Weekly Astrology, Rare Venus Star Point, Saturn Direct, Scorpio season

A very big week ahead in astrology Venus is super activated, The planet of love and money makes love to 3 planets and the SUN God Apollo as Neptune, Mars,Pluto, and conjuncts the SUN in a Venus Cazimi and a VER RARE star point at 29 degrees LIBRA a point which Venus has not made since 1870. No one alive now has experienced this. SATURN stations Direct late on the 22nd in PDT and on the 23rd in EDT and GMT. Venus enters SCORPIO as the SUN does too initiating a very loved up SCORPIO season on the 23rd and they both promptly inconjunct Jupiter.

Oct. 17 Venus inconjunct NEPTUNE in PISCES at 6:00 pm EDT

Love, both human and unconditional love are not seeing each other’s aspects at all. This is a bad combo. expect disagreements, love problems, arguments, illusions addictions denial. Look at how you are victimizing yourself.

Oct. 17 SUN trines MARS in GEMINI 

It’s great for positive thinking, flirting, socializing sales and big curiosity


A LUCKY IN LOVE aspect. It can be too flirty but good for having two relationships going on at once. Or flying free and solo too.

Oct. 19 SUN square PLUTO at 9:33 am EDT

Always intense Uppperworld King and Lower world King. Power struggles Pluticrats> US and Russia duking it out.

Oct. 19 MERCURY opposite CHIRON at 9:24 pm EDT

Healing the head wounds, the brain bleeding, the overly taxed relationships ruts where you’ve talking things over and over and get nowhere. But this can also be a turning point in that trying to please others and only getting hurt or misunderstood. Use this aspect to get to the bottom of those defences and have healing arise.


Love or power? That’s what Psychologist Carl Jung said. there are only two emotions. Relationships can get down and dirty in a good way to. This is intense chemistry between people too.

Oct 20 VENUS square PLUTO at 2:03 am EDT 6:03 am  GMT

LOVE or POWER? Carl Jung said there are only two emotions LOVE or FEAR, POWER is an outward aspect of fear. There is tension but also sacred sexual soul riches to be created.

OCT. 22 MERCURY inconjunct URANUS in TAURUS at 7:24 am EDT

Your head and your body may feel off-kilter today.

Oct. 22 *****VENUS CONJUNCT THE SUN at 5:17 pm EDT VENUS MAKES HER STAR POINT IN LIBRA at 29 degrees for the first since 1879. This is a super rare and auspicious occasion as VENUS has not made a STAR point in Libra since 1870.


Good for serious commitments in relationships, laws and elder’s speaking.

Oct. 22 SATURN turns DIRECT at 18 degrees 35’ AQUARIUS at 9:07 pm PDT since June 4th at 25 degrees 15’

Serious career, idealism, radical breakthroughs, freedom, and innovation move ahead rapidly now.

Oct 23 Saturn turns DIRECT at 12:07 am EDT and 4:07 am GMT

Oct. 23 VENUS enters SCORPIO at  12:52 am PDT/ 3:52 am EDT with the SUN Oct. 23 SUN enters SCORPIO at 3:36 am PDT, 6:36 am EDT/ 10:36 am GMT

ITS A LOVED UP SCORPIO SEASON and a partial South Node Solar Ecipse in Scorpio on the 25th too.

Oct. 23 VENUS and SUN quincunx JUPITER 5 hours apart

Be aware of where you may be feeling too frisky or too rambunctious for your own good.

IF YOU HAVE PLANETS at late degrees CARDINAL signs-ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN you will feel the impact this week

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