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Happy Solar Return 1st Birthday to #ArchieHarrison who actually turns one year old on May 5th at 3:15 am in L.A. PDT. Yes, his calendar birthday is May 6th but the Solar Return is the actual #birthday when the Sun returns to the exact degree it was when you took your first breath. This little boy has already lived in 3 countries and visited South Africa in his first year.

To read all about Archie’s Natal Chart which I have updated it as it was initially written the day he was born.

There may be more moves for him in 2021 as Uranus crosses his Rising in 2021 and the North node conjuncts his Mars in Gemini and opposes his Jupiter in Sagittarius in that year. 

His Natal chart indicates that the Historic leave-taking Prince Harry announced in January 2020 from his Royal family was clearly marked by the January 10 Lunar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer opposite to Archies Saturn and Pluto and squaring his Natal Venus in Aries indicating a sudden restricting Saturn/Pluto change in values on both his Saturn/Pluto in his 10th house of worldly fame. 

Archie’s natal chart indicates a very smart female sibling with JUNO in his 3rd house of siblings. His mother Meghan Markle is going through powerful transits from Jupiter Pluto and Saturn right now and throughout 2020. Meghan could easily get pregnant now as Saturn crosses her South Node or on or around December 21, 2020, which is more favourable when Jupiter planet of fertility and Saturn planet of karma and maturity conjoin at 0 Aquarius in her 7th house of marriage. But this is also a difficult transit.  Meghan and Harry need some time to resettle themselves. 

The only TOTAL Solar Eclipse in 2020 occurs December 14 exactly on Master Archie’s Jupiter in Sagittarius indicating another move or travelling or to spend Christmas with his royal grandparents and extended family and his own family could be expanded at this time too.

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Where Should a Duchess Live? Astrocartography knows

Astrocartography is a specialized type of astrology invented, developed and popularized by American astrologer Jim Lewis. It is a locational astrology system that focuses on elements of the natal chart. By identifying these factors on a world “Astro*Carto*Graphy Map.” Lewis’ Astro*Carto*Graphy maps show all locations on the earth where planets were  and these can be defined as to the purpose one wishes. Move to the best place for love, work, peace, communications,money, privacy etc.  read more about Jim Lewis and in depth astrocartography link below.

The New York Times recently featured an article about Astrocartography and it treated it with respect. see link below.

I’ve been doing astrocartography in my astrology readings for 15 years now. I had wanted to look up Duchess Meghan’s Astrocartography and I posted Harry’s too. Here is Meghan’s. This is from my Instagram account. I could cut and paste the one I dids for Prince Harry but cant seem to do the same for this one so please bare with me

Duchess Meghan Astrocartography by Tara Greene

Duchess Meghan Astrocartography by Tara Greene

Duchess Meghan Astrocartography for living in Canada and North America by Tara Greene

Duchess Meghan Astrocartography for living in Canada and North America

The converging lines of Karmic Saturn, roots, structure, tradition, and JUPITER expansion, fertility, good vibes, opportunity, travel, adventure, freedom, honesty, publishing, teaching, and the MOON primary symbol of home, emotional safety, children, family, food, nurturing,mothering, and privacy are all there in Vancouver for Meghan. I am sure an Astrologer was consulted. It’s so perfect for her needs. And whatever Meghan wants Meghan gets says Harry. Also British Columbia is very beautiful, my daughter was attending University there last year. We have been wanting to move there since 2018. It’s known as SUPERNATURAL British Columbia and it is. The huge pine trees, the wild Pacific Ocean, the amount of oxygen in the air, everyone is very casual and outdoorsy and private in BC. It is Hollywood North now. It does feel like California. They would want to live in a Commonwealth country for a number of reasons. This may be changing since they have no permanently exited the Royal family.

I would think Meghan would want to be in L.A. as a bunch of positive lines converge there for her where she was born. closer to her mother and maybe do some film work even? I thought she said she wouldn’t live in the US if Trump was still President. He’s not going to be Impeached so. forget that for now.

You can read the original on my INSTAGRAM page taragreenetarot.

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