The Moon is made of goat cheese

The Moon is made of goat cheese. You know what sign it’s in right?

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We should be feeling more grounded  since Tuesday no?

VENUS is quincunx JUPITER today @ 22+ degrees PISCES/ LIBRA

I know it sounds like some exotic tantric name for a weird sex position. All 150 degree aspects, also called inconjuncts are difficult. The elements don’t jibe. This is an awkward, difficult aspect between water and air. What happens when you mix em? The wind makes the water evaporate, which produces precipitation, which falls as rain and makes rivers, lakes and the oceans, We are back to PISCES again.  A wind made of water is a typhoon. 

VENUS in PISCES is connected through unconditional Love to everything, to every vibration, sensation, emanating unconditional Love. She is like Mary Magdalene in Christianity, the spiritual well, the Holy Grail, the fount of wisdom, the source of all life and love. Venus in PISCES is the unconditional love and nurturing we felt in the womb of our mother’s. We all know this experience.  Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces downside, is addictions, self-sabotage, loneliness, shyness, feeling disconnected, mental illness, insanity, solitary confinement.

JUPITER in LIBRA needs to be in that relationship, wants to connect socially, want to be liked, can be too superficial. Jupiter is striving for balance, connection, and harmony.

Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Yet something is off, lost in translation. It’s like meeting your girl or boyfriend’s alcohol or dysfunctional family for the first time and things just don’t jibe and yet you want everything to go nice and smooth.

There’s just something lost in terms of what someone’s religious beliefs are, and they don’t fit in.  Or a social shooting oneself in the foot,  or getting caught in your own self-sabotage net. It could be trying to fit the SQUARE HOLE into the round peg syndrome.

The answer is to retreat for now. Retreat to Venus in Pisces, go back to the source, receive devine blessings from the Mother, do not space out or go into denial.

THE CARDINAL CROSS of the martyr also looms over the day

Moon conjuncts PLUTO squares URANUS and JUPITER. We know this cross by now.

Two sweet sextiles finish the day

Goat cheese kisses go to VENUS and MARS still dancing cheek to cheek in PISCES.

I am writing about the other really BIG important aspect of the day in another article

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