A Solar Eclipse guide for each Horoscope sign

We are coming up on Eclipse season 2016 with a Solar Eclipse in PISCES, March 8/9.  Find out how the eclipse affects you personally. The effects of any eclipse lasts for up to a year. A short guide for your Zodiac sign using Solar house placements.  If you know your Moon sign, Ascendant and other relevant planetary placements, read those as well. 

Pisces solar eclipse, Tara Greene



PISCES SOLAR ECLIPSE is in your 12th Solar HOUSE of the unconscious,  intuition, dreams, karma, soul-mates, hidden secrets, addictions and dissolving your ego. This is PISCES natural home and the strongest placement. You may feel dazed and confused by the tsunami of emotions overwhelming you. Cry it out, rage it out. Ultimately it is very cleansing. You need to learn to let go of your strong martial nature learning to surrender your will. “give it up.” Work with your dreams, meditate, and visualize at this eclipse. Examine why you shoot yourself in the foot. Your own intuitive nature is being awakened. You need to integrate that receptive feeling function into your life. 


Pisces Eclipse falls in your 11th HOUSE of wishes, hopes, dreams, detachment, freedom, technology and invention. The healing psychic awakening opens you up to a revolutionary need for freedom and exploration. Get out of your safety zone you are in a rut. Stop being a Luddite. The Eclipse is elementally easy for you to assimilate. Creativity soars. Do make art, paint, music, dance, make beautiful things and donate them to charity. Build a connection to a spiritual community that can be a base for your essentially loving nature. Watch out for your comfort addictions, you may need to make sacrifices.You are more than a physical human being. You are a spiritual being first.


Pisces Eclipse falls in your 10th HOUSE of your HIGHEST CAREER goals,where you shine the brightest in the world. This will be challenging, especially for Gemini’s with their Sun’s at mid-degrees. Pisces energy is very subtle, dreamy and illusory. Be careful you aren’t caught in some delusional fantasy. Luckily Saturn and Jupiter are there to ground, test you and help you build a strong base. Learn to trust the other half of your brain, your intuitive side. Envision a new a career dream. Examine avoidance or addictive behaviours keeping you from reaching  goals. Your reputation needs to be clean. You are great at fundraisers, donate your time to helping those less advantaged. 


Pisces Eclipse is in your 9th HOUSE of teaching, philosophy, justice, travelling, publishing and adventure. You may need to leave the security of your home and venture out into the world learning to trust and feel safe everywhere. Higher education is calling you, study a dream subject, go to cooking school in France or take an interior design course, become a midwife. Your faith and your natural nurturing nature will be expanded. You may want to travel to volunteer at orphanages or work for food banks or other charities that help women, children or Homes for Humanity. Write a children’s storybook.  Your psychic and intuitive abilities are heightened. Listen to your dreams. 


Pisces Eclipse falls in your 8th HOUSE of transformation, sex, power, money, death, control issues.{Scorpio}  Your pride will have to dissolve like sugar. Someone else may swindle or blackmail you. Be careful in investments. It’s a karmic thing. Who are you if you lose it all? What sustains you when all else falls away? Too much drama drowns the show. At the end of the road are all those ego accomplishments worth anything? Your heart must be your GPS at all times. There are others who need your strength and courage, drive and will power and you can share your resources with them.  Coach teens and those at risk. Be more of a  philanthropist.


Pisces eclipse falls in your 7th HOUSE of marriage. Pisces waters the crops of all your hard labours so that you can reap the rewards in the fields of gold. Many serious commitments will happen for Virgo.Others may realize they are projecting what they want to see onto someone else. You need to decide if you are being a slave or a martyr in relationships.You must balance your workaholic perfectionist nature with the ability to LET GO.  Watch your health, this eclipse makes you ultra-sensitive to viruses and other difficult to detect illnesses.  You need to show others  the values of hard work and humility. See beyond the physical into the mystic realms. Meditation is recommended. 


The Pisces eclipse falls in your 6th HOUSE of work, health and service. Are you out of balance on the job? In your relationships? Your feelings and intuition will tell you. Pay attention to your health and diet, as you will be extra-sensitive for the next six months.  This energy may make it harder for you to choose than normal. Be careful of projections onto your friends and lovers and at your  work. This is a super creative time, do channel your flair for beauty everywhere and especially at work. Do redecorate your work space, use Feng Shui. Use your dreams as creative resources. Being near water is good, take long luxurious meditative baths to let go of old emotional baggage. 


The Pisces Eclipse falls in your 5th HOUSE of love, creativity, children and self-expression. Sex takes on a much deeper mystical tone. Tantric sex and cosmic intimacy is better than you ever dreamed. You may be drowning in a huge emotional overload. The hardest thing for you is to let go. This is a very fertile energy for those wanting to have children. Also great for creative trans- formation in any arts related, spiritual healing or  those working with children. Get clarity on what you most desire. You cannot control any one else but you can unleash your deeper spiritual insights to help inspire others. Your power is your depth of soul and your ability to will things into being.


The eclipse falls in your 4th HOUSE of self. You need to find your spiritual home within and stop wandering the world chasing it. You are your own Guru. Saturn in your sign and Jupiter your ruling planet are helping you to ground those dreams. Battling the tides of fantasy, addictions and lethargy  is your greatest challenge. Combine the inspirational with the sweat produces great results. There may be lots of tears and letting go of the past. Focus on what you have to teach the world through publishing and classes. Travelling is indicated, hit the road to ground yourself at  sacred sites. This signifies a great turning within for all the answers. Meditation is an absolute necessity. 


The eclipse falls in your 3rd HOUSE of communication, thinking and siblings. You can’t Not feel anymore. The PISCES tidal waves will wash over your pragmatic, goal oriented, all business attitude and show you how much you have denied. You may be reduced to a puddle of mud. It may be very confusing to you pragmatists. You are much more than what you can touch. Your reality will expand to include a much more spiritual view of the world. The bottom line in not the almighty buck, the Dow-Jones or how much profit you make.  You will become more  philanthropic and compassionate. Toxic family situations need to end. 


The eclipse falls in your 2nd HOUSE of self-worth,values and income. The eclipse helps you to feel connected to all that is. Your natural identity of being alienated will dissolve. You will find your self in a new world. Your ability to envision new technologies, work with and organize groups and revolutionize ways of life which will enhance everyone is greatly needed. You are worth more than your mind. The more you can be vulnerable with others the more you can connect. Being in your body is as important as are your feelings and your ideas. You need to integrate all of your senses.   Money is important but doesn’t define you.


The eclipse falls in your 1st HOUSE of self. the “I AM” principle. This eclipse will help  evolve into a spiritual warrior with a strong sense of self and endlessness at the same time who will show the way. You will be a light unto the world, shining from your highest, healthiest and most naturally compassionate, open, sensitive, creative, psychic soul. You can cleanse your own denial and procrastination, your addictions and fears. You need to manifest the sacred dream for the collective and work in the fields of reality, building those spiritual dreams of support, education, healing and oneness in the world just like you remember.  

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March on Clinton,Trump, Solar Eclipse

March 1, the hare is scampering into our lives. The Moon is in Sagittarius, the sign of politics, leaders, passion, justice, teachers, wanderers, foreigners, naiveté and truth. The Sag Moon brings out feelings of optimism, it’s upbeat, easy-going, casual,”whatever” energy.

Sagittarius Moon, Tara Greene

The Moon in Fire signs benefits ARIES and LEO and benefits all AIR signs, GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS.  I have 3 planets in Sagittarius, so I feel great every month when I have my Lunar return. 

We are more prone to have”Hoof in mouth” energy and we cannot lie, we must tell the TRUTH.  A lot of Presidential candidate will be caught in this trap.

Sagittarius is the Sage, the wisdom keeper.We want to learn and to teach.  Sag is the Centaur, a bit wild, unrestrained, “Don’t fence me in” and naive. There is a thirst for metaphysical knowledge and wide open spaces.

Sagittarius yearn to wander, are passionate for adventure, to be gypsy’s.  Sagittarius energy can be judgemental and hypocritical.  

On SUPER TUESDAY who is telling the truth and who is lying will be critical. 

The energy of the day flows from the Moon squaring Neptune in PISCES around noon

Sagittarius Moon square to PISCES SUN and the gap between the truth and the dream or delusion is sharp and hard.

The energy will be underlined as the Moon conjuncts the COSMIC COP SATURN @ 11:15 pm PST.

The Moon is the people’s moods, SATURN is seniors and Bernie Sanders has an advantage under this energy as does Hilary Clinton who has the most political experience. Saturn is the TAX MAN- whoever hasn’t done their taxes is in big trouble. 

The raging, running wild horses will be forced to a halt or to account for themselves seriously. Legal issues may be set in motion against Trump, Clinton, Cruz and Rubio.Immigrants will also be a huge force in what happens in the Presidential race. This could put the frontrunners in the race into having to sound credible. 

We are getting ready for the Big PISCES solar eclipse March 8 and a Libra Lunar Eclipse March 23. I will write MORE about that soon.

The eclipse will very much impact PISCES, VIRGO,SAGITTARIUS and GEMINI the most.

You will want to  figure out where 18+ degrees of Pisces is in your natal chart. This eclipse in Pisces dissolves all forms and egos. Pisces is the sign of artists, actors and all creativity is channelled through Piscean energy. Pisces is the sign of dreams, illusions, delusions, genius and madmen, martyrs and gurus. This eclipse will wash away all the false prophets, the smoke and mirrors show and reveals who is honest and just and true at the source.

How does it affect Donald Trump?

Donald Trump, astrology, tara Greene

The Solar Eclipse falls in his 7th house of  all “others” and exactly squares his URANUS in GEMINI-the revolutionary Wild Card outlaw renegade planet of chaos, in his 10th house of career and connected to his North Node at 20 degrees GEMINI ans squares his Natal Moon in SAGITTARIUS at 21 degrees in his 4th house of privacy, roots and foundation. Jupiter planet of lawyers, optimism and faith is in his 1st house. 





How does the eclipse affect Hilary Clinton?     

The Eclipse falls exactly on Hilary’s Natal Moon at 22 degrees PISCES in her 4th house of roots, foundation, emotional security needs, nurturing and where she is the most feminine,intuitive and private. Hilary deep down supports women and is a nurturer and is a chameleon, a shape-shifter who can camouflage herself  to adapt to her surroundings. The eclipse sextiles her 23 degree NORTH Node in TAURUS and trines her natal VENUS MERCURY RETRoGRADE and ASCENDANT in SCOrpIO at 22 degrees. This may dissolve her hard Scorpio edge or reveal the secrets and ruthless power-hungry side. 

Hilary Clinton, Astrology, tara Greene

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