Where that Moon? Nov. 20-26

Where’s that Moon this week?

Plan your week ahead by knowing which sign and element the Moon is traveling through. Understand the emotional flux and flow by knowing which sign the Moon is travelling through. This gives you a great advantage to understand the emotional pulse of the day.  The Moon governs our moods and emotions. Everyone is affected by it. Women are more sensitive to the position of the moon than men as their bodies and hormones are governed by the Moon directly. 

Moon signs this week Tara Greene

Moon’s in SAGITTARIUS in MOONDAY until 11:14 pm PST.

Sagittarius Moon is a FIRE SIGN. Fire is a spiritual passionate active and masculine element. times are upbeat optimistic adventurous humorous good-natured and honest to a fault. Dress casually as the mood is easy going. Teachers philosophers; sports fans; animal rights activists; historians; politicians and religions are all ruled by Sag.

CAPRICORN MOON TIME Nov 21 @ 2:14 am EST/ 7:14 am GMT 

Capricorn is a FEMININE EARTH sign element. Practical realistic hard working focuses on getting things done. Originally this was the sign of the Great Mother. The goat cheese Moon makes us focus on being all business-like and getting practical results. As Capricorn naturally rules career and 10th house issues. Capricorn lunar times get the job done times. These are times to get real and grounded. This is the time to focus on long-term job plans especially as Saturn Cappy’s ruling planet enters its home sign on December 19th/20 for the next 2.5 years.

AQUARIUS MOON TIME-Nov. 23 @ 12:14 pm PST/3:14 pm EST/ 8:14 pm GMT 

Aquarius is an AIR SIGN which governs the mind; communications; ideas; debates; thinking and detachment.   During this lunar period, the 11th sign makes us feel more emotionally detached and cool-headed. Aquarius is a rebellious tribal revolutionary sign of free-thinking anarchists; higher consciousness inventers; pioneers and out of the box creative minds. 

PISCES MOON November 26 @ 12:04 am PST/3:04 am EST/ 8:04 am GMT

Pisces is the WATER ELEMENT. Water symbolizes the emotions; flowing things; the unconscious; FEMININE the womb; our moods and intuition. This is a gentle watery spiritual dreamy creative lunar energy. We want to go inwards. The best time to practice lucid dreaming is under this moon. Meditate; be near water; creativity; accessing unconditional love compassion and forgiveness are all traits of this lunar energy. Addictive compulsions are also strengthened at these times. Yoga chanting singing dancing and charity work all figure in too.

Have a great week.

I’ll write more sooner.

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Freaky Friday, perfection is coming

The intensity of the energies is weighing on me even though on another level it seems light-ish. Feeling rather tired. It was a beautiful sunny hot day here with lots of ocean breezes.  I am grateful to be in Venice California which really is paradise and pretty mellow.

I’m in a different type of space, you know how it is when you are staying in a friend’s home… Miss my dog Jasper, miss my garden growing so abundantly. Starting to feel like I am actually in California. Shifting realities always awes me. Do you feel that way? So many people move around so much these days.

California is a dream, and all about money, materialism and shopping which I am not into. Especially here in Venice. And it’s a carnival. 

Moon is in Leo friday BUT it will feel rather convoluted and perhaps FREAKY. 

Moon trines Uranus.

Be open for unexpected rushed to the gates of freedom.

Aspects are generally good saturday.

Energy shifting is in the works what with Venus entering VIRGO and Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo and then Venus .

Things will be even more Virgo til TUESDAY as Moon enters VIRGO July 18.

VIRGO astrology Tara Greene

a mix of  emotional Cancer, loud overblown Leo and humbly on budget emotionally..

Fire and earth -two very distinct elements. 

I’ll shoot a short card of the day video tomorrow and upload. 

Let me know how you are feeling. 

blessings TARA

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September guide, sleeping with the devil

HAPPY SEPTEMBER, the 7th month- well that’s what it translates as. sept=seven.

Mercury enters LIBRA for fine social conversation romantic libations great decorating fall make-overs and all around niceties Sept 1/2.

A jazzy Saggy Moon rules Sept 1-3 with some nice fire trines Sept 2
you go Aries Leo and Sagittarius.  Fire me up Scotty.

Capricorn eat anything Goat energy Moon prevails Sept 3-5

Goat moon conjunct PLUTO &  QUINCUNX Jupiter on Sept 4 sets the stage for a sole pas de quincunx on Sept 5 between the Expanding happy joy will of JUPITER and Deeper than the devil’s depths, of soul making, PLUTO.

A quincunx or Inconjunct which sounds less sexy, means two planets at 150 degree angle to each other. Always in elements which no comprende each other and produce grid lock.

Jupiter rules telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and in LEO it is BIG HEARTED TRUTH, International truth,  philosophical and legal truth.  I’m the Star power baby. Lots of energy with Jupiter in Leo.

Pluto, as the power of BIG BUCKS $$$, in Capricorn, the corporate sell out as the devil will test your soul and all our souls

You will be sleeping in the devil’s boardroom or with whatever particle devil you conjure up and you must stay true to your heart and soul or leave.

Maybe a sleepless week. Irritated, earth and fire – don’t mix. Use the Insomnia energy well. Are  you having insomnia like I am?

Happy Belated BIRTHDAY to Robert Crumb born August 30, 1943 

A Quadruple planeted VIRGO with Mars in Gemini, exactly Qunicunx to  Mercury and Neptune in LIBRA!!!!

VENUS enters VIRGO Sept 3 as well to add to the saucy earthy mix.

We’re gonna get down and dirty then clean up the mess immediately after.

Full Moon in PISCES coming Sept 8.

Gotta go. I am obsessed with this but I have to sleep. I may be writing less as I am gathering my stuff together and will be on the road for a few days. Recycle my articles. blessings love you. PAss it on. Less than 25 more followers and I am finally at 11,000.

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Inspirational Card of the Day,manifestation,Taurus, Cinco de Mayo

Inspirational Card of the Day

Cinco de Mayo

Page/Princess of Disks, coins, pentacles

page of  discs

There are many variations on this card

Fey Tarot knave/page/princess of discs

the Fey Tarot called Knave of Pentacles

This card has many names, it is the  Earth of the Earth Elements

in the I Ching this would be the Hexagram of the Receptive # 2 called K’un

I ching Hexagram Tara Tarot

MEANING  of The Receptive

Totally Feminine,all of Nature, Reality, physical plane

The Judgement in the I Ching says

“The RECEPTIVE brings about sublime success,

If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead.

He goes astray; But if he follows, he finds guidance.”

The Lesson

Grounding, the Palace of the Earth,learning,

We are all students of the earth school. Do your work,

stay in your body, Be one with nature,gardening, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

New studies,focus, manifestation, good news financially. Build new wealth.


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Day 4 of Scorpio Super Moon 5 5 5, the Elements, ritual and Astrology byTara Greene

I do apologize for this 4th step being Late. Things suddenly got very hectic here. Since Mars has moved direct -only 3 weeks ago- we seem to be flying at top speed again.

So, we are now working on the 4th element. First was Fire, May 1st,the EAST: 2nd day Water in the SOUTH, 3rd Day Earth in the WEST, today the 4th day Aire

To begin the ceremony cast a circle always moving clockwise. You can walk it three times or invoke it or trace it,

You will need 4 candles, First cleanse your self with incense or smudge, cedar, sweet grass, sage. You will need extra incense,

Light a candle for the EAst, call in the Fires spirits, then moving to the South, call in the water spirits, then in the West,call in the earth spirits,

Now in the North direction, place some incense there so you can watch the smoke  from it send its cleansing energy up to heaven,revealing the air currents, the drafts.

Light a white candle for the North, invoke the spirits of the winds,of air, of an open mind

AIR- the winds, the mind, swords are the traditional symbol of the mind, cutting through, discernment.

Clouds block a clarity of mind. Disperse all the clouds that block your inner clarity.

thought clouds

Invoke SOPHIA, Goddess of Wisdom,to come and teach you how to be wise,

Goddess Sophia

 invoke the Higher master teachers who dwell in the north,to teach you,

 ask  to open your Mind to receive,

invoke clarity, breathe in the incense, breath out as if you are the wind, breathe in with deep focus and clarity,

be with the air, breathe, the gift of life is the Breath, each breath is precious,

Sit and still your mind, watch your breath, count slowly backwards from 100 with each out breath,

slow everything down, when your mind is clear, and blank and as open as a big bright blue sky,

Call upon the ENlightened teachers and Sophia to bestow their wisdom upon you, 

Hagia Sophia Wisdom, God's Mother

say out loud my Mind is an empty open book, I am ready to receive knowledge

allow the wisdom,as drops of nectar to flow into your mind, sweetening up your crown chakra,

the opening in the top of your head,

be aware of how every sound you utter, ever word you say, which is an extension of your breath creates a new reality

just as the first sound uttered AAAUMMMMM created the Universe..

allow your self to make sounds, to sound, no words are formed, just let your lungs and your breath flow out un- rehearsed and un-self-consciously making sounds,

this is very healing, sound for as long as loud and be as open and unself-conscious as possible,

stay as  receptive as you can be.

Breathe out all negativity, breathe out all stuck energy,

notice how your breath enters the space around you just as the incense does,

 all breath and air are interconnected, the same as the atmosphere, the stratosphere, the cosmos, the galaxy

all is one breath,,,,

When you feel emptied when your lungs and throat are rested, feel how clear your mind is, how empty.

You will keep your mind empty, you will discern what enters your mind scape or not,

YOu will remain aware of each breath you take, and how precious the gift of Life is.

When you feel ready close the circle, thank all the spirits in turn, from east to North,

state the circle is open but unbroken.

 a lovely song called THE WIND: sung by Laura Nyro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XoCdBWLv4s

Day 3 of Super Moon in Scorpio approach. Wesak, Tara Greene

I hope you’ve been enjoying our 5 days of ceremony and ritual leading up to the big Cinco De MAyo, Super Moon, Scorpio full Moon and numerology 555 important day.

The Full Moon in May always in Taurus is the Buddha’s moon, called Wesak. commemorating the Buddha’s complete enlightenment under the bodhi tree, the buddha made the mudra or hand yoga, as he touched the earth with his fingers, to signify his earthly embodiment of having reached enlightenment with Mother earth as his witness. Significantly the number 5 for five fingers, the earliest counting systems. 5, 10, 20.

So we are working with the 3rd element of earth today as we progress. First day was fire, 2nd day Water.

Earth, it is time to get dirty with the earth. Walk barefoot, go to a forest or park and walk barefoot. feel your feet kissing the earth as you walk and the earth stimulating and applying live reflexology to your feet. Dig in the earth, plant seeds. on the upcoming Scorpio full Moon will be the most fecund and fruitful and plants will sprout the fastest on this moon.  Also the best day in the year to get your haircut on if you want it to grow very quickly.

The west is the place of Earth. It is the physical plane opposite spirit in the East. The Earth is the resting place of the body in death. The earth represents physical feminine nurturing from our mothers, from the womb. Earth is all feminine, it is receptivity, place of birth and death, it is the place of dreams and darkness, it is restful, earth is body knowing, intuition, it is real.

So sit in your sacred circle, in the direction of the West, breathe slowly in through your nose out your mouth, become aware of all your senses, empty your body so you can feel it more directly. Lay down and go into a dream scape, see your body alive and see your self in death,see your funeral, imagine what it wil be like. who will be there? who is mourning you? What did you wish most that you had done in your life?

Contemplate this and if tears come up let them flow.  Being aware of your impending death helps you to live more fully in the present.

Do this for as long as you need. come back into your circle, always thank the directions you originally called in for being present, and always release them before you come out of your circle. Always honour the clockwise directions.

Come out of your circle and write down 5 things which you will begin to contemplate, then put into action on the Scorpio full Moon.

Feel those impulses and ground them in your body.

If you need further guidance for ritual and an astrology reading. These are portent times: taragreene@sacredartscentre.com

DAy 4 Friday will be the Air element.

May 1 May Day Beltane fire sex fertility earthy pagan celebration Astrology from Tara Greene

May Day is the ancient pagan Beltane fire celebration of the Maypole Dance  the phallic dance of  fertility. Beltane fires are lit atop hilltops.

Revelers intertwine ribbons and dance around the MayPole. Traditionally masked young men and women would meet as strangers in the night, to mate,on the earth, in the bonfire shadows, to surrender to the natural desires of Spring,budding life and new passion running in their veins. Children conceived at Beltane were considered sacred and special and born around St. Brigid’s day, also a Fiery Goddess.


 We are moving with the round of the year, May 1st marks the cross-quarter, half- way point between Spring and Summer Solstice now. The days are lengthening in the Northern hemisphere. Conversely, pagans are celebrating Halloween or Samhain down under, the Witches New year. It is the Day of the Dead in the southern Hemisphere and the fire festival of renewed life in the northern half.

Go with the flow, the natural flow or CHI  of earth energy. Celebrate the renewed life force. You don’t have to be pagan to commune with the masculine life force rising.

The waxing Earthy Virgo Moon conjuncts Mars -@ 1:27 am PDT/ 4:27 am EDT to lend a perfect  mirror.

There are more Grand Trines between Virgo Moon and Mars, Pluto in Capricorn and Sun in Taurus.

It’s an excellent time to conceive tonight, literally with the cosmic golden Triangles blessings, if not a physical child then any creative means of self-expression. Explore more soulful { PLuto}  avenues of work and service {VIRGO} , and simply allow your body sense and feelings [ TAURUS}  to walk your silent minded talk. Celebrate being in the BODY! MAke  love, dance with passion around the bonfire!

I see May Day as the first day to a 5 day ceremonial uprising and celebration.

With the upcoming 5 5 5 , also Cinco de Mayo, Wesak, and an incredibly powerful once a year extra sexy Scorpio FULL MOON coming up

use MAY DAY as a synchronic potent fiery spirit initiation to ritually totally transform your life, in balancing  completing and fullfilling YOU with the precious 5th element in your life.

So start May day  DAY 1 – with honouring the FIRE element. It’s prefect! Fire= EAST, RED, passion, MARS, Phallic, beginnings

ALWAYS smudge,your self first to cleanse and purify your self before you do any ceremony or sacred ritual using sacred cedar, sweet grass, sage or incense.

Always cast a sacred circle, delineating sacred space from profane space. You can sprinkle it with blessed water, or simply intend it,

Use candles which match the elements: In the  Native American tradition:

Yellow for FIRE, Red for WATER,  BLACK for EARTH, White for AIR, Blue or RED  for spirit.

Different traditions associate different elements to different directions depending on where they live geographically. May seem confusing but it makes sense. If you live on the west coast Water,the ocean is in the west, etc. Puru uses a different system and animal emblems.

Beginning in the south with the coiled serpent {Kundalini energy} Innocence,the past,

moving to the west the Jaguar, death and rebirth,earth

to the north,air beautiful sweet nectar drinking hummingbird,

and finally to the East, fire, the Sun and the Condor soaring with spirit.

The 5th element is all our relations, all the peoples, teachers, creatures and the Star nations,

Once in you’re sacred space always move clock-wise,

May Day, 1= FIRE,  May 2- WATER, May 3 -EARTH, May 4 – AIR,  May 5 = SPIRIT/SOUL

Use whatever associations you like to the 4 elements, whatever has personal resonance with you, use it.

to learn more about the elements go to my website: http://taratarotweb.tripod.com/id21.html

I’ll post helpers for each days ceremony.

Practical {Taurus}  Go with the energetic flow.

Blessings TARA

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