Mars-Neptune Opposition and Texas Abortion ban

The Mars- Neptune opposition Sept. 2 may have you feeling like you’re in a waking dream all day. This aspect has many possibilities. One of which is, as you can see, is that I didn’t notice I hadn’t titled this article 6 hours ago.

Mars opposite Neptune – A big surfer Dude. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. A drug dealer or cartel. Falling in love with a guru, projection your soul mate on some shy ordinary man, passion for natural healing. A defender of the arts. Natural healing versus big pharma.

Technically this Mars aspect is in effect until Mars makes another aspect to a different planet. Which is in an earth trine to PLUTO, Mars “higher or rather lower octave” on Sept, 6 on a VIRGO DARK MOON, a HEKATE/CERES/LILITH ruled energy in general. Women will explode with anger. You ain’t seen nothing like liberated feminist women who are being treated like chattel TO GET MAD, ANGER IS MARS’ TURF.

I urge all women and men and any genders or whatever you identify with who believe in their bodies’ autonomy to step up to get angry to petition and march and raise funds to help defend these women. Particularly be angry at President Biden who allowed this. Many Democrats should be disillusioned but I believe they are in shock and Neptunian denial.

Venus steps into the picture too on Sept, 3.


Is exactly this. Particularly be angry at President Biden who allowed this. Many Democrats should be disillusioned but I believe they are in shock and Neptunian denial. Don’t want to see what’s really going on, pull the wool over their own eyes willingly, sacrificial lambs to the slaughter. Author Margaret Atwood is a prophetess like Cassandra in

Watch the video where I talk at length about this topic and how it relates to the Texas Abortion law ban which challenges Roe Vs Wade. See link below, Oh and I forgot to mention that the MOON is OUT OF BOUNDS on the Sept,1 law induction.

Your body is a Temple worship and nourish it today. Walk by water, in the forest, dream, envision Heaven on Earth. Know that you are a spiritual being having a temporary illusion of being just dirt and mortal. A great day for meditation, visualization, prayer, surrendering, opening up your psychic 3rd eye channel.

Do be careful of any drugs prescription or otherwise today. Ideally it would be good for being in nature and working with sacred medicinal plants. Work with your dreams tonight too. Get out in Nature Mars in Virgo says, go to the woods, the ocean, river, or beach and commune with the elements, The upcoming Virgo new moon on September 6/7 is also opposite Neptune and I will be doing a recorded not live astrology Moon magic workshop which you can purchase on my website.

Mars, the action planet opposite Neptune in Pisces with a watery Cancer moon = flooding. In New York there was massive flooding in the subways.

Mars opposite Neptune is passion for alcohol. What’s your favourite toast? We always said L’Chaim. Hebrew for To Life like in Fiddler on the Roof,

Mars- opposite Neptune is a day to really dance up a storm. All the the creative arts-dance, music, writing poetry, art, ruled by Neptune are great ways to transcend harsh realities.

Watch the video here.

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You’ve never seen this, Neptune conjunct Pisces South Node

This is a truly major event. NO ONE ALIVE HAS EVER EXPERIENCED THIS!  It’s true. Neptune conjuncts the SOUTH NODE, Nov. 17 @ 2:09 pm PST/ 5:09 pm EDT/ 10:09 pm GMT @ 9+ degrees PISCES. The last time Neptune in Pisces conjunct the South Node was in September of 1849! 167 years ago. Canada wasn’t even a country yet.

Pisces South Node Neptune astrology Tara Greene

PISCES, last sign of the Zodiac

Neptune governs Pisces, and is the planet of spirituality, illusions, endings, psychic energy, dreams, martyrs, magic, drugs, addictions, the oceans, art, creativity, co-dependence, debt, Hollywood, glamour, Oil, self-undoing, mental health, “soul mates” charity, gurus, yoga, and projection.

It’s the last sign, and symbolizes the end of the world as we know it. 

We are repeating lessons, energies and ideals from 1849. It is no wonder it’s deja vu and that #BlackLivesMatter and old racial hatred onto Muslims or those we see as different and threatening have reared their ugly heads again. Since Neptune entered PISCES in 2012 a surge of interest in all things spiritual and mystical, like yoga, art therapy, sound healing, wholistic  medicine, magic, witches, ayahuasca to open and heal the soul, and united global meditations to honor our Oneness have appeared. Neptune will remain in PISCES until 2025.

Neptune rules fog, illusions, confusion, projections, false flags, paranoia. It is everything ephemeral and unreal which cannot be explained by logic or science. It is metaphysical. 

 We are only one third of the way through this major transit which will transform the world’s religions, its debt, our delusions, our waters, the entertainment industry, the oil and drug industries, mysticism, healing, and dissolving the illusions that we are separate individuals and helping us to remember that we are all ONE entity. We are all drops of consciousness in the vast ocean. 


The South and North Nodes of the Moon are the points where the Moon’s path crosses the Ecliptic, the Sun’s path in the sky. These are ancient and very karmic points in Astrology. The North Node also known as the Dragon’s Head or Rahu in Vedic Astrology is our evolutionary goal, our DHARMA. The South Node or Dragon’s Tail, or Ketu is our Karma what we have sown. Karma is not punishment just cause and effect. The Nodes of the Moon are very important because astronomically they create eclipses of the Sun and Moon. The transiting Nodes represent the collective karma of the world, the collective unconscious. Every 19 years  these nodes return to the same positions. 

The South Node, Dragon’s Tail, or Ketu, symbolizes our personal past lives, our ancestor’s DNA and emotional patterns and memories within our cells. The South Node in Pisces symbolizes our collective Past Lives. The South Node is a comfort zone, the path of least resistance, a buffer against change and growth. It is where you retreat to in fantasy,  in denial, through addictions, shoot yourself in the foot, go unconscious, repeat past life patterns of abuse, trauma, victimization, and delusions. It is where you project your power onto others, especially with South Node in PISCES. 

The SOUTH NODE can suck us into the maelstrom, the yearning to go unconscious and escape dealing with the harsh realities of the world and our emotions through addictions or whatever helps us to hide the pain.  

This aspect makes it very hard to figure out WTF is going on. We are in a collective unreality, a fog, wandering or drifting around in a haze trying to grasp an elusive something- a soul mate, a fix, a perfect guru, the spiritual high, the perfect political leader, and glamour which puts us into debt. We are drowning in delusion and it is our intuitions, our dreams and our feelings which will help us get clear.  The urge to avoid, to go deeper into escapism is very strong tide pull. 

The North Node opposite the SOUTH is a lifeline, an umbilical cord to help you rebirth yourself from the past slavery mentality of being the powerless victim to rise to your power in a very humble way to serve with the collective. The VIRGO NORTH NODE is the ultimate in practicality, mundane hard work, health  and natural healing, discipline, organization, intelligence, accountability, diet and service to others. 

The SOUTH NODE of FATE represents a karmic release point so that we can embrace our higher selves through the North Node. The Virgo North Node is the environment, the land, the harvest, natural organic foods and protecting and preserving these ways and No GMO foods. Virgo also rules health and being able to access affordable health care and natural healing. Virgo rules domestic animals, information, scientists, pets, community and your digestion. 

The Tarot Card for PISCES is #18 THE MOON, the dark side of the Moon

Moon, Astrology tarot tara Greene


With Neptune on the South Node we are as a collective of humans,  at a major turning point in time. We need to address the lack of compassion and humanitarian values in politics, in our culture, and the corporate greed and control by oil and pharmaceutical industries which are destroying our environment.  The DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE being blocked by indigenous peoples who are Water Protectors is totally of this significance now.

Neptune on the SOUTH NODE allows everyone easy access to be a visionary.  To tap into direct knowledge of what real spirituality is. No outside authority or any organized religion can tell you what to do when you are in touch with source/ God/ Goddess directly. All true spirituality is about love and compassion and never harming, oppressing, killing or manipulating anyone else.

This is the time to join in the collective feelings that we are all One and raise our vibrations to heal the earth.  We are souls having a temporary human experience. This is to know the BELOVED in everyone in the world and to fall in love with the world and create heaven on earth in a very pragmatic way. Magic must be made real and practical, working daily miracles, having gratitude, and humility. 

If you have planets within 4 degrees, plus or minus to 9 degrees of PISCES you will be feeling this energy the strongest. If you also have planets/angles within 3 degrees either side of 9 degrees VIRGO you are meant to lead the way. If you are a SAGITTARIUS or GEMINI with planets around these degrees you will also feel the pressure to let go, surrender your ego and build a new dream.

It is time to have faith, to believe in miracles. To work magic, to be magical, to be the Sourceress of your own experiences. 

I will be discussing these matters and more today Nov. 6/7 with CIA CEO Julija Simas for the November C*I*A’s next Month Ahead webinar.
We will be looking at making the most of riding Neptune on the South Node as it stations direct, the grounding super dooper full Moon in Taurus, Venus out of bounds, the power in the upcoming Jupiter square to Pluto and much more with Member example charts and Q and A. 

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Labor day, Back to school astrology

It’s Labor Day in the U.S. and Canada on September 5. In Canada we spell it labour like the British. 
The Moon enters turbulent deep waters of SCORPIO early in the A.M.  It is a rare day. There are no major aspects between the planets.  Even they are taking a rest from their labors. This is a synchronous message from the Universe: “As above so below.”
You get complete permission and actually Scorpio Moon marching orders to act as if you are a new mother who has just given birth, and you have! Ask any woman who has given birth naturally and they will tell you, they don’t call it labor for nothing.
You need to rest and recoup.
Do take advantage of the Mercury Retrograde, to turn off your mind relax and float downstream.
Things will be changing soon enough.
The Scorpio Moon keeps things deep, mysterious, powerful, and obsessive until the 7th PDT and EDT with a powerful SUN PLUTO TRINE on the 6th/7th. 
It may feel like an intense struggle to get your kids back to school if they are younger. Expect lots of stubborn refusals. Teens and college kids who want to conquer the world at University will be in their power, focussed on coming out on top at school’s end. 
Venus will be active on the 7th for better and for worse.  It will be a very high and low day emotionally  The Moon enters SAGITTARIUS late on the 7th. 
September 8- 
It’s an all SAGITTARIUS Thor’s day. Jupiter’s day. Very upbeat. Only two months to the U.S. elections now. 
September 9, 2016 = 999 on the calendar. I did post about 999 on the last one September 9, 2007, and 2009.  Triple 9 and besides being an experimental Beatles song written by John Lennon, symbolizes the Hermit in the Tarot #9. The Hermit relates to VIRGO grounding the wisdom and humility. Being of service in the world. This is a TRIPLy HERMIT day.  A day of three times the attention to details, to completion, integration, grounding your instincts and being true and complete unto yourself and belonging to no man, in true Virgin Goddess style.  
JUPITER enters LIBRA, the sign of Karmic JUSTICE for the first time in 12 years and will remain in the sign of the BALANCE until October 2017.  I will write a longer article on that shortly. Yes great for all LIBRAS. As Jupiter ignites zero degrees of LIBRA, it also lights up zero degrees of all the Cardinal points. Jupiter expands, for better and for worse all the qualities of the sign it passes through. 
Yes it will be a very social time. Yes laws ought to be put into place to balance out everything. The Sacred Masculine and Feminine need to be equal Harmony, peace and socil graciousness rule the next year.  The arts flourish, but we tend to find it hard to make decisions. 
Friday the 9th is a complex and difficult day in communications.  The Sagittarius optimismn honesty and boldness will be on full view but Mercury Retrograde in VIRGO clashes with Uranus in ARIES. The budget may not match the all green vision. Belt tightening may be a necessity.  
Sept 10
Mercury opposes CHIRON in PISCES  and we will be rehashing some old wounds and talking about them for a looong time. The Moon enters Capricorn and SATURN, the signs ruler, and NEPTUNE have their last face off until many years from now. The last square which began in 2015 helps us to see the hard edge of the TRUTH versus the illusions.  Better to be awake then sleep walking in denial any day.  This aspect triggers the 2nd birth where we recapitulate all who we were and what our culture religion and upbringing have made us to listen to our own intuition dreams and visions. This aspects sharpens our wisdom and discernment to know what is real and what is fantasy, and to not be seduced, martyred and be used by others through false promises.  Saturn makes us take repsonsibility for our own illusions. These lessons may hurt but make us wiser. The addictions must be kicked. 
addictions, neptune in PIsces
Sept 11 
It is now 15 years and half a Saturn cycle since 9/11. Saturn in Sagittarius is where Pluto was on 9/11. Venus in LIBRA squares Pluto, a major love, wealth, power, control, judicial balancing act coming into play. Relationships take a hard turn or get deeper entrenched. 
Cardinal cross energy all day and some nice Lunar trines
Gotta Go.
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Tomorrow Never KNows The Beatles

Dream flight brain fog Astrology by Tara Greene

A cardinal cross Friday. You know what that means.
Mercury Retro squares Neptune
Mind fog, brain farts and other sorts of mind bending numbness.
Pay attention to your dreams tonight. Ask to relive a dream, to go back in time to reflect and relive it.
This aspect makes me think about higher consciousness, spirit, dream flight.
Frazetta women Tara Greene
Neptune also rules all intoxicants, magical potions, intoxicants, toxins, poisons, drugs, alcohol, addictions, heaven, the afterlife, gurus, spirit guides and the like.
Thinking about how the ancients used natural plant medicines to heal, to reach higher states of knowledge. The Eleusinian mysteries in Greece used ergot, datura, magic mushrooms. All ancient cultures used some for of natural plant medicine to advance their consciousness.  In South America it is ayahuasca and San Pedro cactus and mescaline from magic mushrooms. In Peru the natives chew coca leaves to help them endure the minimal oxygen. In the east it is opium and hashish.  There are probably hundreds and hundreds of these plants. The shamans speak with the spirits of the plants or Devas who tel them how to use them. Used in a sacred way, honoring Pachamama, the great Mother, Demeter, or the spirits of the plants or any one of the Ancient Gods or Goddesses, Dionysus, these plants brought wisdom, healing and higher consciousness. 
Terrance McKenna famous writer and describer of psychedelic natural plants said:
“Nature is not our enemy, to be raped and conquered. Nature is ourselves, to be cherished and explored. Shamanism has always known this, and shamanism has always, in its most authentic expressions, taught that the path required allies. These allies are the hallucinogenic plants and the mysterious teaching entities, luminous and transcendental, that reside in that nearby dimension of ecstatic beauty and understanding that we have denied until it is now nearly too late.” – Food of the Gods, 1992
These days we use all kinds of addictions to escape from our mundane boring or enslaved realities. 
reality Tv, shopping, porn, medical drugs, marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, religion are all escapes. 
Magic mushroom. Phallic symbols are from these mushrooms.
Which came first the mushroom or the penis?
magic mushroom Tara Greene
Just a thought
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Happy Birthday Justin Bieber, Adult Astrology

Justin Bieber, for those who care- 60 MILLION TWITTER followers- { he ranks #2 after singer Katy Perry} will break Twitter on this day wishing their boy Happy Birthday I bet.

Justin who was just a wee cute lad a scant year or so ago it seems is officially an adult March 1.  Congratulations Justin.

You’ve had a rough year and a half or so with fans booing your disgraceful audacity and arrogance.  Multi-run ins with the law. Acting so rude, peeing in public- didn’t some other Canadian band have a hit single titled that? Disgracing your self with ho’s in South America because you forgot they might use their cell phones to video it all? Car crashes, egging your nabes. Your first love Selena, finally left you. You haven’t had a hit record since 2013. Posting in your Calvin Klein’s is just posing. TMZ is always after you.

So What will your first year as a legal adult bring?

Lets look at the star map.

                                                 NATAL chart

Justin Bieber astrology

Justin Bieber astrology


Being an adult and growing up is all about being more mature and taking responsibility for yourself and your actions. In astrology terms, those qualities are the domain of planet Saturn, the planet of reality, the father, testing, limitations and karmic responsibility.  

Justin has had NEPTUNE, the planet of addictions, illusions, delusions, glamour and creativity conjunct his natal Saturn in Pisces- means literally his father, who he was partying with. Neptune was opposing his hard-working CHIRON in Virgo, where he is the most vulnerable, for the last year making him dazed and confused, lazy, in denial and deluded. Chiron in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces is in a drug haze, a mental daze, unthinking and unorganized.


Now Justin has SATURN, in Sagittarius, the cosmic cop squaring his Natal Saturn in Pisces exactly. Squares apply pressure. This is a good sobering thing. Saturn in Sagittarius is truth, honesty, reality and the law. Justin will be tested and he will have to prove { Saturn} he has talent {Neptune} and is justifiably creative. Saturn will be in square twice this year. He needs a hit record. It may be really difficult for him. Justin may return to his more conservative roots through religion with a Natal Pisces Sun. His music may become much more spiritually oriented. The world is also going through this energy now too. He may be in more trouble with the law {Sagittarius}  if he doesn’t settle down and do the hard work.

SATURN  will continue to square and challenge Justin’s identity and persona even more so in the fall of 2015 as it exactly squares his 10 degrees Pisces Sun from Sagittarius. He will have to shape up and man up or he may be finished. There will be lots of travelling for Justin. He needs to inspire his fans. Higher education is important to Saturn in Sagittarius. Perhaps Justin will go back to school. He may be forced to do community work for a misdeed. This is also a philanthropic indicator of Justin giving away to charities and helping to raise money for education.

Justin has been affected by hard SATURN TESTS as Saturn crossed over his North Node, Pluto and Ascendant all in the last degrees of Scorpio,  last year. That Natal conjunction is what has made him so wealthy and famous. These are the most difficult degrees in the Zodiac. He is set to go through two more even bigger tests and initiations from Saturn from mid-June to mid-September when Saturn retrogrades back through those very heavy, sex, money, power, death, rebirth, wealth and emotions of Scorpio again, then moves forward. Justin is somehow the archetypal boy for these transits also affects the collective the same way. This is a very critical year for Justin. He needs a mature guide to help him. I think they tried and he didn’t listen. Now I think he will.

NEPTUNE, the planet of spirituality, dreams and debt is also close to Justin’s Sun this year. He may still have to wrestle with his angels, the drugs, illusions, the glamour even more so. He must not believe in his own ego at all or that he is All powerful. He would be wise to surrender his ego to God.

Justin is being influenced in numerology by the symbol #12 this year. That is the card of The Hanged Man in the Tarot which is surrender. His fans project {Neptune} that he is a Godlike figure.  The Neptune illusion may wear off in the Light of day {the Sun}. He could also O.D. or self-destruct as Neptune rules self-undoing and martyrdom.

Chiron, the wounded healer was on the roots of Justin’s Natal chart, which symbolizes the shaking of his foundation. Chiron in Pisces was directly opposite his Mid-Heaven, his highest career point and worldly fame last year. This made him look weak and vulnerable. Chiron is about to conjunct his Natal Venus by April’s end and into August and again in 2016. In order to heal himself, he must surrender his arrogance to the feminine. He needs to trust his intuition and his dreams, {Venus in Pisces}  to God, {Pisces} and he may go through some deep hurt by a woman or women. Rejection? It could also be wounding or loss of a woman close to him in his family.

Justin could go through a total make-over in his tastes, and style as Uranus planet of freedom, revolution, inventiveness, and new technology squares his Natal Neptune in Capricorn in July. Even bigger more intense change come in 2016 for Justin when Uranus exactly squares Neptune and opposes his Natal Moon at 24 degrees Libra. Big Changes in his relationships, and with women and especially his mother.

I could talk about Justin’s Solar Return chart but that’s enough for now. I am overdue on other projects and fighting a cold.

I can’t promise it will be all good. It is up to Justin himself to do the hard work. These are tough transits to deal with at any age. I believe Justin chose his time of birth and his parents and all of these events in his life. He must now choose wisely. It is crucial that he does take himself and his influence seriously. I wish him all the best. My daughter Leah, 17 is still a fan.

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Twin Flames, soul mate ritual, Yoga Sex, Astrology from Tara Greene


April 6 2013 Moon enters PISCES early a.m.

The last and most spiritual of all the signs. The 12th house is the watery, unconscious realm of dreams and imagination. An infinite ocean of intangible fantasies and dreams oneness, bliss, soul mates. This weekend is characterized by a lack of intellectual focus. A much needed break. Can you put down your tech accoutrements to try out telepathic communications, all sensing.


Swept away by your romantic addictions and soul mate fantasies. What’s real and what’s a beautiful day dream? Its all good. Down the rabbit hole we go. No need for words today, try sending your thoughts telepathically. Try it. Its easy. And pick up messages on the telepaphone.

It’s a fantasy filled dream day for all signs. Use this time well as it provides extremely creative inspiration for all artists, musicians and poets. Being the 12th house it is hidden , unconscious wish fulfillment. Be careful about drinking and drugs during this time. This aspect may cloud you heart’s insight or bring greater clarity to your own illusions about who that someone is you project so much on as well as major realizations for yourself.

Venus & Mars conjunct in ARIES -TWIN FLAMES

New 32 year Cycle!

 Tantric lovers Tara Greene astrology

Aspect occurs 9:58 pm April 6 PDT/ April 7 12:58 Am EDT

Aries is the 1st sign, fire, initiating new life and now -NEW LOVES.

Aries is COURAGE, daring. Leap don’t look. It’s independent. Trust spirit, your own passion.

Watch as many old relationships burn out now. With the new higher frequencies coming onto the planet old relationships that are not founded on authentic deep spiritual connection will be fried, burnt to a crisp, over…ashes.

VENUS & Mars conjunction is the smokin’ SACRED MARRIAGE. The alchemy of sexual union, real tantric sex melts each individual’s ego into a one heart/body/soul union, transcending themselves to be wedded as one. This is the entire purpose of sex, besides procreating. That is why sex has been suppressed by Catholicism and other religions.

If you can experience Sacred Divine Love pulsating through the entire universe with your partner, why would you listen to some outside authority trying to control you and your body ?

This sacred lovemaking is a continuously eternal process the very fabric of the Universe itself . Stuart Wilde refers to this as OM and KA.

Discover for yourselves, do yoga, make love, get into a sacred pool,Moon in Pisces will take you to that HIGHER LOVE**

Moon Trines SATURN in Scorpio late Sat nite PDT/ Sunday EDT

Puts a ring on it. This is the reality check.

Very watery, deep emotional soul transformation. It will be easy to let go of your ego into your Beloved’s heart. Say Yes. It’s real not an illusion.

When I was thinking about this aspect earlier yesterday my guides said, “You are your own Beloved.”

I thought yes of course. My daughter came home and put her long hair up into her toque pretending she was a boy. She took a photo of herself as her masculine side and said I’d date that guy he’s cute. It was perfect. She got it telepathically.

April 7

This was my Mom’s birthday. She inspired me a lot. I know she’s gone on to other realms to learn.

Moon conjunct CHIRON in PISCES

Heal all those old wounds. Have compassion for wounded hearts. You’re own and others.

Moon square Jupiter in Gemini

Uh oh this is where the rationalizing and urge to separate begins to creep in.

Moon Conjunct Mercury in PISCES

So yes we can talk about our deepest soul feelings. Telepathy is also very strong today.


Part 2 will have a ritual to attract a NEW soul Mate

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Blessings TARA

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Lance Armstrong OWN – drugs, lies,money IXION Astrology from Tara Greene

Lance Armstrong, the defamed cyclist, cancer beater,  has spent over a decade vehemently denying he used performance-enhancing drugs, and had stayed almost totally silent since the USADA decision last fall that concluded he perpetrated the biggest doping scandal professional sports has ever seen.

So why confess now, even in a limited way, to Oprah Winfrey? Will he name names? 

The short answer is $- see link below

Armstrong is keen to have his lifetime ban relaxed so he can compete in elite triathlons, which are sanctioned by the World Anti-Doping Code. Usually the stated motive for this has been, “he can’t live without competing against others at the highest level” or whatever like that.

But a report in the Wall Street Journal mentions an unnamed source who says Armstrong sees competing in triathlons as his most reliable source of future income, which makes a lot more sense. But wait there’s more Archetypal Astrology at work underpinning all this.

Armstrong’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million+ US.  But his fortunes will topple now that he  is facing a barrage of lawsuits that could cost him tens of mills.

Big lawsuit has been launched by  former teammate Floyd Landis. The suit alleges that Armstrong effectively defrauded the U.S. government, because the U.S. Postal Service was the title sponsor of his cycling team. The contract specified the team’s riders could not use performance enhancing drugs. Since Armstrong was part owner of the team, he could be on the hook for a substantial part of the estimated $50 million the U.S. Postal Service paid to be the main sponsor.

The U.S. Justice Department is now considering whether to join the lawsuit, and is expected to announce its decision Thursday. If it does, many believe that will greatly increase the chance of the suit succeeding.

 SO Lance Armstrong’s future?

Lance Armstrong astrology

click on chart to view larger

Lance Armstrong born Sept 18 1971 in Plano Texas- I have no birth time so have used NOON.

4 planets in VIRGO including Pluto conjunct the Sun,the Moon and Mercury on the MC the WORLD CAREER position

VIRGO is the perfectionist, the hard worker,analyst, Hermit,

Mercury rules- all forms of travel including bicycles. Mercury rules VIRGO. He has Saturn in Gemini  a dual natured sign, always known for angel/devil personalities which is also ruled by Mercury.

Very powerful Jupiter EXACT conjunct Neptune at Zero degrees of Sagittarius, 

Jupiter rules largesse, Big, foreigners,travel, influence, honesty, trials,the Law.

Neptune rules- DRUGS, Illusions, delusions, glamour,denial,prisons, fantasy, media, mesmerizing

It seems pretty obvious already WHO Mr. Armstrong is 

Lance has MARS- his drive , competitiveness in what else? Technology sign of airy speedy Aquarius-

-chemicals- steroids,and human growth hormones which he used to boost his speed and WIN.

Mars is conjunct his NORTH NODE at 14 degrees Aquarius

His highest spiritual goal is to see the bigger picture- higher consciousness that’s what Aquarius symbolizes.

His South Node- the past influence is in LEO, I am the KING the Boss, I can do whatever the f I want.

Saturn-karma, limitations,  is at 6 degrees Gemini-also DUALITY- squaring his Mercury in Virgo and opposite Neptune/Jupiter.

He has NO RETROGRADE Planets- indicating that Lance came into this life on some level – karma free!- see IXION below

Venus and Uranus are in Libra, he has LILLITH- no man tells me what to do-  conjunct Uranus opposite Chiron the centaur, wounded healer and ERIS the trouble maker, Symbol of DICORDIA, trouble and strife. That’s a heavy symbol to take on.

Lance  has IXION one of the new Plutino’s in his 12 house of the Unconscious  at 4 degrees Scorpio –

Ixion was a myth,  long story short,descended from war god Mars, trad. ruler of Scorpio. Ixion’s moral  is about “what am I to do? vs. what I should be and do conflict of polarity/the right thing. Ixion is the first  human in Greek Mythology to shed blood, much like Cain, he had a huge sense of ENTITLEMENT.  IXION is about being conscious and Satunian, not Neptunian-denying of the crimes we commit.  Jupiter- the LAW/ Zeus forgives him-Jupiter as ruler of Pisces-  but he then IXION sex with an image- Neptune- of Zeus’s wife and Bites the hand that feeds him and creates the Centaurs themselves. He is then punished by Jupiter as Sagittarius law giver,

IXION Lance ARMSTRONG ASTROLOGYIXION/ LAnce Armstrong symbol of punishment 

 by being affixed  to a winged wheel alive with searing fire. Ixion revolves on a an ever cycling wheel which gives him eternal fiery torment and disorientation -like being ever on Drugs. He can never gain any semblance of human bearings,he is beyond fixing, and from his totally helpless state keeps begging for mercy.

How fitting a description is that?
Plus Transiting JUPITER is conjunct Lance's natal Saturn at 6 Gemini- turning Direct 
on that degree and quincuncx his IXION. JUSTICE
transiting URANUS at 5 degrees Aries is sextile to Jupiter/Saturn which forms 
another  quincunx -called a YOD to Lance's natal IXION! 
A YOD is a finger of God aspect a kind of KOSMIC LANCE so to speak
Transiting NEPTUNE is also SQUARE to Lance's natal Neptune/Jupiter for the last 
2 years or so and Neptune in Pisces is  squaring his Natal SATURN. 
Hoisted on his own petard.
The Pluto/Uranus squares will continue this year to square his Natal Uranus in Libra 
at 12 degrees,opposite his Chiron in Aries being conjunct by transiting Uranus.   
Expect the unexpected Mr. Strongarm
Lance's natal Grand Air Trine is Uranus/Lillith IN LIBRA to Saturn in Gemini/MArs
/Morth Node in Aquarius. Mars has just passed his North node- triggering that positive energy for the next2 years.
The LUNAR Eclipse on November 28 occurred at 6 degrees Gemini conjunct LILLITH which 
formed the YOD from PLUTO/Mars at 8 of Capricorn sextile to Saturn,Venus at 6-8 
Scorpio. Lunar Elcipses creat new emotional patterns. we can easily see how all the symbols and signs fall into place.
The Finger of God/Zeus is waggin in his face.

Jupiter conjunct his Natal Saturn in Gemini begins a new 12 year cycle for Lance.
HE may become loose-tongued and name names but I still don't feel that will get 
him off free.
I BELIVE AS HE HAS been a total crook, deceiving liar,DISAPPOINTED millions of 
cancer victims, WITH HIS CYNICISM and lies, 
cycling forever disgraced on a fiery wheel 
and end up in jail. see a great article here -
 what do you think?

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