RIP those who have transitioned

Our beloved Jasper, a sable German Shepard passed on today. He’d been sick for the past few months. I’d been enticing him to eat and spoon feeding him since March. We had to put him down.

A Taurus dog born May 7 2012, Jasper was very mellow but never interested in eating which was very unusual for a dog. He has beautiful markings which changed all the time, a huge neck and chest, a deep baritone howl, short legs and he always seemed part wolf to me. In the last year he looked more like a bear. I’m glad he’s not suffering any more. We were all crying today. My husband and daughter were intensely involved in helping him the last day. I cut my workshop weekend short to come home. The house seems empty without him. A big dog, Jasper was 125 pounds in his prime. My husband was his Alpha male. I felt that handier took on a lot of karma at the end. Blessings to you sweet boy. Jasper chose our daughter when he was 6 weeks old. He weighed 5 pounds when we brought him home. There’s a Buddhist prayer for animals to rise into higher incarcerations. Oh Ratna Kuta Swoha

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Mercury Retrogade conjunct Vesta and Hekate crossroads

MERCURY stations Retrograde August 12 and 13th in earthy VIRGO conjunct VESTA the Goddess of Investments and keeper of the sacred flame of spirit. The duo are opposite Neptune in PISCES.

This is a time to review your mind, body, spiritual wealth during this Retrograde. Review what you pay attention to, what you invest your time, work, and focus on. Review your diet and health routine. This would be an excellent time for a change in diet, or a cleanse as your discipline will be stronger. Also an excellent time for a mini vision quest, meditation retreat or re-visioning your goals. Virgo is the sign that traditionally rules “servants.” the Mercury Vesta conjunction opposition to Neptune points out needing to deal with addictions issues. Glamour, projections, shadow work addictions to sex, food gambling consumerism guru worship relationships and being overly rigid and perfectionist need to be dealt with.


Virgo is the sign that traditionally rules “servants.” the Mercury Vesta conjunction opposition to Neptune points out needing to deal with addictions issues. Glamour, projections, shadow work addictions to sex, food gambling consumerism guru worship relationships and being overly rigid and perfectionistic need to be dealt with.

CERES VENUS and HEKATE the Goddess of the crossroads form a triumvirate conjunct SIRIUS the resurrection Star in Cancer. Which is conjunct the U.S. Sun.

The triple goddess is sextile to Retro Mercury and Vesta

Hekate Blake Goddess Tara Greene


Use your emotions to feel out which direction is calling you.

HEKATE Asteroid #100 is an ancient Goddess who sees in all directions at once. She was called the Goddess of the three ways- Tri-via which has been reduced to the knowledge of trivial pursuits these days.  She travels with a flock of suicides and freshly killed souls that she used to make Daimones with. She is associated with owls as are all night visioned dream bringing oracular psychic Goddesses howling dogs and household rubbish. 

If you feel that you are at a crossroads- call on Hecate. She is known to be a midwife of major life changes and decisions. She is a Dark or Black Goddess associated with the Dark or New moon phase of reclusiveness and women’s bleeding times of deep wisdom. 

The word HEKA or Hekau meant “magical speech” in Egyptian and Hekate means “influence from afar” in Greek. 

She is a triple Goddess. she is a shamanic goddess traveling from upper to middle to lower worlds and she had power over all three realms. She had three faces and Goddess associated with her.
She is known as the Moon Selene governing the Upper World or Heavens.
She is Artemis/Diana the huntress on earth. All wild animals are sacred to her especially the dog, or wolves the snake, and lion. 
she is the destroyer working with the dead in the Underworld.  
Statues of Hekate depict her as three female figures or crowned with a triple-turreted headdress, or with three heads. 

She is a Goddess of magic and garbage poisons night boundaries the shadow in the unconscious and the crossroads. She is ambivalent and unconventional. She is a solitary Goddess also associated with Chrone wisdom a post menopausal woman.  


Black dogs horses sheep owls bats snakes and boars.


willow yew Blackthorn groves of trees belladonna and all poisonous plants

Herbs and spices

Cinnamon myrrh mugwort honey lime and lemon verbena or Queen of the Night 


Sapphire silver gold moonstone black onyx smoky quartz and any dark or luminous stones are sacred to Her. 

Inbetwixt the next total solar eclipse if you feel at a great crossroads and it seems we are in the world.

HEKATE @17 degrees CANCER is directly opposite Pluto and squaring Jupiter in LIBRA 

This describes the current nuclear { Pluto} threats between the U.S. and North Korea. Jupiter in Libra is the big peacekeeper or maker of more imbalances. 

We are Inbetwixt the next total solar eclipse. If you feel at a great crossroads and it seems we are in the world call upon HEKATE’s deep wisdom. Look for synchronous signs.  Ask her to enter your dreamscapes. 

Her connection to beautiful loving Venus in Cancer and  Ceres the Great Mother herself protectress of the earth and her children bodes well. 

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Full Moon, Wolf Medicine, law of attraction

This Cancer Full Moon is  known as The Wolf Moon in Native American teachings.

wolf moon Tara Greene animal totems

The Cardinal Cross energy of this Full Moon also reminds me of a Native Medicine Wheel, with the 4 directions marked now as the Sun and Pluto in the North { element of Air } Uranus and the South Node in Aries in the East {Fire element} the Moon in the South { Cancer } Water element, and the North Node in Libra in the West as EARTH as it would be in the Medicine Wheel Indigenous Teachings that I studied. Each tradition places the elements in different directions. Astrology has the masculine elements aligned in oppositions. In Indigenous or wiccan teachings they are usually opposite masculine/feminine magnetic forces. 

We are in the Cardinal Cross hairs most definitely on this Full Moon and it;s making my tummy feel very queasy and teary.

I have felt a lot of deep shadow material surfacing. This may feel unpleasant physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually but it is good. Cleansing. Tears are good, wash away the pain.

I love wolves, I always have.  I think it stems from a fantastic book that I read from the library when I was a child which I still fondly remember called The Wolf King  written by Joseph W. Lippincott in 1949 about a giant black wolf in Alberta.  Remember that whatever it is you are attracted to, and pay attention to will come to you. That is the Law of Attraction.

The Wolf King books inspirational Tara Greene

Use the energy of the wolf to help guide you over the next two weeks until the New Moon in Aquarius, or whenever you like.Wolves need to be protected and respected, not feared. Wolves are highly intelligent pack animals, who mate for life. 

Wolves have powerful instincts, and symbolize intuition as they are so tied into the lunar forces, singing and howling at Full Moons. Have you ever heard wolf howls on the Full Moons? Wolf characteristics are loyalty and trust. They are great communicators, symbolizing teachers, leaders and organizers as they live and work in packs. 

Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome were nursed by a great she-wolf. Mongolians believed they are descendants of wolves. The modern fear of wolves in fairy tales, is a smear campaign designed to keep individuals from trusting their primal instincts. If you own a dog, you know how loyal and big dog’s hearts are. Wolves are  the ancestors of all modern dog breeds and they became mans best friend.  I  have friends who have hand raised pure breed wolves and they can be tamed and are very much like huskies or shepherds. 

My family and I had an amazing encounter with a wolf in British Columbia years ago.  We were driving outside of a small town in the Kootenay’s, called Kaslo, on a two lane highway in broad daylight. A huge black animal sprung out from the woods and stopped and stood mid-lane down the road, staring right at us. We thought it was a black bear as it took up almost the entire lane in width. Then we noticed its large bushy tail which almost touched the ground. It had piercing golden eyes which were fixed at us. We tried to slow down but couldn’t as we had a large lumber truck behind us and there was no shoulder to stop at. The black timber wolf was amazing, dignified, fearless. It stood its ground until our car got too close, then it leaped into the woods and disappeared. In a few minutes we were in Kaslo and checked in at the small tourist information stop. We told them about the wolf, and they said. “Strange to see a lone wolf outside in the day. Very strange. Haven’t seen a big timber wolf in awhile.” We knew we had been blessed. I still have that golden eyed wolf gaze embedded in my heart. He was the real Wolf King I’d read about when I was a child. He or she is my spirit guide, totem animal. Have you had experiences like this?

MEDITATE with the wolf while the Moon is Full and on every full moon.

Do you feel like a lone wolf without a pack, support or a mate? Then call the wolves to be by your side. Do you have difficulty trusting people, or your instincts?  Call upon the wolf.

Before this meditation prepare some food for the wolf as an offering is good to attract wolf spirits. You could use meat or dog food.

In your meditation, visualize a wolf. Call the wolf to guide, teach protect and help you now. Howl like a wolf. Be patient, they are cautious. You will feel its presence. You may smell its breath, or feel its fur, which is soft.  Treat it with much respect when it appears, or speaks to you telepathically. They are powerful teachers. 

Ask the wolves to come into your dreams.  Dreaming about a wolf  according to Native American tradition  symbolizes beauty, mystery, solitude, self-confidence and pride.  

Let me know how your wolf meditation and dreaming go please. 

I was rereading that classic Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. 

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Ok You won’t believe this. I almost can’t. A small miracle has occurred. Talking about attracting what you put your energy into. I had an old audio tape of a Canadian singer, Nancy Ward that I’d adored and I’ve been searching for in my house for years. It has a song called WE ARE WOLVES which has moved my soul unlike almost no other song. It always brings me to tears. I love to sing it. I just found it after many years. Thank you thank you.  The album was  produced by Jack Lenz. They are both members of the Bahai community. 


-audio track only We are Wolves

Wolves are One Lion King 2