Dream Big Sun square Neptune, Scorpio Moon

December 5 we’re heading into a New moon on the 6th/ 7th in EDT and GMT

Scorpio Moon intensifies are moods our soul’s desire to go deeper, its sexual, obsessive, dramatic. Your internal radar is heightened during Scorpio moon times especially if you are a Scorpio the x-ray vision is turned way up.

There also the probability of a Solar Storm to the MAX if you feel dizzy, nauseous or headachy these are symptoms that you are feeling the fluxing in the magnetic energy of the earth by these solar flux’s.   http://www.solarham.net/ 

Have you seen the moon and Venus waltzing together in the early dawn?

Moon is busy today sextiling Pluto making the energy even more Scorpioesque.

Moon conjuncts Mercury Retrograde on its last day of Retrogradation 

MOON IS VOID OF COURSE from 1:53 pm PST/ 4:53 pm EST/ 9:53 pm GMT

Perhaps there’s a message from the past you need to hear. If you haven’t already done so line up you holiday shopping now and get ready to buy once Mercury goes Direct on the 6th @ 1:22 pm PST 4:22 pm EST/ 9:22 pm GMT

Sun squares Neptune in PISCES

Let your sexiest most intense soul desires fuel your dreams. . Psychic energy is enhanced. Chance of huge projections. Make sure you have your Scorpio headlights on high. Spiritual and carnal are challenged to come together. Neptune always turns up the fog machine so make sure you’ve got your Scorpio x-ray headlights on. A good day to shine the light on your addictions- sexual, spiritual, denial.

MARS will conjunct Neptune on the 7th 

hours after the New Moon in Sagittarius in EST and GMT. This is an aggressive spiritual masculine/feminine energy. Like the Knights of the Holy Grail marching off to defend the Divine Feminine. A new men’s movement may be born as the Divine Masculine is a huge force needing to take shape.

There’s healing trine from the Moon to Chiron in Pisces

This always reminds me of the Fisher King with Parsifal and the Holy Grail and is a prelude to Chiron turning direct on the 9th.The keynote is to ask yourself ‘What Ails you?”  This is an optimum time for soul searching and healing. Practice dream healing.Go to the Dream Healing temple of Asclepius and ask for that healing dream.

Moon inconjuncts Uranus in Aries 

This is a nerve-wracking high octane chaos energy. Good for chaos magic though.

Moon enters Sagittarius and the energy shift is swift and suddenly optimistic,

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Fireball-Sun conjunct Mars

Sun in Leo conjunct Mars Astrology Tara Greene

That Leo Prideful SUN conjuncts big Macho MARS July 26 @ 4+ degrees of LEO. This marks a new cycle of action passion desires will strength courage creativity and drive for about the next two years. Are you ready?

 A conjunction is a conception a seeding. This one is totally testosterone Regal. Gotta love the Divine Masculine. Hail to the chief. Remember that every woman also has her inner Divine masculine. This is the action in the world part of a woman. She listens to her feelings and intuition first then her inner King on bent knee says “I will make it happen.”

Leo is the SUN KING the Golden source LIGHT of all Lights the biggest STAR in our SUN system. Leo and the SUN symbolize and are head honcho. Fiercely masculine all about drive spark sexuality. Mars ruler of Men war passion sex defenses and the SUN in LEO create a seminal moment.  “All the King’s Men. “

Leo, Prince of Wands, Tara Greene

Prince of Wands LEO fiery symbol Thoth Tarot 

Check out where 4+ degree of LEO is in your natal chart to see where this new all macho flash of light triggers the action in your natal chart. 

I often find that hindsight in Astrology helps us to understand how it works as it is all about cycles. 

The SUN and MARS last conjoined on June 14, 2015, @ 23 degrees GEMINI which brings in a more intellectual and information driven explosion. This is close to where Saturn is opposite to now. You may want to look back at what was happening in your life then that is being tested weighed out and reaped karma since then.

Before that the Sun + Mars joined up on April 18, 2013, at 29 degrees ARIES a triple fire initiation event. The element that the conjunction occurs in colors its meaning of course. The last degree of Aries or any sign is always considered to be critical. The Boston Marathon bombing happened three days later.  Was there also an explosive or traumatic event in your life at that time?  What was initiated then? 

Note that planet URANUS is also sitting on that 29th degree right now. PLanets leave ghost point tracks all over the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. Every time a planet crosses one the old energy imprint is still there. 

This Firey firey firey conjunction may create many sparks some very literal.

ALwayd DANGER OF FIRES this is super heated. Volcanic explosions solar flares etc.

This can range from Leaders getting fired upon in the news. War situations heating up and big battles between Super Powers and those in power. Shout outs competition wars lots of bragging and over the top gaudy opulence. LEO likes DRAMA. 

If you are born  July 24-26 you will feel this energy very intensely. This also  affects early FIXED SIGNS of SCORPIO- which JUPITER will further blow up in October. Early Taurus peeps will feel the urge to roar and get competitive. Early AQUARIUS peeps will need to step into the center stage. 

Cities and countries mainly affected by this SOL/ MARS conjunction

The city of NEW YORK founded July 26, 1788, Happy 229th Birthday!!!

Warsaw Poland  July 26, 1376. The Dutch Republic July 26, 1581.

The Central Intelligence Agency born July 26, 1947.  FBI July 26, 1908

Other LEO countries not necessarily at early Leo Degrees: Afghanistan France Italy Sicily Macedonia Romania  Bolivia Ivory Coast Indonesia NORTH KOREA Pakistan Ukraine Singapore. 

ALSO NOTING: ISRAEL with its LEO MOON at exactly 4+ degrees of LEO. Israeli’s are known as the Lion of Judah. Things are always hot and warlike in this country and this conjunction may be a trigger for much worse violence. 


Mick Jagger  Kevin Spacey of House of Cards Fame- which I am totally into these days. Sandra Bullock  Helen Mirren

The Oracle symbols for this degree by John Sandbach

“Leo 5. Through narrow, winding streets, a man is following a mysterious woman.  Manifesting/Inspired. (Degree Angel: Nanael (NA-na-El) No Agenda, Spiritual Communication)

You have a burning desire to know what is at the core of things, to understand the hidden aspects of reality, which of course means the hidden aspects of yourself. This curiosity can lead you to many places – both within and without – and take you far afield from the familiar. You tend to be without plans – your only agenda being to go wherever you sense the ever-elusive truth is leading you.

The Chandra Symbol for this degree is “A seemingly young man, but with gray hair.” Certain aspects of you are far more developed and wise than are others. Of course, there is also part of you that will never grow up, and this eternal youth and naivete is wonderful and can serve and enhance the purposes of the wise old one within. What is important is that these two aspects of self grow more and more to love one another to enhance the joy and wisdom they have to impart.

Pleiadian Symbol: Rocks which, by their shape, seem like people who look down from a great height.

Azoth Symbol: Seekers arrive at a holy city.

Seed degree: Taurus 23. Inside a tornado a spiral staircase. (Omega Symbol). Finding our center in the midst of the intensity and distraction of outer experience we are able to seek and eventually connect with our inner, intuitive self – the source of all wisdom. 

A salamander glowing red-orange. (Chandra Symbol). Recognizing the wonder of our own individual uniqueness we realize that we hold within us an eternal wisdom that transcends time. “

Mars Sun conjunction Astronomy Tara Greene


Mars -Solar Conjunction

Every day for over two decades, the U.S. has had a presence at Mars, using spacecraft to understand this extreme world and its potential as a past or present habitat for life. During that time, all spacecraft have become virtually incommunicado for about two weeks every two years. The reason is solar conjunction. Solar conjunction is the period when Earth and Mars, in their eternal march around the Sun, are obscured from each other by the fiery orb of the Sun itself. Like dancers on either side of a huge bonfire, the two planets are temporarily invisible to each other.

The solar conjunction moratorium on commanding will be July 22 to Aug. 1, 2017.

Mission controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory respond in a variety of ways. They turn off some instruments.  No one attempts to send new instructions to Mars during solar conjunction. It’s impossible to predict what information might be lost due to interference from charged particles from the Sun, and that lost information could potentially endanger the spacecraft. Instead, prior to solar conjunction, engineers send two weeks’ worth of instructions and wait.” https://mars.nasa.gov/allaboutmars/nightsky/solar-conjunction/

I hope that the Sun Mars conjunction initiates a great golden fire of love so bright and strong courageous and daring that you become the source of Light for your self and everyone around you.

For all the men in the world, your highest expression of the Masculine is to be the Light Warriors. Protecting and defending the Divine Feminine and opening your own hearts in strength and vulnerability in service to Love and not war.

Be safe don’t play with matches.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Brand new sexy energy cycle begins

MARS enters ARIES, his own home turf today as the year of the FIREY COCK crows so synchronically. Cock a doodle doo indeed. WAKE UP, Everyone!

Mars God of War, Astrology

After nearly 6 weeks of being totally in over his head and out of his element, treading water in Pisces, feeling overwhelmed, spiritual, dazed and confused, in denial, and emotionally exhausted, the Warrior swims to shore and dries himself off. MARS will be in full warrior mode, pumping his muscles and heating up everyone’s SEXY passions from Jan. 28- March 9. The day after International Women’s Day.

If you think Trump’s first week was macho, wait he’s just ramping up. Trump has Mars on his LEO Ascendant.That was just the appetizer.

For all of us, this is a time to take ACTION! We are now initiating the years’ energy at this New moon and your libido will be springing into action.

The next 6 weeks are ones of heightened passions, rage, aggressiveness, competitiveness, war, hot-headed rashness, impulsive activities, and no need for caffeine or Red Bull. 

MARS in the Tarot is associated with the card #16 THE TOWER

The FIRE Signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will be in their element with Mars energy. The AIR SIGNS  signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius get MARS perks as sextiles. Yes, it’s sexy. The WATER signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces have trouble because MARS is too hot and can boil them over. Water signs natural defense is to retreat when being attacked. Earth signs don’t do well with Mars as  Earth is physical and Fire is not. Earth signs don’t understand what they can’t physically relate to. 

In order of their appearance with Solar Houses. Let’s Pump It Up.

  1. ARIES

MARS in your 1st solar house brings you the most benefits and boosts your amour levels and confidence to fearless level. New passions, new you, new job, new initiatives. Be careful of being too aggressive and getting yourself in way over your head. Remember everyone else will also be feeling more aggressive than ususal as all signs will be feelings heated up. Headaches may be an issue. Blow off the extra energy by doing heavy workouts.


With Mars in your 12th house of the unconscious, you may feel deep latent desires rising up unexpectedly. Your dreams may be full of dangerous chases and exciting adventures which you wouldn’t dare try in your waking life. Mars can bring a breakthrough to a writer’s or other creative blocks. Explore those hidden passions they can be very helpful to you.


Mars in your solar 11th house means that will be doing major networking, organizing, socializing and leading the way for people to work together. Your brain will be on fire. Make sure you take notes on all the brilliant, new, inventive ideas you will have. Be confident in your capabilities to be a go-to leader.


You must use Mars’ energy to give you more confidence in your career as it’s in your 10th house so get out of the house. You need to be interactive on the world stage. Mars help you to make advances in your career, get a job, a raise, or recognition. Do speak out in public about any issue you feel passionate about; children, homes, women, insurance, work or food safety. 

5. LEO

Mars in your 9th solar house urges you to hit the gym, jog, box, work out, but Do IT! Plan a long distance trip, take new classes, and lead from your heart. You will be feeling very playful and in good humor. Mars will urge you to fight for justice, the truth and your rights. You may become active in politics or civics at this time and urging others to get inspired to act.


With Mars in your 8th house of finances, your usual accountability and sticking to a budget may go awol. There can be issues with getting loans, mortgages, from the tax department, or inheritances. You may spontaneously fall in love. Anger can arise in your most intimate relationships. Defensiveness is a major drawback. Make sure you talk things out.


You have MARS in your fave house of serious love relationships so this can be a very exciting time.  Mars can make or break up relationships. Issues that have been simmering under the surface will likely explode now. You can hold your own. Mars also makes you more competitive at your job. Go for it.


Mars, your ruling planet will be bringing up short tempers at work while in your 6th house. Underlying health issues may get aggravated. For female Scorpio, Mars greatly irritates any menstrual and reproductive issues. For male Scorpio’s watch your sexual aggression. Use this energy to improve your community through clean up projects. 


Mars boosts your love level over the top while traveling through your 5th solar house. This is a very romantic and fun time for you. Time to play with your inner child and explore creativity of all kinds. Use all that aggression and express it through painting or political activity. Helping to inspire children may also be of benefit. Do work off any excess energy with physical exercise.


Mars is in your 4th house of home, emotional security, children, and nurturing. Use Mars’ energy to make home improvements. Mars may initiate the sale of a home and a move. Repressed anger can come up and should not be kept under wraps. Family members may be in fighting mode. You could throw a very hot party at your house as a way of working this out.


You can use MARS’ energy in your 3rd solar house to initiate some radical ways of communicating. Creating grassroots work, and starting any new projects while working with groups is the best route to take. Being truly inventive and pioneering will make you very happy. There is satisfaction in winning. Have the courage to speak your own mind, write and talk about it. 

12. PISCES . 

Mars will catalyze energy in your 2nd house of values, earnings and physical resources to boost your self-confidence. Get out there and sign up and take an improv acting class. Anything which helps boost your leadership capabilities is recommended. Take some risks. Practice positive affirmations for self-worth. You deserve it. 


Keep this handy dandy guideline over the next six week. Please share widely.

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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