maturity and patience. We need to honor Saturn who was originally the great Mother, the body, the earth, matter. The Christian church made the earth itself into  Satan, evil and also the Devil. What was once Her consort the cloven-hoofed goat God Pan, celebrated as the Green Man,  her phallocentric fertile pleasure giving lover who fertilizes her to bring forth new life. Of course the church only projected its own shadow. 

The shadow of the earth is what creates a lunar eclipse. What is hidden is being revealed. 

Free yourself from the Patriarchy, from  Saturnine hierarchies of power over, workship of the material world. We can see Pluto taking down the Plutocrats and the pedophiles and abusers of women like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly and many more will fall. Michael Jackson is included as a pedophile in this Plutonic destruction.

The Sun lights the way to the North Node in Cancer, the sign of the Mother, the womb, the oceans, emotional safety and security, home, roots, peace and nourishment. This is where we all come from. We need to go home to the Great Mother’s love again.

John Sandbach’s symbol for 25 Capricorn is  

“During a ritual, a living woman is wrapped like an Egyptian mummy. (Omega Symbol) Interacting/Inspire

This degree innately realizes that sometimes it needs to completely let go of an old way of being and be reborn anew. The problem is, that old energies from a past existence, if not cleared sufficiently will come back to limit and oppress one until they are cleared away. And so this process of dying to the old and being reborn may have to happen multiple times until the clearing finally occurs.”

read more here:

This eclipse is very close to the powerful exact alignment of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2020, at 22 Capricorn. See this eclipse as a marker. In 6 months we will be there. Throw your lifelines to your emotional body and your family now and nurture that. Nurture unconditional mother love and the strength and power of a birthing mother.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Uranus Retrograde totals 6 planets Retrograde now


uranus Retrograde Tara Greene Tarot AstrologyUranus the weird wacky planet of chaos, change, revolution, freedom, old hippies and new boho hipsters and nerds, equal rights, inventions, A1 Cryptocurrencies, Cyberspace, hi-tech, and higher consciousness turns

RETROGRADE Aug. 7 at 2+ degrees Taurus until January 6/7 2019. Uranus renters Aries November 6 That’s an important day right?


This means there is now a rare 6 planets moving retrograde until August 18th/19 when Mercury turns Direct. The best thing to do is to learn to surf on the Chaos and thrive. Be resilient. Be bendable, not rigid. Life is always all about change, nothing ever stays the same.

You could also say that 7 “planets” are Retrograde as I did write this initially which would include Chiron which has also been retrograde since early August. It is not technically a planet but now classified as both a minor planet and a comet. Designated 95P/Chiron and 2060 Chiron. This body is the ancient Greek symbol of the Wounded Healer or shaman. While Chiron Retrogrades back from Aries back to Pisces on September 25 we have a chance to really heal the last of the old karma self-undoing false self-image and separation from Source energy. Chiron turns DIRECT DECEMBER 9 @ 27 degrees PISCES squaring the Galactic Center a great place to release all ancient karma back to the source of all life in the galaxy.

Look back at all the changes you’ve been through since May 15 when Uranus entered Taurus, I know seems like ages ago already right? Uranus re-enters Aries November 6 which is general Election Day in US. Guess what’s gonna happen then? Omg, the cosmos is perfectly in synch.

The backlash fires will be burning hot. There may a civil war breaking out in U.S. after election time. You may feel this on a more personal level as well.

While these 6 planets are Retrograde it is extremely frustrating. Try to just breathe through it. I know its hard to be patient. Best to just wait if you can.

Deja Vu weirdness. 

While Uranus is Retrograde weird chaotic and unpredictable things will be happening again-Deja Vu weirdness.  Things are never written in stone. Best to have plan A B C D etc. to fall back on.

Especially if you have planets at early FIXED SIGNS and at the end of Cardinal signs you will feel the URANUS RETRO DANCE heavily. 

4 degrees FIXED TAURUS LEO SCORPIO AND AQUARIUS-Yes where Mars is now



This is a big karmic lesson in having no attachments to outcomes.

i gotta go i have too many things to juggle right now. 

MARS RETROGRADE and URANUS are in square to each other as URANUS turns Retrograde amping up this gnashing of teeth frustrating hair pulling energy until October 9 by aspect. 

Bullying and underlying rage cannot be controlled anymore. A civil war is set to break out in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. expect more Wildfires volcanic explosions earthquakes and just crazy crazy stuff. Just breathe and accept it for the phase it is. Its a slowing off of old ideas in the patriarchy. Many are angry and want to hold on and many want to tear down the old structures of 5000 years of attempted control of the Divine Feminine. It’s over Patriarchy.

please share widely all writing etc is copyright of Tara Greene

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