Taurus, Venus Cardinal Cross April 19, the 1%

APRIL 19 It’s time to get Bullish.  It’s the New York Primary.  


Taurus Moon, Horoscopes Tara Greene

things get bullish, stubborn, stable, grounded and sensuous

It is one of WALL STREET’S symbols, who supports you know who. The BULL of TAURUS is one of the main constellation under which the Stock exchange was formed. Read the full article http://taratarotweb.tripod.com/id90.html

Moon enters LIBRA the sign of the balance, 

There’s an EXACT VENUS in ARIES square to  PLUTO in  Capricorn @ 17 degrees. Another Cardinal Cross about woman, money,values, power, control, the 1% Plutocracy and secrets.

 Pluto in Capricorn is corporate power, the Patriarchy, the unconscious, the shadow. Pluto is even more obsessively controlling now and very powerful as he is virtually Stationed Retrograde.

DONALD TRUMP WILL WIN BY A MILE, no sense in even looking at that. But his powers will fall later this year. 

This is another CARDINAL CROSS with URANUS, Mr. “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”  revolutionary involved although not exact to the degree. Uranus is at 21 degrees conjunct VENUS. There may be some shocking revelations about women, power and secret controls outing soon. 

Who is the person calling for REVOLUTION in this election?

Remember PLUTO is the COSMIC RECYCLER, the Garbageman, who destroys the structures which are dead, outworn,to break them down into new fodder.  

What I am sensing is that if Hillary Clinton does pull ahead now. Bernie Sanders supporters will put increasing pressure on her and on the government through protests to change the system. Yes there will be a revolution. The old order which supports the 1% is in its death gasp. Bernie Sanders is a great gift to us all. Truly amazing to see a politician who is honest ethical who has stuck to his principles and never been bought out. He knows his job is to serve people, he is a humble Virgo. He is not in it for personal power or glory. 

This aspect can be challenging to Hillary’s power attempts to rule the world. 

The PLUTOCRACY controls the media. Hillary symbolizes every inch the Venus in Aries women archetype now appearing to be breaking the glass ceiling by attempting to become the first woman president. 

Because of the way New York voting is set up many of Bernie Sanders younger voters may not be registered as Democrats and would have had to do that months ago. This weakens him because of the way the system is set up. 

In Hillary’s natal chart. Venus inconjuncts her natal Venus at 16 degrees Scorpio with Pluto sextile to her natal Venus in her 5th house of will power. The two planets fall into her natal 10 and 7th houses. But her Aries and Capricorn cusps are in the 11th and 8th houses. This will makes it more difficult for this energy to affect her directly.

Remember that Hillary is a quintuple SCORPIO and MARS RETROGRADE will diminish her power. 


Venus at 17+ degrees ARIES is conjunct to Bernie’s Natal MOON at 19 degrees ARIES which is also conjunct his Mars at 23 degrees ARIES. The Mars Retrograde affects him more strongly. Transiting Venus is sextile to Bernie’s Natal Jupiter in Gemini at 19 degrees in his 8th house of power, transformation, and other people’s money and they form a YOD or a FINGER OF GOD to his 19 degree SCORPIO ASCENDANT,also under Retro energy from Mars. Venus makes an inconjunct to his 15 degree VIRGO SUN, which Jupiter is hovering over now.

Pluto SQUARES Bernie’s MOON and MARS in ARIES in his Natal chart in his 5th house of will. 

This is a very ferocious aspect. Again because of the new Mars Retrograde energy it can shift the tide of power. 

I did have a little vision that said. Hillary Clinton will beat Bernie Sanders buy a tiny tiny fraction and there will be protests and civil unrest and a recount and there will be a draw. 

I’m going to pull some TAROT CARDS cards to make a prediction here: 

For Hillary Clinton:


Tarot readings, tarot reader psychic Tara Greene

-a new beginning in communications

For Bernie Sanders:

THE TOWER- MARS Arcana #16 

9/11, New York, psychic Tara Greene

– a shocking awakening

The Tower is a Major Arcana which is usually destructive, a blast of lightning strikes the ego. This is the ARCHETYPE of 9/11. It is a symbol of awakening, a bolt out of the blue. It is also very aggressive masculine energy. It can indicate Bernie could win, a shocking blast to the Democratic status quo and media structure. Mars moving Retrograde shifts the action and the energy to a different place.

We will have to wait and see. What do you think?

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Iowa Tarot predictions, Scorpio Moon, Feb. 1 Horoscopes

February starts like a Scorpio sex Phoenix.

Scorpio Moon conjuncts MARS  and sextiles Pluto

This will be one sexually charged, Iowa caucus, some very underhanded power games going on for sure.

Death, transformation, letting go, rebirth for both Parties.

Scorpio moon continues to sizzle along inconjuncting Uranus – which sounds like painful sex.

Scorpio Phoenix Moon sextiles Mercury in Capricorn favouring elder statesmen or women.

Moon trines CHIRON in Pisces there will be many wounded ones.

Moon sextiles JUPITER in VIRGO at the end of the day.

Jupiter is the Good beneficial planet, the Wheel of Fortune, the big winner, especially for VIRGO’s right now.

NOTE: The MOON goes VOID OF COURSE at 4:35 pm PST/ 7:35 pm EST

this means that things may not be fully clear at this time.

SCORPIO peeps and all water signs, CANCER and PISCES will be sloshing all over.

Scorpio always stirs up the shadows, heavy rains, tempests, outpourings, shadow waves.

A GOOD MOON for making SEXUAL potions, and incantations for transformation.

My intuition is telling me to do a simple tarot reading for the IOWA CAUCUS


No fire signs represented. 

 HILARY CLINTON – 6 of Swords                                                                     BERNIE SANDERS = 9 of Wands

                                                                                            9 of wands, Tara Greene Tarot6 of swords, Tarot, Tara Greene








DONALD TRUMP  -7 of Swords                                                                                   TED CRUZ- THE CHARIOT                                                                                                                                                     the chariot Tara Greene tarot reader7 of swords, Tarot cards, Tara Greene










Very interesting. Hilary’s card is focussed mess, appealing to rationality and progress.

Sanders gets the higher inspiration vote of the College kids.

TRUMP looks defeated and furious.

Looks like Cruz may win out over Trump at least at this early stage. The conservative MOM Cancerian and apple pie victories. 

This is just the beginning.

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