Start the revolution, Saturn trine Uranus

Under a revolutionary AQUARIUS MOON and the recent political news. The ticker has started the revolution already. 

AQUARIUS energies are tribal, detached and concerned with HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.

You won’t sweat the small stuff under an AQUARIUS MOON. 


We will feel stronger if we feed out bodies healthy nourishing strengthening foods. 

Aquarius Moon sextiles URANUS in ARIES and SATURN in SAGITTARIUS 

This nice fire and air aspect benefits our new intentions and projects, and our ability to speak our truth which inspires others. Have faith and trust.

Aquarius Moon squares SUN

We’re a week away from the next NEW MOON May 25 @ 4 degrees of GEMINI.

Moon is void of course from 5:33 pm PDT/ 8:33 pm EDT/May 19 @ 12:33 am GMT

Moon enters PISCES @ 8:52 pm EDT/ 11:52 pm EDT/may 19 @ 3:52 am GMT


MAY 19 @ 2:14 am EDT/ 6:14 am GMTS. tart the revolution, tell the truth, inspire others, keep the faith, keep your humor.

Start the revolution, tell the truth, inspire others, keep the faith, keep your humor. With all the talk about Trump, Comey, Russia, etc, and now scandal with Brazil’s president Temer. Yes, start the revolution. I am avoiding wading into the U.S. political arena right now. Just look to the AUGUST 21 Solar Eclipse which will be visible across the U.S. for the first time since Feb 1979. Where the shadow path of the eclipse falls is where its’ effects are most prominent. This eclipse is also part of SAROS cycle 145, the 22nd of the 77 eclipses in this series and part of the one that also produced the solar eclipse of August 11, 1999. I’ll write about this in more depth soon. 


That SOLAR ECLIPSE was a much-ballyhooed prophecy date for Nostradamus as an “end of the world” date as it was the last eclipse of the 20th century.  This is another stage of the energy of that eclipse.

“In the seventh month of 1999

The great King of horror comes from the sky,

to resuscitate the great king Angolmua/Mongols?

and before and after Mars will be to rule happily.” 

I will investigate the previous eclipse and note that Russian President Putin began his rise to power in August of 1999 becoming Prime Minster for Yeltsin on Aug 9, 1999. The Cassini rocket was launched on October 15, 1997, at 4:43 EDT (8:43 GMT) from Cape Canaveral and passed near to the Earth on August 16, 1999, days after that eclipse. CASSINI is set to crash into Saturn in September this year after the August 21, 2017 Eclipse. Cycles of time. 

Mars just went Out of Bounds as I wrote about yesterday. Things are wild and crazy. URANUS the planet of Revolution is already squaring the Natal U.S. PLUTO now and next year. I know it will be chaotic. Stay cool, SATURN TRINE URANUS helps us to take the HIGH ROAD.

Stay cool, SATURN TRINE URANUS helps us to take the HIGH ROAD. 

There a difficult aspect between MARS and PLUTO and a great aspect Between VENUS and JUPITER on the 19th. 

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