In the Void, Mercury Direct

New York and Washington prepare to dig themselves out after massive near record levels of snowfall over the weekend.

The Moon is Void of Course from Jan 25 @ 9:51 pm EST ALL DAY Monday Until 10:46 pm EST. 

That’s a long 25 hour VOID OF COURSE MOON.  A day to float on a cloud, to be in the VOID of all possibilities. . 

float on a cloud Tara Greene astrology

A void of course moon is when the moon is in between sign, it has left one sign and is in the liminal, twilight world, before it enters the next sign. It is like a birth when the baby is going down the birth canal. VOid of course moon times are best for reflecting, doing mundane things, Its best not to start anything.

Mercury is also putting its brakes on turning DIRECT @ 1:5- pm PDT/ 4:50 pm EST./9:50 pm GMT. 

Mercury stops to change direction at 14 degrees + of Capricorn. It’s OK to go ahead. But proceed with Caution. 

It’ll take until Valentine’s Day to get back to where it went Retro at 1+ degree of Aquarius. 

Moon enters VIRGO finally, at 7:46 pm PDT/ 10:46 pm EST and its more and more grounded.until Thursday,

With Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto in Earth signs and Mars in Scorpio sextiling them all. 


5 of wands, Astrology Tarot Tara Greene

                           5 of wands science tarot, Tara Greene

  5 of wands  by Azury Lipfe                                                         5 of Wands from Science Tarot 


Two very different variations on the 5 of Wands. As all of the #5’s are challenges, difficulties and obstacles of energy, passion, drive, action and anger. We may want to stop and look at why we are repressing our anger, or projecting it onto others. 

The 5 of wands means you may have to fight for what you want. On the other hand everything that exists is created by fusion. The 5’s also are the 5 elements. Use your intuition to figure out how to fuse disparate elements together. But at this point just meditate on the conflicting elements, emotions and ideas in your life. 

Looks very much like the Presidential Election Race in the U.S. which I believe Michael Bloomberg will enter as an Independent. Then there will be two billionaires. Bloomberg has 5 times more $ than Trump. Then there will be two Jewish candidates running for President. Something which has not happened before. Israel may be very interested in helping to lobby for Jewish presidents at this point in time. What a side show. 

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