Numerology 2016, Card of the day

2016 Numerology reduces to the number 9. The Number 9 symbolizes completion. During 2016  we are ending what we began 9 years ago in 2008. It is the Arcana of The Hermit. Get used to the idea of being a hermit. If you don’t like your own company how will you be able to be in a relationship?  Knowing and liking  one’s self is a prerequisite for being in a good relationship.

We need to turn within for down time.  Living a quieter life, being introspective, listening to you  inner authority is the way to go. Hermits drop out of the rat race, they follow the wisdom of their own Higher selves, they do not need to communicate with others 24/7. Hermits value simplicity, DIY, live slow, 100 mile diets, enjoy nature more than clubs and live a simpler more down to  earth humble existence. 

The Hermit 2016 Tara Greene

The HERMIT, card of the day 

We are winding down in 2015.

VERY RARE Big Full Moon on Christmas Eve.  The Moon will be in Cancer perfect for family gatherings. Werewolves, alcohol, Santa Claus. May be very difficult for some with all the emotional stuff being stirred up. I will write about that separately.

Gotta Go.

Will be doing ceremony for Solstice with my friend Songstress sound healer Pam Gerrand and friends.  How about you?

blessings to you

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10 Modern Day Hermits

Natural Saturday, celebrate your wealth Astrology

Its Taurus time, we are in the Garden of Eden, is what Taurus teaches us.

Moon sextiles Neptune in the middle of the night to bring on strong sensual dreams. Do write them down or record. I’ve been dreaming really intensely of late. 

Moon trines Pluto


Celebrate your wealth. Wether it is actually physical or metaphysical. It is all the same just a matter of different vibrational density.

Revel in you body, Taurus slows down, slow dances, tastes every flavor, discerns and savours.

belly dance Taurus Tara Greene

Belly dance, Get a massage, walk barefoot  in the grass, chill, relax, let go.  In nature, a park, your backyard, or whatever your grounds are. DIY is Taurus, gardening, knitting, cooking.

Pluto is soul riches and Taurus loves rich things. Its Ok to overdue, expect miracles and beauty.

Taurus rules real estate as does the Moon. A good time to buy a larger more palatial place, and practically outline your souls biggest conquering the world plans, or maybe just be a lazy Taurus and be happy to be in your own backyard swinging on a hammock?

Moon squares Jupiter

this is great for big family gatherings, parties, theatre, art  gallery going, dances etc. 

Mon sextiles Chiron at days end

cuddle up sweetly next to someone who loves you and who makes you feel safe.

Happy Saturday

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Mercury in Taurus,Hades Retro, Inspirational Daily

I don’t like Mondays? Remember that song?

What’s not to like this Monday?

Aquarius Moon squares Mars in Taurus

– fixed signs don’t budge. New inventions may go over the heads and horns of those stubborn bulls. 

Moon opposes JUPITER before noon EDT

better time to try your luck.

April 14  MOON ENTERS PISCES @ 4:11 pm EDT

we will be dreaming, creative, meditating, blissing out, avoiding, and compassionate 

MERCURY enters TAURUS  April 14- -April 30 – Mind into Matter

PIcasso as a Minotaur, Tara Greene astrology

Inspirational Daily Card – Picasso as a Minotaur

A quick jaunt into slowing down into bovineville. Yes chew your cud, smell the roses, lumber along. 

Mercury in Taurus is a very sensuous, earthy, physical  mind, One that communicates through gut instincts. This will be nice to have on EARTH DAY coming up April 22. 

They speak slowly considering every word and effect. They make seductive silver tongued salesmen. 

Taurus is sensuous and creative. Get into your gardening, slather on the cream, give and receive massages. This is hands on DIY time, make stuff, buy hand made quality on ETSY. Taurus is ruled by Venus who is now skipping along in Gemini which Mercury governs. These two are in mutual reception now.  Love in is the head and the mind is in the body. This is a good time to understand and communicate in a more genuine way.

People born with Mercury in Taurus are charming, have good speaking voices, very attractive. You know some peeps with this?


Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Russel Crowe, Jack Nicholson,Kanye West, Clint Eastwood, Bono, David Beckham, Collin Farrell, Salvador Dali, Pierce Brosnan, Trent Reznor, Sigmund Freud, Krishnamurti, 

LADIES:  Uma THurman, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Renee Zellwegger, Naomi Campbell,Kelly Clarkson,  Cher, Sarah ichelle Geller, 

Romantic and serious, Pisces Moon squares Venus

– someone may woo you into forgetting you have two options. 

Pisces Moon squares Saturn in Sagittarius –

dreams and inspiring times. Be careful of over- exagerrating, You won’t be able to get away with it. 

VENUS opposite SATURN-late PDT/ April 15 EDT

Many engagements can happen under this aspect.  Book that travel plan you want to make today.

Good for artists to make mature statements. Buy something conservative, of lasting value. 

Be nice to your elders. Have you spoken to or seen a grandparent lately? call them or parents. 

I’ll just do planet aspects now and fill in during the week.

April 16 MOON enters ARIES @ 5:00 pm EDT

a new start. Mood is energized, more competitive, selfish. 

Mercury inconjunct Saturn 

Feels like a Mercury Retrograde. Communications snafu. Dont even try to explain. Better to say nothing.

PLUTO goes RETROGRADE on its annual turnabout until September 25

Spend these 5+ months on the journey into the Underworld. The best time to journal, to do therapy, to dance with your shadow. Work with these times.

April 17   MARS in Taurus squares JUPITER in LEO – BIG BULLY DAY

This energy could ignite any already tense situation and there are tons of them out there in the world these days. 

I could jokingly call it “Wooly Bully” – an infamous ditty of a 60’s song by the appropriately names Sam the Sham.

Yes the Bulls will be out in the ring fighting with the Lions.

Yes watch for major conflagrations. Many people yelling and calling each other out. Could be good for the markets which keep inflating like Hot air balloons.

NEW MOON April 18 at 28+ degrees ARIES

will write separately about that.


MOON enters TAURUS April 18 @ 5:30 pm EDT


The Moon is exalted in TAURuS- 

April 19  take me to church!

MERCURY in Taurus sextiles NEPTUNE in Pisces in the wee hours

go dancing, you may end up with a brawny sensual stranger. Be carefull not to overdo the drugs or alcohol. The body is the temple. 



yes soul mate, twin flame, meeting, Something will light up. soul connections, communion. Ecstasy naturally. The body is the temple.

Be careful you are also seeing through the rose-colored glasses. The warning about the addictions again.

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Wooly Bully- Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs  

Take me to church- Hozier 



















Inspirational card of the day 6 + 7= 13/13 Late, superstitious?

Sorry I am late dear readers for June 7th its almost over. I want to thank you personally for following my blog as I have over 1,200 followers now. WOW! I also realize some of my followers are in Australia and China and they already 12-1 7 hours ahead of where I am in TORONTO in EDT.

But I am really only one little lady. Busy juggling like THE MAGICIAN in the TAROT,  in person clients,booking future events, doing events, writing- a lot, taking care of my family, a dog, 2 cats and wait a minute the Psychic needs down time to simply reflect. It is a very demanding lifestyle. But I do love it. It is draining and I am also under pretty heavy Astrology transits which I will write about too.

So June 7 which is 6, 7 (20)  13 adds up to 13, 13 as a client of mine pointed out today.  VERY FEMININE Number.

The Card of the DAY is 


Prince of disks Tarot tara greene


It is obviously TAUREAN. Prince’s are younger masculine personality energies.

The Prince covers the Astrology territory of April 11- May 10 so some ARIES initiative in there as well,

it’s 20 degrees Aries – 20 degrees Taurus. 

Ya got stuff there honey?

The Prince of Disks, He is the AIR element of the Earth.  He is practical, sensual, active, stubborn, willful, determined, resourceful, a DIY person, dependable, steady.

He symbolizes earth becoming intelligent, self-aware. 

HOW was your day June 7?  Reflect on how the energy of the Prince of DISKS applied to you on this day.

How could you have used his grounded powerful purposeful energy to have aided you?

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