No Doomsday and Stranger things

Sept 23 NO. The world is not ending. That is just some dumb shit self-proclaimed self-published Christian Fundamentalist Revelations doomsday crap. It pisses me off and he gets millions of views on YouTube and news stories cover this to say no its fake news.

The planets have aligned like that before. The SUN is always in that spot in Virgo every fall. Planets are not stars. I like the Book of Revelations it’s a good allegory.

Doomsdayers are always projecting their own death onto the whole world. They are ego Maniacs. 

The MOON is in SCORPIO we are in deep waters.

Scorpio astrology Tara Greene

That sexually intense deeply cloaked desire nature continues for most of the weekend. 

In the Ttarot, SCORPIO is the DEATH CARD #13 

JUPITER in LIBRA inconjuncts CHIRON IN PISCES in the wee hours

Relationship imbalances can raise deep vulnerable wounds in our unconscious minds. Your dreamscape may be disjointed and raw. 


This is sexy on sexy. Cue the music: “Let’s get it on.” by Marvin Gaye


Nice little romantic deep sexy spiritual creative telepathic intensely ephemeral energy.

Things will get aggressively unreal. Expect Stranger and Stranger things.


The Scorpio MOON is buddying up with her planetary rulers. This is a good thing. 

This is like a triple Scorpio threat.

The Scorpius Mood continues on SUNDAY.

Moon sextiles MERCURY in VIRGO in the wee hours 

Watch out from eating rich or decent foods for tummy upsets. Oysters may be beckoning you.


Mars in VIRGO is very solidly real. This is the harvesting protecting the crops preserving instinct. Mars resists. He is a soldier or order discipline and serving.  Opposite NEPTUNE in PISCES where we are up in the clouds in La La Land Blissed out high as a kite in love with love spiritual and compassionate. 

What we resist persists. Pisces is the last sign the sign of SOURCE the womb the Divine matrix the origin of all life. Pisces is endings release dissolution the death of the ego in the great ocean of consciousness; it is enlightenment. Pisces is compassion and addictions. Glamour denial martyrdom. 

What we resist persists. The eternal is eternal. 

What are we resisting in our spiritual nature? Are you fighting with your angels? Is your analytical mind keeping you from realizing the true source of wisdom?

Your solid grip on reality will shift into many dimensionality. This is also a good thing.

Gotta go. Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Winter Solstice,Time Wave ZERO, sexy sextiles Astrology

well the big day is almost here. Sun enters CAPRICORN DEC 21 2012 at 3:12 am PST, 6:12 am EST,

Many NEW AGE people are gathering in groups at many Mayan and other high energy centers across the world especially in CHICHEN ITZA in the Yucatan, Guatemala, PERU, Egypt at the Pyramids,  Ephesus in Turkey, as small town in France, Stonehenge, GLastonbury, etc. Mt, Fuji, Ireland,

others are hiding in shelters trying to survive the end of the world, the pole shift, whatever…

Dec 20 energies ASTROLOGY is similar to the actual

Dec 21 2012 ASTROLOGY chart 

Astrology of Dec 21 2012click on chart to see larger view

ON the 12 21 012 date the Solstice, the main PLANETARY standout is the YOD – the FINGER OF GOD Aspect/fickle finger of FATE?  

It is made up by SATURN in SCORPIO at 8 degrees sextile – 60 degrees to PLUTO in CAPRICRON at 8 degrees and in mutual reception-each others’ signs and they both quincunx- 150 degree aspect-  JUPITER RETROGRADE in GEMINI at 8 so

this is an exact 888 aspect. very TRIPLE INFINITY energy signature  or behind the 8 ball? 

we have a combo of earth water and air- the trinity all speak different elements

we are reconsidering – did you know the word reconsider means to think about the stars?

indicating that our communications, our split brains, NTM our body mind heart splits- Jupiter in GEMINI REtro,

Saturn and PLUTO are  evolutionary and Revolutionary planets. SCORPIO is birth death transformation, PLuto is lordof death and rebirth

and these two are midwifing the new baby- US>


Riches can be discovered in the hidden crevices of memories long forgotten, forgiveness is important

prep day Day 20-

moon enters Aries- as is good for a new beginning-

people will be in defense mode those that believe the end of the world is coming, angry, scared,

the Astrology energy is quirky qunicunxy as it is on the Dec 21 2012 date

VENUS in Sagittarius squares Chiron the centaur wounded healer

Venus in Sagittarius aims for the truth the whole truth a nd noithing but the truth

Love hurts Venus & Chiron

and the truth can hurt, but Chiron is here to help heal the old wounded beaten up bound up heart

and opposite Jupiter who is a key player- rethinking all the old achy breaky hearts shtick

MERCURY in Sagittarius is also opposite JUPITER and JUPITER rules Sagittarius so they are also in mutual reception

URANUS And PLUTO are still in their long term running squares al adding to the evolutionary pattern

ANARCHY is to be expected

there may be some crazy energies, its my last day on earth i’ll do whatever I want, suicide stuff, and dangerous gun fighting bombings or terrorist activities as Aries moon conjuncts URANUS

expect the unexpected- Uranus is revolution, anarchy, higher consciousness for the New AGE- rules AQUARIUS

MOON and Venus make a nice WIDE TRINE – new loves may not last long, are found

Aries MOON quincunx’s Saturn in Scorpio- extends till solstice

be careful what you jump into- could be bad for your health, dangerous sex, manipulated by conspiracy theorists of both kinds,t

there won’t be any time to LOOK before YOU LEAP – you can be ripe pickings for the devious ruthless shakedown snake oil salesman type- that’s why 500 people were arrested in China for DOOMSDAY  scaring people into giving them their possession

Oh and then MOON squares PLUTO-on DEC 20 this will get you on the floor begging for mercy from the LORD of DEATH

yes big emotional power plays, people will be driving crazy,maybe jumping out of buildings, in a “who gives a flying fuck anyway?” attitude

we could name this act like EVIL KNEIVEL day 

Moon sextiles Jupiter RX in GEmini – easy to babble on all day

sextiles are easy aspects-


When the Sun reaches ZERO Degrees CApricorn it will do so in partnership with asteroid JUNO 

JUNO is the aforementioned Goddess of FEMININE GENIUS- see my former articles

this is surely the image and symbol embodied of the ALCHEMICAL WEDDING the Sacred MARRIAGE

SUN and Juno EXACTLY SEXTILE NEPTUNE at ZERO  degrees of PISCES- miracles will occur!

the North NODE at 25 degrees SCORPIO is also sextile to MARS in Capricorn 

indicating our highest spiritual goals NORth NODE is to transform the old military gun war mongering plutocracy model.

which is most on our minds after the terrible tragedy of  NEWTOWN Connecticut.

I had started doing Adam Lanza’s astrology chart and got distracted,

I also had sensed something wasn’t kosher about the timing of the shootings, Eric Francis of Planet Waves

started talking conspiracy theory right away, he mentioned an article in the Examiner- which now has been taken down, and

others have attributed crazy right wingers spreading the connection between Lanza’s father and the father of the Dark Knight Rises shootings and the LIBOR scandal trials. If that was done to get people to beg for gun control because who will then be the only one’s with guns?  THere are very obvious missing issues, broken data on his computer, someone mentioning another gunman. We will see.

The parents appeared totally drugged up or in shock or totally enlightened and speaking about their poor murdered children as perfect angels in Heaven and they were in a state of Grace.

All the shadows are coming up as much as the Light ism that is obvious whatever philosophy you ascribe to

stay positive, unemotional,. listen to your heart.