daily tarot inspiration Happy Passover from Tara Greene

I am a one woman operation and sometimes its hard to keep up. 

March 25 Happy Passover to the Tribes of Jewish people

Daily Tarot from my trusty THOTH Tarot deck 

5 Wands STRIFE

Thoth Tarot Tara Greene Toronto psychic

seems appropriate to the Passover story,I wasn’t thinking of that honestly…

Moses having to keep at it, Pharaoh of Egypt refusing to “let my people go”

ever striving.

Saturn in LEO is the astrology attribute 

Your will may be  blocked

Question AUTHORITY! Occupy Movement is all about this

all 5’s are tests.

when life seems to be blocking you- you have a choice

you can either see the glass half full or half empty

The energies are at odds today in the skies

Be honest about your own shortcomings

but don’t let others’ opinions defeat you.

Wands are Fire power. Fire power is ascending.


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Twilight of the betwixt eclipses Astrology Tara Greene

Its been a crazy week, Mercury Retrograde now in Scorpio

How was it for you?

That Total Scorpio eclipse which shook a few feathers, caused a bunch of arguments, people are coming and going in your life now,right?

the old falls away and the new begins.

Where is 22 Scorpio in your natal chart? what aspects did the eclipse make in your chart- shows what is being transformed where and how

we are all in for PSYCHOLOGICAL shakedown for the next 2 years.


serious business and the good old boys club is feeling strong-

for now

and good time to get determined on long-term projects

Israel Astrology chart

that Scorpio Total eclipse fell directly opposite Israel’s TAurus Sun

and square to  her Saturn and Mars in LEO

so out come her BIG GUNS

I fear Israel may fulfill the Judgement day prophecy and wipe herself off the map with this kind of action. Egypt is no friend to her anymore. I am not a Zionist. and thousands of Israeli’s are protesting but they don’t run the government.

Die before you die is a spiritual maxim- but not literally.

Shady dealings and shadows coming out all over the place and more to come.

Moon squared Pluto 11/16 did you feel that!

Sun conjuncts Mercury today in late Scorpio

we are betwixt 2 very powerful eclipses

I am off to deliver an Astrology lecture, my printer wasn’t working, getting threatening bills from the cable company because they mixed something up,you know… very busy

stay centered breathe

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Solar Flare alert-Black Hole Sun-Full Moon, 4th of JULY,Tara Greene Psychic Astrology

We are in a very high CME Coronal Mass Ejection period. Very high magnitude solar flares  July 2 and more expected almost X-class, m3.8 have been reported.

see http://www.spaceweather.com/ for up to the minute news

THE SUN is the heart,the Source of our solar system. If the Sun is showing sun spots which are visible to the naked eye, the Sun is  speaking to us VERY LOUDLY  in Solar Logos or solar flair pictograms.

FULL MOON July 3 @ 11:53 am PDT/ 2:53 pm EDT/ 6:53 pm GMT

and a very powerful FULL MOON at that. Ushering in the U.S. 4th of July BIRTHDAY CELEB.

The MOON is situated @ 12 degrees CAPRICORN, directly opposite is conjunct Fixed Star SIRIUS, and the U.S. SUN

the SIRIANS are a highly evolved spiritual group of entities who are overseeing humanities leap into higher dimensional frequencies.

Sirius was the Star of very bright magnitude which the Egyptians worshipped as OSIRUS.Sirius rising signalled the annual flooding of the Nile hence fertility and continued life.

PLUTO Retrograde is conjunct the MOON  making this a very SOULFUL deep, powerful and  intensely felt  full moon.

We are in the midst of the first Pluto Uranus squares which started June 24 XACT. These outer planets produce generational changing world events. ALways best to look into the past to check this out.

The last time the 2 planets squared off was in 1932-34 at 20-24 degrees Aries- Uranus to Pluto in Cancer. Note that Saturn is currently opposite to that Uranian placement and square to that PLuto placement, further highlighting the karmic intensity of what was shall be underscored now for deeper meaning. We are condemned to repeat the past if we don’t learn from our mistakes. That is KARMA plain and simple.

This time period saw the GREAT Depression, FDR’s New Deal, creation of FDIC,CCC and FCC.

The rise of dictators Hitler, Stalin and Mao- the great murderer of all time. Fascism is on the rise. Not just neo-nazis, or anti-Muslims, but the new NDAA law in the U.S. can mean anyone who mentions conspiracy theories or who speaks against the state, this is not CHINA, can be thrown in jail with out trial for up to 90 days. people could be disappearing soon. Hitlerian fascism is back. in Canada Stephen Harper has renamed Canada’s government in his own brand name! WTF!!!

ON a more positive note many important scientific discoveries were made in quantum mechanics and radio astronomy.

There could be a danger of Japan’s failed Nuclear power reactors being damaged through high tides on the this PLUTONIC full MOON.  Solar flares can also interfere with any computers. We are all very vulnerable with our dependence on new technology.

Just a few days ago Sun opposed Pluto with the Uranus Square and Mars entering Libra today will further amp it up.

This is all potential quite explosive.

The Sun OUR STAR, our LIGHT, our father, as progenitor, who art in Heaven, is speaking to us.

 The SOLAR LOGOS is just coming to me as I write this. It is something Stuart Wilde,a writer and spiritual teacher I have read, attended lectures and respect talks about, It comes from metaphysical visionary Rudolph Steiner. Stuart says the Solar Logos is the Returned Christ Light. This is a good thing.

People born during 32-34 who are now hitting 80 are going through enormous change and potential liberation. People who’s natal planets are being affected by these transits may be choosing to leave the planet.

I wrote this late last night. Was looking for something on the net and went to look at photos I took from almost one year ago  exactly at the MOCCA opening for This is Paradise in Toronto. I was looking at some great portraits, one was of an old friend of my husband and myself, artist Sybil Goldstein. I thought oh what a great photo of her we’ll have to go see her soon. She has this funky little country place at an old leftist Jewish Mother and babe’s camp callled Camp Nyveldt or new world, 

Artists Sybil Goldstein RIP photo by Tara Greene

Went to sleep. Woke up, went to FB only to find out that Sybil had passed away suddenly yesterday night! A big shock.

I send Sybil many blessings, she was a strong woman,a very talented artist, a devoted mother of one son.

We hardly know anything. For me to do my best psychic work I have to be in a state of not knowing, humility.

Life is always  unexpected. The sudden death of a friend punctuated with solar flares and on a Full Moon packs an even more powerful punch through our hearts. It is always a good day to die. One cannot live unless one confronts death and change.

then I found this  http://www.openhandweb.org/healthy_relationship_death

We hardly know anything. To be fully alive is to not know, allowing conscious awareness, and the Light in.

The URANUS PLUTO SQUARES and the SOLAR FLARES and you can rap it too. impacts each one of us with the fact that all we can do is love totally, live at 200%, be present, give, be conscious. Ask for forgiveness from our humanness.

Sybil painted the Cameron House Art Bar’s Queen West landmark hot spot’s ceiling wth cherubs. She was part of the Chromaliving collective and  a well known Toronto artist for 30 years.

Sybil Goldstein Toronto artist

I leave you with one of her paintings which seems to illustrate the Capricorn Full Moon.

With every death there is a rebirth.

I leave you with this song by one of my fave singers LAURA NYRO and when I die


blessings TARA

Goodbye Mars in VIRGO, how’s your health? Astrology memoirs from Tara Greene

MARS, planet of men, war, libido, action, defenses, entered VIRGO, 6th sign of the ZODIAC  November 11, 2011

Mars in VIrgo  astrology Tara Greene

Yes that’s right! 11:11:11  that very powerful master number,in numerology. That’ s significant in itself.

If you know about the 11:11 phenomena it is a pre-encoded memory jogger to remind humanity that we are actually spiritually enlightened beings housed in this temporal fragile  human body.

VIRGO is a Feminine earth sign. Mars was loitered around polishing his big boots in the 6th house of work,  servants, community, health, discipline, budgets, accounting, analysis and criticism.

Virgo is an ancient constellation whose symbol is the VIRGIN GODDESS of the harvest and ruled by planet Mercury, just as GEMINI is. 

 Mars loitered around polishing his big boots in the 6th house of work, servants, community, health, discipline, budgets, accounting, analysis and criticism. That interminably extra long Retrograde period started GROUNDHOG DAY – April 13 2012 which felt like the days the earth stood still. Nothing was moving! Remember?

So now finally at last, Mars moves into LIBRA sign of KARMIC  JUSTICE , July 3 on a FULL MOON till Aug 23. 

For a fast-moving planet like MARS to spend about 8 months in one sign, norm being 2 months, whats up wit dat?

Men have been initiated into the FEMININE  VIRGO EARTH realm.

Lets review our 7 months and 23 days Mars pregnancy !

pregnancy for men

MONSANTO’S GMO demon seeds have been outlawed in many European countries. Virgo= HARVEST. No harvest with GMO

OBAMA health care has been initiated.Women’s rights in health care has been  newsworthy. 

The European economy has gone through budget crisees bailing out Greece, Spain, Italy. If these measures are not VIRGO sound, the European economy will fold. Perhaps on purpose.

Mars was Trine Pluto and Jupiter for part of that time. T’was good for early  Taurus and Capricorn


VIRGO rules the intestines and I had three weeks during the Retro of difficulty digesting. I spoke to many people who had the same problem. How bout you?

VIRGO rules organizing, accounting and accountability. We have seen signs that people, corporations, police, governments have been held more accountable for their actions.

11:11:11  was a very spiritual experience for me and a lot of people. I was in Sedona with friends to celebrate and do special ceremonies. The Retro beginning on GROUNDHOG DAY is LOL symbolic and just like the Bill Murray movie’ s message. We are repeating our old outworn masculine power over shit until we finally GET IT!

 VIRGO is an intelligent sign. The old patriarchal structures,  hardline, separation stuff  doesn’t work anymore. All that machismo has raped the earth for the last 5,000 years. It can’t continue or no one will survive.

The US and Isreal could’ve gone ahead and attacked IRAN but they did not!- that’s MArs Retrograde – not budging.

VENUS, Mars paramour was Retrograde and had the historic once in a lifetime final tango with the Sun. Venus just went DIRECT June 27. I was away leading workshops at the GRAIL LADY FAIRE at that time and wasnt able to write about it.

Old lovers and friends may have shown up in your life during the Mars retro; old patterns appeared in yer face to see them and work through them. Often painful  but necessary. Issues around your work, like it or hate it have been mulled over,but wait till Mars in Scorpio to act.

Discipline, health, diet, yoga,retooling your work, organizing, renovating, these were all Mars in Virgo issues. Much reading and re-reading- Virgos love BOOKS. Were you polishing up your S & M gear while reading 50 Shades of Grey in anticipation of Mars in Scorpio?

Lets give thanks to Mars in Virgo for grounding us, literally.

we’re all ready for a fresh sign. MARS in LIBRA

is debilitated in LIBRA it’s the sign opposite his own of ARIES.

Past loves and old friends that came up in th past few months should get a KARMIC rebooting and/or rebalancing over then next  7 weeks.

Tarot TRUMP JUSTICE Tara Greene

Victorian Tarot Deck, Justice # 8 or #11

Then things really get hot as Mars stays in Scorpio till Oct 7th.

Mars in Libra hi lites BALANCE in relationships,karmic comeuppance, great parties,lazing about,money, values, art.

MARS conjunct SATURN AUG 15- so mark that day in RED on your calendars.

This combo is reputed to be the heaviest, karmic, accident prone explosive aspect.

Stay positive, all our thoughts and emotional states are manifesting directly so fast now.

Bless all experiences that come to you. Process them,let go, move on.

Mars in Libra reminds me of the Egyptian Goddess MA’AT

Egyptian myths Libra Karma

She weighs the hearts of the dead on herLIBRAN scales of Justice against her ostrich feather plume crown. IF one’s heart is heavier than the feather, the deceased person must go back to earth and finish lightening their hearts before they can truly move on to HEAVEN.

Musical accompaniment is DONOVAN – Wear your love like heaven http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i0zq91Ocz0

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Blessings TARA

Summer, Astrology of Cancer,Your chariot awaits, Astrology, Tarot from Tara Greene

Yes SUMMER is officially here. The Sun is in Cancer, Sign of the Crab, along with the Moon right now and Mercury but only till the 25th.

5 more days left to enjoy communicating{ Mercury} through the emotional filter { Sign} of Cancer 

Cancer, Leo and Virgo are the 3 signs governing the Summer quadrant of the Year’s circle.

 Summer begins as the Sun touches the Tropic of Cancer the northernmost latitude it reaches is 23.5 degrees

At Summer Solstice we state what it is we are pregnant with,nourishing, nurturing feeding, watching over, our literal children or all of our creations, ideas, desires, feelings. We carry this and give birth, and the fields, flowers, produce grows, soaks up the sun’s most intense rays in Leo and is finally ready to be Harvested under the sign of Virgo the Virgin Goddess of the Grain. In agricultural societies all life depended on the food grown, the produce that would be stored, dried, preserved,for life to continue safely and securely.

The sign of Cancer rules the Mother and the mothering prinicle.It is ruled by the Moon herself. The Moon is the Goddess aspect always. The earliest calendars discovered showed 28 dots on them and were created by menstruating women or men following the moon’s cycle and women’s menstrual cycles which work in tandem.

Cancer is water,the womb, feelings, emotions, moods, instincts, the oceans, wells, home, safety, security, emotional needs, food, nurturing, safety, security, nurses, caretakers, support workers, caves, river deltas, roots, nests,the root chakra, the womb, memories, the Unconscious, your childhood, flow, the Goddess Diana, all Moon Goddesses, and all Female Goddesss priginate with the Moon. Mother Earth/Mother Moon.

All Lunar ruled creatures, nocturnal ones, cats, owls, all night prowlers, animals that lay their eggs at night,wolves, shellfish,oysters, mollusks,lobsters,

water beds, rocking chairs, ocean voyages, cruises, sensory deprivation tanks, dreams, incubators, tents,yurts, tipis,

Cancer rules the stomach, breasts,

IN the Tarot Cancer is the Sign associated with Tarot Trump # 7 THE CHARIOT

so here’s a few chariots that you can safely sit in and contemplate your pregnancy with

artist Joana Vasconcelos at Versailles “Lilicopter”

artist Versailles Joana Vasconcelos

In Ancient Egypt the Summer Sign was symbolized by the Scarab beetle before it was associated with the Crab. The scarab or dung beetle rolled its ball of dung and was seen to be like a God rolling the golden orb of the Sun across the skies. The dung beetle was the shepherd or charioteer assisting the Sun’s passage in the sky. The scarab is a symbol of immortality.  The sign of Cancer symbolized alchemy because the insect was a lowly creature, ordinary, lowly turning with its’ labours dung into worth = gold.

dragon chariot of Medea 4th century B.C.Medea in her dragon chariot 4th

The esoteric meaning of Cancer is that the CHARIOT is the VEHICLE, the means of travel.

The Chariot symbolizes the Body as Vehicle for the Soul.  

Chariot cancer Astrology Tara Greene

this is the Chariot from the Visconti Tarot deck Italy, 1500’s.

Our Mother’s bodies were our personal chariot’s. They nurtured and carried us, gave birth to us through their VAGINA’s,  the VAGINA can also be seen as a road, a passageway, a tunnel to the outside world from inner earth.

The Hopi Indian‘s s say they emerged from inside of the earth.

Empress Tarot

 We inCARnate from the ethers,  spirit always speaks in puns= chariot = car

Here’s a very modern take on The Chariot fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s Chariot with Pamela Anderson

Tarot Cards Pamela Anderson The Chariot

from spirit, from fractals, quantum bits of energy, carbon, star-dust, gold to become forged and formed within our mother’s wombs. Mother is the Universal  source for all life, She is our safety, our security,in the dark with only her heartbeat to beat the rhythm of our journey. When we gaze at the moon we instinctively remember her womb.

So during the month of Cancer, feel your body. Be near water, drink lots of water, feel pregnant,  swelling, expanding, bonded, needing to nest, eating well, resting, listening to your tummy.

Cancer’s gemstone although not actually a stone  is the PEARL

Pearl Cancer gemstone Astrology

The Pearl of great price and great Wisdom

Like the lotus which grows from mud, and the lowly dung beetle which rolls its ball of dung, the beautiful iridescent moon like pearl  is formed from a single grain of sand.

You won’t be lacklustre curing Cancer month. You can turn every irritating or single grain of sand into a beautiful pearl.

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 In the usual strange synchronicity two of the chariot images I found were all related to MEDEA, I found a Georges Braque sculptur of Medea’s chariot, and the other dragon pulled Medea’s chariot which I thought was more appropriate in a DRAGON year.  Medea is  the dark mother, which is related more to the 2nd water sign SCORPIO, We will get deeply into SCorpio water’s soon enough when Lord of KArma SATURN DR. D. enters Scorpio on  Oct, 5 Sexy scorpio coming up. more later…

The Summer of Love 2012, Retro, Unexpected, Solstice astrology from Tara Greene

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere 2012 starts June 20 @ 4:09 pm PDT/ 7:09 pm  EDT

Winter arrives in the Southern Hemisphere  – 6 months to You KNow What!

Since I live/love on the top half of the world I  forecast Northern Hemisphere  Astrology 

Summer Astrology Tara Greene Toronto

click onthe chart to view larger

The Astrology chart,  the blueprint for the next 3 months  shows an exploding WHOOPEE CUSHION of Gargantuan proportions with {Soul} Pluto Retrograde opposite the newly minted Cancer 2012 Sun also in a tight square to Revolutionary Uranus -exact in 4 days.

we’re sweatin’ already, Egypt is once more in major melt down mode, the economy! forget it. Its creaking over the line, there’s only so many false crutches the FED can pretend to hold this dung heap of a fiscal sham together before ….

the rules of the world are changin… like Mr. Dylan said in 1964- “He/she not busy being born, is busy dying”

The MOON, ruler of our feelings is also being held hostage by Pluto and sitting pretty at the mid 15th degree of Cancer warming a spot for the Sun.

“bringin it all back home” was the aptly titled album   Feeling INSECURE anyone??

The trigger she is pulled very tight. Iran, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Greece,

Moon and Mercury are squared by a sobering reality check { sounds like hocket terminology} from Saturn Retrograde – only 5 days more  serious “I’ve got nothin left to lose feelings.” Sounds a lot like the USA has turned into one Grand Ole country music hurtin song.

not to mention Canada who should be screaming the blues from being held hostage by the Conservative Fundamentalist Terrorist, its arrogant undemocratic Prime Minister

“somebody’s gonna get a hurtin’.”- Canadian Indian comedian Russel Peters.   It’s cryin’ time again

+ Neptune  Retro and Chiron {the wounded healer} in Spiritual forgiveness sign of Pisces both square Jupiter and Retro Venus {going direct June 27} in GEMINI- cant make up their mind/hearts

and that’s  a BIG HURTIN’  HEALIN’  from reversed polarities , WTF is going on man? Old loves, new hurts, new loves, old hurts, I YI Yi!

as above so below…The North Node in Sagittarius{ highest spritual goal}  is opposite Venus

 South Node  { the past} is conjunct Venus and Jupiter . Love can feel like BIG tooth ache Love, if you hang onto those old sticky achy breaky heart stories as they both Square Neptune and Chiron. LOVE HURTS.  These planets perform a love hurts  extraction  contraption as they both Square Neptune and CHiron.

It’s the only Up and Up place to go, North Node Sagittarius  is TRUTH Optimism, the Galactic Center 

enough is enough already. let the tears flow, feel the wounds, and then healing happens…

Lay down your arms. The song that I intutited for the Solstice is by Sade

Mr. Dylan again. “It’s alright Ma,it’s Life and Life only.”


simplify your life. do what holds real emotion for you. we are being changed on a DNA level now.

Be pro-active, Choose your destiny,you are not a victim of life unless you are unconscious. it just appears that way

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Soldier of Love by SADE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR5_rTCi-Bo

5/23/2012=555 Numerology, get high,free,deep into the Mystic Astrology advice from Tara Greene

I’ve been away teaching up at the beautiful Grail Springs Spa Retreat www.grailsprings.com in Bancroft Ontario Canada for 3 days over the Victoria day long weekend in Canada.

I also led a ceremony there to anchor the Solar Eclipse and especially the spiritual kundalini roots of Neptune energy along the planetary grid lines which were exactly on Bancroft,and Toronto and aligned with Poseidon’s-  NEPTUNE‘s Temple in Greece, the Oracle in Delphi, and Angkor Wat, Cambodia for the May 20 Zero degrees Gemini solar eclipse.

It felt incredibly GROUNDING at the Grail, we were outside, a group of about 22 people including 4 men, standing in a circle by the Chalice lake,it was very beautiful, I felt angels come in and surround the circle. One of the participants mentioned seeing an Anhk symbol, the Egyptian symbol of eternal life.

 Eternal Life ankh sacred Egyptian symbolHow was your Solar eclipse experience? PLEASE leave your comments

Wed. May 23 s a May =5, 23= 5 2012= 5 another 555 and a repeat performance of the same energy on a higher level.

Please see my video on what the 555 symbol means: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7rpzMY20Kw

and my original 555 article https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2012/05/05/may-5-2012cinco-de-mayowesak-5-5-5-big-fat-super-moonscorpio-transcendance-ritual-astrologytara-greene/

PLUS the astrology elements total support this its an amazing day-

MOON enters CANCER @ 4:31 am PDT/ 7:31 am EDT

mood is sensitive, needs emotional security, eating is very important, nurturing, home, mothering, care taking, it’s easy to cry on a Cancer moon,

PLANTING your vegetable gardens?  EXCELLENT TIME now -May 23- May 25 @ 3:11 pm PDT/ 6:11 pm PDT

Moon in CANCER is  a Feminine water sign one of the best to plant on, or cut your hair on if you want it to grow quickly.


I have a great little organic garden in my backyard and I planted some beans and peas and chard and lettuce from seed on the May 5 Scorpio Full Moon which BTW is the best Moon to have rapid growth on. I will plant the rest and mulch and add compost and do a fertility dance on the earth.

Ladies menstrual blood was the original super fertilizer, it still is.  If you are “ON YOUR MOON” if you use those cups just save your sacred blood and mix it with water and water the earth with it. you can also soak your pads – hopefully they are non chlorinated, green pads, or cotton pads in water and pour that on your garden or flower pots, balcony garden etc. Use tampons ONLY if they are organic cotton, otherwise NEVER use tampons as all commercial varieties are very toxic, they cause cervical, uterine and ovarian cancers and most likely breast cancer as well.


May 23 Moon Trine NEPTUNE @ 1:42 pm EDT  + Sun square NEPTUNE @ 4:55 pm EDT

Book off work- pretend to suddenly get sick at lunch and go home-

In this 3 hour period and before then- don’t eat to heavy a lunch,try to avoid eating meat today,

definitely meditate, dream, fantasize, create, make love, smell the roses,

ask your Guardian angels to come and converse with you loud and clear,

smudge, do ceremony, get in a ritual bath, use lavender oil, put rose petals in the bath,

sing, dance, write, make art, read poetry, do yoga, create create create.

WOW dream awake your dream. Make a dream mandala, a wish list…

here’s some music to accompany that ITCHYCOO PARK by the Small Faces http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoPaBa6Ms6Y&feature=fvst

get grounded after all that amazing dream play because

Fasten your seat belts! @ 7:30 pm PDT/10:30 pm EDT the Cancer moon squares Uranus

there’s an emotional explosion to your gut feelings,a  wake up call for freedom, time to leave your old emotional security baggage behind-GOOD RIDDANCE! and hop on the first plane to freedom out-of-town.

remember we are in high alert emotional tune up times!!


@ 10:34pm PDT Moon opposes PLUTO @ 9 degrees Cancer/Capricorn

This is staring your shadow in the eye!  YES this is your deep SHIT coming up!

Ego stuff, is clearing and so people will be transparent now. Also watch your stomach as it will register any deeply held,secret power struggles, rage, control issues, victim/victimizer issues that need to be felt let out so you can receive the next astrological aspects

Moon TRINES CHIRON @ 11:30 pm PDT

these aspects occur on the 24th @ 1:34 am Moon opp. Pluto EDT

and 2:30 am Moon trine Chiron EDT

Moon trine CHIRON is an exceptionally healing energy! a blessing a boon.

Chiron was a centaur just like us Saggitarius folks like me. In the Greek Myths, Chiron rasied and trained Asclepius to be a healer. Asclepius healing rod showed two entwined snakes on it, which is still used as the insignia of all Medical doctors  to this day

Aclepius/Chiron healing

                              The Cadeusis is a Doctor’s Medical symbol of healing which has its’ origins in Ancient Greece from CHIRON and Asclepius

So this is VERY powerful spiritual healing coming at you.

Chiron was an immortal healer, now of service to us down below  from above in the constellation of Ophiuchus {not really the 13th constellation}

It’s all in perfect order and harmony, Trine, oppositon trine…

My sense is the energy is ramping up faster and higher.

It’s 12 days till the next eclipse the Lunar one in Sagittarius and only 13 days till the VENUS transit June 5-6.

Let go of everything that has been standing in the way, get centered get real, forget all trivialities,

It’s all about soul work and staying at peak spiritual form,

I am hear to guide you: get a reading use this link:  http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

 more updates shortly!!!

and here’s something I came upon looking for 555 and it links THE HOLY GRAIL with Newfoundland and Labrador


Earth Day,3 day New Moon,Taurus month,No bull Astrology by Tara Greene

 It’s Earth Day April 22 and how appropriate for Sun Moon Jupiter to be in the first earth sign Taurus. Some nice numerology 4/22 power and enlightenment. 22= the fool. speaking of Bulls, wasn’t Ferdianand considered foolish? but very wise was he, he loved roses.

Taurus ancient constellation

our ancient ancestors worshipped the Bull constellation Taurus shown here with primary stars the Pleiades and Orion

From April 19-May 20 It’s the time of the sacred Bull

Modern bull worship Wall street

From Pre-history our ancient ancestors worshipped the BUll and painting hundreds of drawings in the caves of Lascaux France.

Now in America HOw do we we worship the bull? We eat ’em by the millions in the form of hamburgers, steaks, etc and we use the image of the Bulls strength and power in the modern worship of Taurus, Wall Street. The Bull looms Large.

Nandi, Shiva's Sacred Cow

Shiva's sacred cow Nandi Cow's are Holy and never eaten by Hindu's

For thousands of years in India, Hindu’s never eat cows as they are considered Holy. Shiva‘s sacred vehicle, all the god’s reside in the cow.

 In the Age of Taurus, 6,000 years ago, Bull’s were worshipped. Agriculture  begun, and the Bull was the animal that enabled humanity to settle down from being nomadic. In Ancient Egypt they celebrated the festival of the Apis Bull for seven days. The scared bulls were paraded through the streets in a holy procession. Any child who smelled the breath of  the Apis bulls were considered to receieve the ability to predict the future.  The bulls themselves were considered oracles. Food was offered to the Apis bull while a question was asked, if the bull ate the food it was a good omen and if he rejected it that was considered  bad. Yes Apis bulls and bees are related.  Taurus wa the sign, the constellation which heralded the Spring equinox in ancient Egypt, not Aries as we are accustomed to.

The Moon is associated with Taurus, and the glyph looks like the waxing and waning moon or a bull’s horns  the vull with the sun between horns

The Moon is considered to be exalted in Taurus, Venus is Taurus Ruling planet.

The ancient Minoan civilization of CRETE is probably best known for its acrobatic games of BUll Jumping. This was a Cirque du Soleil ancestor.

Crete Minoan Civilization

Bulls were considered sacred to the Goddess.

the Lacota Sioux Native American’s worship the Bull  as White Buffallo Woman who brought the most sacred Medicine pipe to this tribe

White Buiffallo Woman sacred bringer of the pipe

Since Bulls were once considered {and still are in India}, so HOLY and their meat not eaten. Modern western culture has turned the Bull worship upside down and we now shit on the Bull,whereas  in India cow dung was considered prescious and used for fuel. We have become big Bull shitters ourselves, we have no more sacred Cows, except the bottom dollar B.S. of Wall street and the almighty buck, but that’s another animal.

So in hacing turned the sacred cow into a profane burger we  become BULLIES in all aspects of ours culture. I loved finding that story about the Apis Bull’s breath and how children breathing it become prophetic. We are just now realising that bullying is dangerous, after having all been bullied by this top down, bullying, male dominated hierarchical structure. That is the negative bull. The archetype of Ferdinand, the soft feminine bull the server, is the real holy cow. 

So lets savour our Taurus month here which begins with a Taurus New moon April 21 with  Jupiter at 17 degrees of  Taurus plus Asteroids Ceres the Earth Mother herself at 4 degrees of Taurus, plus Lillith at 14 degrees. There is a Grand Trine in earth on the New moon  which also lasts till the 23rd. Virgo’s  and Capricorn get the big benefits. Lets not forget that Scorpio, Taurus opposite sign is always involved.

 – 10 ways to worship the BULL

1. Have delightful rose scented baths 2. eat lots of decadent chocolate 3. get &  give massages 4. don’t B.S.  anyone 5. eat very well, 6. garden 7. walk in Nature 8. don’t eat beef, 9. sit, dont do 10. enjoy being in the Garden of Eden and share it. Taurus rules the throat and they like to talk, although slowly. Yes get in the dirt and get down and dirty, plant your seeds that’s what Taurus time is all about.

Taurus is about the body, you Are your body,your soul needs the body, it is your temple, treat it well.

Taurus energy is Spirit grounding, It’s GUT INSTINCT

Psychic energy needn’t be all airy, or fiery, or watery. It is simply what your body tells  you, and the body never lies! so simply your life, your spirituality, just let your body talk.Guess what Taurus themed song it is?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow1gS3m1ckM

 the New Moon lasts for 3 days, the number 3 is sacred to the Empress in the Tarot, 3 stages of womanhood, maiden, mother, crone.

so during the 3 dark days of the New Moon don’t go rushing out to plant seeds just yet -just stay in the VOID, from the 21-23

Listen, listen to your body, turn off your mind chatter,let go, be stubborn about this, this is the most fertile time Spring, this is Before seed planting time.


The New Moon is always the most feminine time of the month. Traditionally, women lived in small tribes, groups, communities. Ladies you know how it is when you live with other women, you all synchronize your monthly periods, don’t you? Well before the invention of electric light, thanks a lot Mr. Edison, who ripped off Nikola Tesla, BEfore that time, all women were bleeding on the New Moon. So the dark of the moon, was considered sacred, as menstrual blood was a very potent magical substance. Women would retreat just as the Dark Moon into caves, yurts, tipi’s, moon lodges, red tents to rest, renew,dream, pray,and receive renewal as they shed the uterine living.  They would bleed into the earth giving back to the earth mother. Menstrual blood was originally considered holy, potent, the liquor of immortality, because women bled and did not die. It was used as the first fertilizer.

So at this time whether you are “on your moon” or not. Act as if you are. go slow, rest, dream, be lazy. retreat. Be still and simply KNOW,that is Taurus’ essence.  Practice being TAurus like, chewing your cud, grazing on the grass,being gloriously bovine as much as possible.

Other favourite Taurus pastimes, art, music, dancing,  money,  love, practicality. Taurus is the first Fixed sign, and they hates change.

You don’t  have to be a Taurus

Everyone has  Taurus the sensuous bull in their astrology chart somewhere.Everyone does…

If you need bullish advice for integrating more Taurus into your life!

I do phone readings taragreene@sacredartscentre.com

 Listen to Lisa Thiel’s song WHITE BUFFALLO WOMAN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR8x6T20gc4

 Don’t avoid the void -TM Copyright Tara Greene.


EGYPT revolution, Astrology of, and current events by Tara Greene Intuitive Astrology

egypt's astrology chart

Jan. 25 -26 2011

Egypt is experience an 80 million strong protest and Mubarek’s government has shut off the WWW electricity and water to the people.  See http://i.imgur.com/JLAGz.jpg

My intuition said Egypt’s natal Astrology chart, countries have natal birth charts just like people,  must be receiving aspects from Uranus planet of revolutionary freedom, individual rights, and Jupiter the planet of expansion, freedom, optimism.

Egypt’s natal chart cast for JUNE 18 1953 at 11:30 pm GMT in CAIRO. This chart is set for GMT so shows different time. Shows a 27-29 degree Ascendant in Aries.


A Gemini Sun conjunct the North Star with Mars at 2 degrees of Cancer conjunct the Sun in the 3rd house of communications. Moon, the Feminine balance to the Sun is at 9 degrees of Virgo, sign of hard-work, servitude, perfection, analysis in the 5th house of pride, will, heart, giving love, children.

Mercury is at the very bottom on the IC, the root quadrant, at 19 degrees of Cancer, square to Neptune at 21 degrees Retrograde of Libra in the 6th house of servants, conjunct Saturn at 20 degrees Retrograde of Libra.  

Saturn and Neptune in conjunction represents the limits of harsh reality connected to dreams, visions, cosmic inspiration, divine love, spirituality. Its symbolizes the ancient’s ability to build and create the Pyramids, one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is their spiritual legacy, their discipline as architects, visionaries, and magicians. 

                            GREAT PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT AND SPHINX

Venus is in Taurus at 1o degrees in the 1st house. This reveals down to earth values, tillers of the earth, stable, hard working, resistant to change, sensuous, ancient culture. Money is made from the earth, the values and tools, which have been preserved.

Jupiter is in Gemini in the 2nd house at 9 degrees. Uranus is at 17 degrees of Cancer in the 3rd house squaring Saturn and Neptune.  Pluto is at 21 degrees of Leo in the 5th house.

The North Node is at 3 degrees of Aquarius in the 10th house of world standing. South Node {the past} is at 3 degrees of Leo. Love it. Leo is the sign of the Lion; the Sphinx was built during the Age of Leo, 12,000 years ago. I believe this to be true intuitively.

Chiron the wounded healer is at 19 degrees of Capricorn right on the MC the HIGH NOON position of their chart. Opposite Mercury and Earth Mother Ceres at 17 degrees of Cancer this position indicates that Egypt is carrying the wounded Healer archetype out in broad daylight. This will be one of its main function to carry its’ wounds out into the world via mass communications.  Chiron Mercury Ceres are all Square to that Saturn Neptune conjunction.

Without going into total detail about Egypt’s chart. The TOP Astrology influences on this current revolution are:


this is a very karmic turning point for Egypt- Saturn Retro square Uranus activates natal squares} and its wishes hopes and dreams and religious beliefs { Neptune}. Egypt has been becoming more fundamental Islam after being very much American backed. We hope that the tolerance will come back if a real peoples’ revolution is reached now.

Saturn is also Square to Chiron- bringing the people wounds out into the world’s stage by the Internet being shut down! Saturn is only 3 degrees from reaching

Egypt’s SATURN RETURN is happening

This is the approach to the end of the cycle of the last 30 years- 60 years of Karma created by Egypt. In mid October 2011 Egypt will have its actual Saturn Return and also Neptune and Saturn conjunction. This is a very karmic point in Egypt’s evolution.

URANUS planet of Revolution and freedom has been at 27 degrees of Pisces, also the sign of endings, and has been exactly SQUARE- 90 degree angle; this is pressure, to Egypt’s Sun for most of 2010 so the pot is ready to boil over. In addition Jupiter the planet of expansion, freedom, teaching, philosophy, foreigners, has also been connected to Uranus at the same degrees also Square to Egypt’s Sun.

Jupiter just entered Aries Jan 22 and it is squaring Natal MARS at 2 degrees of Cancer- anger, defences, actions, war and fighting for rights for children, home, food, Mars also has just crossed Egypt’s North Node in Aquarius on Jan 20th.

Jupiter will cross Egypt’s Ascendant during the 3rd week of May 2011 which indicates the time when the expansion and a new beginning in Egypt’s ancient Sphinx- face is shown to the world. Jupiter indicates foreigners having a big influence on this new mask.

My sympathies are with the poor, over burdened ordinary Egyptian who has been enslaves by a very corrupt Mubarek Government for too long. They aren’t going to take it anymore.

The time has come for Egypt to change radically. Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Egypt ‘s chart so prominently indicate Egypt has an ancient pledge of Spiritual Enlightenment to uphold.