Venus Retrograde in Gemini,Love Potion #2, Love cleanse and Astrology from Tara Greene

May 15 @ 7:33 am PDT/10:33 am EDT VENUS stops and turns RETROGRADE and you know what that means!

Re-purposed lovers, rehashed loves, back up loves, retrace your tracks loves, re-cycle lovers, all those RE- things that’s the Rx or medicine for any Retrograde. IT’s Love Potion # 2 because it’s GEMINI the twins.

 Re-lax, in the Tarot the sign of GEMINI is the sign on the card of the LOVERS

Lovers Gemini

Most of you know about Mercury and what its oft Retrograde phases portend.

Mars just did his Retro time Jan – April.

Venus only turns Retrograde  once every 19 months. A reflection of the Moon’s 19 years cycles.

VENUS of course, is the goddess, ruler of Love, relationships, money, values, art, nice, flirty, luxury, balance-supposedly,justice

She is going retrograde at  23 degrees 59 minutes, isn’t the earth tilted at 23 degrees? of GEMINI

You know this one will be bringing up, vomiting  indecisiveness, some childlike reactions, old lovers, young lovers,

a reflex gag reaction, maybe you won’t want to talk about it anymore at all, during the V.R.

endless talking about what we want and don’t want, debating about same ex marriages, the lady on the cover of Time magazine breastfeeding her little boy recently,

Gemini is an air sign, it is all HEAD, Venus is the HEART.

As Venus moves Retrograde she will take the Gemini Head and journey backwards, not into the heart of darkness but into the heart of Light in front of the Sun.

What began in June 8, 2004 Read my article on the importance of that initiating cycle here

is being completed now. Think of how far we have come in only 8 years! No one had heard of Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga.  The last Venus eclipse was also in Gemini and so issues of duality have been brought more and more to light in order to be healed. I predicted a return of the Goddess. Gemini rules communications and certainly Iphones, androids, I-pads, Kindles are all manifestations of a Venus love affair with gadgets to communicate with ad nauseam as an absolute necessity.

VENUS retrograde is symbolized in the Ancient myth of INANNA  Queen of the Underworld.

Venus is visible in the east as MORNING STAR for 258 days. She is invisible for 60 days of darkness { the New moon phase} she passes through the Sun either as a  superior or exterior (direct) conjunction with the Sun. Venus then spends another eight months or so shining in the East as Evening Star. So, about 95% of Venus’ visual cycle involves a slow transmutation of over 18 months, and includes her morning star, underworld, and evening star incarnations. It is18 months from first morning appearance to last evening appearance.

Venus’ retrograde period, which lasts only 40 – 43 days, is about 5% of 584 days, the total synodic cycle. It also contains all three of Venus’ visible phases. But, in stark contrast, what previously took 18 months to unfold, we will now experience in a mere 14 or so days!

read all the detail here : –

VENUS path traces a perfect 5 pointed stations which create a perfect 5 pointed pentagram in its 584 journey from Evening star to invisible to Morning star. Wiccans pray to VENUS not the devil.

I always wished my last name was MORNINGSTAR.

Venus has two kinds of Retrograde stations in her entire cycle. The situation now from May 15- June 4  is the end of Venus’s previous Scorpio based journey around the Sun. It’s 18 months from first morning to the last evening appearance.

From June 5/6 – 27th when her Retrograde is over, is the beginning or seeding phase of an entirely new GEMINI journey which will last 584 days or 19 months till this phase concludes. 

The next Venus transit is in 105 years!!!

So, Venus also will stay an extra long time in Gemini from April 3- Aug 7 rather than the usual four weeks per sign.

We are being initiated into two MERCURY rules sign sin 2012. VIRGO & GEMINI.

hmm something to do with thinking, analyzing, service, balancing the books, communicating, duality…

Venus will Retrograde back to 7 degrees 29 minutes of GEMINI. So look at which house or houses and what planets Venus intersects with from

7.29 – 23. 59 minutes GEMINI occurs.

All mutable signs  are directly affected:                  VIRGO’s born Aug 30- September 16

SAGITTARIUS born Nov 29 – December 15          and            PISCES born Feb 26- March 15

Everyone has a GEMINI house somewhere.

21 Day LOVE CLEANSE – to VENUS eclipses of the Sun.

The count down begins: MAy 15 its now 21  or 22 days depend on which side of Greenwich mean time you love on till the VENUS SUN rendezvous!

I recommend doing a HEART Cleanse as this is the end of  the old VENUS in SCORPIO cycle of mean, dirty secrets, power play, control freakish things,shadow puppets,obsessions over what they did to you, being a victor or victim in the love game thing, 8th house issues.

Very important to cleanse the old otherwise the new can’t show up.

Sign up here:

day 1. Overview:

take time to reflect on the last 19 months in your relationships. Ask yourself these questions. This is  a GEMINI Venus transits. What happened? have certain people disappeared? new ones appeared?  What’s the quality of your relationships,  think about what you wish to change, what areas, attitudes, habits, ways of acting you’d like to officially deal with and end, what do you want to rebirth? how would you like the new You in love to be treated? more tomorrow…

 What portions of your love life symbolized in your Astrology chart needs to be cleaned?

Consult me for deep love cleansing consultations: I do phone readings:

 remmber to Re-lax, in the Tarot the sign of GEMINI is the sign on the card of the LOVERS its all part of one whole yin/yang

lovers Gemini

May 11, 6 months after 11:11:11 Do you know where U are? Metaphysical musings from Tara Greene

I  realised that today May 11 is six months since 11:11:11 a sacred numerology pre-encoded memory trigger,for humanity

You’ve seen 11:11 on your clock for years now right?

That was a sacred energy Gateway and Portal.  I was in Sedona for the 11:11:11 with my friend Kabbalistic Astrologer Joseph Mark Cohen and Iala Jaggs doing a Kabbalistic Tree of Life Ceremony there at 11:11:11 am

11:11:11 in Sedona Tara Greene ceremony

Tara Greene and Iala Jaggs in Sedona Arizona for the 11:11:11 CEREMONY  with Joseph Cohen          

Time is once again moving very fast now that Mars has gone direct.

The number 11 has to do with memory

Years ago when I was a kid, the 11 O’Clock news from a local TV station from Buffalo, New York used to come on every night with the intro.

Buffalo New York Tv news anchors

 “It’s 11 O’clock, do you know where your children are?”

Six  months after 11:11:11  I remembered this admonition, this is one of the memories it triggered.

So, Do you know where you are?

Time is shifting…

VENUS WILL GO RETROGRADE May 15th @ 10:33 am EDT at 23 degrees 59 minutes of Gemini.

When Planets are Retrograde, that is appearing to move backwards to the naked eye they are closer to the earth and their effects strengthened many times. I will write about that later.

HINT:  it has to do with Love, relationships, values, money, copper, creativity, choices, duality, old flames burning into and out of your life, shaping duality from the Feminine, having balanced relationships, seeing through Duality from the perspective of LOVE and LIGHT,

I know it sounds NEW AGE but hey the symbol will be so powerful, so literal, and so mind bending ya can’t miss it when Venus occults the Sun June 5-6. A once in  a lifetime transit, you don’t want to miss it, you can’t miss it, even if you try.

Moon is in Aquarius today…. those solar flares have made me feel totally exhausted and I have been hearing that from many clients and friends.

Just for now, figure out where you are located, Why you are where you are, What choices you made, or didn’t make that got you to this NOW

WTF it is you are supposed to be doing.

need Astro guidance? get a reading Tarot or Astrology

I am into kick-ass manifestation these days, so ….


Super Sunday, Mother’ day, Golden Goddess luckiest day of the year,astrology fromTara Greene

Mother’s Day

You should honor your Mother for giving birth to you, and Always honor our common mother the EARTH

We’ve seen many positive astrological aspects form lately, Mucho Grand Trines, the beautiful Venus Jupiter Moon alignments in April.

The fabulous May 5 Super mOon in Scorpio. Did you have huge blow outs BTW? just askin…

One of the best most positive LUCKY STRIKE blessings of the year is coming up on Mother’s day May 13

the Sun conjuncts Jupiter at 23 degrees of  Taurus @ 6:23 am PDT/ 9:23 am EDT

Lucky YOU

This is BIG Source,  a Super Luck  filled day. The Sun =GOLD, Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and in Taurus it wants to touch you a lot!

Remember 2012 is all about VENUS, She rules the sign of Taurus where most of the planets are lined up right now,

its standing room only.

Jupiter in Taurus is the Bull markets, now I know gold and silver have been having their ups n downs and that is the upcoming Uranus Pluto squares forming. later for that one….

really its  a GOLDEN opportunity: Golden Goddess of Luck

as good as it gets. Positive  optimistic  thumbs up  cue the applause  everybody loves you   in the right place at the right time

win the lottery! the best is yet to come, stairway to Paradise LAdy Luck  Blessings from the Source,

Golden means  Rise and SHINE! 

You are the SUN, the Source, you have the gold, So focus on your highest good, receiving the highest blessings,

breathe deeply in through your mouth out through your nose,

imagine the Sun and see it’s light expand and expand,

the universe will not have a heat melt down you control the temperature,

feel the Sun’s light streaming to you and filling your 8th chakra

about a foot above your head, secure the golden light above your head,

feel this golden honey light flow in to your crown chakra at the top of your head,

down into your brain, your eyes, you will see only golden opportunities you will see always the Light,

into your mouth where you will speak only Golden words with a golden tongue,

into your throat chakra also empowering your voice so you will sing with a golden voice

 into and filling up your heart chakra, feeling warmed with the Sun light  your heart is golden is all Light

 down to your solar plexus, your 3rd  chakra, enlightened your will, golden and radiating your warmth

 into your 2nd chakra, your creative womb source,this is a sexual chakra, all filled with potentiality birthing light

and down into your Root chakra grounding your self in golden warmth,

send th golden light down through your root chakra into the earth

feel the golden light descend into the eart h where it mixes with physical gold, crystals and gems,

and see the sun light reach Mother earth’s heart flame,

feel the alignment of solar Logos sun, with you and earth mother.

All is in perfect alignment, this is TOTAL UNCONDITIONAL MOTHER LIGHT LOVE healing energy.


These meditations are channelled to me spontaneously, I don’t know where they will take me until I stop channelling.


See Stuart Wilde 

and Rudolph Steiner for more info on the Solar Logos.



in all ways at all times. That is iT!

practise this, stay mindful, this is Alchemy turning Lead= matter, into GOLD

Nicholas Flammel was a real Alchemist, a  real person mentioned in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

alchemy Tarot cards

 In the Tarot deck that I use the THOTH Tarot A lchemy is  # 14 called The ArT

and remember re=member VENUS rules ART


If you require some good luck Golden advice, please call upon me it will be honor:

So auspicous and symchonis on Mother’s DAY  Golden goddess of Opportunity.

Ploughman dig my earth, Mercury enters Taurus, more Astrology goodies from Tara Greene

Moon has shifted from the SCORPIO, it was a super wonderful big monster ball of wax on 5 5 5 

it was intense and gorgeous and now, we can R- E-L-A-X  

or at least fire down…

MOON enters SAGITTARIUS  May 6 Sunday evening

and squares NEPTUNE, planet of DREAMS- which should produce inspirational adventures in far-reaching, intergalactic Star Trek  dreams roaming Across the Universe… words are flowing …

Early Monday, a Sag-y fast start as Moon squares Mars, fidgeting with the forgotten keys, etc,

woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, found my way downstairs an ddrank a cup, and loooking up I noticed i was late,…

that Jupiter ruled Moon inspires brilliant new ideas as she TRINES  URANUS, sounds a bit painful or kinky, as you like

the TRIDENT is Neptune’s tool   trident

also used by other Hindu Gods and Goddesses, it’s a TRINITY thing

Uranus is the planet of Revolution, technology, invention so also expect to see REVOLUTIONS ABOUNDING today and until Uranus is aspected by another planet…

Moon squares Chiron around noon- feeling a bit tender? emotionally vulnerable?

Don’t schedule any visits to dentists or having to be under the haughty gaze of higher authorities,make sure you’re not on the carpet if you cant hack it then…

Moon quincunx’s  SUN- fire and earth – don’t know each other’s tongue

MARS in VIRGO QUINCUNX URANUS just before midnight PDT –


watch out for corrosive, explosive, guns, fire hazards, explosions, working around natural gas, this can also signal EARTHQUAKES or flooding

especially from the super moon being at perihelion so close to the earth.

may 8

the MArs Uranus aspect is early am EDT


Moon quincunx to JUPITER its ruler!!!

Sagittarius Moon and BULL FIGHTING!  Sagittarians love animals. Campaign to stop that ancient bullying violence to Ferdinand’s and their ilk.

sign the petition:


at around 22 degrees of GEMINI. push me pull you. Like trying to pin down a flying horse.

Lots of fast talk and engaging conversations about a multitude of topics. Go horseback riding…

Moon Trines Mercury- lots more gabbing in evening


wow that was fast!

moon is all business now! Capricorn don’t like emotions, it is the sign opposite the one the mOon rules CANCER, points off in Astrology ruling

THINGS get even EARTHIER as MERCURY enters TAURUS @ 10:13 pm PDT/ May 9 EDT

Mercury in Taurus

click on image to see larger

Ploughman dig my earth indeed!

Mercury Sun Jupiter are all in Taurus Mars is in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn are all in earth signs. The moon in Capricorn now and Asteroids Vesta Ceres and the Black Moon Lilith are all in Taurus as well.

That’s 5 planets Plus the MOON, plus 3 Asteroid Goddesses! that’s 9 space objects nearby in earth signs.!!!!!!!!

That’s heavy….

Holy COW! that’s very earthy.  The rest of the elements will be feeling overlorded, not needed

Fire and Air sign, Saturn Retrograde in Libra, Venus in Gemini, North Node in Sagittarius and Asteroid Juno, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces water and last but not least all alone little old URANUS, the occupy planet.

The chart shows an off-kilter six pointed star formation.


is sensual talk, slow as molasses before the words flow out all melodic and can be simple, wise and practical, all about functionality

stubborn words and horns will be crossed, <Mercury i Taurus loves money luxury art, tools, the body, massaging the language,

how-to manuals, cook books, planting seeds, making things, music, art,chillaxing about, couch potato stuff… coziness, real estate, Buurlesque..

Moon squares Uranus

then trines Mars sextiles Chiron and then..

CONJUNCTIO’  with  PLUTO at 10:33 am PDT/ 1:34 pm EDT – we havent even hit HIGH NOON yet in L.A. this day…

Moon conjunct PLUTO is always very intense, sexy it is the sacred marriage, produces quakes from Hades on the psyche level, potential disasters, real earthquakes, prohjection loosening, confoundedness…


 and my old friend Sissel in Norway!!!

MORE of those grand old Trines.  

 Capricorn moon trines  Sun then Jupiter  before noon

Moon quincunx’s Venus-

can’t make up her mind what she wants in Gemini and Capricorn’s usual infinite patience …runs out.. Got a business meeting to get to..later.

Serious Capricorn moon Squares Saturn @ 12:11 pm PDT/ 3:11 pm EDT

make your serious decisions now…mature like

then Moon goes void-of-course  then and  its’ spiritual time….

MERCURY SEXTILES NEPTUNE @ 2:59 pm  PDT/ 2:59 pm @ Taurus-Pisces

Interesting at the same time and degree!!! kind of a parallel universe, slip up, don’t ya think?

This is great for manifesting creativity get those song notes down to paper, making something practical and beautiful out of clay, creating a lovely fish dinner, seeing a great film, going to a sleep lab if you have trouble sleeping, getting a foot massage, or joining a photography group meetup, art gallery etc. or fix a beautiful car you absolutely adore…

just zoning out

put on those binaural beats, and meditate, go to a yoga class or DIY at home.. get into a bath with lavender oil and cleanse your pores.. enjoy your’s earthy time! 2012 is all about realising the body is the temple ofthe soul, and at  this time the body is the Taurus of the Bull

There’s a pun on TORUS  torroidal fields

2012 is all about being EMBODIED not ascending off the planet

and I’ll leave you with Jimi Hendrix’s version of Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower”

“There must be some way out of here” said the joker to the thief
“There’s too much confusion”, I can’t get no relief
Businessmen, they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth.”No reason to get excited”, the thief he kindly spoke
“There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I, we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late”.All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl. Watch  Mr. Jimi singing it

HEy and let me know about your Scorpio super mOON triple strength # 5  experiences

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Emotional security red alert! Moon in Cancer,Astrology Insights fromTara Greene

The Moon enters Cancer April 25 10:42 pm PDT/ Apr. 26 1:42 am EDT

Cancer is ruled by theMoon in Cancer

 The Moon is primal. Indian Astrology states the Moon is more important than the Sun– all  ego and therefore -bad.

 The Moon is MOM, emotional security, home, the womb, safety, nurturing, mother’s milk, milk of human kindness,the unconscious, the instincts, moods,tears, the tummy,… I keep writing it with three ooo’s these days,the cow, Sacred Cows, Taurus the Bull month.

Anytime the Moon is in Cancer, everyone’s emotional needs are on Hi Alert!

and there is lots of lunar, unconscious, Mom stuff happening on Thursday.

Dreamy Moon Trine Neptune 4:09 am PDT/7:09 am EDT

should produce some amazing vivid romantic transcendent dreams, maybe Lilith will show up,

Moon sextiles Mars and Sun today, a power tickle under the chin.

Moon also Squares Uranus 11:17 am PDT/2:17 pm EDT wild wacky off the wall emotions at that time.

Moon twines Chiron later after/early eve. It’s your party and you can cry if your want to!

                                                                  Go with the  Flo Rida the original

And you may want to as…. 

MOON opposite PLuto around diner hour,early eve.

This is the night the old family skeletons may come outta the closet and rattle their Capricorn knee bones. Moon Pluto is always intense,sexual,  explosive, it usually is every month as Luna opposes Pluto. Every round we go deeper, moody, shadows, the dark side is emotional blackmail, manipulation, shady secrets. Obsession. Power, control. Born in early Capricorn? You are going through your deepest Plutonian underworld initiations now. Do you know where Capricorn is in your chart? This is where it hurts the most if you hold onto old unconscious ties to Mom, unresolved emotional traumas which are crying out to be felt, deeply felt, mourned and released. This is big rebirth time.

I offer phone readings if you are feeling that you are sinking in the quagmire:

Don’t let ’em bully you, Pluto wants to be the Roper in

And last but not least , whew,

Moon squares Mercury in Aries 9:34 pm PDT.

The emotional need for security, holding intimacy and tenderness, may rub that  Mercurial fast talking Aries the wrong way. Watch out for a tongue lashing  and emotional temper tantrums.  

Friday is relatively quiet , you deserve a breather.


Moon squares Saturn @ 12:05 am PDT/3:05 am EDT

this is the last Cancerian moon aspect. Saturn is Retrograde in Libra and is the ambassador of  balanced relationships,the solid stability and maturity of  Saturn can provide the security that the Cancer mOOn craves.Moon goes Void of course @ that time.

USe Saturday morning to chart and process the emotional highs and lows, keeping a journal is especially insightful.

Mood changes Totally as Moon enters LEO SAt. April 28 @ 9:10 am  PDT/ 12;10 pm EDT

Sun in Leo

Mood is hot, passionate, proud,strong, like Royalty, rich, powerful, playful, dramatic, heart-felt,strong leadership.

It’s always ebb and flow ebb and flow: Elemantally, fire first then earth then air then water, over and over and over. Go with the flow.

 Are you doing my 7 day triple Karma cleanse?

Let me know how you are doing. Please share this.And like me on FB!

Blessings, TARA

Serious Karma because you need balance, Astrology psychic Tara Greene, advice

Saturday & Sunday April 15 -16 will feel heavy because Saturn, Mr. Leaden, Lord of Karma, the cosmic cop is opposite the Sun Xact April 15 @ 11:27 am PDT/.2:27 pm EDT

You’re not quite ready to GO DIRECTLY TO GO.

Especially for you fiery Aries peeps you will definitely hear Saturn blow that karmic whistle. Driving with the breaks on.Of course Libra’s are biding their time….perfecting the deal, the balancing act….

Don’t fool around with the Law, run red lights at any time, or break any rules this weekend especially as you are super susceptible.

Saturn restricts and he is also retrograde and we all want to move forwards now that Mars is direct, yay!

 The sign Aries is always ruled by Mars ,and we thought it’s all systems go. bUT NOOO…

The phrase that came into my head for this aspect is Manic depressive Pictures Presents…. A famous Danny Kaye scene from a film called Up In Arms,  from 1945.  the link is at the end

Aries, New Life on all levels, especially bosses, innovators, firemen, gun dealers etc.  are ready to fire away after being held back since Jan 23.

Aries people, who don’t have the word  PATIENCE in their vocabulary, will feel especially  frustrated.

The aspect is also hitting those born these days and those with planets at 26 Aries or square to this, Cancer born July 14-15 and Capricorn born Jan 14-15.

The Libra’s born Oct 14-15 will be the sober hard-hitting ones holding things back. On the other hand those Libras are ready to make serious commitments. Especially those born in 1982-mid 83. This is their first Saturn return and those born Dec 52-53 are having their 2nd Saturn return.

Saturn opposite the Aries Sun means we all need to refine the deals, put serious final touches on the plans. That’s a good thing.

Dont be too hard on yourself.

CAn also be realized as difficulty with authorities, parents, the boss.

Saturn in Libra is a blessing in Libra as he is exalted.

Her’s the Link to Danny Kaye amazing Lobby Number

If you need Astrology advice, I have 20 years experience

P.S. Mercury enters Aries on April 16 @ 3:42 pm PDT/6:42 pm EDT so hang in there…

Moon enters Aries April 18 @ 8:59 am PDT/11:59 am EDT  things are starting to move faster