How to heal your heartbreak with Angels

Venus, the Goddess of Love is conjunct to the Fixed Star REGULUS  October 8th- 9th at zero degrees VIRGO. This is the place of the Archangel Raphael whose name means God Heals.  Regulus is known as the Heart of the Lion.

Angel Raphael Tara Greene

Angel Raphael by Bellini 1627 

This Star is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia and is the anchor to the Archangel Raphael who heals the heart, who brings courage, strength, creativity and will power.

It is a great opportunity to heal any heartbreak, losses, grief, heart weariness or creative block, which included infertility. 

For men this is very  important for them to do as well as Many men go against their hearts desires in their work , in war, to serve and protect their families but their hearts are starved or blocked from expressing what they really feel.

The Archangel Raphael channels through the EMERALD GREEN RAY of the 4th chakra.

If you have an emerald I would use it and bring it into your ritual to connect with Raphael. If you don’t have an emerald, then visualizing one is enough. If you own something that is emerald-green in color I would use it or wear it. The Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz is used as a symbol of the heart. 

I work with the Archangel Raphael and his energies are very powerful and profound. 

Raphael angel Tara Greene

Archangel Raphael 

Do this meditation.

Smudge yourself first to clear a sacred space and delineate stepping into the sacred.

Get a green candle, and emerald-green cloth, flowers with green leaves, and delineate your sacred space or create an alter for Raphael and Venus. Put on some soothing music to help you relax. Something that is heart opening.

Copper is Venus’s metal so I would use pennies as offerings to Venus before you start. 

Sit in your sacred space and get centered through breathing. Visualize that you are entering your heart. If there are walls around your heart call upon Venus and Raphael to help you connect with love, unconditional love and to open your heart. Sense and feel your heart opening and the beautiful Goddess Venus and the Archangel Raphael  living in your heart. If there are obstacles call upon Raphael’s strength and protection to help heal your heart.

Feel the Golden Rays of Venus emanating and healing your heart along with Raphael.

Stay in this energy field for as long as you desire. You may get so relaxed you fall asleep. Let your body heal itself. 

Take as much time as you need to feel your heart being repaired. Trust the process. The angels job is to answer your wishes. 

As you heal your heart the world’s heart is healed. As your heart is healed you are unafraid to love. As your heart is healed you can go through anything. As your heart is healed you can experience love in your life. You can forgive, you can have compassion, you are no longer a victim or cynical or separate. 

After your heart healing be sure to thanks Venus and Angel Raphael. Continue to thank them and feel their presence in your daily life and in your heart. Do something kind for someone else without expecting any reward to pay it forwards.

Blessed be, Hallelujah. 



all writing is channeled by  Tara Greene 

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Jupiter Venus, angel heart healing

Jupiter and Venus are within 4 degrees of each other,with Jupiter and Venus set to hook up August 4th at 28 + degrees Leo. They are both being squared by Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio.

Jupiter/Venus are 2 degree away from the Fixed star Regulus or Archangel Raphael whose intense emerald-green ray of Love is extremely healing and right from an angel’s heart.  We can tap into the hearts of Archangels now and right through until the third week in August this is extremely POSITIVE!!!! Please spread the word.

VENUS and JUPITER in LEO are the best you can get. So they are mitigating Saturn’s harsher energies. THIS IS VERY GOOD.

Saturn will turn Direct August 2nd which will begin the practical manifestation work of releasing what has been pent up. It Seems fast this Saturn Retrograde to me. We will be back into upbeat fiery good humored Sagittarius September 17th.

I have seen this emerald-green color in my meditations now for the past few weeks have you? This is very high level heart healing energy being manifested amidst much tough love from Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn squaring Jupiter and Venus in LEO

this is THE challenge and I can feel it and I am sure many of you are feelin’ it too. Saturn is leaden, dense, hard knock reality. The need is to  stay UP, positive, trusting, having FAITH. Saturn in Scorpio is testing and challenging us and is bringing up everyone’s shadows, their dark sides. We can see it coming out from Trump running for president, to black people being killed in America, to ISIL fighters, to undercover power cabals exerting more force and Big Pharma making mandatory vaccines in California a law. You know. 

It is like the TRUMP card of the MOON #18 in the Tarot

Inspirational Daily Card

Moon, Astrology tarot tara Greene 

Personally Saturn is exactly squaring my Mid-Heaven, the cusp of the 10th house, my career High Noon point and my I.C. my root chakra or 4th house cusp symbolizing my childhood, my home. Those cusps represent the same things for everyone. And I am feeling it. Saturn makes one feel tired, sets up obstacles, limits, and yes I can see and feel it all. I don’t like it but I know what it is. I honor and respect Saturn. 


I am still going to get this support group going. I am sorry that I  haven’t followed through going through challenges myself. I want it to be video conference.

stay tuned,
QUESTIONS to Ask yourself in meditation

Are you doing work that you love?

Are you expressing your heart fully and completely?

Do call upon the Archangel Raphael for healing. Meditate on the emerald-green ray of the heart. Send that healing out to the world.Do this daily. You will feel rejuvenated which is a word connected to Jupiter who was known as Jove. Jove is jovial, juv, jive.Let me know what happens. 

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Inspirational Healing Gem,Divine Love

As Venus Goes Retrograde at the beginning of Virgo early this morning it will still be sextiling the karmic planet Saturn. Venus Retrograde can’t you hear the beep beep beep signal? Saturn is the sign of closure especially in Scorpio the sign of death. This is a good easy blend of the planet of Love and the one of Responsibility. Think copper and lead as metals. Put your Love to the test.

Inspirational Healing Gem

Morganite or Pink Emerald a type of Beryl

Gem healing Tara Greene divine love


Can you feel the vibes from this healing stone of Divine LOVE? It’s Morganite or Pink emerald a member of the beryl family. The pink is a healing heart color and so are emeralds. Perfect for the Venus + Saturn Retrograde.

Breathe the essence of the gem into your heart. Radiate love.

Please share widely 

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Put this love to the test Jon Astley