Tsunami of Love, we are sacred Astrology by Tara Greene

An amazing tsunami of spiritual LOVE energy will be washing the world this weekend in a tidal wave of Love, healing and waking dreams. 


Venus and Neptune, the planets of human love and Divine Love meet February 1st @  6+ degrees Pisces with Venus exalted and Neptune in his own rulership in the last and most Divine sign.  The two planets are also only 3 degrees away from ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, fixed star Fomalhaut, one of the Royal Stars of Persia indicating a Supreme Blessing available to all who partake in these energies.

Venus Neptune conjunction tara Greene

Since Jan 19 when Mars conjunct Neptune and Venus was opposite Jupiter, we are experiencing a spiritually uplifting sequence of planetary alignments guaranteed to bewitch, bother and bewilder the world?

 Pisces’ fathomless depths includes all aspects of life: the karma, the compassion, the forgiveness, the addictions, the self-undoing and the inner knowing. Pisces is solitary confinement and being totally connected to the All. It is endlessness and martyrdom. Pisces is everything and nothing. Pisces energy is the result of all of our experiences and travels through life.  We return to   the source where we were once nothing and everything. 

This is Ascension energy. It can take us beyond duality and human limitations. But we must stay grounded as Pisces is also the cosmic smoke and mirrors show


This energy brings super high clairvoyant powers.

The 3rd eye activated during the 6th Uranus Pluto square can manifest stronger and more subtly now. See my article http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com/2014/12/the-6th-uranus-pluto-square-third-eye-activation/

You may be feeling overwhelmed as the psychic walls disappear. You need to stay very grounded. Eat nourishing carbohydrate rich foods. Comfort foods, meditate, stay centered.


It’s very important to meditate on the highest aspects of these planets. Ask to download your higher mission. Do breathing meditations which connect your breath down your spine through the bottoms of your feet into the earth first. Then send the mother earth energy  back up through the soles of your feet and up your spine and out to the Divine energies.

Practice EARTHING or  walking barefoot if you can outdoors or  in your house. Breathe through the soles of your feet which Pisces rules. Connect the sole to your soul when your feet are touching the ground. 

Venus squares Saturn on Jan 30.


Which is a reality test of love’s truth. Your self-worth is on the agenda today. Look at what your work, struggles and your sacrifices have created. Is this the dream, career,relationship or direction you want to keep building or not? Saturn urges us to focus on our long-term goals. These energies may mean a vision quest or shamanic journey is necessary to broader your outlook and open to new possibilities.

Mars is also in Pisces. Venus’s  earthly partner sextiles Pluto Jan 30

There is deep structural masculine soul work being excavated. The Masculine can surrender to being baptized in the Goddess’s unconditional, spiritual, sexual and spiritual fluids to be cleansed. see next aspect.

Jan 31  Mars conjuncts Chiron in Pisces

This is soul sacrifice. Are you ready guys?

The hanged Man in the Tarot.

Hanged Man Tarot Jesus tara Greene

Paris Eadwine Psalter Jesus/ Hanged Man

This indicates a divine reversal of Patriarchal masculine energy. If the Patriarchy surrenders its’ ego we will all be uplifted, absolved, reborn.  Release old limitations in your psyche which have held you back from expressing and living from your Higher Self. 

Moon enters Cancer late Friday evening PST. 

We will be awash in a Grand Water trine of Moon to Neptune and Venus in the day

Yes early degrees of Scorpio;s can wash away their sins in this pure blessing. 

February 1st is Pagan festival day for BRIGID, GODDESS OF FIRE

It is fire and water blessing. Time for women to remember themselves as sacred Priestesses.

Moon in Cancer also brings another cardinal cross square dance at night.

The Moon trines Chiron and Mars in Pisces. 

The Moon is every woman,The great Mother herself. She symbolically cleanses and purifies us in her holy womb waters of all  misappropriated energy. Men want to be loved unconditionally as all women do. These powerful transformative symbols are so strong now. 

It is like a sacrament. We need to eat, swallow, partake in the Mystery itself by opening our hearts, and our spirits. We have never been separated from the Divine, from God/Goddess, source. We are actually never born and never die.  

DETOX-Pisces rules addictions

As Psychologist Carl Jung pointed out, Alcoholism is the thirst for the literal God, Spirit. All addictions stem from feeling separated from  Source. Trust spirit loves you unconditionally.

This is a super creative, inspirational energy

For all artists, musicians or cooks, however you wish to apply your creativity.

If you have planets at 4-8 degrees MUTABLE signs – Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius you will be in synch with the energy the most. 

I have my North Node at 5 degrees Pisces .I know the spiritual potential is incredibly healing. Visualize your highest vision of world peace, human acceptance of all others, imagine going beyond all religious separations and ego limitations. Be Heavenly. 

Surrender your ego, nothing is real but love and creativity.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY SO that many can benefit

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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COSMIC clearing ,10 step ritual, WORLD TAROT DAY

May 21-23   MOON is in PISCES the most spiritual compassionate and dreamy of all signs.

Jupiter is in Cancer and is fertile and expansive trining Saturn in Scorpio- the soul depths and in trine to Chiron in Pisces the wounded healer is approaching exactitude May 24.

Someone’s getting married that day.

This is an incredibly rare healing dreaming cleansing karma opportunity you don’t want to miss.

MOON conjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES May 21 at 9:05 pm PDT so use this divine timing to call upon ANGELS,  high level spiritual beings to visit you in your dreams tonight and tomorrow as well.

May 22 MOOn sextiles Pluto conjuncts CHIRON, TRINES JUPITER and SATURN and squares MERCURY in GEMINI.

Moon goes Void of course  May 23 @ 2:25 am EDT until 12:01 pm EDT.


Do this near a natural waterway river, ocean or lake. Or just  fill a bathtub or sink with water.

I will be at the lovely GRAIL SPRINGS SPA in Bancroft Ontario leading a ritual there at my workshop.

YOU WILL NEED -A CLEAR GLASS JAR, some smudge or incense, a white candle.

ALWAYS smudge or cleanse your aura and psychic field first. Light the candle.

YOu can listen to the music link at bottom

1. CALL IN GUARDIAN ANGELS TO PROTECT YOU – the 4 archangels and your own personal angels. 

INVOKE the energies of JUPITER- sacred law giver and Saturn – the cosmic cop, to be with you and bless you.

2. Make a list of everything you have done that you feel regretful, angry, unable to let go of. Be very honest with yourself.

3. YOU need to really FEEL the emotion. The karmic super glue is the emotions held in the body, in your cellular consciousness.  Don’t be afraid of being overwhelmed by them. Yes there may be deep-seated  anger if you were sexually emotionally physically mentally abused in one way or another. REMEMBER you have angelic protection and are safe.


FRIDA KAHLO, Tara Greene Astrology


4. Imagine the feelings, releasing themselves from every cell and fibre of your being. Be with this feeling for as long as you can. Intensify it, you may start sobbing and shaking.  That’s good. Visualize the karmic glue and all the issue pouring out from your stomach, solar plexus, from all of your chakras and out the top of your head and into the glass jar. Feel it as a stream with its own currents, you will see the jar fill up with sludgy, dirty water on the etheric level. If you don’t actually see that  simply sense it, imagine it.

5. WHEn you feel that you have expelled every  particle of the karmic emotions from your being, See them as  detached and observe all of the emotional lessons that you experienced that is knowledge, pain, human suffering, karmic lessons that have brought you awareness, knowledge and wisdom. Be grateful for these hard painful soul lessons. THE GRATITUDE and awareness of what the painful lessons have taught you is key to this process.

6. WHEN you feel absolutely clean, cleared and that you have new knowing and understanding. Slowly pour the emotions which may appear invisible in the jar into the body of water or sink. 

7. Know that you have released a great deal of old karmic shit. FEEL IT.

8. Thanks the angels for being with you. Know that all time is NOW. You have taken responsibility that’s Saturn- for you SOUL’s karmic lessons and are now clear to move forwards in your life. 

9. Write down what you felt, thought and learned.  

10. You may feel disoriented, definitely lighter, very vulnerable and open, curious,elated, scared. It’s important  that you create an invisible psychic protective shield over you as you are open, new and vulnerable. Yes their are negative entities everywhere who feed off of negative emotions. You have just starved them out.  IMAGINE a violet circle of light around you which is always protecting you. 

INVOKE these words

I am totally protected by the Ultra violet flame. Only loving energies angels and entities may enter my circle.  Say HO ,AHO or So Mote it be.


all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE
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Angel of the healing waters MUSIC only by Eric Berglund





Scorpio Total Solar eclipse,sexual healing Astrology

All Eclipses offer opportunities for spiritual renewal. It symbolizes the alchemical marriage of the Sun masculine with the Moon Feminine.

It is the SACRED MARRIAGE Symbol.the Feminine unconscious symbol of the Moon, the cellular consciousness of the womb/moon bringing the Masculine Sun into the Twilight realms into Her Veil of inner mysteries, to be initiated, transformed.This is part of dec 21 2012 frequncies.

It’s a Scorpio Spiritual Sexual Soul Baptism .

soul detoxic- dump eject recycle all old toxicity, karmic patterns, the shadows will be very visible. 

haven’t you felt them the last week or so? Had any major conflab’s with anyone?

Saturns Trine to Neptune at this eclipse is a spiritual blessing

all the secret’s like Patreus, the Elmo pedophile scandal, the 20 states saying they will ceceed the U.S. this is all Scorpio related secrets, sex,power struggles,and will be MANY MORE to come!

this is a renewal, when Pluto went through Scorpio in 1984-1996 the first news of AIDS began, the Inner Child movement was born, sex became  a life and death experience, and now we are on a more mature level of that energy with Saturn there.

If you were born 1996-1984 Saturn is maturing you,you are all deep intense, major intense, fascinated with the real mysteries of life, and death, fearless, you may be raw,defiant, stubborn, controlling,secretive, powerful, mesmerizing, Be careful of how you use and abuse power for your Scorpio-like ass will get stomped on real good with Saturn at the wheel over the next 2.5 years.

The north node will ONLY be in Scorpio till Feb 2014 so let’s make haste

Take off your mask, get naked, Ok you can leave your hat on.

The everyday Mask by Napoleon Brousseau Everyday Mask

painting by Napoleon Brousseau

The Stakes will be high, the Scorpio 8th house is all about Finance, other people’s money, insurance, inheritance and with Saturn in Scorpio, the tax laws will be changed, banks etc. and the financial picture is ready to melt down. 

Die before you die

My advice is to see yourself as already dead, wrapped in a shroud, confront the image of your temporary self, your personality and ego self as dead.

How low can you go?

Then give yourself a life review, letting everything left undone or regretted come up in your mind and emotions. All the sex, fights, all the dirt, all the power struggles,  backstabbing, hogging, stuff you projected onto someone else. The recriminations,  betrayals, the mistrust, the victim/victimizer, the S & M, the splits, the fears, the enchanted by the dark side ego stuff.

 let yourself connect with the Phoenix like higher aspect of Scorpio

As you acknowledge all the split off parts of yourself, and own them, then see ALL of that, all of it, as shimmering with the clearest most sparkling star light from the highest Divine dimensions of Unconditional Love. Feel it, the energy is exquisite, it will course through your body as it is doing to me now, palpitating your blood, it is kundalini very gently rising to purify.You may see it as Ultra violet or golden.

Retro Mercury will square Neptune 2 hours after the eclipse. This is its 2nd exact square in its retrograde phase.

Consciousness is in LA LA Land and I don’t mean L.A.

You will be feeling mindless, this is good!  it gives the opportunity to think/be conscious from spirit, higher vantages, where you can see just where and how much you may be totally unconscious,in denial, fantasy, addiction, victimized, a martyr. It will hurt, but  Mercury in Sagittarius is about aiming for the TRUTH the HIGHER TRUTH.

I had a client who wished I would tell her that her boyfriend would come back after he found out she cheated on him. I told her the only way would be for her to accept her self being dishonest,  to get healed,  and be able to have healthier relationships, it wasn’t about him and her being together anyway.

Lillith is also in Gemini square to Chiron in Pisces

The ancient denial and betrayal of WOMAN as NATURE, for her raw powerful insatiable independent need for sexual expression is also being healed NOW. We have swallowed that male shadow for 5,000 years and Women need to own their own sexuality to take it back and to learn NOW how to be with it. We’ve forgotten how and aren’t integrated but this is what we are learning, and the culture must still break down more.

women death rebirth sex

My client  didn’t want to hear that.  She couldn’t accept that she couldnt control him or get her own way. She was addicted to having to have him and reject herself. By the way she had Lillith conjunct Retrograde Saturn in her astrology chart. She wanted to remain stuck in the Patriarchal split.

But I told her it was all perfect, unfolding as it should,  it gave her the opportunity to give up the unhealthy sexual relationships.

We each have free will and the choice.

There are Very high frequency energies coming in from Higher Dimensions, angelic realms, master teachers. I can feel the new frequencies.

Affirm:I am open to change, I accept my Higher self as my reality in concert with my human incarnation. 

Decide if you want to live from a higher perspective.


Women heal yourself from sexual guilt, from sexual abuse now. Very important part of this Scorpio journey.Sexuality will be transformed over the next 2.5 years.

Soar like an eagle, live free from all that emotional baggage.

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Chiron Goes direct Nov. 14  All systems GO for healing!